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    The Washington Times Local

  • Thousands protest abortion as 49th annual March for Life returns in-person
    Thousands of pro-life activists returned in person to Washington for the 49th annual March for Life on Friday, braving frigid temperatures to stride proudly to the U.S. Supreme Court with the hope that justices will soon overturn Roe v. Wade. “Nearly 49 years ago tomorrow — on January 22nd, 1973... Read more »
  • Virginia governor seeks dismissal of suit over school masks
    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Gov. Glenn Youngkin has asked the Supreme Court of Virginia to dismiss a lawsuit challenging his executive order allowing parents to opt-out of mandates requiring children to wear masks in school. A filing late Thursday from the office of Attorney General Jason Miyares cites a state... Read more »
  • Carjacking spike in D.C. area mirrors violent nationwide crime trend
    Carjackings in the nation’s capital have tripled since 2019. Officials say the alarming trend — reflected in similarly stunning crime statistics from the Washington suburbs and cities across the country — is driven by youngsters. The District of Columbia recorded 426 carjackings last year, up from 360 in 2020 and... Read more »
  • D.C. officials warn businesses of weekend pro-life, anti-vax protests
    D.C. officials alerted businesses Thursday about possible “threats” from pro-life and anti-vaccine protesters who might flout the city’s new vaccination passport mandate this week. The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development emailed the alert to city business owners Thursday morning, citing the D.C. Homeland Security and... Read more »
  • Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's wife, Yumi, tests positive for coronavirus
    Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Thursday his wife, Yumi Hogan, tested positive for the coronavirus as part of regular screening. "Having been vaccinated and boosted, she is only experiencing mild symptoms," Mr. Hogan, a Republican, said of the first lady. Mr. Hogan said his wife will quarantine at their official... Read more »
  • Pandemic prevention center to stockpile antibodies in Rockville
    A regional development nonprofit agency has opened a facility in Rockville that will stockpile monoclonal antibodies and study 100 pathogens, including COVID-19, SARS-2, Ebola and MERS. Connected DMV has opened its Global Pandemic Prevention and Biodefense Center at the U.S. Pharmacopeia building on Twinbrook Parkway, near several National Institutes of... Read more »
  • Confusion, lawsuit follow Virginia governor's order on masks
    RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia's new Republican governor was facing pushback from Democratic lawmakers, school districts and a group of parents who sued him Tuesday over an executive order that aims to create an opt-out for classroom mask mandates. The order issued Saturday and set to take effect Monday was among... Read more »




    The New Republic

  • Sirhan Sirhan’s Continued Imprisonment Flies in the Face of RFK’s Ideals
    Last week, Gavin Newsom made a callous decision that deserved far more backlash than it received: The California governor determined that 77-year-old inmate Sirhan Sirhan, who has been incarcerated for the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy for over half a century, has still not yet been locked up long... Read more »
  • Let’s Oust Congress’s Stock Market Miscreants!
    This week, as the push to pass a voting rights bill got ground up in the gears of the Senate filibuster like so many other worthy pieces of legislation before it, we have cause to wonder: Why do people even want to be in Congress? The breakdown of the constitutional... Read more »
  • VideoThe Century of Buster Keaton
    A century has passed since Buster Keaton entered the plum decade of his career. Then in his twenties, he had outgrown his family vaudeville act, whose violent acrobatics had relied on a size contrast between father and son, and learned the art and science of making movies from Roscoe “Fatty”... Read more »
  • A Good Week for the January 6 Committee Means a Bad Week for Donald Trump
    Here’s What HappenedThe biggest news of the week about the House Select Committee on the January 6th Attack on the Capitol came not from the committee but from the Supreme Court. In an 8–1 ruling, the court rejected Donald Trump’s bid to block the National Archives from releasing a set... Read more »
  • Why We’ve Succumbed to Pandemic Apathy
    In March 2020, The New York Times published a photo essay titled “The Great Empty.” It was an unsettling testimony of public landscapes leached of humanity: Times Square lit up for no one, decluttered highways in Colombia, a commuterless Munich subway, an empty Beijing diner. In 2022, the photos are... Read more »
  • Bipartisanship Is Dead, and That’s Great News for Joe Biden
    If anyone should have known how congressional Republicans would respond to a Democrat in the White House, it was Joe Biden. For eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president, Biden watched as the GOP—led by current Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell—did everything in its power to block, stymie, and undermine... Read more »
  • The Democrats Are Now Debating Which “Chunks” of Build Back Better to Save
    Shortly before Christmas, Senate Democrats, who had spent the previous few months trying and failing to pass the Build Back Better Act through reconciliation, decided to pull a switcheroo: Instead of passing Biden’s social spending bill, they would turn their attention to an urgently needed voting rights bill. Fast forward... Read more »




