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  • Xiaomi turns to Vietnam for smartphone production
    Smartphone makers in China experienced plenty of hurdles over the past year and are looking for alternative production and supply chain lines. Xiaomi has now turned its sights to Vietnam and has already delivered its first batch of smartphones made in its new production facility in Vietnam. The new facility... Read more »
  • Disassembly video reveals the bonkers size of Xiaomi 12S Ultra's IMX989 camera module
    How do you fit a 1” sensor inside a smartphone? We’re sure Sony would like to know, but we’re curious ourselves. Check out this video by WekiHome that takes apart the Xiaomi 12S Ultra completely, it really shows how much bigger the main camera module is compared to a module... Read more »
  • Amazfit Bip 3 Pro launches in India
    Amazfit started expanding the availability of the Bip 3 and Bip 3 Pro smartwatches last month and the vanilla model did make launch on Amazon India before the end of June. The Pro is taking a bit longer, but it is finally ready to launch in the country. It will... Read more »
  • Bungie seems to be working on a Destiny game for Android and iOS
    Bungie reportedly wants to grab a piece of the lucrative mobile gaming market pie with a Destiny game for Android and iOS. This hasn’t been confirmed officially, but multiple related clues point to the same conclusion. Bungie will be partnering with NetEase Games for the project. CEO Pete Parsons said... Read more »
  • Samsung Galaxy A21s, A02s and A03s are receiving Android 12 and One UI 4.1 updates
    A trio of Galaxy As phones is receiving Android 12 with One UI 4.1. In addition, the update contains the June security patch, which plugs 65 vulnerabilities. The three phones are the Galaxy A21s and Galaxy A02s (both of which launched in 2020 with Android 10) and the Galaxy A03s... Read more »
  • Oppo Reno8, Reno8 Pro launching in India on July 18
    The Oppo Reno8 series unveiled in China in May was rumored to debut in India on July 18. Well, that rumor has turned out to be true since Oppo today announced that the Reno8 lineup will be introduced in India on July 18 at 6PM local time. However, it's still... Read more »
  • ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro review
    ... Read more »

    Popular Science

  • These 4 problem-solvers just won one of math’s biggest prizes
    Ukraine's Maryna Viazovska presents her medal after receiving the 2022 Fields Prize for Mathematics in Helsinki. Vesa Moilanen/Lehtikuva/AFP via Getty ImagesThe Fields Medal is kind of like an Olympic gold in mathematics. The post These 4 problem-solvers just won one of math’s biggest prizes appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • How to connect headphones to your smartwatch
    Who needs a phone anyway?. Alexandru Tabusca / UnsplashEnjoy music, podcasts, and audiobooks on the go. The post How to connect headphones to your smartwatch appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • 6 metal myths and tips for cooking
    Audrey MaloHow to master using metal in the kitchen. The post 6 metal myths and tips for cooking appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • The green revolution is coming for power-hungry particle accelerators
    The gentle underground curve of the LHC at CERN, in Geneva. Deposit PhotosFuture accelerators may be able to capture spent energy, or use greener cooling gases. The post The green revolution is coming for power-hungry particle accelerators appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • The best way to choose a parenting book
    The parenting book you choose should captivate you, if not your baby, from cover to cover. Picsea/UnsplashBabies don't come with instruction manuals, but a good self-help book can be just as helpful. The post The best way to choose a parenting book appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • The US’s latest assist to Ukraine: Rocket launchers with a 43-mile range
    A High Mobility Artillery Rocket System in the Philippines in June, 2022 as part of an exercise. US Marine Corps / Ujian GosunA total of eight High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, or HIMARS, will help Ukraine. Here's what they do. The post The US’s latest assist to Ukraine: Rocket launchers... Read more »
  • A beginner’s guide to choosing the perfect van-life vehicle
    The author likes the Honda Element, but you may find another vehicle works best for you. Jimmy Conover / UnsplashGas mileage and reliability are factors, but so is pure, simple fun. The post A beginner’s guide to choosing the perfect van-life vehicle appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »


