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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse Blogs waaronder Crack Two, The Blemish, Erik Deckers’s Laughing Talk, Uncoached, World Wide Interweb, Mediaite, My Daily Freedom, Reason, Shock Mansion, Blazepress, The Worst Things for Sale, Green Humour, The Wow Report, Brobible, This is True en Geekologie . Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.


    Crack Two

  • Four Ways Online Research Communities Can Benefit Companies
    Online community research software benefits companies who need to do qualitative research. Communities can take the place of focus groups, which a are to set up with social distancing guidelines and only offer small samples. The technological tools available today are customizable to target specific groups, such as employees or... Read more »
  • 6 Benefits of Partnering with an Employment Lawyer
    Employment lawyers are essential in managing issues that arise between employees and employers. They offer legal representation and simplify the complex and ever-changing employment laws in different states. An employment lawyer is not mandatory in businesses or for employees, but they are strongly recommended for employers and employees. The following... Read more »
  • 8 Safety and Legal Risks of Driving with a Broken Headlight
    You’re on your way out and realize you’ve got a broken headlight. Is it still safe to drive? How quickly do you need to have it repaired? When you figure out your car needs a repair, one of the first things you’re likely to wonder about is how quickly it... Read more »
  • 13 Kinds of AI Impact on Manufacturing Industry
    AI, aka artificial intelligence, has a growing role to play in the day-to-day lives of workers, consumers, and society as a whole. In manufacturing, AI can cut costs, improve safety and efficiency, and produce more effective processes that allow companies the chance to move more product through to the next... Read more »
  • 8 Ceramic Coating Maintenance Tips for Your Car
    To a car enthusiast, ceramic coating is a status symbol. Whether it is installed by an auto shop or a professional detailer, or you prefer to go the DIY route, keeping a ceramic coated car in tip-top shape is critical. You can accomplished this by washing the ceramic coating as... Read more »
  • 8 Multiple TV Setup Ideas for a Single Space
    Whether you are planning a luxury home theatre, an outdoor cabana, a sports haven in your home or an entertainment centre for your business, you might be thinking about the best way to incorporate multiple TVs into a single space. Having more than one TV in the same area allows... Read more »
  • Video10 Best Ways to Crack Your Back Effectively
    A stiff back holds in tension, is uncomfortable to live with, and has a sense of restlessness or sometimes chronic pain attached to it. Unfortunately, cracking your back incorrectly can worsen an injury or cause one. It’s important to learn the right way to crack your back. This technique eases... Read more »

    The Blemish

  • VideoAdele is Back with a New Song to Bore You
    I cannot snooze any harder. Adele, the queen of outdoor picnic music, rolls in the deep with more Adele music that is Adele for the Adele fans. “Easy on Me” follows the same piano ballad pattern. Strong vocals, dramatic music, kinda banal lyrics.  It comes off her upcoming album, 30.... Read more »
  • VideoThe Rock Is Will Smithing Himself
    Remember when Will Smith became a dual-threat? His humble beginnings started with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and then reached a crescendo with Bad Boys before welcoming aliens to earf. Will then reached peak Will Smith with Men in Black where he sang the theme song. People let that slide, but... Read more »
  • Big Dick Daddy Dip Has a Problem
    Diplo went public on Instagram of his ordeal with a groupie he once had sex with who ended up stalking him and claiming they hooked up while she was underage. Pretty standard musician/groupie relationship. The takeaways from this are Her nickname for Diplo was Big Dick Daddy Dip She claims... Read more »
  • Gwyneth Paltrow Pays Her Employees With Goop Discounts
    Gwyneth Paltrow is the female Michael from The Office. So oblivious to what’s going around her. Business Insider wrote an insider’s view of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop today based on ex-employee interviews. From it, Paltrow can be summarized as cheap, fickle and ignorant of her employee’s well-being. I am, not surprised?... Read more »
  • Norm Macdonald Dead at 61 From Cancer
    If you haven’t heard, and how could you not, Norm Macdonald died today at 61. I believe it was cancer. According to the news, he’d been diagnosed with it for 9 (!) years. According to his producing partner, Lori Jo Hoekstra, Macdonald kept his diagnosis private on purpose. “He was... Read more »
  • Jamie Spears Accused of Extorting Britney Spears’ Conservatorship for $2 miillion
    It’s hard to give up the easy life. Jamie Spears sounds like he wanted to be the good guy in stepping down from Britney Spears’ conservatorship. But, it’s hard to remove your mouth from a cash cow’s teat. Britney Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart says Jamie Spears is extorting Britney for... Read more »
  • Britney Spears Already Topless on Instagram
    It’s been *checks watch* less than a week since news broke that Jamie Spears would be withdrawing his conservatorship and Britney is already posing topless on Instagram. Something about freeing herself from the weight of the world. I’m not sure. Honestly, I’m just amazed Instagram captions have no character limit.... Read more »

