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  • Coldplay Finally Unveil ‘Higher Power’ With Performance From the International Space Station
    Last month, Coldplay began teasing a new project called "Alien Radio" with a series of mysterious symbols. Within hours, the code was cracked by fans and internet sleuths, who discovered that the band would be releasing a song called "Higher Power" on May 7. Now that it's May 7 in certain... Read more »
  • You Can Buy Six Strands of Kurt Cobain’s Hair at a Music Auction If You’re Into That Sort of Thing
    If you're a rich person who's been wondering when you'd finally be able to show off your wealth by purchasing locks of Kurt Cobain's hair, well, you're a creep. That said, apparently, you're a lucky creep. As of today, six locks of the Nirvana legend's hair will be available as... Read more »
  • SPIN Sessions Presents: Major Murphy
    There are many pieces of wisdom artists acquire from their inception, to their big break and beyond. Navigating the beginnings of a fruitful period in their career, Major Murphy is surely learning that artistry and success requires balance. Major Murphy is the Grand Rapids indie-rock band that's been turning heads... Read more »
  • Frank Turner Releases ‘The Gathering’ Featuring Jason Isbell and Muse’s Dominic Howard
    Frank Turner hasn't put out music in almost two years, but now he's breaking that silence with a vengeance. Not only did he just release a brand new track, "The Gathering," which features both Grammy-winning alt-country star Jason Isbell and Dominic Howard (the drummer of a little band called Muse),... Read more »
  • Punk Pioneers in the Middle East
    Yotam Ben Horin is feeling pretty pensive these days. He’s back in the U.S. to record an intimate solo record, and in a couple of weeks, his band Useless ID is releasing Most Useless Songs, a milestone best-of album on Fat Wreck Chords that spans the Israeli band’s 27-years in... Read more »
  • Watch Tom Petty’s Nostalgic ‘Drivin’ Down to Georgia’ Video
    Tom Petty's 1992 "life on the road" tune "Drivin' Down to Georgia" is now accompanied by a nostalgic new music video. The video takes viewers through a grand time on tour with the Heartbreakers. Directed by Alison Tavel, the archival video footage was shot by band bassist Ron Blair and... Read more »
  • HEALTH Team With Nine Inch Nails For New Single, ‘ISN’T EVERYONE’
    After a couple of days of teasing a new collaboration on social media, the Los Angeles noise rock darlings and caps lock connoisseurs in HEALTH finally released their new track with Nine Inch Nails, "ISN'T EVERYONE" (via Loma Vista Recordings). The track is also produced by the two bands and... Read more »

    Lurk and Perv

  • Lurk Worthy Links #528
    Linkiest: Hot Cosplay Girls Will Outshine Your Mind The Nip Slip: Rachel Fenton Nip Slip! G Celeb: Insta Model & Competitive Cheerleader Hailey Grice Egotastic Sports: Former Australian Surfer Ellie-Jean Barnorama: 49 Hot Girls Gone Fishing Hotness Rater: Sarah Louise Harris, Every Boy’s Wet Dream Babe Drunken Stepfather: Elizabeth Banks... Read more »
  • Lurk Worthy Links #527
    Linkiest: Brea Is a Goddess Worthy Of Your Worship! Yes Bitch: Christine Quinn Will Make You Smile In Your Sleep Egotastic Sports: Former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Gigi Pena G Celeb: Social Media ‘Influencer’ Kelsey Calemine aka fatherkels DrunkenStepfather: Bella Thorne Still Scamming of the Day Barnorama: 38 Photos Of Beautiful... Read more »
  • Model Monday #243 – Hot Instagram Pictures Of Theodora Moutinho
    The post Model Monday #243 – Hot Instagram Pictures Of Theodora Moutinho appeared first on Lurk and Perv.... Read more »
  • Sexy Shuffle #242 (34 Pics)
    The post Sexy Shuffle #242 (34 Pics) appeared first on Lurk and Perv.... Read more »
  • Lurk Worthy Links #526
    Linkiest: Demi Rose Getting Her Booty Worked On Caveman Circus: Val Cortez – Wiki, Photos And More G Celeb: Carmella Rose, Julia Rose and Other Random Women Barnorama: 37 Sexy Girls With Dyed Hair Hotness Rater: The Super Hot Aaleeyah Petty Will Warm You Up This Tuesday Pop Wrecked: ALICE... Read more »
  • Model Monday #242 – Hot Instagram Pictures Of Vera Dijkmans
    The post Model Monday #242 – Hot Instagram Pictures Of Vera Dijkmans appeared first on Lurk and Perv.... Read more »
  • Lurk Worthy Links #525
    Linkiest: Meet Aussie Insta Model Casey Costelloe Pop Wrecked: BLUECHEW FRIDAY IS POPWRECKED APPROVED! Caveman Circus: Chloe Cluchey – Wiki, Photos And More G Celeb: Jessica Simpson Showing Off Her Legs Drunken Stepfather: Caylee Cowan Being Slutty of the Day Heyman Hustle: 60 Second Photoshoot: Nikola Weiterova The Nip Slip:... Read more »