  • Mojo Vision CEO Wears Micro-LED Display Contact Lens
    The idea of a “contact lens display” concept could become the ultimate way of implementing Augmented Reality (AR) someday, but it’s a highly challenging endeavor. MojoVision is one of the companies working to make it happen, and its CEO has demonstrated a Mojo Lens prototype placed on his eye.The Mojo... Read more »
  • Awake Mission To Earth: Recycling Has Never Been So Classy
    We have followed Awake since the company introduced good-looking watches made of recycled ocean plastic. However, its new Mission To Earth special edition (250 units) pushes the concept to the (luxury) limits and demonstrates it is possible to build a classy, high-end watch with recycled materials.For instance, the watch’s body... Read more »
  • Huawei MateBook 16s: The Best Huawei Laptop Yet
    The Huawei MateBook 16s is the latest evolution of Huawei’s largest premium productivity laptop line. It is based on Intel’s latest 12th generation H-Series mobile processor architecture (up to 14 cores, 60W TDP)  but doesn’t feature a discrete GPU, probably to maximize battery longevity.Underneath the surface, Huawei claims to have... Read more »
  • Sony IMX989: A Gigantic Smartphone Camera Sensor
    The upcoming Xiaomi 12S Ultra will feature a primary camera powered by the 1-inch type Sony IMX989 camera sensor. Previously, the Sony Xperia PRO-I smartphone and a few others also featured a sensor of similar size. Still, the IMX989 is a new sensor “built for smartphones,” and Xiaomi had some... Read more »
  • ARM Introduces Hardware Ray-Tracing In Immortalis-G715 GPU
    Mobile GPUs lag desktop GPUs by many years in terms of features, so they aren’t always conducive to exciting news coverage. However, hardware Ray-Tracing (RT) on an ARM GPU design is a milestone worth noting.In its new Immortalis-G715 (cool name btw) graphics unit, ARM delivers a 300% performance improvement over... Read more »
  • Myoshirt Introduces Wearable Muscles
    ETH Zurich has created a wearable muscle or “exomuscle” that can give additional strength to its wearer. It was primarily designed for patients with muscle impairments, but it can potentially help healthy people by providing extra motion endurance.Myoshirt is something people wear, and its artificial muscle fibers (a cable) run... Read more »
  • Samsung New ISOCELL HP3 200 MP Camera Sensor
    Samsung continues to announce ultra-high resolution camera sensors aimed at affordable markets. The company just launched the Samsung ISOCELL HP3, a 200 Megapixel camera sensor featuring exceptionally small sensing pixels. The thing is: smaller pixels aren’t always better, as their size makes it increasingly more difficult to gather photos.Each pixel... Read more »

    Geeky Gadgets

  • FANTTIK Pre Prime Day: The Handiest Tire Inflator and Jump Starter
    Sponsored: Spend $1 to speed up your summer vacation trip with peace of mind You don’t have to wait for Prime Day to score some incredible deals on auto accessories this summer. Before the chaotic Amazon Prime Day, spend merely $1 more to book your favorite road trip companion in advance.... Read more »
  • Apple Mac Studio to get three new models
    The Apple Mac Studio launched back in March and now it looks like Apple is planning to launch some more versions of this new Mac. According to a recent report, there are three new versions of the Mac Studio on the way, references to these new models gave been spotted... Read more »
  • Asus ROG Phone 6 series unveiled
    Asus has announced their latest gaming phone, the Asus ROG Phone 6 series and there are two handsets in the range, the ROG Phone 6 and the ROG Phone 6 Pro. The handset comes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile processor and up to 18GB of RAM... Read more »
  • Xiaomi 12S Ultra smartphone gets reviewed (Video)
    Earlier we heard about the new Xiaomi 12S Series of smartphones and now we get to find out more details about the top model, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. The video below from Mrwhostheboss gives us a look at the new Xiaomi 12S Ultra smartphone and its rane of features. ... Read more »
  • amofit S wearable helps reduce stress, anxiety and improves your sleep
    If like most you suffer from bouts of stress and anxiety which may be affecting your sleep patterns, you may be interested in a new wearable from the AMO Lab in the form of the amofit S. The small device has been designed to reduce stress and improve your sleep... Read more »
  • Cyberpunk MiniAlley futuristic bookshelf insert
    Techarge based in the United States has created a unique Cyberpunk MiniAlley designed to slot in between your books. The bookshelf insert features a futuristic handmade diorama finished with beautiful neon lighting. The scene is customizable and arrives fully assembled and is laser cut from high quality Maplewood and handmade.... Read more »
  • Mogabi travel guitar from $599
    Guitarists looking for a convenient way to enjoy playing wherever they may be, might be interested in the Mogabi travel guitar which has already raised over $500,000 thanks to nearly 1,000 backers this year. The smart guitar has been specifically designed to be easily transported and features both a round... Read more »