    Erik Deckers' Laughing Stalk

  • VideoHow to Escape a Meeting in the 21st Century
    Nothing is a bigger time waster than company meetings. Nothing productive gets done, the meeting agenda will grow to fill the time allotted, and we could have just handled most of the details with a simple email in the first place.When the pandemic started, we quickly figured out that most... Read more »
  • Choices Have Consequences for Drunk People, Too
    It's 2:00 AM on a warm summer night. You're at the public entrance to a beach, and there's a sign that says, "WARNING: Shark sighted today. Do not swim." There's even a fence blocking your way. Clearly, the beach is closed, and you're not supposed to go in there.You say,... Read more »
  • Each State's Most Misspelled Word for 2021
    Indiana, we need to talk. Google says the word we have the hardest time spelling is "friend."Seriously? I always brag to my out-of-state freinds — dammit! — that we are the most friedly — dammit! — state in the Union."We're America's Canada!" I boast. "We have some of the friendliest... Read more »
  • I Almost Got Kicked Out of Grad School for Being, Well, Me
    People don't like it when you use their logic against them. It will get you into trouble. At least, it got me into trouble when I was in graduate school.But that doesn't mean I learned my lesson.I said I went to grad school, I didn't say I was smart.It was... Read more »
  • You Can't Measure the Joy of Hot Dogs in Minutes
    "You're not fooling anyone with that salad, you know," said my friend, Karl. Who am I trying to fool? I asked, putting a bite of chicken Caesar salad into my mouth. We were sitting at the bar at First Editions, our favorite literary-themed bar, for a late and socially distanced lunch."I'm... Read more »
  • VideoUnderstanding Grimace's Shady Beginnings
    Did you know Grimace from McDonald's used to have four arms?No, seriously. When he first appeared in a TV commercial in 1971, he had four arms. (You can see one of the early commercials on YouTube.)I told my wife and father-in-law that once and a great argument ensued.They swore up... Read more »
  • No One Needs a 426-Word Tomato Sandwich Recipe
    The perfect tomato sandwich is made with white bread, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and of course, tomatoes.There. Now you know how to make a tomato sandwich in 16 words. Anyone in a regular American kitchen should now be able to make one with the ingredients I've listed. The name alone should... Read more »


  • I’d Rather Pay $10,000 For the Right Info than $100 For a Bunch of Crap
    Do you realize how much information there is out there these days? But let’s narrow that down. Do you realize how much information there is out there about growing and scaling a business these days? How many courses have you seen for $99 that claim to help you build that... Read more »
  • It’s About Getting a Seat at the Right Table
    One of the biggest commonalities I’ve seen in businesses that reach pinnacle success is that at some point in their lifespans they had what many consider to be a “big break.” The way I interpret this is that at some point they got finally got a seat at the table... Read more »
  • It’s Just That Not Everyone’s a Winner
    There are people out there that you just know are losers. And I mean that in the least sincere way.  Seriously. Some people out there just have no drive.  They give up all the time.  They bring others down. They’re just people you really don’t need in your life. And... Read more »
  • Sales Isn’t a Bad Word But It Can Be Done Very Very Badly
    I think it’s comical the lengths people go to avoid using the word “sales.” Not only that but trying to play it off as if they don’t do any “outbound” work. That’s another 4 letter word: “outbound.” It’s as if prospecting or reaching out to people “cold” is such a... Read more »
  • No Quality of Work Without a Quality of Life
    I recently saw this quote by Adam Grant and I just had to talk about it today. “You don’t get quality of work when people are struggling with quality of life.” If this doesn’t hit home to you then honestly I don’t know what does. You can go pretty far... Read more »
  • “Trading Hours for Dollars” – How Long Can You Keep It Up?
    I hadn’t heard the phrase “trading hours for dollars” in a long time until today. As I reflect on my career I’m thankful to say that I only engaged in this kind of behavior for a minority of my career. One fateful day back in 2008 I told the corporate... Read more »
  • Be Grateful For Those Outside Catalysts That Push You Over the Edge
    Recently I was on a podcast and the host asked me what led me to take the plunge and work for myself. As much as I wanted to say I just had the courage and “did it,” that wasn’t the only thing. Granted I think I would have left my... Read more »


