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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse Blogs waaronder Lifehacker, Ned Hardy, Uproxx, Oddity Central, The Daily Dot, Bits and Pieces, Busted Coverage, Klyker Picdumps, Acid Cow, Linkiest, Mother Jones, Messy Nessy Chic, Barnorama, Thrill Blender, Awkward Family Photo’s en Video’s that Suck. Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.



  • Why You Should Film Yourself Cleaning, According to Reddit
    If you’re struggling to find the motivation to clean your home, you can turn to specific methods, inspiration, and checklists—or you can look within yourself. Well, maybe not within yourself, but at yourself. One Redditor suggests filming a time-lapse of yourself as you go, and here’s why. Read more...... Read more »
  • Just Because You Don’t Use a Bidet Doesn’t Mean Your Butt Is Covered in Poop
    Look, I’m not anti-bidet. I have one at home and I appreciate it. But there are some nonsensical bidet related myths going around that need to be flushed away. Chief among them: the idea that if you don’t use a bidet, you are walking around with a poop-encrusted butthole.Read more...... Read more »
  • Stop Hackers From Taking Over Your Android With Just Your Phone Number
    Keeping up with the latest security news isn’t easy. It seems every week there’s a fresh threat on at least one of our devices to watch out for. This time around, though, it’s a doozy: If you have a Samsung Galaxy or recent Google Pixel, hackers might be able to... Read more »
  • How to Avoid These Sophisticated Employment Scams
    So many of us are unhappy with our current employers that some clever person coined the term “rage applying” to describe the newfound zeal for searching for a new gig. The term has been trending on TikTok—but applying too quickly for an opportunity that seems too good to be true... Read more »
  • Dry Roast Some Nuts for a Better Bowl of Cereal
    Some mornings I feel like I have nothing edible in my kitchen, usually after a missed grocery run. This time, my options were my sometimes-nemesis, oatmeal, or the dregs of Raisin Bran. (Not all cereal is bland and flavorless, but Raisin Bran really toes the line.) To save myself from... Read more »
  • How to Start Growing Your Own Edible Mushrooms
    There are over 14,000 species of mushrooms on Earth, ranging from poisonous death caps to delicious morels to mushrooms of the psychedelic variety. I’m sure you’ve seem them growing from soil, cow paddies, rotten wood, and just about everywhere else, and maybe thought, “How hard could it be to grow... Read more »
  • Here Is Your Car's Spring Cleaning Checklist
    When you think of “spring cleaning,” you probably imagine tidying up your house, clearing out your closets, and focusing on your most lived-in space—but what’s more truly lived-in than your car? Depending on what your commute to work, school, or leisure activities looks like, you probably spend a lot of... Read more »

    Ned Hardy

  • She Played Emily On The Big Bang Theory. See Laura Spencer Now At 36.
    Laura Spencer might not be a household name yet, but give it time and this Big Bang Theory actress will be all over television and film. With her fiery red hair and bright smile, she was poised to conquer screens. Considering her two big establishing roles were almost a decade... Read more »
  • She Played ‘Harriet’ in Harriet The Spy. See Michelle Trachtenberg Now at 37
    Everyone has a different Michelle Trachtenberg character that springs to mind when hearing the actress’s name, whether it be her title role in Harriet the Spy, Vampire Slaying sister Dawn, or Ice Princess Casey. Whatever you’ve seen her in though, she’s always given it all in the performance and showed... Read more »
  • She Played Missy Cooper On The Big Bang Theory. See Courtney Henggeler Now At 44
    You might recognize her more as the twin sister of scientist Sheldon Cooper’s twin sister on The Big Bang Theory, Missy, but Courtney Henggeler is more than just the polar opposite sister. With a late start on her acting career, she’s managed to get her foot further in the door... Read more »
  • VideoShe Played Lydia in Mrs. Doubtfire. See Lisa Jakub Now at 44
    We all have our favorite line. We all have our favorite scene. We would all add it to the list of our favorite movies of all time. The 1993 family movie Mrs. Doubtfire is still one of the best comedies that will warm your heart then make you laugh until you can’t... Read more »
  • She Played Chelsea On Two and a Half Men. See Jennifer Taylor Now At 50
    It takes a lot to be engaged to Charlie Sheen, even if it’s just acting as a character who’s engaged to his fictional character. That wasn’t a problem for Jennifer Taylor though, as the actress that gained her big break from Two and a Half Men says the role was... Read more »
  • She Played ‘Kandi’ On Two and a Half Men, See April Bowlby Now At 42
    April Bowlby moved into acting a little later than most actresses in Hollywood, not making her first appearance on screens until 2005. Her dedication has begun to pay off though, with the former Two and a Half Men actress working her name into television slowly and steadily through her nearly... Read more »
  • She Played Kris on Charlie’s Angels. See Cheryl Ladd Now at 71
    While she may not have been one of the originals, Cheryl Ladd will forever be known as one of Charlie’s Angels, a show that would catapult her to stardom and fame early in her career. Though she’s still out and about in Hollywood, she hasn’t made too many headlining appearances... Read more »

