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    Guys Gab

  • Thong Battle: 08/03/21 – 08/10/21
    Welcome to the Thong Battle! Every Tuesday, you guys get to vote on which plump rump you like better. The winner moves on to next week to face off against another competitor. Last week’s Thong Battle wasn’t even close, with the bootylicious Natasha running away with 69% of the votes... Read more »
  • Kayaking in France: A First-Timer’s Guide
    France has long been a favorite destination with kayakers. With an incredible coastline and countless rivers and lakes to explore, France has something to offer kayakers of all levels and abilities. Whether you want a gentle family day out on one of France’s impressive rivers, taking in the views, or... Read more »
  • Rack Attack: 08/02/21 – 08/09/21
    Welcome to the Rack Attack! Every Monday, we start your week off right with two sexy babes with giants boobs that you just want to motorboat, and you guys get to vote on which stacked rack you prefer. The winner moves on to next week to face off against another... Read more »
  • The Secret To Boosting Your Video Gaming Experience
    Have you ever been sitting in a computer chair that was not comfortable? It can really make a difference in how you enjoy your time at the computer. If you are going to be spending lots of time at the computer gaming, then having a good chair is important. This... Read more »
  • Dairy Queen Reese’s Extreme Blizzard Is Overflowing With Cups and Pieces
    Dairy Queen just unveiled their August Blizzard of the Month, and it’s extreme! Feast your eyes on the Dairy Queen Reese’s Extreme Blizzard, which can only be described as an explosion of decadent flavors, combining real pieces of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Reese’s Pieces with DQ’s soft-serve ice cream,... Read more »
  • Thong Battle: 07/27/21 – 08/03/21
    Welcome to the Thong Battle! Every Tuesday, you guys get to vote on which plump rump you like better. The winner moves on to next week to face off against another competitor. Last week’s Thong Battle wasn’t even close, with the bootylicious Natasha running away with 70% of the votes.... Read more »
  • Rack Attack: 07/26/21 – 08/02/21
    Welcome to the Rack Attack! Every Monday, we start your week off right with two sexy babes with giants boobs that you just want to motorboat, and you guys get to vote on which stacked rack you prefer. The winner moves on to next week to face off against another... Read more »

    Babes And Stuff

  • Pornstars without makeup
    In movies in which they are “acting”, they always look sexy and always have a lot of makeup. See how they look in everyday life – porn stars without makeup. […]... Read more »
  • Hottest babes of july
    Summer is a good time for beautiful girls to pose nude and show their boobs on the beach or in front of the mirror. And so it was this past […]... Read more »
  • Crazy old gifs
    We are used to different kinds of funny GIFs but GIFs that you see below are unique in their own way. These are old pictures from the early 20th century […]... Read more »
  • Cloud Atlas trailer
    Wachowski Siblings (no longer brothers, one of them changed sex) are preparing a new film. Cloud Atlas is a film with elements of SF with movie stars such as Tom […]... Read more »
  • New “Skyfall” tailer
    Daniel Craig as James Bond will be in November in cinemas, but already you can see the latest trailer for “Skyfall”. Going to be a good movie, although it differs […]... Read more »
  • Cutest animal photos
    Animals can be wild and dangerous but can also be extraordinary sweet. We found for you the sweetest pet photos, enjoy! Originally posted on 1 August 2012 @ 08:53... Read more »
  • Grenade fishing in Russia
    Fishing is usually associated with peaceful hatching over water or a river waiting for the fish. Not in Russia! In Russia, as usual, everything is done differently and the fish […]... Read more »

