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  • The Mugshot Game
    The Mugshot Game The Humor Website Smoking Gun Brings you a hilarious Mugshot game where your task is to match the arrest mugshot with the crime they committed. Choose from loads of different offenders and line ups and test your gut instinct. A brilliant time waster to cure your boredom... Read more »
  • Pointer Pointer – Have fun With Your Cursor
    Bored? Have Some Fun With Pointer Pointer Here at we have dedicated this website to the bored people of this world. We want to shout this out from the rooftops…”Enough is enough, stand up with your heads held high, no more are we going to let you take this... Read more »
  • The Meat of the Matter: Can You Eat Pig Latin?
    The Meat of the Matter: Can You Eat Pig Latin? Language is such an amazing communication system. The ability to convey and solicit information and express thoughts about various subjects is something unique to humans alone. Human beings speak so many languages—what you understand may sound like gibberish to others.... Read more »
  • Central Park Virtual Tour
    Central Park Virtual Tour Whatever you are doing, stop right there. (Actually, you’re probably not doing very much if you’re here…). It seems to me you’re feeling very bored, how about going on a tour? One that involves not moving a muscle, apart from your finger on your mouse. Fancy... Read more »
  • Feeling Bored? Here Are Some Word Games That Can Help
    Feeling Bored? Here Are Some Word Games That Can Help Although living in today’s world is unlike any other experience that past generations have had because of modern technology and a growing array of activities, the reality is that it’s still easy to get bored. Furthermore, with the COVID-19 pandemic... Read more »
  • The Corgi Orgy – A Dog Lovers Dream
    The Corgi Orgy I’M BORED…you think to yourself. What on earth can I do? I have read every WhatsApp message 10 times over. There is nothing on daytime TV. There surely must be other things to do online.  Well hold it right there. Here we have a  real gem of... Read more »
  • Twitch TV – See People Play Video Games Online
    Welcome To Twitch TV Here we have a website that some people will absolutely love and some people will really hate. It’s called If you’re a gamer, you’re bored or if you’re stuck in your own game you are playing, maybe you can see if you can find on... Read more »

    Erik Deckers' Laughing Stalk

  • You Think You're Better Than Me?
    "Hey, Kid, do you think you're better than me?"Absolutely, hands down, I said. Why do you ask?Kurt sputtered and choked on his beer, and I clapped him on his back. We were at Klompen, our favorite Dutch-themed bar, to watch Dutch baseball (Honkbal, as they call it) on satellite TV.... Read more »
  • Some People Never Learned to Apologize and It Shows
    Some people are terrible at apologizing, and it shows that your parents either did a poor job teaching you, or you're just a terrible human being.I'm sorry, that was not a nice thing to say. I know that I hurt your feelings, and I will do my best to never... Read more »
  • I Was Attacked by a Wild Beast Last Week
    I have never truly been afraid for my life until this past week when I was attacked by some sort of savage poison dart frog outside my own home. It had sharp fangs and long claws, like some kind of saber-tooth poison dart frog.Florida is home to some rather nasty... Read more »
  • Play Awkward Silence Chicken and Other Road Trip Ideas
    Now that the pandemic is nearly over — or people are at least more comfortable with killing strangers by going maskless — we need to scratch our vacation itch. People are getting vaccinated, booking reservations, and making up fake medical excuses for why they and only they can't breathe through... Read more »
  • Tacos Are a Comfort Food Until They Kill You
    Comfort food is called comfort food for a reason: It's comforting.Which means it's not for being healthy, responsible, or doing those things your doctor said you needed to stop (or start) doing at your age.It's not a kale smoothie, cucumber salad, or rice cakes with olive hummus.If you've spent 30... Read more »
  • Falling Leaves, a Fire Pit, and a Fireman
    (Occasionally, I'll accept guest posts from writer friends. This is one is from my friend, Randy Clark, who's the Director of Communications at TKO Graphix in Plainfield, Indiana.)Our backyard is at the bottom of a wooded hill. When autumn arrives, the leaves fall, covering our yard. I don't mind. It's... Read more »
  • British Lecturer Wins £15K After Being Fired Over Too Many Question Marks
    Are British academics too easily frightened and intimidated?Two years ago, I wrote a column about how Leeds University told their lecturers not to overuse the words "do" and "don't," or to write in ALL CAPS so as not to startle the skittish fawns in the school's journalism department.Departmental administrators said... Read more »


