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  • Google Pixel 6 Pro prototype leaks in hands-on video
    Google's upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have been leaking left and right in the past few weeks, and the company itself has already given us plenty of looks at the two devices as well. What's been missing so far is a hands-on video of a prototype of one... Read more »
  • Caviar unveils custom iPhone 13 Pro collection that is inspired by Rolex watches
    Is it a fashion faux pax to have a phone that doesn’t match your fancy Rolex watch? Probably not, but why risk it – Caviar created a series of custom iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max phones that are inspired by various Rolex watch models. For example, the Olive... Read more »
  • Oppo F19s appears on Geekbench ahead of imminent launch
    Oppo’s F19s is rumored to launch soon and it already appeared in a Bluetooth certification and detailed spec leak last week. Now the device was spotted in a Geekbench listing bearing the CPH2223 model number confirming it has a Snapdragon 662 chipset and 6GB RAM. Oppo F19s (CPH2223) Geekbench 5... Read more »
  • vivo Y21s leaks: a Y21 with Helio G80 SoC and 50MP camera
    The vivo Y21 became official a month ago, but it didn’t impress with its Helio P35 chipset and 13 MP main camera. However, the company is working on a more powerful model, dubbed the vivo Y21s, as seen in this leak by Snoopy. The “s” model comes in the same... Read more »
  • Gmail app for Android now offers filters for easier search through your mails
    The Gmail app on Android is now getting an overdue functionality that was introduced on desktop back in February 2020. The feature is called "chips" and is basically filters that help you narrow down your search once you enter somethin into the search box. The filters help you find a... Read more »
  • Microsoft releases its Windows 11 PC Health Check app again
    Upon Windows 11's announcement, Microsoft shared a Windows 11 PC Health Check app that scans your computer to see if it's eligible for the major Windows update. It was taken down shortly after due to some controversy regarding the system requirements. Now, it's available for download again and you can... Read more »
  • Apple adds Cinematic Mode and ProRes support to iMovie and Clips
    The new hardware and software on the iPhone 13 generation enabled some interesting camera features. For example, Cinematic Mode tries to do automatic rack focus, but the phone records a depth map alongside the video, so you can change the focus point manually after the fact. How? You can use... Read more »


  • Windows 11 PC Health Check now explains why your PC isn’t up to spec
    Divining whether your Windows 10 PC is eligible for a Windows 11 upgrade hasn’t been a straightforward matter, at least not at first. Microsoft admitted to botching up the communication of the minimum system requirements and even had to pull out its tool that was supposed to make that easy.... Read more »
  • Surface Go 3 specs leak confirm the most important upgrade
    Microsoft’s big Surface event is almost upon us, and products like the Surface Book and Surface Duo successors are taking up the majority of people’s attention. There are, of course, other members of the Surface family, like the Surface Pro 8 that is admittedly shaping up to be a significant... Read more »
  • Galaxy S21 FE production is reportedly off to a bad start
    Since fewer people will probably buy a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Galaxy Z Flip 3 in lieu of the absence of a Galaxy Note 21 this year, Samsung is left with a rather large gap between Galaxy S series flagships in 2021 and 2022. That gap would have been... Read more »
  • Honor could still be sanctioned if US agencies can actually agree on it
    It isn’t surprising to hear about Huawei’s attempts to circumvent US sanctions that prevent it from buying products, technologies, and even software from former partners like Qualcomm and Google. For example, it ordered some 4G-only Snapdragon chips to bypass its ban from touching anything related to 5G. Some lawmakers and... Read more »
  • Pixel 6 Pro hands-on videos reveal interesting details
    Now that Apple has unveiled its smartphone champion for the next 12 months, Android loyals are probably preparing for what could be the most notable Google phone in recent years. Based on leaks and rumors, the Pixel 6, particularly the Pixel 6 Pro, will be breaking away from the Pixel... Read more »
  • Chocolate milk recalled in multiple states over failed pasteurization
    Green Field Farms, a business in central Ohio, has announced a recall of around 1,200 containers of chocolate milk distributed in many states east of the Mississippi river over a pasteurization issue. According to the advisory, this milk may not have been pasteurized adequately, leaving the potential for a foodborne... Read more »
  • Marvel’s scripted and unscripted podcasts get Apple Podcasts channel
    In October 2019, it was announced that Marvel would bring several podcasts exclusively to the SiriusXM and Pandora audio platforms, giving fans access to both scripted and unscripted content based on hit superheroes and the wider Marvel universe. Fast-forward nearly two years and SiriusXM is back with an update on... Read more »

