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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse Blogs waaronder Guys Gab, Babes en Stuff, Bright Side, Nerd Ninja, Deadfix, The Art of Manliness, Wired UK, Architectural Digest, Atlas Obscura, Ruin my Week, Van Life Wanderer,  Defence blog en Engrish.com. Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.


    Guys Gab

  • The 6 Best Ways To Lower Everyday Stress In Life
    Stress can be a major source of discomfort in our daily lives, making us feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Although we can’t always control the causes of stress, there are steps we can take to reduce its impact. In this article, we will look at the six best ways to lower... Read more »
  • Thong Battle: 11/22/22 – 11/29/22
    Welcome to the Thong Battle! Every Tuesday, you guys get to vote on which plump rump you like better. The winner moves on to next week to face off against another competitor. Last week’s Thong Battle was super close, but the bootylicious Natalie managed to take home the win with... Read more »
  • Men’s Health: The Simple Skincare Routine For The Busy Modern Man
    While there’s a lot to love about our modern world, it can be pretty challenging to keep up with demands. Between work, family life, and other activities outside of the home, everyday life is fast and furious. However, this doesn’t mean we must sacrifice our skin or neglect our care... Read more »
  • Rack Attack: 11/21/22 – 11/28/22
    Welcome to the Rack Attack! Every Monday, we start your week off right with two sexy babes with giants boobs that you just want to motorboat, and you guys get to vote on which stacked rack you prefer. The winner moves on to next week to face off against another... Read more »
  • Whiskey or Whisky? A Beginner’s Guide
    Of all the alcoholic beverages available, whiskey is one of the classics. Ordering a whiskey always feels like a proper ‘grown-up’ drink. But, unless you are a whiskey connoisseur, ordering a whiskey can feel a little intimidating. The different terms used to describe this drink and the vast selection available... Read more »
  • Truck Yes! 5 Ways To Improve The Love Of Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle
    As a trucker, you spend far more time on the road than most. As such, it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to maximize your enjoyment and efficiency behind the wheel. When you do, it can deliver a wealth of immediate and long-term benefits. It can help increase your... Read more »
  • Wendy’s Introduces New Italian Mozzarella Sandwiches And Garlic Fries
    Temperatures might be dropping, but Wendy’s has some delicious new offerings that are sure to get you all hot and bothered! Wendy’s all-new Italian Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich, Italian Mozzarella Cheeseburger and Garlic Fries are bringing bold and savory innovation to menus this winter. Stacked in your favor with flavor, this... Read more »

    Babes And Stuff

  • Sexy self shot mirror Babes
    Sexy Girls usually like to do the photos in front of the mirror, which is good because we can then enjoy them on the net 😉 We have compiled for […]... Read more »
  • Die Hard 5 Trailer
    Finally, it is! Still fresh, warm and smelling powder – the official trailer for the fifth part of the adventures of John McClain. We present the official movie trailer “A […]... Read more »
  • Brazilian girls sexy butts
    Brazilian girls are some of the sexiest girls in the world. Beautiful tanned body and firm butts which fortunately completely different from bums models but are much more beautiful – […]... Read more »
  • Preview of Adele song to Skyfall
    New Bond soon in theaters, and in the meantime just appeared preview the title track to the film performed by Adele. Listen to part of the theme song for Skyfall. […]... Read more »
  • Funny Out Of Order signs
    Signs telling you that something is closed usually do not cause smile at us, on the contrary. Just a little creativity, however, to the sad information make something pretty fun. […]... Read more »
  • Bear versus Nishanto
    Some people just do not like animals, no matter how much they are fluffy and sweet, some people do not accept them. See how ended up clash of a bear […]... Read more »
  • Compilation of trick shots
    Incredible luck or great skill – one or the other helped to complete these trick shots. See a compilation of the best trick shots. Originally posted on 1 October 2012 […]... Read more »