    Pureinfotech • Windows 10 & Windows 11 help for humans

  • How to disable automatic driver install on Windows 11
    Automatic driver installs are causing problems on Windows 11? Here's how to disable the feature in three different ways. The post How to disable automatic driver install on Windows 11 appeared first on Pureinfotech • Windows 10 & Windows 11 help for humans.... Read more »
  • How to create USB install media to bypass restrictions on Windows 11 22H2
    You can now create a USB bootable media to bypass virtually all the Windows 11 22H2 restrictions. The post How to create USB install media to bypass restrictions on Windows 11 22H2 appeared first on Pureinfotech • Windows 10 & Windows 11 help for humans.... Read more »
  • Microsoft is building an Outlook Lite app for Android
    Microsoft is making a smaller and faster version of Outlook for less powerful Android phones. The post Microsoft is building an Outlook Lite app for Android appeared first on Pureinfotech • Windows 10 & Windows 11 help for humans.... Read more »
  • How to uninstall drivers on Windows 11
    You have at least three ways to uninstall drivers on Windows 11, and here's how. The post How to uninstall drivers on Windows 11 appeared first on Pureinfotech • Windows 10 & Windows 11 help for humans.... Read more »
  • Windows 11 to get redesigned OneDrive app
    A new OneDrive app is in the making with a modern design that matches the Windows 11 design language. The post Windows 11 to get redesigned OneDrive app appeared first on Pureinfotech • Windows 10 & Windows 11 help for humans.... Read more »
  • How to open Microsoft Edge always InPrivate mode on Windows 11
    Microsoft Edge lets you set the InPrivate mode as the default experience when launching the browser, and here's how to enable the option. The post How to open Microsoft Edge always InPrivate mode on Windows 11 appeared first on Pureinfotech • Windows 10 & Windows 11 help for humans.... Read more »
  • How to enable mono audio on Windows 11
    Windows 11 makes audio easier to hear with an option to convert stereo into mono audio, and here's how to do it. The post How to enable mono audio on Windows 11 appeared first on Pureinfotech • Windows 10 & Windows 11 help for humans.... Read more »

    Into Windows

  • How To Remove System Requirements Not Met Watermark From Windows 11 Desktop
    Every version of the Windows operating system comes with specific hardware requirements. The newest version of Windows is no different. The problem with the Windows 11 system requirements is that millions of PCs that can otherwise efficiently run Windows 11 cannot be used to install and run Windows 11 because... Read more »
  • How To Convert Color PDF To Black & White In Windows 11/10 For Free
    A PC user recently asked us what is the best free software out there to convert PDF files from color to black and white. Well, the answer is that you do not need third-party software to convert color PDF to black and white in Windows 11/10. Both Windows 10 and... Read more »
  • How To Check & Install Updates In Windows 11
    Windows Update helps you keep your Windows 11 operating system up to date. In addition to updating the Windows 11 operating system, the Windows Update service also enables you to install and update device drivers. With the default settings, the Windows Update service automatically runs in the background at regular... Read more »
  • How To Enable Windows Recovery Environment In Windows 11/10
    Reset PC is one of the advanced recovery options offered in Windows 11 and Windows 10. Using the Reset this PC functionality, you can reset/reinstall your Windows 11/10 installation by keeping your data. The Reset PC option can be accessed by navigating to Settings > System > Recovery page (Settings... Read more »
  • Pin File Explorer & Documents Folders To Start Menu In Windows 11
    Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and Videos folders are some of the most frequently accessed folders in the Windows operating system. There are multiple options to access these folders in Windows 11. These folders usually appear in the Quick Access section of the File Explorer so that users can easily access them.... Read more »
  • Where Is The Documents Folder In Windows 11/10?
    The Documents folder (known as My Documents in Windows XP and earlier versions) in the Windows operating system is one of the important folders designed to let users save essential documents. Location of Documents folder in Windows 11/10? The Documents folder is automatically created when you create a user account.... Read more »
  • 4 Ways To Check If You Have Administrator Rights In Windows 11
    Want to know if your Windows 11 user account has administrator rights? Do you want to check if your user account is an administrator account or not? This guide will show you whether your Windows 11 user account is an administrator account or a standard user account. As you likely... Read more »