    Oddity Central

  • German Brewery Claims Its Beer in Powder Form Could Change Industry Forever
    Neuzeller Klosterbräu, a brewery in eastern Germany, claims to have devised a way to create a powdered beer that, when mixed with water, tasted almost exactly like the original liquid beverage. The global beer industry is massive, but it’s also one of the least efficient in the world. Transporting large... Read more »
  • The Disturbing Story of a Family Who Jumped from the Seventh Floor of Their Apartment Building
    On March 24, 2022, the whole of Switzerland was shocked by the unexplainable act of a family of five from the town of Montreux who jumped from the balcony of their seventh-floor apartment. A year ago, in the span of about five minutes, Nasrine Feraoun, 41, her twin sister Narjisse,... Read more »
  • Parents Engaged in Legal Battle for the Right to Name Their Baby ‘Hades’
    A young couple in France is currently engaged in a legal battle for the right to name their baby ‘Hades’, a name made famous by the god of the underworld from Greek mythology. Kristina Desgres and Rodrigo Velasquez, a young couple from the historic French port city of Saint-Malo, which... Read more »
  • The Holme – The World’s Most Expensive Mansion
    The Holme, a 205-year-old London mansion is currently on the market for an eye-watering £250 million ($300 million), which makes it the world’s most expensive mansion. Known as the “White House of Regent’s Park”, because of its massive scale and similar style facade as that of Washington DC’s iconic presidential... Read more »
  • Widow Seduces Man Who Had Her Husband Killed, Turns Him Over to Authorities
    A Colombian woman who lost her husband at the hands of a local crime boss, spent years planning her revenge, seducing him and gathering evidence to have him arrested for multiple crimes. In what sounds like the script of a Hollywood blockbuster, a Colombian woman managed to do what the... Read more »
  • Thai Man Claims Wife Left Him, Married Someone Else After Undisclosed Lottery Win
    A Thai man is taking his ex-wife to court, accusing her of concealing a lottery win of 12 million baht ($352,000) from him before breaking up with him over the phone and marrying someone else. Narin, a 47-year-old scorned man from Thailand’s Isan region, recently hired a lawyer to help... Read more »
  • Man Is Living Underwater for 100 Days to See How It Affects His Body and Mind
    A Florida University professor plans to spend 100 days 30 feet under the ocean’s surface, in an underwater lodge, as a scientific experiment to find out how the constant increased pressure affects his body and mind. The current world record for time spent living underwater was set in 2014 by... Read more »

    Bits and Pieces

  • Books
    Comment the latest book you’ve finished or are reading now.. And what you thought of it. I’ll get this started: Orphan #8, by Kim van Alkemade – I thought this historical fiction was haunting, yet great. 8/10... Read more »
  • Butts
    Remember this PSA?... Read more »
  • 5 Stars
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  • Do you know the next line?
    Thanks Mr. Biggles... Read more »
  • Chuck’s got jokes
    @chuck_norris_icon Chuck’s got jokes #chucknorris #walkertexasranger #norris #chunkukdo #codeofsilence #karate #martialarts #kickstartkids #jiujitsu #tangsoodo #cforcewater #walker #mma #ufc #kickboxing #boxing #pointfighting #bjj #lonewolfmcquade #missinginaction #moviestar #genanorris #aaronnorris #actionstar #80s #movie #invasionusa #totalgym #action #actionmovie #fyp #trending ♬ original sound – Chuck_Norris_Icon https://www.tiktok.com/embed.js via... Read more »
  • Money problems
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  • My wife is an airhead. But..
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  • Klyker Picdump #1165 (54 photos)
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  • Here’s Your Dose Of Nostalgia #18 (36 photos)
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  • Thanks, But No Thanks #2 (37 photos)
    Thanks, But No Thanks #2 (37 photos) first shown on KLYKER.COMAlso check out more strange things that will make you say: thanks, but no thanks! The post Thanks, But No Thanks #2 (37 photos) first appeared on KLYKER.COM.... Read more »
  • Crazy Architecture From Around the World #8 (39 photos)
    Crazy Architecture From Around the World #8 (39 photos) first shown on KLYKER.COMCheck out more examples of crazy architecture The post Crazy Architecture From Around the World #8 (39 photos) first appeared on KLYKER.COM.... Read more »

