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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse Blogs waaronder Crack Two, The Blemish, Erik Deckers’s Laughing Talk, Uncoached, World Wide Interweb, Mediaite, My Daily Freedom, Reason, Shock Mansion, Blazepress, The Worst Things for Sale, Green Humour, The Wow Report, Brobible, This is True en Geekologie . Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.


    Crack Two

  • Five Ways to Pass Your College Courses
    If you have recently started college, chances are that you may be struggling with your college courses already. Many students are often caught off guard by how much more difficult college courses are, especially if they have not prepared well enough for them. If you are struggling with your college... Read more »
  • How to Investigate Employee Theft in a Company
    Our workforce is dependent on the relationships and bonds we form throughout our journeys. In the professional sense, we may form a rapport with our employees or employers the longer we stay in our jobs. These relationships are the key to sustaining a healthy working arrangement with our colleagues. However,... Read more »
  • 8 Multiple TV Setup Ideas for a Single Space
    Whether you are planning a luxury home theatre, an outdoor cabana, a sports haven in your home or an entertainment centre for your business, you might be thinking about the best way to incorporate multiple TVs into a single space. Having more than one TV in the same area allows... Read more »
  • Four Ways Online Research Communities Can Benefit Companies
    Online community research software benefits companies who need to do qualitative research. Communities can take the place of focus groups, which a are to set up with social distancing guidelines and only offer small samples. The technological tools available today are customizable to target specific groups, such as employees or... Read more »
  • 6 Benefits of Partnering with an Employment Lawyer
    Employment lawyers are essential in managing issues that arise between employees and employers. They offer legal representation and simplify the complex and ever-changing employment laws in different states. An employment lawyer is not mandatory in businesses or for employees, but they are strongly recommended for employers and employees. The following... Read more »
  • 8 Retail Display Ideas & Strategies for Shopping Malls
    Visual merchandising is a very important part of successful retail store. Essentially, it is anything that can be seen by potential customers inside and outside of the store. The overall purpose is to get them to spend more time browsing, discovering new products, and ultimately making a purchase. Research has... Read more »
  • 8 Safety and Legal Risks of Driving with a Broken Headlight
    You’re on your way out and realize you’ve got a broken headlight. Is it still safe to drive? How quickly do you need to have it repaired? When you figure out your car needs a repair, one of the first things you’re likely to wonder about is how quickly it... Read more »

    The Blemish

  • VideoLogan Paul Paid $3.5m for Fake Pokemon Cards, Ended Up Getting G.I. Joe Cards Instead
    Even celebs get ripped off. Logan Paul recently purchased $3.5m of first-edition Pokemon Card booster packs. What he got were G.I. Joe cards. Quite different. Paul posted about it in a new YouTube video, “I lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokemon Cards.” Evidently, people were saying the outside of the boxes... Read more »
  • Candace Owens Is Probably Vaccinated
    Candace Owens found a niche as a right winger who amplifies whatever inane talking points that will get her followers frothing at the mouth. Her popularity comes from being a minority that her fans can prop up to say, “See, I’m not racist!” With Trump out of office, she’s now... Read more »
  • Tristan Thompson Says He’ll Retire Rather Than Pay Maralee Nichols Child Support
    Tristan Thompson would rather retire than pay child support. This is according to an alleged text Thompson sent to his new baby mama, personal trainer and aspiring  real estate agent, Maralee Nichols. Thompson met  Nichols during his 30th birthday trip in Houston this past March. A trip where he was... Read more »
  • Tristan Thompson Allegedly Wanted Maralee Nichols to Abort Their Kid
    Tristan Thompson has a new baby on the way. Unfortunately, that’s not what he wanted. Lol? Someone not named Khloe Kardashian is carrying around his third kid. Maralee Nichols is due to birth their baby December 3rd [Ed. note: Baby is here]. According to text messages though, Thompson allegedly asked... Read more »
  • Tristan Thompson Got a Woman Not Named Khloe Kardashian Pregnant
    Tristan Thompson’s wandering dick inseminated someone new. Maralee Nichols, a trainer and asipring real estate agent, gave birth to his third child. In a paternity suit, Thompson admits that he and Nichols hooked up in Houston this past March. Thompson and Khloe Kardashian were still dating at the time. Thompson... Read more »
  • Chris Cuomo Suspended by CNN for Aiding Brother’s Sexual Harassment Allegations
    CNN suspended Chris Cuomo today for a deeper involvement than was known previously in the sexual harassment allegations against his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. NY Times wrote an article detailing Cuomo’s involvement. Chris Cuomo pressed to take on a greater role in crafting his brother’s defense, including... Read more »
  • VideoFoo Fighters Turn Lisa Loeb’s ‘Stay’ Into Heavy Metal for Hanukkah
    When did Dave Grohl become the coolest person in rock? For the start of this year’s Hanukkah, Grohl and The Bird and the Bee’s Greg Kurstin covered Lisa Loeb’s 1994 song “Stay”. Even better, they turned it into a heavy metal version with Grohl lip-syncing in a dress. Their cover... Read more »