    Bright Side

  • 16 Celebrities Who Show What Their Natural Faces Look Like
    People love seeing celebrities in their natural state, when there are no cameras around and they have no makeup on. Not because they want to spot the tinniest pimple on their faces, but because they want a taste of their true selves. And while, in the past, women were more self-conscious when it came to revealing their fresh faces, nowadays things... Read more »
  • 10+ People Who Need a Time Machine to Restart Their Terrible Day
    Scientist Stephen Hawking once held a curious experiment. He organized a party with appetizers, balloons, you name it. However, he only sent the invites after the party had already taken place. He wanted to demonstrate that time travel is impossible, and he did. NASA begs to differ and confirms that time travel is possible, just not in the way we’ve seen in books... Read more »
  • Photos That Show the Evolution of 10 Celebrities Over the Decades
    Nostalgia is a nice feeling, especially when you check your old albums and see how cute and crazy you were. Celebrities also change, despite various cosmetic procedures, and it’s normal for everyone. Each age has its benefits.... Read more »
  • What 10 On-Screen Couples Should’ve Looked Like, According to Ordinary People
    Very few movies lack love in their plots, and many on-screen couples are so interesting that they become iconic. But there are other times when viewers want to see one couple, but the writers decide differently. Or they may adapt a book to a screenplay, but the on-screen characters don’t have any chemistry between them. Considering all... Read more »
  • 17 Red Flags That Made Employees Realize It’s Time to Update Their Resumes
    If you weren’t lucky enough to be born rich, then, just like the rest of us mortals, you need to work. So you may find yourself in 2 situations: you land an excellent job, where people are respected and valued, or you get one with a toxic environment. Either way, the important thing is to recognize the difference between a good job and a bad... Read more »
  • 20 Traditions From the Past That Would Be Frowned Upon Nowadays
    Most people shower every day, and some even several times a day. Because of that, it is hard to imagine that just a couple of centuries ago, royalty could not afford this luxury. People of the past generally had many prohibitions or customs that would be inappropriate today, and these were not only related to hygiene but also to dress codes, society,... Read more »
  • A Woman Opens Up About the Challenges of Being a Mom and Shows Life With Kids Isn’t Always Rosy
    Lying awake at night waiting for their child to come home or giving up buying something for themselves to save for Christmas presents are just some of the gestures that make us see many mothers as superheroines. However, sometimes instead of that invisible cape, there is a heavy sack of guilt that they rarely dare to talk about.... Read more »

    Nerd Ninja

  • Random Pics
    Get your dose of the weird and random from the web.... Read more »
  • Random Pics
    Get your dose of the weird and random from the web.... Read more »
  • Random Pics
    Get your dose of the weird and random from the web.... Read more »
  • Bikini Girls
    Most people love the summer because of warm weather, swimming, getting a tan, playing outside and of course minimal clothing. These girls are a great reason to enjoy the bikini season.... Read more »
  • Beautiful Girls
    Here's a dose of absolutely beautiful girls from around the world. Their smile is sure to make your day brighter.... Read more »
  • Beautiful Girls
    Here's a dose of absolutely beautiful girls from around the world. Their smile is sure to make your day brighter.... Read more »

    The Art of Manliness

  • Sunday Firesides: Stop the Vivisection of Beauty
    In the 19th century, scientists conducted dissections on live animals to study their living anatomy. Known as “vivisection,” the operations were highly controversial. While some argued that vivisection imparted valuable insights that couldn’t otherwise be gleaned, others felt the additional knowledge the practice produced was negligible, especially when weighed against... Read more »
  • Top 15 Men’s Gift Ideas for 2022 (+Giveaway!)
    It’s that time of year again, when we share our top men’s gift ideas from Huckberry. It’s hard to go wrong with getting family members and friends any of the items featured above, and if you need even more options, check out the variety of well-curated shops that Huckberry has... Read more »
  • mp3Podcast #708: Overcome the Comfort Crisis
    Our world has never been more convenient and comfortable. With just a few taps of our fingers, we can order food to our door, access endless entertainment options, and keep our climate at a steady 72 degrees. We don’t have to put in much effort, much less face any risk or... Read more »
  • Dress Up for Thanksgiving This Year
    We’ve all seen Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, “Freedom from Want.” It’s become synonymous with Thanksgiving. One of the things that stands out to me about that depiction of Thanksgiving in some small-town home in mid-20th century America is the kindly grandpa wearing a suit and tie. I reckon that his... Read more »
  • mp3Podcast #851: The Future Is Analog
    In 2016, David Sax wrote a book called The Revenge of Analog, which made the case that even as we marched towards an ever more digital future, we were increasingly returning to real, tangible things — choosing vinyl records over streaming, brick and mortar bookstores over Amazon, and in-person conversations... Read more »
  • How to Fight Entitlement and Develop Gratitude in Your Kids
    With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Sunday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in November 2019. According to a survey cited by psychology professor Robert Emmons, when... Read more »
  • How to Shuffle Poker Chips
    When you’re sitting at a poker or blackjack table, you’ll have stacks of chips in front of you. You’ll likely find yourself fiddling with them out of boredom or nerves. If you’re going to fiddle with your chips, at least do it with some flare by shuffling them. Shuffling chips... Read more »

