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  • So Corgi Butt Bread Is Now a Thing…
    Some people have too much free time on their hands, so they start doing weird stuff… Like baking bread that looks like corgi butts. Featured below are some of the best examples of corgi butt bakery masterpieces. The post So Corgi Butt Bread Is Now a Thing… first appeared on... Read more »
  • Funny And Clever Restaurant Sidewalk Signs
    When it comes to sidewalk signs, some restaurant and cafe owners get really creative and come up with brilliant ideas. Scroll down to see the best examples! The post Funny And Clever Restaurant Sidewalk Signs first appeared on Crazy Funny Pictures.... Read more »
  • Knock, Knock!
    The post Knock, Knock! first appeared on Crazy Funny Pictures.... Read more »
  • He Loves You
    The post He Loves You first appeared on Crazy Funny Pictures.... Read more »
  • You Can Now Take Your Pet Fish For a Walk
    New weirdness from Japan (obviously… where else?) A Japanese company “Ma Corporation” is currently working on an unusual container-like bag for live fish, suitable both for pet owners wanting to take their favorite fish on walks, and fans of super-fresh sashimi. Known as Katsugyo Bag this portable fish tank is... Read more »

    My Odd Sock

  • A Bad Day
        You are NOT alone. Everybody has’em from time to time. And having MS doesn’t help. I had a bad day recently and it was my own fault. You see, I overdid it & paid the price for my stubbornness not to give in.   It was a sunny... Read more »
  • Brain Drain #28
      Welcome to Brain Drain (#28 in the series), where I pull the plug on some recent thoughts swirling around inside my big noggin. No particular ire.  Just getting some stuff off my chest. Feel free at the end to add what’s got your knickers in a twist with a... Read more »
  • Ever Faked It?
      Well, have you? Faked it? Faked your disability? Of course not.  You (and I) don’t have to. We have MS or some other kind of creeping crud that makes our lives difficult.   But apparently a lot of people ARE faking it, that according to a recent article by... Read more »
  • The Break-Up
      Making changes in a relationship can be overwhelming. Difficult?  Yes. Emotional?  Certainly. Painful?  Oh, it hurts. But sometimes change is necessary so life can move forward.   I attest to this as I have made a recent change to a relationship very dear to my heart. The following words... Read more »
  • Speak To Me
          Here’s what people (me, mostly) are saying about their MS…..       What would YOU say about your multiple sclerosis?  Tell me with a comment.                                          ... Read more »
  • Not So Ninja
      My home has been overrun with ninjas. Not the mercenary type… appliances!   Ninja has become the new nameplate of kitchen gadgetry and more. Maker of the popular air fryer (we have), coffee makers, food processors, blenders (we have), toaster ovens, cookers, just about anything you can think of—Ninja... Read more »
  • Button Holed
      So many of my shirts come with extra buttons–but I’m not sure why.  I have never used any of them.  They are always just there.  Hanging around.  Riding the coattails (shirttails, in this case).  Patiently waiting for their big break.  Their opportunity to show what they can do.  They are like a... Read more »