  • Getting Up To Pee in the Middle of the Night Isn’t That Bad
    At least once a night I have to get up to take a piss. When it first started happening I didn’t know what the hell was wrong. But as time went by and I did more research I realized it was just part of getting older. When you get older... Read more »
  • If I Had to Do the Last 48 Hours Again I Wouldn’t Change a Thing
    I just bought a website.  There are a ton of processes that go into it. Essentially you have a checklist of things you need to do. While some things are in your control, there are tons of things that are not.  TONS. Rather than get into the annoying details of... Read more »
  • One of The Most Underrated Things in Everyone’s Lives
    Over the years I’ve learned plenty of things or “hacks” if you will, to improve my life. I mean, we all do. We try to better our careers, personal relationships, health, you name it. The things that we hold most dear never leave our minds and some of us do... Read more »
  • Don’t Forget to Try to Complete Some of Your Incompletes
    Recently my family and I spent the day checking out Sagamore Hill (the place Teddy Roosevelt lived). On our way there we passed through some extraordinary neighborhoods. As we drove through I just couldn’t shake this feeling of wanting to live in one of these neighborhoods. Granted I absolutely love... Read more »
  • I’m Pretty Sure I’ll Never Know What I Fully Want: And That’s Cool
    One of the worst feelings in the world is knowing that you really don’t know what the hell you want. For over a year I’ve embarked on this journey of creating videos talking about things I’m pretty passionate about. In that timespan I’ve created a video course, built a business... Read more »
  • Why Don’t You Think You Can Have It All?
    Where did this come from? At what point in your life did you start to believe that having it all was unattainable? I’ll tell you when. It’s when you believed “having it all” was the wrong thing. It’s when you started to believe that “having it all” meant the great... Read more »
  • My Favorite Possession in the World
    For some it might be their car.  For some it might be their house.  For others it could be a watch or a piano. But for me? My favorite possession in the whole world is this little (or rather big) bowl that says “Dad’s Ice Cream.” I’m not even remotely... Read more »

    Trending Views

  • Kamala Harris embarrasses herself by saying DHS Secretary's name wrong
    Vice President Kamala Harris embarrassed herself when she was unable to correctly say Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ first name.She pronounced Alejandro Mayorkas’ name like "Alex-andro" when that's not how his name is pronounced.It might be just a little mishap, but it's somewhat embarrassing when the vice president... Read more »
  • House halted for recess after Lawmaker calls colleague 'Buckwheat' in heated confrontation
    A heated confrontation was caught on camera as Colorado State Rep Richard Holtorf (R-Akron) referred to one of his colleagues as “Buckwheat.”This ended up getting a little bit out of hand and required a recess of the House.However, the GOP lawmaker disputes the claim it was inappropriate and says it... Read more »
  • Bizarre video of Joe Biden stalling has the Internet wondering if it's real
    A video showing President Joe Biden stalling has people asking if this is a manipulated video or if it's real.I tried to find it on Google by typing in "Joe Biden stalls" and it doesn't seem to come up.It's unclear if this this video is real or someone manipulated it.... Read more »
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene thanks former president, demands the world respect America
    Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene goes off in a speech that far-left Democrats might be upset with. Marjorie Taylor Greene demands that the world respects America and she thanks former President Donald Trump for what he was doing. She slams everyone who fought against him, particularly the media.Marjorie Taylor Greene... Read more »
  • AOC doesn't think Deficit is worth hanging infrastructure and jobs plan on
    Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not think the deficit is worth hanging the infrastructure and jobs plan on, she said in a recent video.Perhaps AOC's problem is that she may not be thinking right in the first place.She hasn't been wildly vocal about much lately, so it was good to... Read more »
  • State Senator did Zoom meeting from car, but thought he could hide it
    I don't know what gave it away in this hilarious video of a Senator doing a Zoom meeting from GOP Senator Andrew Brenner's car.He tried putting a background of his home office on the video, but you can see clearly there's a seat-belt still on him as he's looking around... Read more »
  • Meghan McCain promises consequences if Liz Cheney ousted, slams 'sausage fest of MAGA'
    Meghan McCain promises consequences to the GOP if they oust anti-Trumper Liz Cheney.McCain is beyond fired up and shaming the MAGA followers and warns that midterms could go horribly for Republicans if they oust Cheney.McCain does not seem happy about this.The Hill reported:In the fiery segment, McCain called the group... Read more »