  • Has Overwatch Lost All It’s Players?
    Overwatch has been one of the most popular PC games of all time. The game, released in May 2016, was a huge internet sensation as several anticipating gamers took it... The post Has Overwatch Lost All It’s Players? appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • Video38 Dogs with Eyebrows That Will Have You Laughing
    Sometimes, there’s just no knowing what the next internet trend is going to be. They seem to come from the most unlikely of places. But, from using Star Wars scenes... The post 38 Dogs with Eyebrows That Will Have You Laughing appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • Martin Shkreli: The Most Hated Person in the World
    Of all the recognitions and accolades one can earn, nothing quite compares to being called the most hated person in the world. “Hate” is a pretty strong word, so to... The post Martin Shkreli: The Most Hated Person in the World appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • VideoAmerica’s Most Smartest Model: 5 Brainy Top Model Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
    Models are not typically recognized for their intellect at first glance. After all, their job is to look good —whether that’s on the runway, in editorial photoshoots, or advertisements. So... The post America’s Most Smartest Model: 5 Brainy Top Model Facts That Will Blow Your Mind appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • People Meeting Celebrities and Living Their Best Life!
    Celebrities can sometimes seem otherworldly, almost like they’re gods. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard of stories that reveal the ugly side of some celebrities. Whether it’s rude to the waiter, aggressively... The post People Meeting Celebrities and Living Their Best Life! appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • 50 Science Memes That Will Have You Chuckling Away
    Everybody loves science — whether they realize it or not! There’s always a sense of fun in learning more about the world, whether that’s through the lens of physics, biology,... The post 50 Science Memes That Will Have You Chuckling Away appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »
  • Light Magic: How an Artist Transforms Discarded Objects Into Beautiful Lamps
    Vintage items are beautiful in their own right, but there also comes the point where they are no longer useful. Sometimes they can look like dated ornaments on display in... The post Light Magic: How an Artist Transforms Discarded Objects Into Beautiful Lamps appeared first on BlazePress.... Read more »

    Green Humour

  • Wildlife Photography Gear Ambassadors
    Wildlife photographers and film-makers of India, check out this cool new equipment! Cartoon from my column with Sunday Mid-Day. ... Read more »
  • New Zealand Pygmy Pipehorse
    Meet Cylix tupareomanaia, a Pygmy Pipehorse from New Zealand : the world's first creature to be officially named in collaboration with an indigenous tribe, the Ngatiwai. The species name in Maori translates to 'garland of the seahorse'.Comic from my column with The Hindu Sunday Magazine.... Read more »
  • Galapagos Marine Reserve Habitat Illustration
    (Click on the image for a larger preview)Easily one of the top 10 in my list of places to see before I die, the Galapagos Archipelago, besides being the very cradle of the evolution of evolutionary science, houses a magical range of biodiversity! And thanks to the Save Our Seas... Read more »
  • Ivory billed and Great Slaty Woodpecker
    Did you know that the extinction of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker makes an Indian woodpecker species, the Great Slaty Woodpecker the largest wild woodpecker in the world? Cartoon fro my column with The Hindu Sunday Magazine. Thanks to Raman Kumar of the Nature Science Initiative who let me in on this... Read more »
  • Forest Conservation Act Amendment
    In yet another 'masterstroke' by the Government of India, a very problematic set of amendments to the Forest Cpnservation Act has been proposed, and only 15 days have been allotted to receive comments. These are just a few of the points of contention presented in this comic from my column... Read more »
  • Adani and Black-throated Finch
    Adani's Carmichael Coal Mine (renamed 'Bravus' because the company mistakenly thought the word means 'brave' when it quite appropriately means 'crooked') launched a conservation plan for the endangered Black-throated Finch to cover up their act. The finch is threatened by mining and resulting habitat loss. The conservation plan was found... Read more »
  • Primates of India
    Meet the 23 primate species of India in this new compilation! Prints and merchandise shipped worldwide on my Redbubble store here. For t-shirts within India, visit my Styched store. For posters within India, please email me on rohanchakcartoonist@gmail.com mentioning the number of prints, sizes, and postal address and contact details... Read more »

