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    The Washington Times Local

  • Man with gun arrested at 'Justice for J6' rally is a federal law enforcement officer: Reports
    A man with a handgun who was arrested on Saturday at the “Justice for J6” rally is a federal law enforcement officer who will not be prosecuted, according to media reports. The man, 27, is from New Jersey and works as an officer for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, according... Read more »
  • D.C. requiring COVID-19 shots for adults in schools, child care centers
    District Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Monday new COVID-19 vaccine requirements for student-athletes and for adults who are regularly in schools and child-care facilities. All adults who are regularly in schools and child-care centers — including teachers, principals, coaches, librarians, social workers and bus drivers — must be vaccinated against... Read more »
  • 2 people wounded in shooting at Virginia high school, police say
    NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) — Two people were wounded in a shooting at a Virginia high school Monday afternoon, police said. One victim at Heritage High School was shot in the face and the other in the leg, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew said at a news conference. Both... Read more »
  • Trying to get school kids from Point A to Point B is easy
    Grown folk are acting as though getting school kids from Point A to Point B on regular school days is a death-defying act, whether in an urban school district like D.C. or a suburban system like neighboring Montgomery County. Parents have options, ya know, and growing concerns about their children... Read more »
  • Audit finds electronic tolls overbilled Maryland drivers
    BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) — Maryland legislative auditors found that glitches in the cashless tolling infrastructure at the state’s bridges, tunnels and express lanes overbilled motorists thousands of dollars. The Baltimore Sun reports that the Office of Legislative Audit’s report on the Maryland Transportation Authority comes about a year after the... Read more »
  • 'Justice for J6' rally falls short of attendance expectations, security threats
    The highly anticipated “Justice for J6” rally on Saturday fell short of fears that the event could be a potential sequel to the violent Jan. 6 riot when hundreds of people stormed the Capitol in support of then-President Trump. The rally permit was for 700 expected attendees, but roughly 400-450... Read more »
  • 'All useless': Justice for J6 attendants blast Republicans for skipping event
    Demonstrators at the Justice for J6 rally blasted Republicans in Congress for their refusal to attend Saturday’s demonstration billed by organizers as a civil rights assembly. The rally, led by former Trump campaign operative Matt Braynard, was attended by roughly 400 to 450 protesters and members of the press, but... Read more »




    The New Republic

  • The Biden Doctrine Is Not the Trump Doctrine. But What Is It, Exactly?
    On Tuesday, Biden delivered his first address to the United Nations; its unstated aim was to reassure increasingly dubious allies and continue to make the argument he made early in his presidency: “America is back.” For the president, his maiden address before the international body was framed by a pair... Read more »
  • The Democrats’ High-Stakes Sprint Through a Legislative Minefield
    Do you remember the twenty-first night of September, when Congress careened toward a government shutdown and defaulting on the national debt, amid a brouhaha between progressive and moderate Democrats over two massive infrastructure bills?The memories of this more innocent time in our lives are about to get subsumed within the... Read more »
  • Follow the Money Into Joe Manchin’s Pockets
    Lots of ink has been spilled this year trying to figure out what makes West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin tick. Is the Senate’s crucial swing voter a Machiavellian political genius out to save the Democratic Party from itself, or just a media gadfly enjoying his moment in the sun? Is... Read more »
  • Vaccine Mandates and the God-Given Right to Spread Covid
    More than 670,000 Americans have now died from Covid-19 in the last 18 months, with thousands dying in recent weeks even though a safe and effective vaccine is widely available. Americans have not died in such numbers since the Spanish flu pandemic 100 years ago or the Civil War 50... Read more »
  • Biden’s Conservative Vision on Clemency
    When Covid-19 hit, Misty Smith became extra panicked about her twin sister, who was behind bars at a minimum-security facility in Alabama. Both sisters, 41, suffer from sleep apnea, asthma, and high blood pressure. Pre-vaccine, Smith’s doctor told her to isolate by not leaving the house. “If I was to... Read more »
  • The Afterlives of E.M. Forster
    William di Canzio’s Alec arrived in the mail looking like an English novel set in Italy, circa 1960: a black-and-white illustration of a handsome young man’s face framed by a gray square, his gaze on something just out of sight, his lips parted as if he is about to say... Read more »
  • Moderate Democrats Are Sabotaging the Biden Agenda
    It may be hard to remember, but six months ago, Democrats had a kind of super momentum. The euphoria of the early days of a new president, plus a fierce urgency to do what was necessary to slow the pandemic, brought congressional Democrats together to pass a sweeping, $1.9 trillion... Read more »