  • Milton Glaser Quotes to Appreciate Design in Life
    In June 2020, designer Milton Glaser left the world, prompting everybody in design to look back on his life as a visionary. He is most famous for creating the iconic... The post Milton Glaser Quotes to Appreciate Design in Life appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • These Solar Panel Flowers Will Brighten Up Your Summer!
    When people think of solar power, they often envision huge open fields with solar panels or futuristic smart houses with sleek and modern designs. While these provide the efficiency and... The post These Solar Panel Flowers Will Brighten Up Your Summer! appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • Bionics: 2 Recent, Key Moments in the Technological Evolution of the Human Body
    Bionics is a term that has been gradually growing in use and significance for a little over half a century – and, perhaps more importantly, one that has been evolving... The post Bionics: 2 Recent, Key Moments in the Technological Evolution of the Human Body appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • This Artist’s Finger Painting Technique Will Blow Your Mind!
    Seeing artwork that blows your mind away is a wonderful experience, even for those who don’t consider themselves aficionados or experts. Here, we feature an artist whose fingerpainting art can... The post This Artist’s Finger Painting Technique Will Blow Your Mind! appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • This Must-See Sculpture is a Real Life Stairway to Heaven
    While most people immediately associate art with two-dimensional paintings, something can’t quite replicate the captivating nature of sculptures. Whether they are small busts or gargantuan pieces put on display, a... The post This Must-See Sculpture is a Real Life Stairway to Heaven appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • 35 Tattoos That You’ll Love to the Moon and Back
    Moon tattoos are timeless. Most people have thought of getting a moon tattoo some time in their lives, and it can make one wonder why this symbol is so captivating.... The post 35 Tattoos That You’ll Love to the Moon and Back appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • Finding Light on the Dark Side: Stained Glass Star Wars Masterpieces
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, someone created the very first Star Wars memorabilia and fan art. Who it was and what they created is something... The post Finding Light on the Dark Side: Stained Glass Star Wars Masterpieces appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »

    Green Humour

  • Inspiring Environmental Leadership from Around the World
    Inspiring environmental leadership from around the world, featuring Costa Rica's Carlos Alvarado Quesada, New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern, Belize's Johnny Briceno, and India's UN Champion of the Earth! Cartoon from my column with The Hindu.... Read more »
  • Similarities between the Sand Bubbler Crab and Bill Watterson
    Some similarities between the Sand Bubbler Crab and Bill Watterson. A tribute to one of my favourite cartoonists on World Cartoonists' DayFrom my Roundglass Sustain column.... Read more »
  • Cartoons for the International Red Cross Red Crescent
    Cartoons done for a Cartoonstock Cartoonathon for a Red Cross Red Crescent seminar that discussed the advantages and drawbacks of using artificial intelligence and technology for humanitarian aid work in conflict zones, moderated by Samantha Vuignier, and with fellow-cartoonists Rebeka Ryvola and Kendra Allenby for company. ... Read more »
  • COVID Resurgence and the Government of India
    COVID resurgence and the Indian government's environmental response to a zoonotic disease. Comic from my column with Sunday Mid-Day. Completing 5 years of publishing Green Humour on Sunday Mid-day today.... Read more »
  • Honk Kong Terracotta Corals
    Researchers in Hong Kong are using 3-d printed terracotta tiles to revive coral reefs in polluted waters! Comic strip from m Sunday Mid-Day column. ... Read more »
  • Cuttlefish Marshmallow Test
    The Common Cuttlefish has recently passed the Marshmallow Test, making it the first known invertebrate to possess the virtue of self control! Comic from my column with The Hindu. ... Read more »
  • flies and Military Names
    Ever wondered why so many butterfly species bear military rankings as their names? That's because the people who named these species were British military officers. Cartoon from my Roundglass Sustain column. ... Read more »

