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  • 7 Things to Consider When Selecting a Removal Company in Milton Keynes
    Moving home is one of the most stressful tasks you can ever do in your life, according to You have to do several tiring tasks before the move even happens, such as dismantling and packing your possessions, as well as organising, and loading goods to move to your new... Read more »
  • Use the Arzag Plus App to Access Great Products From All Over the World
    Sometimes it can be very difficult to gain access to high quality food from all over the world. That’s why you need to really take your time, and understand where you can get these amazing foods and order appropriately. The main advantage that comes from using a platform like Arzag... Read more »
  • Tips on How to Avoid Buying Inauthentic Jewelry
    You buy a piece of jewelry because it looks good on you. You also consider it an investment. Since it increases in value over time, you decide to close the deal. The problem is you might end up taking home an inauthentic piece. Imagine spending a lot on an item... Read more »
  • How to Choose an Online Lending Company
    Getting a loan has always been a great way to source finance for small businesses. Before technology, you had to visit banks or high street lenders to get loans. With the growth of online lending, it allows you to save time by applying for a loan online. Online lending companies... Read more »
  • Best Automation Solutions for the Marketing of Banking Processes
    Modern banking systems require effective decision making. To improve the customers interaction and simplify the resolution of banking business problems, a comprehensive and effective marketing automation for banks is required. A fast operating online platform should include all means of communication with the bank’s customers. Such programs are designed to... Read more »
  • Is Microsoft Buying Discord?
    Video gaming is much more interactive than it used to be. When we say that, we’re not just referring to the fact that you can now play games in real-time against thousands of other players instead of however many you can fit around your console in your house. We also... Read more »
  • TikTok Social Network: 5 Smart Ways to Promote
    The Tik Tok social network has become popular not only among young people. Men and women over 40 also enjoy spending time at Tik Tok. The number of users of the service is growing every year, the conversion is increasing. Many people earn here, but for this you need to... Read more »

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  • VideoMarble Maze in a Cube
    LittleBall Creations makes beautiful marble mazes from bent and soldered copper wire. Here, they show off one of their self-contained mazes that sits inside of a cube. The marble rolls from one end of the track to the other when the cube is flipped over. If you’re interested in buying... Read more »
  • VideoATLAS: A LEGO Short Film
    Monitogo Studios’ stop-motion LEGO brickfilm follows the story of two brothers and a son who take a dramatic risk to save a commuter train from crashing when a bridge won’t stay down and the warning signal fails. It’s a surprisingly moody and dramatic turn for a medium usually reserved for... Read more »
  • VideoRestoring a Parking Meter
    With the advent of pay stations and mobile parking apps, meters are becoming a rare sight. But these coin-collecting dinosaurs still have some neat mechanical bits worth exploring inside of them, as Rescue & Restore shows as they down a 1960s Duncan meter and makes it like new again. That... Read more »
  • VideoMachining Linked Copper Rings
    Watch as a solid block of copper is magically transformed into a set of linking rings with the help of talented metalsmith Viktor Leontiev and his trusty milling machine. The finished piece looks great set onto its hand-turned wooden base.... Read more »
  • VideoWorld’s Largest Drum Kit
    Music equipment rental company Gate to Hell shared footage of them assembling an enormous drum kit at Essen, Germany concert venue Turock. After the massive rig of percussion instruments was set up, musician Jürgen “Ventor” Reil from the band Kreator put the drum set to the test.... Read more »
  • Concrete
    This animated short film follows a lonely backpacker as he struggles with changes to his body. As he wanders the world, he encounters a mysterious figure in the walls of a concrete building. An outstanding graduation film by Nicolas Roth, Pirmin Bieri, Luca Struchen, and Aira Joana of the Lucerne... Read more »
  • VideoHow Long Could You Survive Alone in a Grocery Store?
    Imagine that the apocalypse arrives, and you’re fortunate enough to be locked inside of a grocery store by yourself. How long could you last without venturing outside? The Food Theorists explores the pros and cons of this hypothetical situation and the strategies you’d need to employ to maximize your chances... Read more »