    Technology – Popular Science

  • A centuries-old magic trick is helping us make holograms we can feel
    Even Star Wars couldn't imagine touch-able holograms in its many sci-fi worlds. Becky Fantham/Unsplash'Aerohaptics' is a modern variation on an illusion technique known as Pepper’s Ghost. The post A centuries-old magic trick is helping us make holograms we can feel appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • Charge your lithium-ion battery devices for maximum longevity
    Let your phone lithium-ion battery charge while you're sitting still—but don't overdo it. Tamarcus Brown/UnsplashConsider this a friendly reminder to charge your phone. The post Charge your lithium-ion battery devices for maximum longevity appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • 5 Google Calendar tricks to ensure you never miss a date
    When you have lots of events, you need to keep them organized. Nadeena Granville / UnsplashWe get it, organizing your life can be hard. The post 5 Google Calendar tricks to ensure you never miss a date appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • Cryptocurrency scammers are mining dating sites for victims
    Con or connection? Modern romance faces a new hurdle: disingenuous fraudsters. Markus Winkler / UnsplashHere’s how to identify and protect yourself from the latest online scammer tactic. The post Cryptocurrency scammers are mining dating sites for victims appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • VideoThe Brilliant 10: The most innovative up-and-coming minds in science
    Popular Science's Brilliant 10 is back for 2021. Katie Belloff These US-based engineers, psychologists, chemists, and more are taking on society's biggest challenges across the world. The post The Brilliant 10: The most innovative up-and-coming minds in science appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »
  • Inside NASA’s mission to blast a giant, gold-coated telescope into deep space
    The James Webb Telescope will need to withstand extreme temperatures during its million-mile journey past Earth's atmosphere. NASA GSFC/CIL/Adriana Manrique GutierrezThe new telescope will be lighter, but far more powerful than Hubble, which launched almost 30 years ago. The post Inside NASA’s mission to blast a giant, gold-coated telescope into... Read more »
  • VideoThat new car smell? It’s got a gassy explanation.
    The 2021 Nissan Rogue. NissanPlus, watch a video of a Nissan engineer smelling things. The post That new car smell? It’s got a gassy explanation. appeared first on Popular Science.... Read more »


  • Future MacBooks Could Have Much, Much Larger Trackpads
    Apple’s MacBook trackpads are actually pretty huge, but this is because they support gestures so it needs a bit of extra room to make it more comfortable to use. However, it seems that these trackpads aren’t big enough for Apple’s liking because as discovered by AppleInsider, Apple has a patent... Read more »
  • Amazon Releases New Kindle Paperwhite E-Readers
    The other day, a listing on Amazon suggested that the company could be working on new Kindle Paperwhite e-readers. It looks like Amazon did not waste any time confirming it as they have since officially announced brand new Kindle Paperwhite e-readers that come in a regular version and a Signature... Read more »
  • Apple Working On Software That Can Monitor Mental Health Using iPhone Data
    While Apple’s products like the iPhone and Apple Watch come with health features, these are more related to physical health like how far you’ve run, how many calories you’ve burnt, and so on. It is a bit lacking when it comes to mental health, although Apple does include apps such... Read more »
  • iOS 15 Bug Prompts iPhone Users That Their Storage Is Almost Full Even When It Isn’t
    If you were excited about the release of iOS 15 and plan on upgrading to it, maybe you might want to consider holding off a bit. This is because according to a thread on Reddit, it seems that the update comes with a weird bug that prompts iPhone users that... Read more »
  • Bitcoin Scammers Stole $69,000 Using Fake iPhone 13 Event
    It has been about a week since Apple’s iPhone 13 event took place and we’re sure that leading up to the event, many were trying to figure out how to watch it online. A quick Google search would have pulled up the answers, but unfortunately for some, they found their... Read more »
  • Shang-Chi Will Be Coming To Disney+ November 12
    During the pandemic, many movie studios and production companies tried to take a different approach to their releases. This is because places like cinemas had to be shut down to curb the spread of the virus, so what these companies did was to release their movies on streaming services.For Disney,... Read more »
  • iOS 15 Removes Key Do Not Disturb Feature And Users Are Upset
    With the release of iOS 15, Apple has made some changes and tweaks to some of the existing features in iOS. One of those changes is to Do Not Disturb, which in previous builds was rather simple and straightforward – enable it and your calls and notifications will be silenced... Read more »

    Geeky Gadgets

  • Google Apps get Focus Mode for iOS 15
    Google has announced that it is updating its apps for Apple’s iOS 15 and its has added support for the new Focus Mode and more. There are also a number of other new iOS 15 features now supported in the Google apps, you can see more details below. If you’re... Read more »
  • Mini has sold 1 million cars in the UK
    Mini has announced that it has sold more than 1 million cars in the UK, it has taken the company just 20 years since the new Mini launched. The company has also said that it is seeing increasing demand for its new electric models and hybrid models in the UK.... Read more »
  • Arduino Flingbot robot flings paint on a canvas to create robotic art
    JBV Creative has built an artistic Arduino robot that creates paintings by flinging paint to canvas in a similar way to that of the famous painter Jackson Pollock. Rather than painstakingly dipping brush into paint and flinging it onto a canvas similar to Pollock the robot uses a more sweeping... Read more »
  • DELE 10,000mAh Magsafe power bank with integrated folding 20W charger
    If you are searching for a Magsafe power bank you may be interested in the DELE which is not only a pocket sized battery pack but also incorporates an integrated folding 20w PD charger allowing you to plug the battery pack directly into a wall socket. Providing 18W USB-A output... Read more »
  • BackFire automatic watch inspired by supercars hits Kickstarter
    BackFire is a new automatic watch that is not only affordable but also features a unique design inspired by supercar designs. The Kickstarter project has already raised its required pledge goal with still 21 days remaining. In the automatic watches available in a number of different styles depending on your... Read more »
  • What’s new in watchOS 8 (Video)
    We have already had a look at the new iOS 15 changes and the iPadOS 15 updates and now we get to have a look at what is new in Apple’s watchOS 8. The video below from Half Man Half Tech gives us a good look at all of the... Read more »
  • Motorola Moto E40 specifications leaked
    Motorola recently launched their new Moto E20 smartphone and now we have details on another device in the range, the Motorola Moto E40. Some specifications on the new Motorola Moto E40 have been posted on Twitter by Evans Blass, the handset will apparently come with a 6.5 inch display. The... Read more »
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