    Atlas Obscura

  • 'Han' ('He') in Helsingør, Denmark
    The statue incarnation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale character the Little Mermaid is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen. Some visitors also check out the abstract parody known as the Genetically Modified Little Mermaid nearby. Unknown to most tourists, however, is that about 25 miles (40 km) north... Read more »
  • Stoke Newington Town Hall in London, England
    Stoke Newington’s town hall is a prime example of 20th-century Art Deco design. Completed in 1937, the columns and pure white stone of the town hall made a sophisticated, yet striking, image. Within two years, however, this striking image proved an impending issue. War had begun, and it was feared... Read more »
  • Bear Paw Battlefield in Chinook, Montana
    The National Park Service in the United States includes a number of historic battlefields. Many of these, especially the Civil War battlefields, are located near populous areas or major highways and are relatively easy to travel to.  But, the Bear Paw Battlefield, which is part of the Nez Perce National... Read more »
  • Great Emptiness Museum in Orto Say, Kyrgyzstan
    Though this place is called the Great Emptiness Museum, you'll find anything but emptiness here. Far south in the outskirts of the capital lies the atelier of Velikoja Pustota, who has created the lucid dream of transcendental art collections within his home. Aside from the vast amount of spiritual paintings... Read more »
  • The Candy Church in Petite-Rivière-de-l'Ile, New Brunswick
    When this colorful church was constructed in 1913, it was distinctly more traditional. It was based on traditional Romanesque architecture, and its trim, constructed from wood from Columbia, was painted white. The rest of its features, the pillars, columns, pews, and altar were all painted in trompe l’oeil, a then-popular... Read more »
  • VideoHow Thailand's 'Happiness Farmer' Built an Oasis of Simple Living
    “Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?” This is the question that drives Jon Jandai, Thailand’s self-proclaimed “happiness farmer.” In a country where more than 50 percent of the population now lives in cities and farmers face rising input costs, falling crop prices, and mounting debt, Jandai... Read more »
  • Jutulholet in Vihals, Norway
    Jutulholet is a surprise hidden on one of the smaller islands next to Aure, in Møre and Romsdal kommune. It is a perfect stop on your way to Kristiansund or Trondheim. Jutulholet is a huge cave hidden within the surrounding hills. Local legends say that a giant (jutul) that tried... Read more »

    Van Life Wanderer: Exploring My Best Life Through The Van Life

  • VideoWhatever Happened To JoAnn Willette, ‘Connie’ From Just The Ten Of Us?
    Joann Willette is an American actress from Lewiston, Maine. She is best known for her role as Constance “Connie” Lubbock on the television series “Just the 10 of Us” from The post Whatever Happened To JoAnn Willette, ‘Connie’ From Just The Ten Of Us? appeared first on Van Life Wanderer.... Read more »
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Meterologist Colleen Peterson
    If you watch WHAS11 every morning, then you’re probably already familiar with Colleen Peterson, as she is the one that helps you prepare for the day’s weather forecast. If you’re The post Everything You Wanted To Know About Meterologist Colleen Peterson appeared first on Van Life Wanderer.... Read more »
  • 19 Things You Will Only See In South Korea
    Movie tickets from South Korea   Baseball game concession stand food in Korea is octopus chunks instead of hotdogs   The cop cars in South Korea have sirens that can The post 19 Things You Will Only See In South Korea appeared first on Van Life Wanderer.... Read more »
  • 20 Wholesome Photos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face
    The post 20 Wholesome Photos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face appeared first on Van Life Wanderer.... Read more »
  • This Is What Breakfast Looks Like Around The World
    Philipines A typical breakfast in the Philippines is longsilog, which consists of longanisa (sausage), sinangag (garlic fried rice) and itlog (fried egg). (photo: mias_eats)   Mongolia A typical Mongolian breakfast The post This Is What Breakfast Looks Like Around The World appeared first on Van Life Wanderer.... Read more »
  • Is Fremont, CA Safe? (2022 Crime Rates and Crime Stats)
    If you are thinking about visiting Fremont and have some qualms about the safety of the city, we got you covered. We are going to deep dive into the statistics, The post Is Fremont, CA Safe? (2022 Crime Rates and Crime Stats) appeared first on Van Life Wanderer.... Read more »
  • Is Spokane Safe? (2022 Crime Rates And Crime Stats)
    If you are thinking about visiting Spokane and have some qualms about the safety of the city, we got you covered. We are going to deep dive into the statistics, The post Is Spokane Safe? (2022 Crime Rates And Crime Stats) appeared first on Van Life Wanderer.... Read more »