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  • Download Microsoft Office 2019 voor Windows 10
    Microsoft Office 2019 is nu een paar maanden beschikbaar. Op 24 september 2018 werd deze vrijgegeven voor commerciële klanten. Hetzelfde werd in oktober aan de consument beschikbaar gesteld. Office 2019 is de nieuwste versie van Microsoft Office. Het biedt nieuwe functies die de afgelopen jaren aan Office 365 zijn toegevoegd... Read more »
  • Hoe Windows 10 PC automatisch te vergrendelen wanneer u wegloopt
    We weten allemaal dat er een bepaling is in het Windows-besturingssysteem om de pc automatisch te vergrendelen wanneer deze een bepaalde tijd inactief of inactief is. De optie, wanneer ingeschakeld en geconfigureerd, vergrendelt automatisch uw Windows-pc na een vooraf ingestelde periode van inactiviteit... Read more »
  • Back-up of e-mailberichten opslaan in Windows 10 Mail-app gebruiken
    Mogelijk hebt u een aantal belangrijke e-mailberichten in uw postvak IN en wilt u misschien alleen een back-up maken van die berichten met essentiële informatie of deze alleen opslaan. Als het gaat om het opslaan of back-uppen van e-mailberichten, hebt u meerdere opties. U kunt een PDF-kopie van het e-mailbericht... Read more »
  • Laat Windows 7 u verwelkomen met een aangepast spraakbericht (moet proberen)
    Het is een bekend feit dat Windows 7 wordt geleverd met een reeks pakketten met geluidsschema's en dat men eenvoudig het standaard geluidschema kan wijzigen met een aangepast schema. We weten ook dat je eenvoudig het standaard opstartgeluid kunt in- of uitschakelen. Als u nu wilt dat uw pc u... Read more »
  • Style7: Kleurrijke Basic Windows 7-thema's installeren en beheren
    Zoals je wellicht weet, kun je met Windows 7 de kleur van Aero-basisthema's niet wijzigen. Als u Windows 7 Basic-editie of een andere editie met basisthema's gebruikt, hebben we een leuke applicatie waarmee u kleurrijke basisthema's kunt maken. Style7 is een handige applicatie die tientallen klassieke thema's naar Windows 7... Read more »
  • Download Microsoft Office 2010 Language Interface Packs (LIP's)
    Microsoft is begonnen met het uitrollen van taalinterfacepakketten voor de nieuwste Office-suite. Er zijn in totaal 62 Language Interface Packs (LIP's) beschikbaar om te downloaden in de komende dagen. Baskische, Catalaanse, Galicische en Servische Cyrillische LIP's zijn vanaf nu beschikbaar om te downloaden... Read more »
  • Advanced Uninstaller PRO Is Nu gratis
    Heeft u onbewust een browserwerkbalk zoals Babylon geïnstalleerd of een gratis software meegeleverd? Bent u op zoek naar een professionele tool om browser-toolbars en andere software volledig van uw pc te verwijderen? Als uw antwoord ja is, dan is Advanced Uninstaller PRO de juiste software voor u. Advanced Uninstaller PRO... Read more »