    Mother Jones

  • Cancelling Your Subscriptions May Finally Get a Lot Easier
    We’ve all been there. You sign up for a gym membership or online delivery service. You eventually lose interest or start tightening your budget, so you try to cancel. Yet, despite it only taking two clicks to sign up, the company requires you to call a hotline in order to... Read more »
  • VideoRap On Trial Is Now Mainstream
    For nearly a year, the rapper Young Thug has been behind bars in Fulton County, Georgia. The 31-year-old, born Jeffery Lamar Williams, is facing charges that could send him to prison for twenty years. Widely considered one of the most stylistically innovative rappers of his generation, Williams has been charged,... Read more »
  • Why Chickens Aren’t Getting Their Flu Shots
    This story was originally published by Wired and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The wave of avian influenza H5N1—which so far has hit 76 countries, triggered national emergencies, and created the worst animal-disease outbreak in US history—keeps roaring through wild birds and commercial poultry. More than 140 million poultry... Read more »
  • VideoIt’s Not a Crisis. This Is the New Normal.
    This would be so much easier if we could make up donors from whole cloth, like George Santos may have done. Or if we impersonated a YouTube executive to sing our praises on a Zoom call, and raked in $83 million (but maybe minus being arrested for fraud in the... Read more »
  • Trump Reportedly Really Wants to Be Handcuffed
    In preparation for the likely event that he may soon become the first-ever former president to get indicted, Donald Trump apparently wants to go big. I’m talking handcuffs, a perp walk, the typical hallmarks of a theatrical court appearance.  That’s the latest, at least, from new reports on Trump’s frame... Read more »
  • We Need More People Like George Santos in Congress
    George Santos, the first-term Republican representative from New York, may go down as the most famous fabulist in the history of Congress. In the run-up to his election last year from a district that includes parts of Long Island and Queens, he claimed to be a successful businessman, a college... Read more »
  • Your “Recycled” Grocery Bag Might Not Be
    This story was originally published by Undark and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. To jumpstart a paltry market for recycled plastic, governments across the globe are pushing companies to include recycled materials in their products. Last year, the United Kingdom introduced a tax on manufacturers that produce or import plastic packaging containing... Read more »

    Messy Nessy Chic

  • A Brief Compendium of Egyptomania
    Sphinxes, scarabs and obelisks, oh my! Egyptomania quite literally indicates a madness for anything Egyptian; a phenomenon most of us tend to associate with the 1920s when archeologists cracked open King Tut’s tomb and unleashed a new wave of excitement that penetrated every facet of mainstream western culture. But our... Read more »
  • Found: A German Soldier’s WWII Scrapbook
    There’s something enchanting about coming across an old scrapbook; more than just a photo album, a lovingly put together book of ephemera can be a unique window into a life lived elsewhere. We previously found a marvellous one once at the Brooklyn Flea Market, made by an aspiring young actress... Read more »
  • 13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. DCXLI)
    1. A Twitter thread of Messy offices to make you feel better The thread was instigated with a photo of the late Swiss psychologist known for his work on child development, Jean Piaget. (We’re trying to figure out if that’s an old timey toaster he’s pointing to). Other Twitter users chimed in... Read more »
  • The Forgotten Power of the Parlour Palm
    We forget that once upon a time, social status had a lot to do with the common houseplant. We’re talking about the parlour palm, one of the most significant decorative features in a Victorian home, which referred to any number of varieties of palms, ferns, and other hardy perennials that... Read more »
  • The Toilet Duty Dukes and Duchesses of England
    Those precious moments of alone time in the bathroom are priceless to many of us, and yet strangely enough, it was one of the few luxuries the King and Queen of England could not afford. Until as recently as the 20th century, the British monarchy appointed what was known as the “Groom of the... Read more »
  • “Somehow Gone out the Window”: The 33 Storey Loss of Ana Mendieta
    In an emergency call on September 8th, 1985, Carl Andre told the 911 responder that his wife Ana Mendieta had “somehow gone out the window” of their 34th floor apartment in Greenwich Village, New York City. Mendieta fell to her death that day, landing on the roof a deli. She... Read more »
  • Tiny American Mugshots of the Anti-Espionage Age
    From the 1930s to the 1950s, these charming little I.D. badges were rolled out across America as a “fail-safe” homeland security measure in a crackdown on the threat of industrial espionage. Each badge gives clues to a story, whether you’re trying to piece together the identity of the person or... Read more »