    Erik Deckers' Laughing Stalk

  • Australian Guy Marries a Robot, American Woman Marries the Color Pink
    When you're lonely, you miss connections with people. And you'll do anything just to feel like you've got someone in your life.Geoff Gallagher of Queensland, Australia, felt very lonely after his mother died a decade ago and worried he would never find love. He had his dog, Penny, but dogs... Read more »
  • You Can Hire Me to Hang Out With You
    I've found the perfect job, a job where I could get paid to do nothing.Literally nothing.I'd hang out with a person, sit around, stare off into space, and respond to small talk when someone makes it. I wouldn't start conversations, we wouldn't have deep philosophical discussions late into the night,... Read more »
  • Lake Superior State University's List of Banished Words is Irksome This Year
    You know those scenes in Popeye cartoons, where Popeye is going to be eaten by a shark, Olive is tied to the railroad tracks, and Bluto is laughing so hard he's going to have a stroke.At the last possible moment, Popeye eats a hidden can of spinach, gains his super... Read more »
  • That Time Mustard Made Me Late to My Own Wedding
    I was late for my own wedding.Not by much, it was only for the photos, and I had a very good reason.In the spirit of fairness, I will share my wife's response:"It was 30 minutes! We were on a schedule. And it was a stupid reason."My wife and I have... Read more »
  • Vox Media's Employee Bonus is Gift Cards to Their Own Store
    Too many corporations have missed the point of Christmas this year. They're less about being Santa than being Jacob Marley and pre-transformation Ebenezer Scrooge, two miserly money-grubbers, one of who is doomed to wander the afterlife burdened by the very chains of his greed.Like the companies that offer me a... Read more »
  • What are the Odds of Slipping on a Banana Peel?
    I've been fairly lucky over the last couple of months.In November, I won a Freewrite smart typewriter, which is like a laptop without a regular-sized screen, just a small window that lets you see what you've been typing. There were thousands of entries, and I won! Making this the coolest... Read more »
  • Do You Even Have a Favorite Dinosaur, Bro?
    What's your favorite dinosaur? I think everyone should have one, and I don't quite trust people who don't.Mine is the ankylosaurus, the one with the spiky armor on its back and the heavy ball at the end of its tail.The problem is, we've had our childhoods and childishness drummed out... Read more »