    The Nation

  • Mitch McConnell’s Klanian Slip
    Elie Mystal In saying the quiet part out loud, McConnell confirmed what many of us already knew: White people think they’re the only true Americans. The post Mitch McConnell’s Klanian Slip appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • Radical Change
    Steve Brodner Who knew? Scenes from our series “The Greater Quiet” for the week of January 17. The post Radical Change appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • Concrete Actions Toward Worker Power
    Kim Kelly Three hundred Teamsters in the Seattle area are bringing the local construction industry to a standstill. The post Concrete Actions Toward Worker Power appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • The Cruel, Petty Killing of an Anti-Occupation Activist
    Ben Ehrenreich Hajj Suleiman, an elder of the anti-occupation movement, was run over by a tow truck while protesting an Israeli “operation” to confiscate cars in his village. The post The Cruel, Petty Killing of an Anti-Occupation Activist appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • Urban Space, Infinite Universe
    Anonymous, Walker Maffit The natural world is all around us. The post Urban Space, Infinite Universe appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • How Much Longer Can We Keep Doing This Without a Vaccine?
    Regina Mahone All parents are struggling during the pandemic, but those with kids too young to be vaccinated are barely holding on. The post How Much Longer Can We Keep Doing This Without a Vaccine? appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • Democrats Failed Forward on Voting Rights
    Joan Walsh, The Nation Biden forced the Republicans, and two Democrats, to go on record saying voting rights don’t matter—or at least, not more than preserving the filibuster. The post Democrats Failed Forward on Voting Rights appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »



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  • Peace Is Every Step: Thich Nhat Hanh's 95 Year Earthwalk
    "Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who was one of the worlds most influential Zen masters, spreading messages of mindfulness, compassion and nonviolence, died on Saturday at his home in the Tu Hieu Temple in Hue, Vietnam. He was 95. A monk with global influence and an ally of... Read more »
  • Welcome
    "Only a person who intended to enter room 520 would walk to the end of the long hospital hallway, and that morning I had gone there as part of my rounds. I was in the midst of my second unit of training to become a healthcare chaplain, this one in... Read more »
  • Legendary Cellist Pablo Casals, at Age 93, on Creative Vitality
    "Long before there was Yo-Yo Ma, there was Spanish Catalan cellist and conductor Pablo Casals (December 29, 1876-October 22, 1973), regarded by many as the greatest cellist of all time. The recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the U.N. Peace Medal for his unflinching dedication to justice and... Read more »
  • True Colors
    "Concetta, a functioning tetrachromat, possesses a rare genetic mutation that illuminates one hundred distinct shades of color for every one perceived by the average person. Human color vision falls along a vibrant spectrum created from an interplay of genetics and environment: anomalous trichromats (the 6 percent of individuals referred to... Read more »
  • The Core of Belonging
    "Rev. angel Kyodo williams is an author, activist, Zen priest, and founder of the organization Transformative Change, which centers on the link between inner work, wholeness, and social transformation at scale. She has created an audio series called Belonging: From Fear to Freedom on the Path to True Community. In... Read more »
  • Consciousness as the Ground of Being
    "I woke in the night and suddenly, to put it very briefly, I experienced myself as love. It felt like an unbelievably strong and powerful love an energy which was both scintillating white and self-knowing -- and it was coming from me. This I found extraordinary, because I didn't know... Read more »
  • Rachel Callander Sees Superpowers
    "My first major experience with the healthcare system and with disability was in 2008, when my daughter Evie was born. She had a very rare chromosome condition,and what I noticed after she was born was that the language I was using about her and the language that the doctors were... Read more »




    The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News

  • 5 reasons that secrets sour relationships & how to break the secret-keeping cycle
    According to a 2018 study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people on average keep around 13 secrets at a time, five of which have never been revealed to anyone. It’s worth mentioning that individuals should maintain their right to privacy, even within relationships—as long as the topic... Read more »
  • This online sex shop serves people living with and beyond cancer
    Being diagnosed with, receiving treatment for, and surviving cancer are all incredibly impactful experiences that affect all areas of a person’s life—including sex. Many people aren’t comfortable bringing up these two sensitive subjects in casual conversation, much less at the same time, but two cancer survivors are hoping to change... Read more »
  • South Australia ran on 100 percent renewable energy for almost a week
    The last week of 2021 has been an exceptional one for South Australia. The state set an impressive renewable energy record, supplying an average of just over 100 percent of its electricity demand with solar and wind for a period of almost one week. The unprecedented clean energy run was... Read more »
  • Liquid metal turns CO2 emissions into solid carbon at the source
    Capturing carbon dioxide before it reaches the atmosphere is a key part of our global strategy to combat climate change. In an effort to find ways that could help us do that efficiently, scientists at RMIT have developed a method that quickly converts carbon dioxide into solid carbon, which can... Read more »
  • 5 eating habits proven to lower your risk of heart disease
    Whether we like it or not, our diets play a huge role in determining our risk of developing chronic diseases—especially when it comes to cardiovascular disease. To help lower your risk of this particular disease, Bianca Tamburello, RDN, shares some helpful eating habits that you can easily incorporate into your... Read more »
  • Why you shouldn’t peel all your vegetables
    In her book, Zero Waste Home, Bea Johnson reveals that she doesn’t own a vegetable peeler. As a result, “food prep is much faster, my compost output (peelings) is considerably reduced, and we benefit from the vitamins that are locked into vegetable skins.” Is it crazy not to peel your... Read more »
  • This solar panel covered building reflects Taiwan’s green energy transition
    Most projects designed by the Dutch architecture firm MVRDV tend to leave a lasting impression on whoever lays their eyes on them. The company’s upcoming project, Sun Rock, is no exception. Designed for Taiwan’s government-owned power company Taipower, the project takes the form of a building that’s covered entirely in... Read more »