    Humor Outcasts

  • So does Wuhan…
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  • Flock of “Super Early Bird” Specials Threatens Florida Meal Cycle
    NAPLES, Florida.  This sun-splashed city on the west coast of Florida is a curious mixture of permanent and seasonal residents, with luxury cars idling on eight-lane highways next to “trucks driven by rednecks hauling watermelons” says Assistant Registrar of Notary Publics DeWayne Morris.  “We also have a lot of alligators,... Read more »
  • Q’Anon- A Visit To The Land Of Odds For Those Who Aren’t Afraid Of Lions And Tigers And Democrats, OH MY!
    Just what exactly does the name ‘Q’Anon’ mean anyway? It is known as a shady, seemingly hallucinatory (or a hallucinating group) led by a mysterious Being who is known only by his pen name ‘Q’. Could it be that not-so-mysterious spy gadget inventor Q from the James Bond series who... Read more »
  • Ripping the Headlines Today, 5/2/21
    Making fun of the headlines today, so you don’t have to The news (like the story about Arnold Schwarzenegger) doesn’t need to be complicated and confusing; that’s what any new release from Microsoft is for. And, as in the case with anything from Microsoft, to keep the news from worrying... Read more »
  • Wisdom for Dummies
    More than 2.80 billion people use Facebook. In an alcoholic haze, it’s easy for some folks to forget their employer may be among them.  ... Read more »
  • Among the Big-Headed People
    My son once gave me as a present a “one-size fits all” Boston Red Sox hat. It was a nice gesture, but hopelessly misguided.  I was able to use the occasion as a “teaching moment.” The three big lies of our time, I told him, are ”The check’s in the... Read more »
  • Portal Wombat…
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  • England Football diversifies the 3 Lions
    On Twitter @EnglandFootball think the 3 lions on England football shirts and not sufficiently diverse. Identity politics will eat itself. The post England Football diversifies the 3 Lions first appeared on Anorak.... Read more »
  • Survey finds people are too easily offended by speech
    Are you bothered by political correctness? Do you watch what you say in public for fear of causing offence? A Pew Research Center survey says most people in the UK, US and France think people today are too easily offended. In the UK, 53% of us believe people are too... Read more »
  • After Hartlepool one Labour MP wants a return to Jeremy Corbyn’s shredded 2019 manifesto
    Labour have lost Hartlepool to the Conservatives in a by-election. Jill Mortimer won the vote. She becomes the first Tory MP for Hartlepool since the constituency was formed in 1974. It has returned a Labour MP in every vote since. On Twitter, Labour MP Richard Burgon wants party leader Keir... Read more »
  • Photos of sex and souvenirs on 42nd Street New York City in the 1980s
    They sold sex and souvenirs on New York City’s 42nd Street in the 1980s. Artist Mitch O’Connell was there with his camera to take snapshots of the street nicknamed the “Deuce”, where you got. cultural fix of grindhouse, where according to the book Sleazoid Express, cinemas were frequented by: depressives... Read more »
  • When The Bidens and the Carters met the result was a truly strange photo
    The Carter Center (@CarterCenter) tweets the picture of President Joe Biden and the First Lady with the caption: ‘We’re pleased to share this wonderful photo from the @POTUS and @FLOTUS visit to see the Carters in Plains, Ga.! Thank you President and Mrs. Biden!’ The Carter Center was ‘founded in... Read more »
  • Seth Rogen remembers his time on the Nineties Bar Mitzvah circuit
    In the New Yorker an excerpt from Seth Rogen’s new memoir, Yearbook. At that age, the only way I knew to get a girlfriend was through dancing. Not just any dancing—slow dancing. It was the only way to really gauge how a girl felt about you, since actually talking about your feelings was... Read more »
  • Sarah Halimi: Jews are the West’s approved target now
    It took the best part of a week for the BBC to pick up the story of Sarah Halimi, the Jewish pensioner murdered in an anti-Semitic attack. Sarah Halimi was 65-year-old when in April 2017, when convicted criminal Kobili Traoré broke into her Paris flat, beat her and threw her... Read more »

    Odd Stuff Magazine

  • Funny Pictures – May 9, 2021
    I’m not sure why, but I believe this sign. via Seems like a good neighbor.. via Found this at the hospital. via Guess which one I used for window wash today. via I gave this bag to my mom for her 40th birthday, she saved it for 24 years, to... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – May 8, 2021
    At my uncle’s wedding and just found out my grandpa said this all the time. via We adopted a bulldog yesterday, the cat clearly was not excited about it. via Pecker fan? via Got vaccinated today. Went super well, everybody was very professional and nice. In and out in 15... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – May 7, 2021
    Who keeps letting the geese in the building? via This Doctor Kit has all the essential items. via I live in Japan and found this Gachapon/toy capsule at my mall yesterday. Collect them all! via Cheaper than flying.. via I probably shouldn’t have been in charge of ordering our office... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – May 6, 2021
    Googly eyes make everything better. via My son wanted to play Hide and Seek. He might go pro. via Found this book in my parents house. via I 3d printed a Julius Caesar pencil holder bust for my mom. via Saw this at a bar today. via Just a guy... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – May 5, 2021
    I would like to share with you all the time I was politely dissed by R.L. Stine. I was in 4th Grade and mailed my book to him to autograph. via We bought T-Rex arms for our chickens. via Thinking of having a baby? On the left is a picture... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – May 4, 2021
    Someone’s got to clean up these dirty streets, guess it has to be me.. via Went to change the toilet paper in my boyfriend’s bathroom. via I caught my goldfish and my 2 puppies staring at each other. via My friend showed up to his favorite Ramen restaurant to find... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – May 3, 2021
    Today I reorganized my sock drawer and these are all the individual socks that don’t have a match.. via Welcome to Illinois.. via Found the divorce car! via Guys I need to get a face asap! via Get your hoe repaired! via I have won the avocado lottery. via Roof... Read more »

    The Edge Search

  • Ways to Convince drivers to install GPS trackers in their vehicles
    Out of all the amazing inventions out there, one of the most useful has the discovery of GPS or global positioning system. Not just as a matter of advancement in technology, but also a matter of providing more safety to the vehicle drivers, and riders in a few cases, this... Read more »
    They say that our grandparents are our strength, our parents, our teacher and our best friend of course. They make our world a beautiful dreamland. They give us all the comfort, happiness which we desire. Since childhood, they fulfill all our demands and sometimes give us a life lesson. They... Read more »
  • 5 Must Use Keyword Tools For PPC Success
    IntroductionAny marketer or agency worth their salt will tell you at the very heart of a successful PPC campaign is Keyword Research. If your PPC Campaign has managed to narrow down on the right keywords, then you can expect all the clicks and the conversions. Evolving the best keyword research... Read more »
  • Giving Your Students the AV Resources They Deserve
    The first day back on campus was always going to be strange for educators. It was a difficult year of lockdowns and awkward online classes conducted from my bedroom. However, nothing excited me more than seeing my students’ faces for the first time in months, even if they were half-covered... Read more »
  • Top Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An Internet Service Provider
    As a business owner or a top-ranking executive, you probably cannot imagine a world without the internet. You are not alone; with businesses becoming more and more dependent on the internet, choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the business becomes hugely important.Source: Read more »
  • 7 Important Things You Should Remember When Buying Your First House
    Buying your dream home can be an exhilarating experience. But it comes with its own set of challenges, too. Hence, there is a bit of apprehension in the minds of those buyers, especially first-time buyers.Source: Read more »
  • Tips To Choose The Right Storage Unit Size
    If we were to exactly explain the experience of choosing the right self-storage unit or yourself then it is a lot like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. Either you can try out every size unit before finalizing the one that is best for you or you can always do your... Read more »

