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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse Blogs waaronder Lifehacker, Ned Hardy, Uproxx, Oddity Central, The Daily Dot, Bits and Pieces, Busted Coverage, Klyker Picdumps, Acid Cow, Linkiest, Mother Jones, Messy Nessy Chic, Barnorama, Thrill Blender, Awkward Family Photo’s en Video’s that Suck. Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.



  • How to Stop a Couch from Sagging
    Sagging couches tend to fall into two categories: Those that you got for free from a friend or relative (or the curb) and wouldn’t necessarily have picked out yourself, but the price was right; or a well-worn and well-loved piece of furniture that genuinely is past its prime, but is... Read more »
  • Earn $60 Per Hour Playing Video Games
    Are you someone who enjoys playing video games, trying out the latest and greatest gaming tech, and writing? If so, you may be interested in a job that involves all three activities, can be done from anywhere in the world, and pays $60/hour. Read more...... Read more »
  • How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors Without Ruining Them
    Whether you installed it yourself, or inherited it from a previous owner (or it was there when you rented your home), real hardwood floors can change the feel of an entire space. Whether light- or dark-colored, wide planks or parquet, hardwood floors are a sought-after feature in a home.Read more...... Read more »
  • What to Do (and Avoid) When Your Dog Gets the Zoomies
    It’s usually pretty easy to spot a dog with the zoomies, as they run around at full speed, bouncing off walls or furniture in their own version of parkour, with a wide-eyed expression on their face. While “zoomies” may be the most accurate description of the intense burst of energy... Read more »
  • Use the '57 Inch Rule' to Figure Out Where to Hang Wall Decor
    In your teens and early 20s, it was perfectly acceptable to tape or tack posters, photos, or basically anything else you wanted to your walls and call it decor. But as you get older, your tastes may change—including when it comes to art. Read more...... Read more »
  • How to Get a Free Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Every Sunday Until the End of the Year
    Summer was full of food deals, but not to worry—autumn isn’t falling behind when it comes to free and discounted eats. Though not as closely related to the season as apple cider doughnuts or candy corn, who doesn’t love a nice chicken sandwich to warm their hands as the temperatures... Read more »
  • What's Next for Booster Doses?
    In the latest chapter of the booster vaccine saga, the Food and Drug Administration’s advisory panel voted this week that they consider Moderna and Johnson & Johnson booster doses to be safe and effective. This means they could be authorized soon, but a bunch of questions remain to be answered.Read... Read more »

    Ned Hardy

  • VideoHow To Discipline a Pit Bull
    Pit Bulls get a bad rap unfortunately. These dogs were bred as fighting dogs, and the media has portrayed them as aggressive. While some pit bulls have been associated with severe injuries to other dogs and even people, the vast majority of pit bulls are loving family members who just... Read more »
  • Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Pit Bull To The Dog Park
    We’re on record as being big fans of pit bulls, one of the most affectionate and personality-rich dog breeds you will find anywhere. We know that one of the biggest problems with pit bulls isn’t their behavior, but the misconceptions so many people have about them and the stereotypes the... Read more »
  • Are Prong Collars Cruel To Use?
    Anyone who’s had a rowdy animal could sympathize with wanting an easy solution to their bad behavior. We’ll admit that there are sometimes you feel the need to show them who’s the alpha. When dealing with a living, breathing animal, it’s important to question techniques that go beyond vocal admonition.... Read more »
  • Is It Cruel To Dock Your Dog’s Tail?
    Some dogs have naturally short tails. Other breeds, however, have their tails shortened through a procedure called docking. The practice has existed since at least Roman times for a variety of reasons. This hotly debated topic rarely sees middle-of-the-road positions. People are either for or against docking. Let’s explore docking... Read more »
  • VideoAre Presa Canarios Dangerous Dogs?
    The Canary Islands are an archipelago that tectonically lies in Africa but is part of the European Union, specifically Spain. While many may think of the little yellow bird when hearing the name of this area of the world, the name comes from the Latin for “dog.” And for good... Read more »
  • 17 Things You Should Know About Mini Schnoodles Before Buying or Adopting
    Making the compassionate decision to buy or adopt a mini Schnoodle comes with a great deal of responsibility, both physical and financial. You probably have a few questions in mind before you bring home your smart, friendly, and loyal furry friend. So here are a few things to keep in... Read more »
  • Pugweiler – Everything You Need To Know About The Pug Rottweiler Mix
    Mixed breeds dogs are on the rise! In recent years, owners have been more drawn to mixed breeds thanks to rescues becoming more popular, and the health benefits of breed variety in a dog. Many mixed breeds are becoming standard, such as the Goldendoodle, Bernadoodle, etc., but the the Pugweiler... Read more »