  • You Have Control over What You See and How You See It
    You know the phrase “you are what you eat?”  There’s another phrase that I like which is “you are what you consume.”  Not only are you what you consume but you are affected by the way in which you consume it.  Taking a quote from a recent article I read... Read more »
  • I’ll Never Be an Employee Again, Not if I Can Help It
    To me, being an employee doesn’t necessarily mean working for a company as in waking up, commuting, staying at the office from 9-5, coming home and doing it again the next day.  It doesn’t necessarily mean being a slave for 30 years and selling your soul so that you can... Read more »
  • I Feel Burned Out But Shouldn’t I Be Doing More?
    Lately I’ve been feeling burned out and yet at the same time I constantly think that I should be doing more.  I refuse to believe I’m the only one this has ever happened to.  Allow me to explain it.  Here’s what typically happens.  I’ll have some sort of “project” that... Read more »
  • The Common Sense Reasons I Own McDonald’s Stock
    I’ve been getting some solid feedback about these “common sense” reasons I own stock articles so I figure I’d continue doing them for all the stocks that I actually own.  You might recall the first two I did: why I own Disney and why I own Waste Management.  Today comes... Read more »
  • Scaling a Business Has More to do with Trust Than Anything Else
    In all the years I’ve been running my own business, I don’t think I’ve heard the word “scale” more at any time than in the last few years.  It’s thrown around an awful lot and I think there are too many people out there profiting off this word but for... Read more »
  • How Most People Think When it Comes to Starting a Business
    If there’s one social media platform I’m on every day it’s Linkedin.  Nothing against any of the other social media platforms.  I have no issue with social media usage if it’s done productively.  Anyway, one of the things I do on Linkedin pretty often is scroll through the content feed... Read more »
  • Thinking Sucks
    I have come to the official conclusion that thinking sucks.  I’m pretty sure that I concluded this a very long time ago, but I’ve decided to share it, expand on it, and hopefully shed some light on it today.  Let’s at least explore how this came to be and then... Read more »


  • VideoThis Underwater Statue of a Shark Will Freak You Out!
    Mankind has created many beautiful and amazing things that leave us awestruck. Think of the pyramids, the tallest skyscrapers, and the Great Wall of China. However, there are also some... The post This Underwater Statue of a Shark Will Freak You Out! appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • 52 People Who are Annoyingly Entitled
    Everybody is familiar with the embodiment of entitlement: The Karen. This name usually refers to somebody who makes entitled demands. You can usually find them fighting managers at restaurants. Sometimes,... The post 52 People Who are Annoyingly Entitled appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • 43 Instagram vs. Reality Examples That Will Make You Think Twice
    Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in existence. It started as just a humble photo-sharing application. While that is still true, the type of content shared... The post 43 Instagram vs. Reality Examples That Will Make You Think Twice appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • 53 Weird Haircuts That Will Have You Scratching Your Head
    Some styles go in and out of fashion, and the ones for hair are no exception. Most of us have had bad experiences, whether that’s at a salon or the... The post 53 Weird Haircuts That Will Have You Scratching Your Head appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • Video55 Weird History Facts
    Learning history at school may sometimes feel like nothing but memorizing endless boring facts that happened throughout the centuries. While part of it certainly has to do with learning about... The post 55 Weird History Facts appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • 37 Awesome Halloween Decorations
    The allure of Halloween indeed lies in its extravagance, including elaborate decorations, costume parties, and plenty of candy.  Here we have 37 incredible Halloween decorations in the gallery below, as... The post 37 Awesome Halloween Decorations appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • 50 of the Best “What I Wanted vs. What I Got” Moments Ever
    Most, if not all, people have experienced looking forward to something and then ending up with something, well… a bit more disappointing. The product probably had glowing reviews and promising... The post 50 of the Best “What I Wanted vs. What I Got” Moments Ever appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »

    Green Humour

  • Murmuration Formation Suggestions for Starlings
    Dear Starlings, please consider making these murmuration swarm formations, now that your 'Giant Bird' formation has gone viral! Comic from my column with Sunday Mid-Day.... Read more »
  • ISFR Report 2021
    On the India State of Forests Report and India's 'impressiv' increase in forest cover, from my column with The Hindu Weekend. A huge thanks to MD Madhusudhan for his analysis and breakdown of this report, which you can read on his Twitter profile. ... Read more »
  • Spot the Masquerade on Mumbai's Shores
    Masquerade on Mumbai's shores, featuring the marine life of Mumbai, and the death of the marine life of Mumbai: the Coastal Road! Comic from my column with Sunday Mid-Day.... Read more »
  • Collarwaali
    A tribute to the tigress Collarwaali from Pench Tiger Reserve, who died at the grand age of 17 recently. I had the privilege of meeting her twice. Cartoon from my Roundglass Sustain column.... Read more »
  • Clouded Leopard in Nagaland
    Researchers from the Wildlife Protection Society of India have recently sighted a Clouded Leopard at 3700 metres in Nagaland, making it the highest sighting of the species in the world! Nature TV reports live, for my column with Roundglass Sustain.... Read more »
  • Cheetah Introduction and the Asiatic Lion
    As India prepares to introduce African Cheetahs to Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, Nature TV News speaks to the dumped ex, the Asiatic Lion. Comic from my column with The Hindu Weekend.... Read more »
  • The Dragonfy: Flying Marvel
    On the flight feats of dragonflies from my column with Roundglass Sustain. ... Read more »