    Oddity Central

  • Company Develops AI-Controlled Shoes That Help the Blind Avoid Obstacles
    Austrian company Tec-Innovation recently unveiled smart shoes that use ultrasonic sensors to help people suffering from blindness of vision impairment to detect obstacles up to four meters away. Known as InnoMake, the smart shoe aims to become a modern alternative to the decades-old walking stick that millions of people around... Read more »
  • Thousands of Cockroaches Released in Restaurant to Settle Debt Dispute
    Patrons at a restaurant in Taipei, were recently shocked to see cockroaches crawling all over the place after thousands of them were released on the premises by two masked men. On May 4th, two masked men entered the G House Taipei restaurant holding large bags filled with over 1,000 cockroaches,... Read more »
  • The Unique Cast Iron Church of Istanbul
    The Bulgarian St. Stephen Church in Istanbul, Turkey, has the detailed ornaments of an Orthodox stone church, but it’s actually made of prefabricated cast iron elements. Sometimes referred to as ‘The Iron Church’, St. Stephen Church is considered the largest prefabricated cast iron building in the world. It consists of... Read more »
  • Filipino Man Has the Largest Collection of Fast Food Toys in the World
    Percival Lugue, a graphic artist from the Philippines, has been collecting toys from various fast food chains since he was just 5-year-old. Now, at age 50, he holds the Guinness Record for the most fast food toys in the world, over 20,000 of them. Lugue has held the record for... Read more »
  • Meet Mao Mao, a Feline Car Model That Earns More Than Most Humans
    Mao Mao, a two-year-old British Shorthair from Chongqing, China, works as a professional cat model and earns between 5,000 yuan ($775) and 10,000 yuan (1,550) per appearance. Mao Mao’s rise to fame was somewhat of an accident. Her owner, a man surnamed Zheng, works in the automotive industry, and during... Read more »
  • Man Eats Rotisserie Chicken, Preserves Skeleton as Museum Exhibit
    A Japanese skeleton enthusiast recently got his five minutes of online fame after posting photos of an impressive chicken skeleton he managed to put together out of the bones of a rotisserie chicken he ate. Mr. Kudo, a Japanese man who dreams of transforming his home into a museum-of-sorts filled... Read more »
  • Woman Spends Over $150,000 on Two Footbridges to Make Sure Her Son Gets to School Safely
    A loving mother in China’s Henan province spent more than a million yuan ($154,000) building two metal footbridges in front of her son’s school, to make sure he and the other kids cross the road safely. The woman, identified only by her surname, Meng, recently told Henan Television Station that... Read more »

    The Daily Dot

  • Netflix: ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ is a forgettable riff on the superhero genre
    Are superhero shows the new crime procedurals, an oversaturated genre where most examples feel blandly generic? If so, that may explain Jupiter's Legacy. Too bad it doesn't have the simple entertainment value of the CSIs of the world. Adapted by Daredevil showrunner Steven DeKnight (who left the show halfway through... Read more »
  • VideoInfluencer gets deported from Bali after she painted mask on face instead of wearing a real one
    Russian influencer Leia Se was deported from Bali after blatantly disregarding COVID-19 safety measures. Rather than mask up like the rest of the world, Se's companion, YouTuber Josh Paler Lin, uploaded a video of Se flaunting Indonesia's masking requirements via some creative face paint. The video went viral on several... Read more »
  • What in the world is this horny ‘Saw’ photo?
    Sometimes you just have to respect a good publicity stunt. Taking advantage of Twitter's new un-cropped image function, the official Saw franchise account just posted a jarringly eye-catching ad for the new movie Spiral: Saw. It depicts the infamous serial killer Jigsaw, but not as we've seen him before. Rather... Read more »
  • Karen falsely accuses Black TikTokers of threatening to kill her while holding their phone charger hostage
    In a viral TikTok video, a "Karen" in Central Park accuses two Black women of threatening to kill her after they asked her to hand them back a phone changer they dropped during a bike ride. Posted by Alana Lambert (@alanalambert) to TikTok on Wednesday, the video shows what was... Read more »
  • Instagram influencer found dead 11 days after she went missing
    A Russian influencer and former teacher has been found dead 11 days after she went missing, according to the Daily Mail.  A motorist found the body of 28-year-old Kristina Zhuravleva in the woods near the small town of Aramil, the Daily Mail reported on Thursday. The lifestyle influencer’s husband is... Read more »
  • Video shows cop going up in flames during confrontation with protesters
    A viral video shows a police officer burning on the ground and civilians rushing to help during a clash between police and protesters in Colombia.  The video was shared on Reddit on Wednesday as the country marked one week of protests following a proposed tax overhaul.  The video, a clip... Read more »
  • ‘This made me so mad’: Viewers are divided after woman crashes TikToker’s proposal to take photos
    A Houston couple’s heartfelt proposal video captured more than just the happy occasion after an oblivious woman videobombed the moment. Javier Maldonado posted a TikTok of himself proposing to his now-fiancé at the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park in Houston. In the background of the video, a woman can... Read more »