    Bright Side

  • 8 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Self-Esteem and What You Can Do About It
    If you notice that you often compare yourself to others and feel like they’re better than you, or you’re constantly scared to make a mistake and even fail — these might be signs that you have low self-esteem. Interestingly, your thoughts and actions can make you even more self-conscious than you already were. And if you stop doing... Read more »
  • 15 Abandoned Places That Are Left With Nothing but Distant Memories
    Once upon a time, all of these abandoned places were thriving and full of life. But now, they hold nothing but old stories and memories. Whether they hold broken glass, dusty tables, or moldy walls — these places are guaranteed to have years of stories behind them.... Read more »
  • What 15 Celebrities Would Look Like If They Joined the Unibrow Movement
    From thin and round in the ’90s to perfectly drawn-in arches in the 2010s, the eyebrows have gone through many style changes over the years, and the newest fad that’s come to stay is known as the unibrow movement. These days, the thicker, the better, and foregoing plucking has become a freedom statement that’s more popular than... Read more »
  • What 14 Celebrities Wore for Their First Red Carpet Moment Compared to Today
    For any celebrity, a first red carpet appearance is always an event. Some of their looks can be very humble in comparison to Emma Watson’s recent looks, for instance. And some celebrities don’t change their style much from decade to decade, like Jennifer Aniston.... Read more »
  • Reddit Users Find Answers to 10 Tricky Questions That Could Keep Us Awake the Whole Night
    The beginning of the universe and the meaning of life are not the only questions that can keep many of us awake thinking the whole night. How do birds sleep when they fly across the ocean? Why do mushrooms grow in circles? And why do we start hating our favorite songs after binge-listening to them? Reddit users asked these... Read more »
  • 15 Celebrity Couples Who Have Been Together the Longest
    Celebrity relationships usually don’t last long, but couples like Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern managed to stay together for more than 3 decades. But this isn’t the only famous couple that can show us why fighting for those who we respect and love is worth it.... Read more »
  • 10 Stories That Are So Wholesome They Shine Brighter Than a Diamond
    Over a workday, it’s good to refill your energy with a break and some uplifting news. From an 87-year-old grandma turned model to the inspiring journey of an Olympic athlete, the internet is full of content that’s nothing short of endearing. Get ready to smile from cheek to cheek!... Read more »

    Nerd Ninja

  • Random Pics 337
    Get your dose of the weird and random from the web.... Read more »
  • Bikini Girls 9
    Most people love the summer because of warm weather, swimming, getting a tan, playing outside and of course minimal clothing. These girls are a great reason to enjoy the bikini season.... Read more »
  • Olympic Memes
    Funny memes from this year's Olympics.... Read more »
  • Cute Asian Girls 8
    It's simply fact that Asian girls are stunningly beautiful and sexy, so here's a few to brighten your day.... Read more »
  • Egypt Facts
    Interesting facts about Egypt.... Read more »
  • Random Pics 336
    Get your dose of the weird and random from the web.... Read more »

    The Art of Manliness

  • Curbside Pickup and the End of Peak Consumerism
    The other day, I found myself walking around a large grocery store, after a several-month hiatus from stepping foot inside one. I hadn’t avoided shopping out of a fear of COVID-19; rather, our family had just gotten into the habit of having our groceries delivered, because it’s so dang convenient. ... Read more »
  • mp3Podcast #728: Improve Your Productivity With the Power of Deadlines
    Everyone has experienced the way deadlines can act as a double-edged sword: on the one hand, they force us to get stuff done; but on the other, they often push us to wait until the last minute to get to work, so that we do that work in a poorly executed, slapdash... Read more »
  • 9 Ways to Entertain Your Toddler Without Using a Smartphone
    With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a classic piece each Sunday to help our newer readers discover some of the best, evergreen gems from the past. This article was originally published in October 2015. You’re in a public place — say a restaurant or a... Read more »
  • Sunday Firesides: A Man of 50 Is Responsible for His Face
    Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War under Abraham Lincoln, was talking with an associate, when another member of his department walked by. Stanton remarked that the middle-aged officer was “a pretender, a humbug, and a fraud,” and asked rhetorically whether his companion had ever seen anyone who so resembled a... Read more »
  • Video36 Handy, Lifesaving, and Fun Uses for a Pocketknife
    Way back in 2008, we proclaimed that every man should carry a pocketknife. If you haven’t made one part of your EDC yet, having perhaps remained unconvinced of its utility, below we list the many ways a pocketknife can come in handy on a daily basis. From making chores easier,... Read more »
  • Why You Get Sore After a Workout & What to Do About It
    It’s been a few months since you’ve had a consistent workout routine, and you’ve decided that today’s the day you get back on the wagon and begin again.  So you hit the gym after work and decide you’re gonna crush your legs. Leg day, baby! Got to look good in... Read more »
  • mp3Podcast #727: How Doing a Life Review Can Help You Understand Your Past, Present, and Future
    Who and where do you want to be in the future? It’s a question we typically answer by looking ahead. But, my guest would say, you can actually best find the answer by looking back. His name is William Damon, and he’s a Stanford psychologist who studies adult development and purpose, and the... Read more »

