• VideoBaby Fresh Out Moms Womb
    Baby Fresh Out Moms Womb acts like he’s already been here before and Back on this planet(6 votes - 0 comments - 148 views)... Read more »
  • VideoThe Little Mermaid | Official Trailer
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  • VideoThe Legendary Florida Man
    This Florida Man sure keeps himself busy!(6 votes - 2 comments - 290 views)... Read more »
  • VideoTim Russ - We ain't found...
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  • VideoTruck Narrowly Misses School Bus After Brakes Fail
    Truck Narrowly Misses School Bus After Brakes Fail(11 votes - 4 comments - 350 views)... Read more »
  • VideoRobot dog with a machine gun
    I'll see your roomba with a knife...(15 votes - 12 comments - 480 views)... Read more »
  • VideoTANF: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
    From YouTube, "John Oliver discusses TANF – a federal program designed to help families with little to no income – who’s currently receiving these vital funds, who should be receiving them, and what it all has to do with Brett Favre."(8 votes - 1 comment - 148 views)... Read more »

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  • Top Design Tips When Remodelling Bathrooms
    One of the most important rooms on any home is the bathroom. It’s no secret that people begin and end their days in this space. One cannot underestimate the functionality and aesthetics of designing the space to reflect the homeowner’s personality. Should you buy a property that needs a bathroom... Read more »
  • Tips for Reconnecting With a Former Classmate
    Reconnecting with a former classmate can be an enjoyable and meaningful experience, especially if you haven’t heard from them in a long time. It can be a great opportunity to catch up on old times, reminisce about your shared interests, and discover new commonalities. However, after years of separation, reaching... Read more »
  • The Importance of Medication Safety in Early Childhood
    Medication safety is a critical component of early childhood development. Young children may face serious health risks without proper guidance or use of medications. This article will explore the importance of medication safety in early childhood. Keep reading to learn more. What is the importance of medication safety in early... Read more »
  • What Is the Difference Between the Old Testament and the New Testament?
    You might have studied them when you were in youth conferences as a teenager. You might have no idea. But the subject of the Old and New Testament is one of strange dichotomy. The Bible is an important text. From Nietzsche’s criticism of the New Testament and lauding of the... Read more »
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  • How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You Deal with Medical Malpractice Cases?
     People visit doctors and depend on them to save their lives. But unfortunately, there are instances when the medical team disappoints us by following unethical behavior. A minor mistake in medical treatment can lose a patient their life or cause permanent damage. If your faith has been compromised due to... Read more »
  • Top 5 Hacks to Improve Your At-Home Gaming Experience
    Spending so much time in quarantine has had one serious benefit — it’s given us the time we needed to improve our skills in some of our favorite video games.. The last thing we want is to experience lagging or poor connection issues that make online gameplay impossible. If you... Read more »

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  • VideoWorking LEGO Water Pumps
    Brick Technology loves to build machines out of LEGO. In this video, they show how the building blocks can be used to create seven kinds of water pumps. It’s fascinating to see how the engineering of each affects the amount of fluid they can move. The best part is watching... Read more »
  • VideoChopping Stacks of Stuff with a Giant Axe
    How Ridiculous has been having all kinds of fun chopping things in half with their 2-ton axe. This time they turned their attention to see what the giant tool might do when dropped on stacks of the same item. Among this week’s victims are a tower of concrete blocks, a... Read more »
  • VideoMaking Buttons from Shells
    Most clothing buttons are made from plastic. But the Tomoi factory in Japan still makes their buttons from a traditional material – seashells. Process X takes us for a tour and a look at the satisfying process of cutting, polishing, drilling, and laser-engraving thousands of shells into buttons each day.... Read more »
  • VideoIce Ice MATRIX
    The Auralnauts used some editing and visual effects trickery to make it look like the characters in The Matrix movies (and Wilford Brimley) are reciting the lyrics to the Vanilla Ice hit Ice Ice Baby. Take the red pill, and it’s really Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure.... Read more »
  • VideoZipline Delivery Drones
    Most DoorDash and GrubHub deliveries are made using gas-guzzling cars sitting in traffic. Zipline hopes to change that with drones that hover 400 feet up, then lower a small delivery unit to quietly and safely drop off small packages. Mark Rober explains the tech and how Zipline has been saving... Read more »
  • VideoLanding an Airplane on Top of a Skyscraper
    We’ve seen an airplane land on a ridiculously short runway before, but never like this. Red Bull Poland stunt pilot Lukasz Czepiela landed his lightweight, single-engine plane on a 93-foot-long helipad atop the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, a 56-story-tall hotel in Dubai. Then he took back off.... Read more »
  • Vintage Milkshake Mixer in Action
    A modern milkshake mixer is a pretty uninteresting appliance. Apparently, it was much more entertaining to watch milkshakes being made back in the 1890s. Rescue & Restore shows us why with this video of a vintage, hand-cranked milkshake machine that shakes milk and ice like an earthquake.... Read more »