    Mother Jones

  • VideoElise Stefanik Was Always Playing the Long Game
    On Wednesday, as GOP rivals in Congress vied to strip her of her leadership role for her criticism of ex-president Donald Trump, Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, the chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, gave her party an ultimatum. “The Republican Party is at a turning point,” she wrote in the... Read more »
  • I Hate Seeing Myself on Zoom. Turns Out, I’m Not Alone.
    For the first time in my life, I understand why so many people who make their living in front of the camera—reality show personalities, news anchors, movie stars—get plastic surgery. I empathize with them. I get it. I, too, have had the experience of spending an inordinate amount of time... Read more »
  • Trump Spawned a New Group of Mega-Donors Who Now Hold Sway Over the GOP’s Future
    This story was originally published by ProPublica. ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as they’re published. Wesley Barnett was just as surprised as anyone to learn from news reports that the Jan. 6 Trump rally that turned into a... Read more »
  • How Bitcoin Mining Keeps Old Fossil-Fuel Plants Alive
    This story was originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. One decade and $1 trillion after the debut of Bitcoin, the environmental footprint of “mining” the cryptocurrency is still hotly contested. What’s certain, however, is that the amount of electricity the process requires... Read more »
  • The Wave of GOP Anti-Protest Bills Will Criminalize Protesters—and Sabotage Police Reform, Too
    In the wake of the widespread George Floyd protests last year, Republican lawmakers across the country flooded the zone with so-called anti-riot bills. Last month, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law the draconian “Combating Public Disorder” measure that expands the definition of riot to mean a “violent public... Read more »
  • “I Longed for That Hug”: A Mother Reunites With Her Sons Four Years After Being Separated at the Border
    The last time Keldy Mabel Gonzáles Brebe de Zúniga hugged her sons Erik and Mino, they were 13 and 15 years old and seemed “so little” to her. Tuesday night, she reunited with them in Philadelphia, almost four years after being separated at the border by the Trump administration. Now,... Read more »
  • VideoSome Thoughts on Eric Clapton and Classic Rock Nostalgia
    If you grew up listening to your local classic rock radio station, there are probably a few facts about Eric Clapton that have been engrained in your head. He taught himself to play guitar as a teenager and became the engineer of classic rock hits including “Layla” and “Crossroads.” He’s... Read more »

    Crack Two

  • 13 Kinds of AI Impact on Manufacturing Industry
    AI, aka artificial intelligence, has a growing role to play in the day-to-day lives of workers, consumers, and society as a whole. In manufacturing, AI can cut costs, improve safety and efficiency, and produce more effective processes that allow companies the chance to move more product through to the next... Read more »
  • 8 Ceramic Coating Maintenance Tips for Your Car
    To a car enthusiast, ceramic coating is a status symbol. Whether it is installed by an auto shop or a professional detailer, or you prefer to go the DIY route, keeping a ceramic coated car in tip-top shape is critical. You can accomplished this by washing the ceramic coating as... Read more »
  • 8 Multiple TV Setup Ideas for a Single Space
    Whether you are planning a luxury home theatre, an outdoor cabana, a sports haven in your home or an entertainment centre for your business, you might be thinking about the best way to incorporate multiple TVs into a single space. Having more than one TV in the same area allows... Read more »
  • 10 Best Ways to Crack Your Back Effectively
    A stiff back holds in tension, is uncomfortable to live with, and has a sense of restlessness or sometimes chronic pain attached to it. Unfortunately, cracking your back incorrectly can worsen an injury or cause one. It’s important to learn the right way to crack your back. This technique eases... Read more »
  • 6 Methods on How to Fix Chipped Hardwood Floor
    Hardwood is a pretty solid flooring, but it isn’t accident proof. Now and then you may need to fix a chip in the floor, and it doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. There are several different methods that work great for fixing chipped hardwood. With a little DIY magic... Read more »
  • What Do You Need for a Payday Loan: 7 Key Requirements
    If you need cash quickly,, then a payday loan can be exactly what you are looking for. When applying for any form of loan it is important that you fully understand the terms of the agreement and that you are confident that you can pay back the loan within the... Read more »
  • Four Things One Can Do to Make University Easier
    Most people can generally agree that, no matter what point of life a person is at, making the switch to regularly going to university can be a hard shift to adapt to. Whether someone is fresh out of high school and is just finding footing in what that person wants... Read more »

