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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse Blogs waaronder Crack Two, The Blemish, Erik Deckers’s Laughing Talk, Uncoached, World Wide Interweb, Mediaite, My Daily Freedom, Reason, Shock Mansion, Blazepress, The Worst Things for Sale, Green Humour, The Wow Report, Brobible, This is True en Geekologie . Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.


    Crack Two

  • 4 Tips for Improving Supply Chain Responsiveness
    The only thing you can rely on in business is constant change. You need to adapt to the changing needs of your customers and clients and pivot on a dime to keep up with your competition. To be this company chameleon, you need to have a supply chain that can... Read more »
  • How Do Cheaters React When Accused?
    Relationships are one of the most foundational aspects of our collective society. They allow us to not only share happiness with someone else but allow you to grow into a new life phase. The types of relationships you have will also vary as you grow in age. If you are... Read more »
  • How to Prepare for Moving Out From Home
    Moving out can be a stressful experience, especially if you are about to do it for the first time. You must pack your belongings and move, but what else can you do? What do you need to think of? Let’s assume you found your new home, whether an apartment or... Read more »
  • 8 Best Small Room Ideas for Guys
    Arranging and decorating a small room can be frustrating, especially for guys barely interested in fancy interiors. Simultaneously, living in a small room exposes you to many advantages, from the ease of cleaning, money-saving opportunity, and better focus on one’s belongings. There you have it, small room ideas for guys... Read more »
  • 8 Best Mid-Century Modern Exterior Paint Colours
    Mid-century homes are those built after WW2 when family time and lifestyle bloomed. They connect with nature through low and wide footprints, having large windows and open spaces. This natural connection to the outdoors continues with the outside of the homes, too, with clean lines and geometric shapes, and flat... Read more »
  • Candle vs Diffuser: Which One Should You Use?
    Fragrances can set the mood, comfort or energize us, and make any space feel like home. But which option should you choose? Burning a scented candle or using an essential oil diffuser? When it comes to candle vs diffuser, the ideal option depends on your preferences. However, we can’t deny... Read more »
  • 5 Good Chef Gift Basket Ideas for Culinary Lovers
    Do you have a professional chef in your family or friend group? Maybe there is an amazing home cook, you know, with a birthday coming up. Either way, you must come up with a gift that will blow them away. How about a gift basket? Gift baskets Toronto are the... Read more »

    The Blemish

  • Tori Spelling and Her 5 Kids Living in a Motel After Split With Dean McDermott
    Aaron Spelling died years ago leaving $800,000 to Tori Spelling. He was worth $600m, but $800,000 seems reasonable. Not good enough though. Because Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have split, leaving Spelling to stay in a “cheap motel” with her 5 kids. No sarcastic comment about that from me, lol.... Read more »
  • Kevin Spacey Thinks Sexual Assault Is Harmless Flirting
    Decades after the infamous groper’s peak, 63-year-old Kevin Spacey remains confused why grabbing men’s crotches would land him in court. Spacey’s in London testifying in court right now. While defending himself against sexual assault charges, Spacey wrote off allegedly forcibly touching one of his victims as harmless “flirting.” He insisted... Read more »
  • Emily Blunt Trading Movies For Motherhood, RIP Her Career
    Actress Emily Blunt is shockingly ditching the spotlight for a year because mommy guilt, stalling her career just as she booked supposedly “hot” new roles. The 40-year-old British star claims she needs to spend more time with her daughters Hazel, 9, and Violet, 6 before they become sullen preteens who... Read more »
  • Kevin Costner Trying To Make Ex-Wife Christine Baumgartner Homeless Real Quick
    Kevin Costner is apparently on a heartless revenge mission against soon-to-be ex-wife Christine Baumgartner. Sources spill Costner aims to make the 49-year-old handbag designer’s life “a living hell” after she filed to end their 18-year marriage in May 2022. Insiders say the Yellowstone star, 68, is out for humiliation and... Read more »
  • Tom Holland No Longer Fun Now That He’s Given Up Alcohol
    Tom Holland is the latest celeb to give up drinking after one too many sloppy nights. The Spider-Man star recently confessed on a podcast that he was “definitely addicted to alcohol” and has now been sober for a year and a half. Too bad. Holland admitted his hard-partying ways really... Read more »
  • Johnny Depp Willing to Crawl Back To Disney After They Betrayed Him
    Remember when Johnny Depp swore off ever working with Disney again after they coldly ditched him during Amber Heard’s lies? Well, the sniveling Captain Jack Sparrow is now hinting he may sell out for a Disney comeback. A source says Depp is open to corporate betrayal round two, telling PEOPLE:... Read more »
  • Brad Pitt Throws A Tantrum Over Angie Jolie Selling Their Winery
    The never-ending divorce drama between Brangelina continues, with Brad Pitt having a meltdown over Angelina Jolie selling her half of their French winery. According to court docs, Pitt is “incensed that Jolie sold Nouvel to Stoli rather than him” and “Pitt has acted like a petulant child, refusing to treat... Read more »

