• VideoDucks : And How To Make Them Pay
    The word "duck" never appears in the Bible. Coincidence?(7 votes - 5 comments - 264 views)... Read more »
  • VideoThe HyperEncabulator
    Ah, encabulators. What *can't* they do?! I was so happy to watch this, as we've not had a new encabulator video here in literally over a decade! This one isn't new as such (posted last year), but it's new to me as of today, thanks to the algorithm demons. Sometimes... Read more »
  • VideoFPV drone following mountain bike downhill run.
    (9 votes - 3 comments - 211 views)... Read more »
  • VideoThe Retro-Proto-Turbo-Encabulator
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turboencabulator(11 votes - 0 comments - 218 views)... Read more »
  • VideoFree solo climber freaks out at worst possible moment
    Free solo climber freaks out at worst possible moment(9 votes - 0 comments - 334 views)... Read more »
  • Video13 July 2023
    13 July 2023(12 votes - 1 comment - 849 views)... Read more »
  • VideoMarriage
    Marriage(6 votes - 1 comment - 258 views)... Read more »
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    Viral Viral Videos

  • Embracing the Strength and Versatility of Cold Rolled Steel Buildings
    In the ever-evolving world of construction, steel remains a steadfast choice for architects and builders alike. Its enduring appeal lies in its remarkable strength, resilience, and cost-effectiveness. Among the many forms of steel, cold rolled steel stands out as a versatile solution that grants architects and engineers the creative freedom... Read more »
  • Unlock Your Memories: Premier VHS to DVD Conversion Service
    Welcome to this thorough guide on the enchanting process of migrating your precious memories encapsulated in VHS tapes to DVDs. As you might know, technology is always advancing, and with this progress, old formats become obsolete. However, this doesn’t mean those old VHS tapes are useless. On the contrary, if... Read more »
  • How to Enjoy the Holidays without Going Overboard: Planning the Perfect Christmas Party
    Everyone knows that the holidays is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. However, it can also be a period filled with stress and excess – especially when it comes to planning a Christmas party! To truly savor the holidays without going overboard, it’s essential to strike a balance between... Read more »
  • The President of Kazakhstan visited Yerlan Nigmatulin’s plant
    In November 2020, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev visited one of the largest industrial enterprises of the country – the ferroalloy plant “YDD CORPORATION” LLP as part of his working trip in the Karaganda region. High-quality alloys – ferrosilicon and ferromanganese – are produced in the... Read more »
  • CarShield: Customer Insight & Competition Comparison
    Based in St. Peters, Missouri, CarShield is a private entity that has specialized in extending car warranties to both new and used vehicles since 2005. Not only does CarShield cover a wide variety of cars, but it also tailors solutions to meet specific needs and budgets, putting flexibility at the... Read more »
  • Navigating the Tax Quagmire: Challenges Faced by Small Businesses in Canada
    For small businesses in Canada, tax season can be an arduous and perplexing journey. The intricacies of the Canadian tax system, coupled with the myriad financial responsibilities that entrepreneurs shoulder, often create a perfect storm of challenges. In this article, we will delve into why most small businesses in Canada... Read more »
  • VAT Registration in Latvia: Your Gateway to EU Business
    For entrepreneurs embarking on business ventures in Latvia or extending their reach within the European Union, comprehending the nuances of Value Added Tax (VAT) registration is of paramount importance. Latvia, much like its EU counterparts, adheres to the EU VAT Directive, which shapes the VAT regulations within the country. In... Read more »

    The Awesomer - Video's

  • VideoMaking Damascus from Calligraphy Pen Nibs
    On his quest to make damascus out of every kind of metal object he can find, Shurap is back with another satisfying blacksmithing project. After arranging hundreds of individual calligraphy pen nibs into steel tubing, he forged, hammered, and twisted the molten metal to form a beautifully-patterned dagger.... Read more »
  • VideoCutting Up a LEGO Fish
    LEGO fanatic I like home presents an incredible stop-motion video that shows how to break down a brick-built king salmon into a delicious sashimi dinner. The sequence is made up of more than 3000 individual photos. If you thought that looked tasty, be sure to check out his LEGO steak... Read more »
  • VideoMaking a Folding Metal Staircase
    Woodworker Bourbon Moth asked his pal Rainfall Projects if he could help him build a custom staircase for his new workshop. He came up with a tubular steel structure with wooden steps that can fold flat against the wall when not in use. That giant plywood jig he created was... Read more »
  • VideoBuilding a Giant Video Wall
    The Mandalorian revolutionized the way visual effects are made with the use of a gigantic video wall and CG backgrounds created by Unreal Engine. Since then, the tech has found its way into smaller productions. This video from Live Production Mastery shows how such a wall comes together from 560... Read more »
  • VideoRick Astley Covers Foo Fighters Live
    Say what you will about Never Gonna Give You Up, but the 1987 pop hit has kept musician Rick Astley in the cultural zeitgeist for decades. And he’s actually really, really good. During the BBC’s Radio 2 in the Park 2023 concert, Rick and his band crushed it with a... Read more »
  • VideoFlat Track Bicycle
    To follow up on his bicycle that runs on diagonally-mounted tracks instead of wheels, The Q is showing off another unusual bike design. This one rolls along the ground on tracks that lie flat on the surface. It looks more stable than the first design – but there’s more rolling... Read more »
  • Black Light Kinetic Sculptures
    Alex Aliume creates psychedelic artworks that glow brilliantly under UV light. These intricate, hand-painted images go far beyond ordinary black light posters. Among his trippy pieces are these kinetic sculptures that reveal hypnotic patterns as they rotate. You can reach out to Alex on his website if you’re interested in... Read more »
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