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    World News DNA

  • Why did Salman Khan sue his neighbor?
     Bollywood actor Salman Khan has filed a defamation suit against his neighbor Ketan Kakkar at a farmhouse in Panvel, Maharashtra, India.According to Indian media reports, Bollywood's brother Jan Salman Khan through a lawyer has accused his neighbor in Panvel of unnecessarily dragging his religious identity to the public and defaming... Read more »
  • Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's car crashed
     Leading Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's car has had a dangerous accident. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, a spokesman for the former governor of the US state of California and Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed the car accident.According to the report, the accident took place in Los Angeles in which... Read more »
  • What is surrogacy and how many Bollywood actors have become parents through this process so far?
     In Bollywood, the trend of giving birth to children through surrogacy is increasing. Last night, world famous actress Priyanka Chopra gave birth to a child through the same process.There have been many Bollywood actors in the past who had children through surrogacy, now the question arises as to what this... Read more »
  • Marriage to Arbaaz has never been a hindrance in film career: Malaika Arora
     Leading Bollywood actress Malaika Arora says that her marriage to actor Arbaaz Khan has never been an obstacle in her film career.According to NDTV, Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan got married in 1998 but both of them announced their separation in 2017. Malaika Arora has talked about marriage in her... Read more »
  • Why does this person wear a cage-like helmet all the time?
     Smoking is a bad habit that can ruin a person's life. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.Many people quit smoking which is a very difficult task. Today we are going to tell you the story of a person who is old but very... Read more »
  • Google pays tribute to social activist Parveen Rehman.
    Karachi: Search engine Google has paid tribute to well-known social activist Parveen Rehman through a doodle on her 65th birthday.Parveen Rehman was born on January 22, 1957 in Dhaka, the capital of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Parveen Rehman was a Pakistani social worker and director of the Orangi Pilot Project... Read more »
  • What are the 3 famous names of Pakistan, which now consider India as their country?
     There is a lot of information on social media about personalities that are both interesting and unique. But there are stars who were Pakistanis but are now living in India.Adnan Sami:Adnan Sami was the most famous singer of Pakistan, who was also famous in India for his unique music. But... Read more »



    UK Defence Journal

  • Russian amphibious assault flotilla to transit English Channel
    The Russian amphibious assault flotilla is heading towards the English Channel and is expected to head for the Black Sea amid mounting tensions with Ukraine. The post Russian amphibious assault flotilla to transit English Channel first appeared on UK Defence Journal.... Read more »
  • Massive intelligence gathering effort underway over Europe
    Ten surveillance aircraft from multiple Western nations, including Britain, conducted intelligence-gathering missions over the Baltics and Ukraine today. The post Massive intelligence gathering effort underway over Europe first appeared on UK Defence Journal.... Read more »
  • Third day of British weapon flights to Ukraine
    British transport aircraft are now in their third day of delivering "thousands" of anti-tank weapons to Ukraine in the face of a massive build-up of Russian troops. The post Third day of British weapon flights to Ukraine first appeared on UK Defence Journal.... Read more »
  • We made a mistake, sorry
    Speculation and news don't mix, we will do better. The post We made a mistake, sorry first appeared on UK Defence Journal.... Read more »
  • British aircraft continue to monitor Russian forces near Ukraine
    A British RC-135 'Rivet Joint' intelligence-gathering aircraft is on patrol keeping an eye on Russian forces near the Ukraine border. The post British aircraft continue to monitor Russian forces near Ukraine first appeared on UK Defence Journal.... Read more »
  • British E-3D Sentry ‘AWACS’ aircraft to be sold to Chile
    EXCLUSIVE - A source close to the now-retired E-3D Sentry fleet has told the UK Defence Journal that Chile is looking to purchase "more than one" retired E-3D aircraft from Britain. The post British E-3D Sentry ‘AWACS’ aircraft to be sold to Chile first appeared on UK Defence Journal.... Read more »
  • Royal Navy looking for LIDAR system for naval drones
    The Royal Navy requires a LIDAR system capable of enhancing the situational awareness and collision avoidance of Uncrewed Surface Vessels. The post Royal Navy looking for LIDAR system for naval drones first appeared on UK Defence Journal.... Read more »
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