    Oddity Central

  • Italian Artist Turns Spilled Coffee Into Art
    Some people are so incredibly talented that they can be artistically inspired by the most unexpected of things, such as spilled drinks. Case in point – Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli, whose amazing coffee art began as a mishap. One day, Giulia was drawing and having her coffee at the same... Read more »
  • How Did a Van Wind Up on Top of a Bus Station in France?
    This week, the people of Plounéventer, a town in France’s Brittany region, woke up to a very bizarre sight – a white van perched on top of a bus station. Imagine waking up early in the morning to take the bus to work and finding a car on top of... Read more »
  • The Swiss Mini Gun – World’s Smallest Working Revolver
    If you’re looking for an unusual and extremely expensive way of dealing with small pests, like cockroaches, may we recommend the world’s smallest working revolver? The Swiss Mini Gun holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest functioning revolver in the world. It measures 5.5 cm long, 3.5 cm tall... Read more »
  • These Halloween Brownies Look Like Crap
    Aptly named Cat Poop Brownies, these Halloween treats created by Singaporean cafe Nasty Cookie really look like something you’d only expect to find in a cat’s litter box. When it comes to disgusting-looking food, we’ve featured a few examples over the years, with notable mentions including milkfish intestines and alien... Read more »
  • Man Rents Poisonous Snake to Kill His Wife And Marry Another Woman
    An Indian man was found guilty of murdering his wife by renting a cobra to bite her and make it look like an accident, so he could take her jewelry and marry another woman. In what has been described as a modern murder mystery, a young man from the Kollam... Read more »
  • Japanese Company Specializes in Fashion Apparel For Robots
    Rocket Road is a unique clothing brand aimed not at humans, but at robots of all shapes and sizes. It aims to offer customization options and seamlessly bridge the gap between humans and machines. Last month, Japanese company Rocket Road announced the launch of its first lineup of functional protective... Read more »
  • The Surprising Love Story Between a Cow and a Leopard
    Viral photos of a leopard and a cow cuddling somewhere in rural India tell the unique love story between two very unlikely friends. Cows and leopards are usually not the best of friends, with the latter sometimes preying on bovines to survive. However, you wouldn’t even be tempted to think... Read more »


  • Klyker Picdump (55 photos)
    klyker.com brings you a collection of 55 random funny pictures to keep you entertained. October 18, 2021. Don’t forget to check out the previous Klyker Picdump The post Klyker Picdump (55 photos) first appeared on KLYKER.COM.... Read more »
  • A Little Fun For Adults #289 (40 photos)
    Start your week off with a fresh batch of 40 pictures of hot sexy girls compiled by klyker.com. Because adults deserve some fun too. You know you want more Fun For Adults, right? The post A Little Fun For Adults #289 (40 photos) first appeared on KLYKER.COM.... Read more »
  • Sh*t Happens Regularly #142 (39 photos)
    When sh*t happens there’s little or nothing you can do about it and here are 39 examples as a proof. Check out 36 more examples of Sh*t Happens Regularly The post Sh*t Happens Regularly #142 (39 photos) first appeared on KLYKER.COM.... Read more »
  • 40 Nothing But Awesome Pics (40 photos)
    klyker.com brings you 40 more awesome pics you definitely don’t want to miss because these pics are the epitome of awesome. Check out 44 more Nothing But Awesome Pics The post 40 Nothing But Awesome Pics (40 photos) first appeared on KLYKER.COM.... Read more »
  • 33 Mind-Blowing Tattoos (33 photos)
    Okay, here’s 33 more mind-blowing tattoos for all you ink lovers. Also check out these 31 Mind-Blowing Tattoos The post 33 Mind-Blowing Tattoos (33 photos) first appeared on KLYKER.COM.... Read more »
  • How About Some Motivation? (29 photos)
    We all have days when we need some motivation so here are 29 motivational quotes to help you make it through the week. Hey psst, need more Motivation? The post How About Some Motivation? (29 photos) first appeared on KLYKER.COM.... Read more »