    Defence Blog

  • Russian ‘Z’ drone shot down by Ukrainian unmanned aircraft in dogfight
    A Russian DJI Mavic quadcopter was taken down by the Ukrainian unmanned aircraft in an aerial battle, according to the Clash Report. The footage, posted by the Clash Report, reportedly shows a Russian drone, with the black letter ‘Z’ daubed on them, being attacked by a Ukrainian drone. “Russian drone... Read more »
  • US Marines test newest drone destroyer
    The U.S. Marine Corps has announced that Marines with 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion tested the newest ground-based air-defense system, the Light Marine Air-Defense Integrated System. According to a press release from Marine Corps, the LMADIS provides 2nd LAAD and the Marine Corps with the capability to deter and... Read more »
  • Ukraine receives six reconnaissance drones from Luxembourg
    According to the Dutch warfare research group Oryx, Ukraine received a fresh shipment of weapons and other equipment from Luxembourg. As noted by the Oryx team, further materiel support already delivered to Ukraine includes six Primoco One 150 reconnaissance drones, 28 HMMWV tactical vehicles, 20 12.7mm M2 Heavy Machine Guns,... Read more »
  • US military recommends Israeli Drone Dome for Combatant Commands
    Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems reported that the U.S. Army Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office (JCO) has named and recommended its Drone Dome counter unmanned aircraft systems for Combatant Commands. “This is following a series of system demonstrations completed against a variety of drone targets,” the company said on Twitter.... Read more »
  • Ukrainian drone shows giant tank graveyard in Russia
    The Ukrainian military released drone footage they claim shows the giant graveyard of Russian combat vehicles in Russia’s Belgorod region. Ukrainian Leleka-100 surveillance drone filmed hundreds of burned-out combat vehicles at the Russian army facility located near the Ukrainian border. Drone footage shows hundreds of main battle tanks, self-propelled howitzers, infantry... Read more »
  • Turkey unveils first prototype of ‘game-changing’ fighter
    Türkiye (Turkey) is in the final stage of assembling a prototype of what would be the ‘game-changing’ fighter jet. Turkish media reported that the first prototype of the country’s first indigenously developed fighter jet entered the final assembly line at TAI facility. The new combat aircraft is called the MMU... Read more »
  • Patria upgrade fleet of Finnish XA-180 armored vehicles
    Finnish state-controlled Patria Group reported that it has completed the upgrade of a fleet of country’s XA-180 armored vehicles. Patria said in a release that it has completed the XA-180 armored personnel vehicle Mid-Life-Upgrade project as the last vehicles have now been delivered to the Finnish Army. The agreement of Mid-Life-Upgrade... Read more »


  • Where Have All the Snow Crabs Gone?
    Eleven billion crabs vanished. Is climate change really to blame? The post Where Have All the Snow Crabs Gone? appeared first on Nautilus.... Read more »
  • mp3The Mystery of the Blue Whale Songs
    Earth’s largest animals are singing in ever-lower tones, and nobody knows why. The post The Mystery of the Blue Whale Songs appeared first on Nautilus.... Read more »
  • Don’t Treat Your Life as a Project
    Fight the tendency to see your life as a narrative journey. The post Don’t Treat Your Life as a Project appeared first on Nautilus.... Read more »
  • Is COVID-19 Becoming Less Polarizing?
    One question for Sara Constantino, a psychologist and public policy researcher at Northeastern University. The post Is COVID-19 Becoming Less Polarizing? appeared first on Nautilus.... Read more »
  • Making Sense of Big Ocean Data
    Ocean conservation science is experiencing a data explosion—but can we utilize it properly? The post Making Sense of Big Ocean Data appeared first on Nautilus.... Read more »
  • Original Minds
    From the first cells to unique minds, in the editor's note from Print Issue 46. The post Original Minds appeared first on Nautilus.... Read more »
  • The Invasion of the Super Insects
    New generations of insects are devouring Earth’s forests. Humans helped breed them—can we help stop them? The post The Invasion of the Super Insects appeared first on Nautilus.... Read more »

    Culture POPcorn

  • Act of Hell: A Glimpse of Narkrow – India’s first AI Generated Graphic Novel
    In a country that is almost synonymous with traditional ways of doing things, it is refreshing to see someone utilizing their creative skills and doing something different. Jaipur-based graphic designer Kishan Harchandani has taken a unique approach to his craft by creating India’s first AI-generated graphic novel Act of Hell:...... Read more »
  • The Batman Movie Review : Neo Noir Vengeance of Dark Knight
    The Batman Movie tells the story of a broken vigilante who is faced with a string of murders to solve. As Batman gets closer and closer to uncovering the truth, secrets are revealed about the city he is trying to protect. I am going to start off by saying this,...... Read more »
  • Batman : The Long Halloween Part 1 and Part 2 Review
    So I finally watched Batman : The Long Halloween part 1 and part 2, since part two finally came out this week I decided not to review them individually but review them as a singular film. Honestly, I really enjoyed it, you know this movie is based upon a pretty...... Read more »
  • Masters of the Universe Revelation : Nostalgia slaughtered for Fakenism
    He-Man and Masters of the Universe was always a show for everyone because you could always find a character that would fit your personality. It was a rich and diverse show where people overcome obstacles through friendship and their uniqueness, but Masters of the Universe Revelation is truly a horrible...... Read more »

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