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  • 5 Important Considerations When Searching for a Subtitle Translator
    Just like any industry on the planet, the subtitle and translation industry has some great professional examples, and some that produce not-so-great quality work. If you are looking for a subtitle translator, it would be within your best interest to learn what to look for, so that you don’t waste time... Read more »
  • How to Make Your Teenager’s Birthday Amazing
    Everybody wants to do a little extra for their children, so making their birthday amazing is something that is well worth the effort. However, there can be plenty of challenges when it comes to making a teen’s birthday amazing as it’s the age where they feel a little bit more... Read more »
  • KPIs on Customer Service: Average Chat Time
    Any company that wishes to remain competitive must provide top-notch customer service. Customers have more options than ever before on the market, and they won’t think twice to switch brands if they are dissatisfied. To make sure you are meeting (and, ideally, surpassing) consumer expectations, it is crucial to measure... Read more »
  • The Best Champions League Finals of All Time
    The Champions League is one of the most anticipated tournaments in the football calendar. Alongside the United States Super Bowl, the UEFA Champions League Final is one of the most watched games in worldwide sport.   The 2014 league final in Lisbon, Portugal, between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid was... Read more »
  • How to Speed Up Instagram Promotion with VipLikes?
    We live in a time when the main currency is people’s attention, and financial success is determined by the scale of your social connections. The more social capital you have, the faster you can achieve your goals, the easier it is to develop new projects and create productive collaborations. That’s... Read more »
  • 7 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health
    Do you have days where you wake up and your mood is just off? Are the things that usually make you happy not doing the trick? It can happen to everyone. When it’s your turn, pay attention. It’s your body telling you it’s time to focus on your mental health. ... Read more »
  • Golf Best Vocations Plans
    Golfholidays.com is the furthest down the line expansion to our group of golf visit administrators with existing brands Leisure Link Golf vocations, Golf Amigos and Simply Tee Times furnishing those extremely significant associations with lodgings and greens, permitting us to offer custom tailor-made bundle golf occasions and tee times at... Read more »

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  • VideoThe Republic of Molossia
    With his tongue firmly in cheek, Kevin Baugh created his own sovereign nation – in the desert of Western Nevada. His self-proclaimed nation has its own flag, currency, national sport, and even a navy. The country isn’t officially recognized, but it seems like a nice place to live – as... Read more »
  • VideoI Want to Break Free on Floppy Disks
    The recently upgraded Floppotron 3.0 is here to show off just how much better it sounds now that it has more than 500 floppy drives at its core. The precision-orchestrated machines channel Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon with aplomb with a cover of the 1984 track... Read more »
  • VideoMaking a Chocolate Dragon
    Master chocolatier and pastry chef Amaury Guichon is back with another epic edible sculpture. This time, he created a detailed purple dragon that breathes dry ice “smoke” from its mouth. It’s an amazing build, but we couldn’t help but laugh at its phallic looks halfway through the build.... Read more »
  • VideoParagliding the Swiss Alps
    The first time we went tandem paragliding, we jumped off of a cliff at Torrey Pines and landed on a nude beach filled with wrinkled old men. Jordan Wade had quite a different experience, as he took off from the Alps and captured awe-inspiring footage of the snow-capped mountains, grassy... Read more »
  • VideoThe Eggplant Rap
    After an attempt to sell jars of candied eggplant, a group of grandmas from the Greek isle of Crete decide it’s time to market to a broader audience. So they put their heads together and made a rap video about living the eggplant (aka aubergine) life. Watch with captions on.... Read more »
  • VideoThe Green Tomato Kicker
    When it comes to tomatoes, you generally don’t want to mix the unripe green ones with the ripe red ones. In this episode of The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, they visited Weco to see a machine that uses light, optics, and computers to figure out which tomatoes are which color... Read more »
  • Master of Masking Tape
    TikTok channel The Art Room is packed with colorful illustrations created with pastels, pencils, correction fluid, and masking tape. This particular image features two people creating a beautiful sky with their flashlights. They took some artistic license with their additive color mixing.... Read more »

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