    Atlas Obscura

  • 'Morgondagens Väder' ('Tomorrow's Weather') in Stockholm, Sweden
    When walking through Stockholm's central station visitors will see a beautiful amalgamation of modern and 18th-century architecture. Parts of the station are kept in their original state, while others are modernized or decorated with art. These art pieces are sometimes more elaborate than one might imagine, such as this hidden weather display... Read more »
  • 'Big Fella' in Silloth, England
    Silloth is a small town in north Cumbria, on the coastline of the Solway Firth. Its seaside promenade looks across the Solway Firth to the hills of Southern Galloway in Scotland. This part of England’s west coast is renowned for its spectacular sunsets and was an inspiration for the famous... Read more »
  • Warren Historic Site in Dickerson, Maryland
    Martinsburg was an African-American community consisting of about 30-40 homesteads that formed as the Civil War was coming to an end. The intersection of White's Ferry Road and Martinsburg Road was the epicenter of this town. Its three most important buildings, the church, school, and lodge (renovated in 2019) are... Read more »
  • Tangier American Legation Museum in Tangier, Morocco
    The Tangier American Legation is an attractive Moorish style building, built of stuccoed masonry, in Tangier, Morocco. The building is in the, walled medina section of the city and was the first American public property outside the United States. The Legation commemorates the historic relationship between the two countries, which dates back... Read more »
  • Dotonbori Hotel Front Pillars in Osaka, Japan
    Dotonbori Hotel, located in Osaka's main shopping district of the same name, first opened in 1970. This was the year in which Osaka hosted a World Expo, and it was expected to draw in many tourists from around the world. The hotel was built and served mainly to accommodate them... Read more »
  • Matsuchiyama Shoden in Tokyo, Japan
    The daikon, or white radish, is one of the most popular vegetables used in traditional Japanese cuisine and can be found at any given grocery store or supermarket. It's quite unusual, however, for a Buddhist temple to sell daikon radishes—unless it's the Honryū-in Temple in Asakusa, commonly known as Matsuchiyama... Read more »
  • Podcast: La Piedra Movediza
    Listen and subscribe on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcast apps. In this episode of The Atlas Obscura Podcast, we visit a huge rock that's teetered on the edge of a hill for thousands of years. It brought tourism, fame, and what’s said to be a 100-year curse... Read more »

    Crack Two

  • Four Ways Online Research Communities Can Benefit Companies
    Online community research software benefits companies who need to do qualitative research. Communities can take the place of focus groups, which a are to set up with social distancing guidelines and only offer small samples. The technological tools available today are customizable to target specific groups, such as employees or... Read more »
  • 6 Benefits of Partnering with an Employment Lawyer
    Employment lawyers are essential in managing issues that arise between employees and employers. They offer legal representation and simplify the complex and ever-changing employment laws in different states. An employment lawyer is not mandatory in businesses or for employees, but they are strongly recommended for employers and employees. The following... Read more »
  • 8 Safety and Legal Risks of Driving with a Broken Headlight
    You’re on your way out and realize you’ve got a broken headlight. Is it still safe to drive? How quickly do you need to have it repaired? When you figure out your car needs a repair, one of the first things you’re likely to wonder about is how quickly it... Read more »
  • 13 Kinds of AI Impact on Manufacturing Industry
    AI, aka artificial intelligence, has a growing role to play in the day-to-day lives of workers, consumers, and society as a whole. In manufacturing, AI can cut costs, improve safety and efficiency, and produce more effective processes that allow companies the chance to move more product through to the next... Read more »
  • 8 Ceramic Coating Maintenance Tips for Your Car
    To a car enthusiast, ceramic coating is a status symbol. Whether it is installed by an auto shop or a professional detailer, or you prefer to go the DIY route, keeping a ceramic coated car in tip-top shape is critical. You can accomplished this by washing the ceramic coating as... Read more »
  • 8 Multiple TV Setup Ideas for a Single Space
    Whether you are planning a luxury home theatre, an outdoor cabana, a sports haven in your home or an entertainment centre for your business, you might be thinking about the best way to incorporate multiple TVs into a single space. Having more than one TV in the same area allows... Read more »
  • Video10 Best Ways to Crack Your Back Effectively
    A stiff back holds in tension, is uncomfortable to live with, and has a sense of restlessness or sometimes chronic pain attached to it. Unfortunately, cracking your back incorrectly can worsen an injury or cause one. It’s important to learn the right way to crack your back. This technique eases... Read more »
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    Tiny Buddha