    Thrill Blender

  • What Happens If You Lose A Fight In Prison And More…
      What happens if you Lose a Fight in Prison?   The Biggest Fraud on Instagram   Magnus Carlsen’s Mind-Blowing Memory! The post What Happens If You Lose A Fight In Prison And More… first appeared on Thrill Blender.... Read more »
  • Ooh, Baby, I Like It R.A.W. | 40+ Pics
    Random, Awesome, And Weird Pics! Hit Page Two The post Ooh, Baby, I Like It R.A.W. | 40+ Pics first appeared on Thrill Blender.... Read more »
  • Tour This Amazing House Called “Falling Water”
    Enjoy a tour of Fallingwater, one of the greatest works of American architecture. The Falls House was built in Mil Rana, Pennsylvania, on the Bear Creek River by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1936-1939. The house above the waterfall has become the standard of organic architecture. This amazing building was... Read more »
  • Man Spray-Paints 100 Penises On Road
    A New Zealand activist, who specializes in drawing large penises around the streets of Auckland, has finally been threatened with legal action. Geoff Upson, who calls himself a road safety campaigner, estimates he has made about 100 lewd drawings on streets with potholes, in the hopes that the phallic images... Read more »
  • Battle To The Death: Killer Ant Swarm Butchers Lone Scorpion
    Driver ants have a gruesome reputation for killing everything in their path, from defenseless worms to a full-size scorpion. The post Battle To The Death: Killer Ant Swarm Butchers Lone Scorpion first appeared on Thrill Blender.... Read more »
  • Temptation Overload
    ... Read more »
  • Video Shows Floyd Mayweather And Jake Paul Scuffle After Hat Snatch.
      Floyd is really, really, really sensitive about his hair/hat. Nobody was talking about this fight a day ago but Jake Paul just helped his brother Logan sell some more tickets. There has been a lot of talk about this scuffle being planned but apparently Floyd has a “no touching”... Read more »

    Awkward Family Photo's

  • A Christmas Miracle
    “Me and my older brother Christmas morning. He was opening a poster that was supposed to be something else but it was mislabeled. My mom didn’t realize it until she snapped the pic.” (submitted by IG @chelshopper)  The post A Christmas Miracle appeared first on Read more »
  • It Depends
    “The Santa display was sad, and Santa looks even sadder.” (submitted by Rachel)  The post It Depends appeared first on Read more »
  • Foursight
    “A picture full of odd poses from my la quinceañera in 1986, Brazil.” (submitted by IG @la_varghas)  The post Foursight appeared first on Read more »
  • Boy Of The Year
    “My husband in the early 90s taken at a fair in Florida. I can’t tell you how long I laughed when I saw this picture.” (submitted by IG @wallasoud)  The post Boy Of The Year appeared first on Read more »
  • The Glass Blowers
    “My Dad’s 85th birthday. Took a picture outside the restaurant which was in a very artsy part of town.  Wasn’t until I posted it on Facebook that a friend pointed out that the writing on the wall behind us was hilarious. Of course it originally said glass blowing.” (submitted by... Read more »
  • Pulling It Off
    “Christmas 2020. He cries in every picture but had a good reason this time.” (submitted by Sarah)  The post Pulling It Off appeared first on Read more »
  • Grandma’s House
    “My grandma’s house was practically haunted, from all the human sized dolls to the fake, well, everything. We just decided to go along with all of it back in 2002.” (submitted by IG @shelleynka)  The post Grandma’s House appeared first on Read more »
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