    Erik Deckers' Laughing Stalk

  • Q&A: Why Are Men Thinking About the Roman Empire?
    So, what's everyone talking about this week? The Roman Empire.What, seriously? Yep. It's been in the news all around the world.Why? According to the Internet, this is all men think about these days.So, not sex? Please. We're beyond all that. We think about deeper things, like history and civilization.Says who?... Read more »
  • Mosquitoes and Traffic Are the Worst Things in the World
    The two worst things in the world are mosquitoes and being stuck in traffic.OK, maybe not the worst things in the entire world. I'm sure some Debbie Downer out there is going to say, "Well, actually, what about war? And cancer? And aren't you forgetting about. . ." and then... Read more »
  • Get Paid to Share Your Stuff With Strangers
    If you need to make a little extra cash this year, and can keep your hands to yourself, you should try this new money-making scheme called "hot bedding." Hot bedding is not that thing where you break wind on your partner's half of the bed while they're in the bathroom. It's... Read more »
  • We Need to Fix Tipping In This Country
    Tipping is out of hand. It seems like everyone is looking for a gratuity, reaching into my pocket anytime I make a purchase.Don't get me wrong. I'm all for tipping. I'm not one of those Ayn Rand brown-nosers whose college dorm room economics tell them to never tip their servers... Read more »
  • Don't Ask People to Give Up Their Seats on Airplanes
    People don't understand basic airplane etiquette anymore. Simple rules about polite behavior show that you're considerate of other passengers and don't ruin an entire flight for someone else. For example, the person in the middle seat gets both armrests; the people in the window and aisle seats get only the... Read more »
  • Company Invents Vertical Sleep Pod for the Office, Torture
    Here's one for the "No Sh— uh, Kidding, Sherlock" file: researchers at Texas A&M University found that office workers are more tired in the afternoon.In other news, water is wet, Florida is hot, and the Kardashians are irritating.This big surprise was discovered by five full professors and a graduate student... Read more »
  • Karl Is Tired of Being Reminded All the Time
    "I tell you, Kid, I've had it up to here with technology," said my friend Karl, holding his hand up in line with his forehead. It was a gesture I was familiar with as my mom had said this very thing to me on many occasions when I was a... Read more »
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      Green Humour

    • Iceland Resumes Whaling
      Iceland resumes whaling after temporary ban, despite public outcry and worldwide condemnation. Cartoon from my column with The Hindu Sunday Magazine.... Read more »
    • Emperor Penguin deaths in Antarctica
      Thousands of Emperor Penguin chicks have perished in the last breeding season, owing to unprecedentedly low levels of sea ice in Antarctica's Bellingshausen Sea. Clearly, we've got the monarchy abolishment memo wrong!Green Humour for DW Environment.... Read more »
    • Small Cat Poaching in North East India
      A new study by Amit Kumar Bal et al. reveals that poaching of small cats is on the rise along the Indo-Myanmar border. A Marbled Cat gives you a quick summary, from in column with Roundglass Sustain. Read more about the study on Mongabay India here.... Read more »
    • Hispid Hares and Forest Fires
      Nepal's terai grasslands are home to the critically endangered Hispid Hare, but tiger-centric conservation measures including burning of grasses, is proving to be a survival threat for the species. A Mongabay report calls for more inclusive and diverse habitat management.Comic for The Hindu Sunday Magazine,  published on 20th April, 2023.... Read more »
    • State of Indian Birds Report
      An Indian Roller reads out the key findings of the recently published 'State of Indian Birds' report. Comic from my column in The Hindu Sunday Magazine. ... Read more »
    • VideoMarine Biologist Dance Parties
      I’ve never really been to a marine biologists’ dance party, but I’m sure this is how those weirdos celebrate!Listen to some soulful Humpback Whale music here as you read this piece from my column with Roundglass Sustain. ... Read more »
    • Sunderbans Biosphere Reserve Illustrated Map
      (click on the image for a larger preview)The distinction of being the most populated tiger reserve, not by tigers but by humans, comes with unique challenges, both for tigers and humans. Add to that the constant flux that tides, floods, cyclones and climate change bring to the delta, and you... Read more »

      This is True

    • Two Court Orders
      Stories of two different court orders where you'll be tempted to say "You can't be serious!" ...from entirely different angles.... Read more »
    • Pitching Star Trek
      Or, Something from My Past Most Don’t Know About.... Read more »
    • Should I Keep Submitting Articles to TRUE?
      So my answer is yes, and hopefully it’s worth your time because it does help.... Read more »
    • Find the Problem, Implement the Solution
      “‘Exhaustion’ has been a recurring theme lately. It’s mostly due to a serious but correctable medical condition.” Wait until you hear the solution.... Read more »
    • The Continuing Decline in News Reporting
      News outlets complain that readers are dwindling, yet won’t lift a finger to offer them quality reporting that actually attracts readers.... Read more »
    • Who Knows Religion Best?
      Who knows the most about religion? ...and Christianity? Could it be ...atheists?!... Read more »
    • A.I.-Roller
      Or, the Continued Challenges of Artificial Non-intelligence.... Read more »