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  • How Many Super Bowls has Tom Brady Made?
    Whether you follow American Football or not, you’ve probably heard the name Tom Brady; if you haven’t, you probably won’t forget it in a hurry as here we look back at all 10 Super Bowl appearances he’s made over the years.    Plus, as an extra you can take a... Read more »
  • How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon
    In 2022, selling on Amazon might be one of the finest ways to earn a decent passive income. There are a variety of effective tactics for making your internet presence accessible and successful on the market. Because over half of all Internet users in the United States start their product... Read more »
  • Everything You Need to Know About Rehab Clinics and Their Services
    Treatment for alcohol, drug, and other substance abuse problems is provided through several programs. However, individual requirements and situations and understanding possible treatment alternatives might be obstacles to getting help. Rehab centres are where you may get the best treatment for alcohol detox. In other words, a rehab clinic is... Read more »
  • Graphic Design Basics You Should Know
    Designing the perfect exhibition stand comes with many pressures, as the right design, message and style should be chosen. Drawing attention and intriguing visitors as they walk past is the aim of the game. The higher the footfall, the more opportunities you’ll have to work your magic and educate businesses... Read more »
  • Is the CCNP Service Provider Worth It?
    Yes, the CCNP service provider is authentic and it is worthy as well as genuine network architect. Being able to dig into questions of network programmability and automation while maintaining networks that do the firm’s project for it is a big part of the position of architect network. You should... Read more »
  • 5 of the Best Football Players of All Time
    The football world has seen loads of impressive players throughout history. From legends such as Diego Maradona and Cristiano Ronaldo to some of the not-so-famous yet promising young players, the sport is more than surprising. So, whether you’re a football enthusiast or sports betting fan looking to make winning bets... Read more »
  • AI in Workplace: Can Artificial Intelligence Bridge The Gender Gap?
    We overuse the term artificial intelligence. Regardless of what you believe, artificial intelligence is now a reality. You’ll be astonished to learn that artificial intelligence has infiltrated practically every aspect of our life. AI-powered machines can now function intelligently and execute a wide range of human tasks. With the advent... Read more »

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  • VideoLanding a Jumbo Jet in Antarctica
    We’ve seen the airport at Antarctica’s Troll Research Station. Now Extreme Aviation Iceland gives us a first-person view from the cockpit as an Icelandair Boeing 767 comes in for a landing and faces the frigid conditions at one of the world’s Southernmost air strips. Stick around to the end to... Read more »
  • VideoDIY Syringe Revolver
    Blackfish previously showed up how to make an Airsoft rifle out of plastic syringes. He also made a smaller weapon using the same technique. This plastic revolver fires pellets from its rotating cylinder and six chambers. A 9-volt battery drives its motor, and its projectiles are launched by springs.... Read more »
  • VideoAustin Powers in Mass Effect: Part 2
    Austin Powers is back, and this time he’s in Mass Effect: Part 2. eli_handle_b․wav returns with another hilarious mashup of these very different franchises. This time, the swinging 1960s bachelor becomes the latest subject of The Lazarus Project, mows down a Geth Colossus, and has a sexy photoshoot with Kelly... Read more »
  • VideoHow Long a Line Can a Pencil Draw?
    One of the downsides to drawing with a pencil is that you frequently need to sharpen it. But if you keep a pencil sharp, how long of a line could you draw with it? YouTuber President Chay thought it was time to find out, so he covered his treadmill with... Read more »
  • VideoHow a Polaroid Camera Really Works
    DanCreator builds all kinds of fun things out of cardboard. His latest creation is an oversize Polaroid 600 camera. After assembling the camera, he offers an imaginative look at how its instant photos are actually produced, with the help of a fellow artist.... Read more »
  • VideoLEGO Ships vs. Ocean Waves
    The USS Brickster sets sail into the roughest seas a minifig has ever seen. Canvas 23 Studios took a model of the LEGO City Ocean Exploration Ship, fitted it with a GoPro Hero 10 camera, and dropped it into the ocean to see how it and a smaller LEGO craft... Read more »
  • VideoThe Evolution of Star Trek Warp Jumps
    Star Trek’s starships have been warping through space since The Original Series debuted back in 1966. John DiMarco put together this compilation that shows how warp speed jumps have changed over the years, starting with the 1979 release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture through today’s series like Lower Decks... Read more »
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