    The Nation

  • It’s Time to Break Up the Military-Industrial Complex
    Katrina vanden Heuvel Despite the end of two decades of war, a congressional committee just voted to increase the Pentagon’s budget by $24 billion. The post It’s Time to Break Up the Military-Industrial Complex appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • Progressive Democrats Fight to Limit Defense Spending
    Aída Chávez The House is poised to pass a military budget this week that’s even bigger than President Joe Biden requested, but left-leaning lawmakers are putting up a fight. The post Progressive Democrats Fight to Limit Defense Spending appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • Womb With a View
    Rob Rogers Mutiny for a bounty. The post Womb With a View appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • Reset Labor Markets With a Local Half-Time Job Guarantee
    Nathan Newman The attacks on pandemic income support and the Refundable Child Tax Credit highlight the need for work guarantees. The post Reset Labor Markets With a Local Half-Time Job Guarantee appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • As the Pandemic Continues, College Students Return to a Different Campus
    StudentNation Young people from across the country weigh in on how Covid is impacting their college experience. The post As the Pandemic Continues, College Students Return to a Different Campus appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • Russia’s War Against the Cold
    Jennifer Wilson A new history considers how the struggle with Siberia’s permafrost redefined the country. The post Russia’s War Against the Cold appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »
  • Republicans Urge Defiance of Biden Mandates
    Calvin Trillin The post Republicans Urge Defiance of Biden Mandates appeared first on The Nation.... Read more »




    Region – Caribbean News Now!

  • Travel regulations in The Cayman Islands for amendment
    Following the confirmation of 24 community transmission cases of COVID-19 on Grand Cayman, anyone travelling to the Sister Islands from Grand Cayman who has not been fully vaccinated within the previous 14 days must provide a negative PCR test certificate from an approved laboratory, no more […] The post Travel regulations... Read more »
  • Bahamas polls: “Minnis out! Davis in”
    Minnis is out as the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) led by Attorney Phillip Davis won a landslide victory in the General Election held last Thursday, 16 September 2021. Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, who had been hoping to become the first prime minister in 24 years […] The post Bahamas polls:... Read more »
  • Grenada, Jamaica at risk of being added to UK red travel list—report
    Two Caribbean countries are at risk of being included in the United Kingdom’s red list of countries. In a report by Sky News, the COVID-19 situation in Jamaica and Grenada—both popular destinations for tourists in the Caribbean—have exacerbated. There has been a significant increase of positive cases […] The post Grenada, Jamaica... Read more »
  • Haiti prosecutor seeks to charge PM in killing, is replaced
    EVENS SANON and DÁNICA COTO, AP News – A new chief prosecutor was sworn in Tuesday just hours after his predecessor asked a judge to charge Prime Minister Ariel Henry in the slaying of the president and to bar him from leaving Haiti, a move […] The post Haiti prosecutor... Read more »
  • VideoCARICOM Digital Skills Task Force to be launched
    The CARICOM Digital Skills Task Force will be launched during a virtual meeting the CARICOM Secretariat will host on Wednesday, 15 September 2021 by Prime Minister of Grenada Keith Mitchell. Mitchell is the Lead Head of Government with responsibility for Science and Technology (including ICT) […] The post CARICOM Digital... Read more »
  • Virtual Oceans Exploration
    Press Release – Students, decision-makers, and citizens of the OECS will soon be able to explore our oceans virtually. As part of the Knowledge Services subcomponent of the Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project (CROP), Virtual Reality (VR) educational content on ocean matters is being prepared for […] The post Virtual Oceans... Read more »
  • Grenada wins at Academy of Chocolate awards
    With over 1,600 submissions from more than 45 countries, the Grenada Chocolate Company, the first-ever tree-to-bar chocolate factory in Grenada, bags silver and bronze recognition at the 2021 Academy of Chocolate awards. The Grenada Chocolate Company has won 3 awards in 2 different categories. In […] The post Grenada wins... Read more »


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