    This is True

  • Class Clown
    I was intrigued by this week’s Headline — each week’s stories end with one, usually with some sort of twist, from a real news source:... Read more »
  • Amazon’s New Robot: Evil Wall-E?
    My thoughts on Amazon's new personal robot ...and why I'll NEVER have one in my home.... Read more »
  • Our Dr. Brooks
    Sometimes, the Lives of Readers intersect with mine in interesting ways. This is one such story, and it started in 1971 — though I didn’t realize the connection until much more recently.... Read more »
  • mp3092: Leaving a Better World is More Complicated Than You Think
    Humans might be a little special, but we’re not as far above other animals than what we want to believe. And the implications of that are profound.... Read more »
  • mp3091: Don’t Die in the Next Five Years
    The title is an unofficial motto of an organization my wife and I joined. They say this because of coming advances in medicine in the next several years. This episode is my first report on what I learned. (14-1/2 minutes). Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast91... Read more »
  • Black Crayons
    I got this in 1997 from a friend. It was written by Deirdre Sholto-Douglas*. I’ve discussed it with her and she assures me it’s a true story, and gave her permission to publish it. I originally ran it on December 9, 2000, when Randy’s Random was a long-form joke email... Read more »
  • My Niece The Scholar
    She doesn’t read this site, so I should be safe — yes, this is a true story.... Read more »


  • A longboarder's closest calls over 10 years of filming
    Lonboarder Josh Neuman put together this compilation of his ten closest calls while filming his longboarding over ten years. What he says about his number one closest call: What Happened: While on a production shoot we had one of the crew members drive down before us and block off the... Read more »
  • Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot doing parkour
    This is incredible (chilling?) video of Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot doing parkour. Parkour is the perfect sandbox for the Atlas team at Boston Dynamics to experiment with new behaviors. In this video our humanoid robots demonstrate their whole-body athletics, maintaining its balance through a variety of rapidly changing, high-energy activities.... Read more »
  • Absolutely stunning and hypnotic stop-motion animation using matches
    This is an incredibly well done and hypnotic stop-motion animation by Tomohiro Okazaki featuring every conceivable play on matches. And as if the creativity wasn't impressive enough on its own, it plays back at 60fps. The stop-motion video I made for my high school art class played back at two... Read more »
  • This is a snownado
    Apparently snownados exist and if you guessed that they're dust devils but with snow you'd be correct. They're not nearly as interesting as Sharknados or firenados, but those are impossibly high bars for a 'nado. Keep going for another video of a snownado. According to The Weather Network they're so... Read more »
  • Surreal phone booth videos
    This is a series of surreal phone booth videos by TikToker solopsist. You may be wondering what a "surreal phone booth video" even is and I couldn't explain it to you if I tried, so I'll just let you experience them as I did. @solopsist There are no rules. ##wildwest... Read more »
  • Meet Adam Dipert, the Space Juggler
    This is a series of videos demonstrating space juggling as performed by physicist and circus performer Adam Dipert who goes by, well, The Space Juggler. If you're wondering what space juggling is just trust you're gut because you're probably correct. When learning to juggle in weightlessness, the first thing to... Read more »
  • That time the vault was set too low at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and everybody fell
    In honor of Suni Lee winning Olympic gold in the women's all-around gymnastics, here's that time the officials set the vault too low at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and all the competitors fell and almost killed themselves. During the all-around competition in the women's gymnastics at the 2000 Olympics, it... Read more »
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