    Mother Jones

  • Hollywood Producers and Union Leaders Reach Deal They Hope Will Avert a Strike on Monday
    Union leaders and Hollywood producers have reached an agreement that they hope will avert a strike that was set to begin Monday. The tentative agreement provides a number of improvements in wages and benefits for the costume designers, editors, set builders, and other craftspeople who work behind the scenes to... Read more »
  • Utah Protesters Claim Hospitals Are Killing People Who Have COVID
    Greg Johnson is standing on the corner of State Street in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah, holding a neatly stenciled sign that says, “COVID-19 Protocols Killed My Uncle.” Behind him looms the Intermountain Medical Center, the largest hospital in the region. Johnson is one of about 30 people who’ve come to... Read more »
  • Why Are We Vaccinating Skunks Before Humans?
    Florida skunks at a Tampa Bay zoo are getting COVID-19 vaccines before most humans on the planet have received their first shot. The location of this vaccination campaign is particularly striking given the antipathy to vaccine mandates often articulated by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has threatened local governments with millions... Read more »
  • Watch Pete Buttigieg Eviscerate Tucker Carlson for Attacking Him About Parental Leave
    Thursday night on his Fox News broadcast, Tucker Carlson attacked Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for taking parental leave to care for his and his husband Chasten’s infant twins. “Pete Buttigieg has been on leave from his job since August after adopting a child,” Carlson ranted. “Paternity leave, they call it,... Read more »
  • American Missionaries and Their Families Have Been Kidnapped in Haiti
    A gang kidnapped seventeen people, including three minors, associated with an American Christian aid group in Port-au-Prince on Saturday. The American missionaries were kidnapped less than a month after the Biden administration expelled thousands of Haitians under a Trump-era border policy. The attack is a reminder that the disaster-ravaged country is... Read more »
  • Climate Disasters Leave Undocumented Immigrants Up the Creek
    This story was originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  When Hurricane Ida hit New York City on September 16, it dumped more than three inches of rain an hour. Sewers overflowed, streets turned into rivers, and thousands of homes and basements... Read more »
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz’s Big Fundraising PAC is Nearly Broke
    Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz both have a knack for ginning up outrage and stealing headlines. All this sound and fury is assumed to hoover up dollars from the riled up grassroots, but that’s not true, according to the most recent campaign finance filings.  Despite the two spending the... Read more »

    Messy Nessy Chic

  • Renoir’s Art Model Was the Greatest Painter You Never Heard Of
    Name a post-Impressionist woman painter and most people would draw a blank. Or they would cast their mind back to Mary Cassat or Berthe Morisot and their pastel domestic scenes. Few know of Suzanne Valadon, who shocked the turn-of-the-century art world with her boldly outlined nudes. A circus performer, single... Read more »
  • A Brief Compendium of Mesmerising and Macabre Memento Mori
    We often try to avoid death. Sweep it under the rug, pretend it doesn’t exist and live in comfortable denial. But we weren’t always this way. In fact, many past societies have been completely obsessed with death, as seen in their art, literature, and philosophy.... Read more »
  • Autumn in Paris Inspiration & Events Guide 2021
    The air is getting colder, the kids are back in school, and the sidewalks are strewn with leaves. It’s autumn in Paris, and we’re back with our seasonal guide! So whether you live in Paris or will just be passing through, read on for our recommandations of what do do,... Read more »
  • Meet the Trendsetting Mystics that gave The Beatles their Psychedelic Style
    The Fool left its mark all over the 1960s, but few can match the name to the art today. The Dutch collective of artists and designers who named themselves after a Tarot card that’s often numbered as zero in the deck – as in the first – were unquestionable pioneers of... Read more »
  • 13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. DLXXII)
    1. A Live-In Museum/ Gallery Space in Provence for Sale Situated in the heart of beautiful Bonnieux Village in the Luberon region, asking 420,000 euros. More details found on Espaces Atypiques. 2.... Read more »
  • Found in a Trunk: The Lost Avant-Garde Movement that came Decades before Dada
    If modern art has taught us anything, it is that anything can be considered art. Picasso’s and Braque’s curious peeling newspaper collages of the 1910s spring to mind as the opening act for the ‘Modern Art’ movement. It was at this point in time, in the early 20th century where... Read more »
  • Buried Secrets of Montauk’s Menacing Military Camp that Inspired “Stranger Things”
    There are places in New York and the northeastern coast of America, where a pleasurable trip to the seaside can take a turn for the peculiar. You may be wandering along a bucolic beach only to stumble across the abandoned ruins of brutalist concrete structures lying half buried in the... Read more »

    Awkward Family Photo's

  • Into The Void
    “My children and our attempt to get a photo for our Christmas card.” (submitted by Amber) The post Into The Void appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
  • Clown Crew
    “This pic is from the late 60s, taken on Long Island. My aunt Donna and Uncle John with their grandma (my great) Mabel and a terrifying painting of a clown painted by my mom. My aunt with the cat was all about saving animals at that point but grew up... Read more »
  • Rudolph The Red-Nosed Nightmare
    “Me on the far left, my sister and some friends from what my mom thinks was a Christmas lunch. The creature behind us is apparently supposed to be a reindeer.” (submitted by IG @kaitamrazek)  The post Rudolph The Red-Nosed Nightmare appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
  • Teaching Bad
    “Let’s hope my son is better at ‘meth’ than he is at spelling.” (submitted by Jen) The post Teaching Bad appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
  • Hassled By The Hoff
    “I got to meet the Hoff at our local radio station in the early 80’s. I don’t look too impressed.” (submitted by IG @_dawn_is.my.name) The post Hassled By The Hoff appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
  • Staten Island Big Bird
    “Apparently my mom hired Staten Island Big Bird for my first birthday party and I was petrified.” (submitted by IG @brinkunis)  The post Staten Island Big Bird appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
  • Bugging Out
    “My younger sister was taking family pictures for me, and she managed to catch the exact moment that a bug flew in my face!” (submitted by Kelly)  The post Bugging Out appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
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