    This is True

  • Father Tom Carten, CSC
    A Special Honorary Unsubscribe: Over the years I’ve been accused of being “anti-Christian” so much that what gets lost is what I really am: anti-hypocrite.... Read more »
  • Meet Goldy, the Neurological Researcher
    Wait, what? No really: just wait until you see what they're doing with your kid's fishbowl.... Read more »
  • My Dad’s Landlady
    Those who know me may see the seeds of some of my own background in this…. When my dad got out of the service after World War II, he ended up in Glendale, Calif., where he worked at the Glendale News-Press newspaper. I believe he was sort of an all-around... Read more »
  • Longevity: First Things First (5 Things to Do)
    If you want to live a longer life — or, more importantly, a healthy vibrant life starting now and live longer with good health, there really are things you can do. It starts with getting your house in order.... Read more »
  • “He Kind of Groomed Me to Get to My Son”
    How two parents saved their child from being the victim of a pedophile.... Read more »
  • Review Spam: a Deadly Online Weapon
    Like guns, reviews can be used as a weapon; they definitely can be deadly to a business. Like guns, sometimes the shots fired seem justified, and other times not. And (like guns!) the shots are often cowardly.... Read more »
  • The First True Member of the Creator Economy?
    Probably the Most Thorough Interview I’ve been subjected to happened in mid-June. It took journalist Simon Owens (who writes with great insight about the “Creator Economy”) until today to distill his notes down …to only 4,000 words! He was boggled that True was able to start, let alone survive, in... Read more »


  • A longboarder's closest calls over 10 years of filming
    Lonboarder Josh Neuman put together this compilation of his ten closest calls while filming his longboarding over ten years. What he says about his number one closest call: What Happened: While on a production shoot we had one of the crew members drive down before us and block off the... Read more »
  • Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot doing parkour
    This is incredible (chilling?) video of Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot doing parkour. Parkour is the perfect sandbox for the Atlas team at Boston Dynamics to experiment with new behaviors. In this video our humanoid robots demonstrate their whole-body athletics, maintaining its balance through a variety of rapidly changing, high-energy activities.... Read more »
  • Absolutely stunning and hypnotic stop-motion animation using matches
    This is an incredibly well done and hypnotic stop-motion animation by Tomohiro Okazaki featuring every conceivable play on matches. And as if the creativity wasn't impressive enough on its own, it plays back at 60fps. The stop-motion video I made for my high school art class played back at two... Read more »
  • This is a snownado
    Apparently snownados exist and if you guessed that they're dust devils but with snow you'd be correct. They're not nearly as interesting as Sharknados or firenados, but those are impossibly high bars for a 'nado. Keep going for another video of a snownado. According to The Weather Network they're so... Read more »
  • Surreal phone booth videos
    This is a series of surreal phone booth videos by TikToker solopsist. You may be wondering what a "surreal phone booth video" even is and I couldn't explain it to you if I tried, so I'll just let you experience them as I did. @solopsist There are no rules. ##wildwest... Read more »
  • Meet Adam Dipert, the Space Juggler
    This is a series of videos demonstrating space juggling as performed by physicist and circus performer Adam Dipert who goes by, well, The Space Juggler. If you're wondering what space juggling is just trust you're gut because you're probably correct. When learning to juggle in weightlessness, the first thing to... Read more »
  • That time the vault was set too low at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and everybody fell
    In honor of Suni Lee winning Olympic gold in the women's all-around gymnastics, here's that time the officials set the vault too low at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and all the competitors fell and almost killed themselves. During the all-around competition in the women's gymnastics at the 2000 Olympics, it... Read more »
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