    Real Mi Central

  • iOS 15.6, iPadOS 15.6 and more: Beta 5 released for developers
    Since WWDC, Apple has been offering beta versions of its brand new operating systems. One or the other of you is sure to be busy testing the software. But Apple is still in the iOS 15 version range and has just released new fodder there for those hungry for tests:... Read more »
  • MIUI 13 Global ROM released, check full changelog
    At a launch event in China on December 28, 2021, Xiaomi released MIUI 13 to its latest and older devices. As you’d expect, MIUI 13 comes with a bunch of new features and performance improvements, including new privacy features, a new system font, a bunch of cool wallpapers, and even... Read more »
  • OnePlus 10 Pro, 9RT, Nord 2T and Nord CE 2 Lite received June 2022 patch update
    According to the latest report, OnePlus already released the latest stable OxygenOS 12.1 update to its OnePlus 10 Pro. Now, the OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus 9RT, Nord 2T and Nord CE 2 Lite received the month-old – June 2022 security patch update. As per the report, OnePlus 10 Pro, OnePlus... Read more »
  • Ubisoft Forward, the September event has a date: will it be dedicated to Assassin’s Creed?
    A new Ubisoft Forward has been announced complete with an official date: it will be held next September 10 at 21.00, revealed the French house, and most likely it will be dedicated to the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Ubisoft had in fact declared that the future of Assassin’s Creed will be... Read more »
  • GTA 6: The remakes of GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption would have been blocked for the new chapter
    According to a new report by Zack Zwiezen for Kotaku, GTA 6 would be the cause of the stop to work on the remakes of GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption. Basically, Rockstar Games wants to focus on the new chapter of the series, making us converge on all its... Read more »
  • Less Galaxy S and A, more Galaxy Z: Samsung will fight Apple and crisis
    We are all going through a time of great difficulty and in all sectors. First, the pandemic, then the war in Ukraine has generated a lethal mix in exacerbating the peaks of one of the darkest moments in recent history, to which is added the inflation that bites without looking... Read more »
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max core configuration and price leaked
    The recent supply chain said that Apple suppliers have begun to ship components for the iPhone 14 model, which is expected to be mass-produced soon, and a new iPhone product launch will be held in September. A recent tipster, Anthony, listed the core configuration information and prices of the iPhone... Read more »


  • How to Train Devs to Disrupt Industries w/ Lessen's CTO Chris Bee
    Not all dev orgs work in all situations. Especially if your dev org is looking to completely reshape and disrupt an entire industry. That’s why we were so excited to talk to Chris Bee, CTO of Lessen. Lessen is looking to change the way property owners hire vetted professionals for... Read more »
  • Creating a Better CTO Playbook w/ Dama Financial's CTO Zach Goldberg
    Fact: There are guidebooks for everything in programming except for actually leading, managing and inspiring programmers. That’s why I was so happy to have my friend Zach Goldberg on the podcast. Someone who has made learning and self-improvement a core pillar of his professional and personal life, Zach Goldberg is... Read more »
  • Level Up Your Engineering Management Skills: Why You Should View Your Mistakes as ‘Misses’
    As an engineer, you might have learned the basics from textbooks or watching a series of tutorials.  Managing engineers is different and isn’t something that can be mastered from simply reading a book.  In my experience, the only proven way to learn is by plugging into the collective wisdom of... Read more »
  • The Best Solution to Burnout We’ve Ever Heard | A Conversation With Slack, Netlify & Ambassador Labs
    With registration for our free October Interact conference now open, we wanted you to hear one of our favorite sessions from this past April’s Interact. Featuring the best minds from Slack, Netlify and Ambassador Labs, our session on Inspiring Engineering Leaders & Driving Developer Creativity turned into one of the... Read more »
  • DI Labs: What Do Elite Dev Teams Look Like? w/ Ori Keren, Co-Founder & CEO of LinearB
    In an industry that has trouble looking beyond the next sprint, it’s good to know there are very smart people researching the conscious and unconscious pain points keeping devs from focusing on what they actually want to do: code. In our new series Dev Interrupted Labs we’ll be looking at... Read more »
  • Stop Using the Top-Down Management Model
    The typical model of business needs rethinking. Traditionally, businesses run in a rather industrial structure, almost militaristic. There are layers upon layers of management, with large gaps between the people who do the work and those who control the strategy. While this can work well in certain sectors, like manufacturing,... Read more »
  • Getting the Respect Your Work Deserves: A Live Workshop w/ Engineering Coach Lena Reinhard
    The last thing anyone who does great work should be doing is having to take time out from doing great work to promote it to their higher-ups. Unfortunately, until the person you report to achieves omnipotence, you’re going to have to make sure their perception of your work lines up... Read more »

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