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  • The Latest Popular Trends in Wellness
    The concept of wellness is diverse to various human beings. Emotions, occupation, social and physical dimensions affect wellness holistically. People should prioritize their health in every aspect of life. Habitually, we should increasingly develop healthy habits to become and stay healthy. The balance in finance, moral and psychic life, social... Read more »
  • New Bedroom Sets That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face
    When shopping for a new bedroom set—or any furniture for that matter—you want to make sure that the set you take home reflects your style as well as the unique size requirements of your space. This starts with taking a few measurements, but it also means running down a style... Read more »
  • Why Knowing Your Neighbours Better is Crucial
    Knowing your neighbors is more important than you might think. So, while you might get into a routine of just keeping to yourself, or you might simply choose to avoid befriending your neighbors for any reason, it is worth thinking about the benefits that you can derive from taking this... Read more »
  • Lotus-Eaters in Greek Mythology
    The Lotus-eaters were a tribe of people who ate exclusively from the lotus plant and never left their canoe. Lotus eaters were often portrayed as peaceful and passive, though they could be violent if provoked or caught in such a situation as starvation or if their waters sources were taken... Read more »
  • What is Miner Hosting, and What are the Advantages of it?
    Mining is a whole process of calculating the location of Bitcoin and obtaining it through a computer. Obviously, this workload is relatively large, so the miner hosting business has appeared. So what is the specific miner hosting, and what are the advantages of the miner hosting? This article will give... Read more »
  • How to De-Clutter When Moving Your Loved One to a Senior Living Community
    It was hard enough to speak to your loved one about moving into a senior living community, but now the decision has been made, there is the problem of what to do with all their belongings. They may have lived in their home for years and have items that date... Read more »
  • Winnie the Pooh Movie Review
    Disney Animation’s Winnie the Pooh (which can be streamed at 123 movies), starring the voices of John Cleese and Jim Cummings, knows not to mess with a good thing. 5/5 “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” When Disney Animation decided to produce a new Winnie the Pooh cartoon –... Read more »

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  • VideoMaking DIY Airless Tires
    Inspired by the expensive airless tires seen on construction equipment and concept vehicles, The Q set out on a mission to make his own shock-absorbing, puncture-proof bike tires using a similar design. What’s even more impressive is that he built them using only PVC pipe, nuts, bolts, and the tread... Read more »
  • VideoEnter Gloveman
    The main riff from Metallica’s Enter Sandman isn’t that hard to play on an electric guitar. But it’s much trickier to hold a pick and get the fret positions right while wearing rubber gloves. JMAPMUSIC wanted to see how many pairs of gloves he could wear before the song became... Read more »
  • VideoMaking a 400-Pound Steel Door
    If you want to keep people from breaking into your workshop, a big steel door can certainly be a deterrent. Builder Paul Pinto shows off the impressive 400-pound door that he built for his shop with the help of a CNC plasma cutting table. Those rivet heads and wheel mechanism... Read more »
  • VideoMaking a Metal Bomber Seat
    Several years back, metalworker Ron Covell walked through the process of bending metal to create a cool bomber-style metal seat. Its construction proved intimidating for most, so he came up with a simpler design that uses a single sheet of steel, and might actually be feasible if you have the... Read more »
  • VideoLEGO Braiding Machine
    Nico71’s motorized LEGO Technic creation deftly maneuvers five spools of thread, carefully twisting, turning, and juggling each one to form a braided cord. Its hypnotic moves remind us of some kind of an amusement park ride. Full build instructions can be found here.... Read more »
  • Video182,336 Dot Drawing
    DP Truong continues to show off his creative illustration techniques with a beautifully shaded black-and-white illustration of Black Panther’s Princess Shuri made from thousands of individual dots. While drawing with his right hand, he tapped out a count of each dot with his left using a smartphone app.... Read more »
  • VideoWhere Is My Mind? Roy Orbison Style
    We’re suckers for The Pixies song Where Is My Mind? and always love hearing fresh interpretations of the track. Vocalist Allison Young teamed up with Postmodern Jukebox to deliver a great cover version with a melodramatic style inspired by the late Roy Orbison, who gave us such great songs like... Read more »
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