  • What Creates Anxiety and How We Can Heal and Ease Our Pain
    “Beneath every behavior there is a feeling. And beneath each feeling is a need. And when we meet that need, rather than focus on the behavior, we begin to deal with the cause, not the symptom.” ~Ashleigh Warner Do you … The post What Creates Anxiety and How We Can... Read more »
  • Afraid to Say No Because You Might Miss Out on a Big Opportunity?
    “What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.” ~Unknown Are you afraid of saying no in your professional life because you think you’ll miss out on a big opportunity? I’ve learned … The post Afraid to Say No Because You Might... Read more »
  • What’s Really Important: 3 Things I Realized When I Lost My Grandmother
    “We forget what we want to remember and remember what we want to forget.” ~The Road “Okay grandma, we’re going to run away!” I wheeled my grandma Jeanne in her wheelchair into the sunlight, through the courtyard, after we exited … The post What’s Really Important: 3 Things I Realized... Read more »
  • If You’ve Been Abused and You’ve Lost Your Joy and Sense of Self
    “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can choose not to be reduced by them.” ~Maya Angelou I know what you’re feeling because I’ve been there. You’re sitting quietly with your pain asking yourself … The post If You’ve Been Abused and You’ve Lost... Read more »
  • Why Strong Chemistry Doesn’t Always Lead to a Strong Relationship
    “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” ~C.G. Jung  Everyone says it. They say chemistry is a must. I know I say it. But why do … The post Why Strong Chemistry Doesn’t Always Lead to a... Read more »
  • Toxic Help: 3 Signs Your Support Is Doing More Harm Than Good
    “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ~John Holmes As someone who people often come to seeking help or advice, I recently encountered a new situation for me: one in which I … The post Toxic Help: 3 Signs Your Support Is... Read more »
  • 4 Things I Learned from Being Possessive and Controlling in a Relationship
    As she stood there watching the puppet show, our eyes locked. I was instantly attracted. After what felt like the longest fifteen minutes torn between the desire to talk to her and the fear of rejection, I mustered the courage … The post 4 Things I Learned from Being Possessive... Read more »

    Van Life Wanderer

  • How Many Days Do You Need At Arches National Park?
    (Photo by Elizabeth Iris) A few hours south of Salt Lake City is one of five of Utah’s National Parks: Arches. Replete with the largest concentration of natural arches in the world, there are 2,000 such features in this park. With so many awe-inspiring sights to see, surely it must... Read more »
  • VideoCan You See Arches National Park From The Road?
    (Photo by Dino Reichmuth) Four hours south of Utah’s state capitol is Arches National Park, a natural wonder that is home to the most sandstone arches (over 2,000 in only 119 sq mi!) on the whole planet. Formed millions of years ago, they’re a sight that continues to wow park... Read more »
  • VideoIs Glacier Point Road Scary To Drive?
    (photo by levi.bare) Known for it’s stunning geological formations, Yosemite National Park offers some of the best examples of North America’s landscape. Known for its waterfalls, El Capitan, and Half Dome, there is another peak that rises high above the park and looks out over many of the Park’s assets.... Read more »
  • Do You Have To Hike To See The Grand Canyon?
    Arguably the most famous National Park, the Grand Canyon is definitely one that people can identify from pictures. One mile deep and ten miles wide, it is home to the million-years-old Colorado River and its iconic red-rocked riverbed. Known for an intensive hiking experience down in the gorge, the Grand... Read more »
  • VideoIs Blue Ridge Parkway Safe To Drive?
    Built during the Great Depression in order to create jobs, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a tourist attraction that connects visitors to the surrounding area across Virginia and North Carolina. Since that desperate period in history has thankfully ended, the Parkway has continued to bolster local communities and connect them... Read more »
  • VideoCan You See Zion National Park By Car?
    National Parks make us think of the most beautiful nature scenes America has to offer. Many have their own histories of human development along with vast biological and geological features. Zion National Park in Utah is rich in both. Sometimes, visiting these National Parks can be a pain if you’re... Read more »
  • VideoIs Titus Canyon Dangerous To Drive?
    (photo: Stan Shebs) Death Valley is the 5th largest National Park in America and the largest one in the lower 48. An already imposing name, it’s also home to an equally nerve-wracking road: Titus Canyon. Despite being a one-way, unpaved route, it’s “the most popular back-country road in Death Valley... Read more »