    This is True

  • mp3090: Rescuing Uncommon Sense
    An astonishing example of Uncommon Sense in a rescue, with some practical advice that could save your life. Read more »
  • Florida Man: Not a Recent Phenomenon
    An academic’s “history” of “Florida Man” makes some startling — and completely wrong! — claims about how the “Florida Man meme” got started online. No, it wasn’t in 2012, or even the “mid-2000s”!... Read more »
  • Time for Fax Machines to Die
    It’s time for us to move beyond fax machines, which are still in wide use in healthcare. If you’re an American who has been prescribed a drug in the past several years, it’s extremely likely your doctor sent that prescription to the pharmacy via fax “technology.” This was sparked from... Read more »
  • Peckertrace: Little Boys Will Be Little Boys
    You've seen them before: now there's a word for them.... Read more »
  • What It’s Like to…
    I’ve Always Liked the “Inside” Stories — What It’s Like to… Save a Life. Be a Surgeon. Pave a Road. Of course, people wonder about a lot “negative” things too — Become Paraplegic. Serve on a Murder Jury. Survive a Family Member’s Suicide. Wondering “What It’s Like” to be or... Read more »
  • mp3089: The Deserved Death of “Doctor Knows Best”
    “Doctor knows best,” the saying went. While delivered as reassurance, its real meaning was much more sinister, as I’ll explain. This is the story of the final nail in that idiom’s coffin because really, it was a lie all along. The crazy thing is, that didn’t happen all that long... Read more »
  • mp3088: The Fruits of Her Labor
    “Success came because I never saw obstacles” — an Uncommon Sense approach to life, let alone business. Show Page: Read more »


  • Ohio senator uses Zoom background to try to hide the fact he's driving
    On the same day a distracted driving bill was introduced, state Senator Andrew Brenner participated in a government video meeting while driving. While that's ironic enough, the best part was that he used a Zoom background to try and disguise the fact he was driving. Because, ya know, everybody wears... Read more »
  • This guy perfectly captures what every conversation for the next three months will be like
    I've already had this exact conversation more than once and I guarantee by the end of the month I'll have had it again. The only solution is to never actually leave my home even after the pandemic is over which, honestly, is kind of what I was planning anyway. I've... Read more »
  • This lunatic made a whip out of large chains
    This topless lunatic made a whip out of large chains and it looks like he stepped out of an anime. Also, it looks like he almost exploded his own head with that first whip. I mean, I'm not a whip expert or anything but I'm pretty sure the whip isn't... Read more »
  • These Signal ads were banned by Instagram and Facebook
    The encrypted chat app Signal tried to use Instagram ads to display the data Facebook collects about you and sells access to. Facebook obviously wasn't having any of it and decided to just shut down their ad account instead. Here are some of the ads people would've seen, and they're... Read more »
  • Royal Marines board a ship using a jet pack
    The Royal Marines recently ran an exercise testing the $440,000 Gravity Jet Suit to aid in boarding operations and it looks like something out of a James Bond movie. Obviously the future is going to be super annoying when every pizza delivery person is flying around in a jet pack,... Read more »
  • Icelandic volcano eruption filmed from home in Reykjavík
    That volcano in Iceland that started erupting after 800 years? Well it's still erupting. I went to my balcony to film again after hearing there were really huge lava fountains spewing around midnight local time, and lo and behold I caught the 2 biggest ones, filmed around 2am Sunday, May... Read more »
  • Testing chess champion Magnus Carlsen's insane memory
    Possibly the greatest chess player of all time, Magnus Carlsen, was quizzed on his incredible memory by seeing if he could identify matches based purely on the layout of a chess board. World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is put to the test by English Grandmaster David Howell! How many games... Read more »
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