  • 40+ Rare And Stunning Photos Show Unexpected Moments And Scenes
    “Delivery person placed my door mat over my package so that it was ’barely visible’ from the street.” The post 40+ Rare And Stunning Photos Show Unexpected Moments And Scenes appeared first on Barnorama.... Read more »
  • 40+ Photos That Are Weird And Funny
    Get ready for a wild ride with this collection of 40+ weird and funny photos! From ridiculous animal poses to bizarre fashion choices, these pictures will have you laughing out loud and scratching your head in confusion. The post 40+ Photos That Are Weird And Funny appeared first on Barnorama.... Read more »
  • This Guy Uses Hilarious Signs To Protest Irritating Everyday Things
    Advocating for what you believe in is important and using a sign could be an effective way to ensure that your message is noticed, whether you're speaking out about issues like human rights or advocating for a ban on office fish consumption. The post This Guy Uses Hilarious Signs To... Read more »
  • 45+ Hot Thursday Girls
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  • 40 Slightly Amusing Things Shared on the Web
    "These green rings of light move at the pace of the speed limit to help gauge speed." The post 40 Slightly Amusing Things Shared on the Web appeared first on Barnorama.... Read more »
  • 30 Unbelievable And Bizarre Signs From Around The World
    A compilation of unusual, funny and even confusing signs from different corners of the globe including misspellings, unexpected images or strange warnings, making them stand out from the usual road signs and billboards we encounter. The post 30 Unbelievable And Bizarre Signs From Around The World appeared first on Barnorama.... Read more »
  • 20+ Implicit Traditions And Practices In Diverse Cultures
    This collection involves investigating the unspoken norms and customs that exist within various cultural groups. The post 20+ Implicit Traditions And Practices In Diverse Cultures appeared first on Barnorama.... Read more »
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    Awkward Family Photo's

  • Short Christmas
    “This is my father in 1980 in front of the Christmas tree wearing his favorite pair of shorts (that he had in several different colors).” (submitted by IG @hannahlouisiana7)  The post Short Christmas appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
  • Birthday Girl
    “My 9th birthday, I guess I wasn’t having a great day.” (submitted by IG @caro_tap)  The post Birthday Girl appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
  • Welcome To The Jungle Book
    “That’s me in the picture, taken in the early 90s at a local children’s carnival, after we waited in line to meet the characters of the Jungle Book. When we got to the front of the line, I was terrified but after waiting that whole time my parents made me... Read more »
  • Miguel Raton
    “When I was 4, I met Mickey Mouse in Argentina.” (submitted by IG @mhunzhork)  The post Miguel Raton appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
  • Head In An Airplane
    “The child with the pilot is my husband. His sister is in the background, for some reason, with her head in an airplane. We refer to any sort of pouting due to personal shame as a ‘head in an airplane.'” (submitted by Terra) The post Head In An Airplane appeared... Read more »
  • Fine Feathered Friend
    “Me and my best friends were playing ‘dress up.’ I took it to the next level.” (submitted by IG @sherianbushman) The post Fine Feathered Friend appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »
  • Knives Out
    “My brother cutting his birthday cake in 1967. Times were different then.” (submitted by IG @ricericebaby142)  The post Knives Out appeared first on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com.... Read more »