    Elite Daily

  • The 5 Best Cake Carriers
    There's nothing more frustrating than spending hours making a beautiful cake only to have it get smashed in transit — I know, because it's happened to me. The best cake carriers are made from durable, food-safe materials with sturdy bases and tall…... Read more »
  • The 7 Best Drugstore AHA Products
    If you're reading this article, you probably already know about the benefits of AHAs, or alpha-hydroxy acids. But did you know that you certain, budget-friendly AHA products perform just as well as their more expensive counterparts? That brings us…... Read more »
  • May 10, 2021 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs
    You may think of Taurus season as a time of patience and low-key energy. And yes, earth signs tend to take a more pragmatic and practical approach to life. However, that doesn't mean there isn't so much excitement and abundance slated to surround…... Read more »
  • The Emotional Meaning Of The May 2021 New Moon Is About Commitment
    When the new moon is taking place, it's a beautiful time to let go and let in. This moment is known as the "spiritual reset" of the lunar cycle, encouraging you to release your grip on the past and brace yourself for the growth of something new. As…... Read more »
  • The Spiritual Meaning Of The May 2021 New Moon Is About Patience
    In astrology, the moon is the celestial body that rules over your inner world. It's connected to the part of you that guides your intuition, your subconscious, and your emotions. The moon keeps all your secrets and protects your shadow side, yet it…... Read more »
  • Olivia Rodrigo's Quote Defending Writing Songs About Boys Calls Out Sexist Remarks
    Olivia Rodrigo is calling out a confusing critique of women songwriters she's noticed as her career has taken off. The singer-songwriter, who skyrocketed to fame thanks to her starring role on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and the…... Read more »
  • 45 Highly Rated & Extremely Useful Things On Amazon You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner
    When it comes to online shopping, there's only one piece of advice you need to follow: Read the reviews. Not only will the reviews clue you into any little tips or tricks you might need to know, but they'll also tell you if what you're looking at is…... Read more »

    Yes Bitch!

  • Vanessa Hudgens Braless Caliwater Escape!
    Vanessa Hudgens Braless Caliwater Escape! – The Nip Slip Hailey Baldwin Bikini Line of the Day – Linkiest Being Friends with Demi Rose Mawby has its Perks! – Boobie Blog Constance Jablonski by Michael Sedan HQ Photo Shoot – In The Raw Isabella Worlock Makes Her Long-Awaited #HustleBootyTempTats Debut –... Read more »
  • Watch the Official Trailer for Erotic Lesbian Nun Thriller Benedetta
    Here’s the synopsis for Benedetta directed by Paul Verhoeven: In the late 15th century, with plague ravaging the land, Benedetta Carlini joins the convent in Pescia, Tuscany, as a novice. Capable from an early age of performing miracles, Benedetta’s impact on life in the community is immediate and momentous. Benedetta... Read more »
  • Paulina Shafir Is The Hottest You’ll See Today
    I’m pretty sure this is the first full post I’ve done on gorgeous lingerie model and twitch gamer Paulina Shafir. So enjoy the pics, but just make sure to keep a fire extinguisher nearby, because my pants region is melting faster than that ice cream cone right now. The post... Read more »
  • Daphne Blunt Got Them Titties On of the Day
    Daphne Blunt Got Them Titties On of the Day – Linkiest Eva Lovia in a Sheer Robe! – Boobie Blog Lisa Rinna on a Braless Juice Run! – The Nip Slip A Timeless Hottie By The Name Of Rachel Bilson – Hotness Rater Taylor Panirau Nude in Troy Freyee HQ... Read more »
  • Nastya Nass: How to Stretch your Girlfriend
    This guy has won the lottery. The post Nastya Nass: How to Stretch your Girlfriend first appeared on Yes Bitch!.... Read more »
  • Stefanie Gurzanski Will Knock You Out
    I’m pretty sure this is the first full post I’ve done on gorgeous Canadian model Stefanie Gurzanski. I don’t know too much about the steamy model, besides the fact that got a killer Instagram and she’s a total pants fire. Alright, class dismissed. The post Stefanie Gurzanski Will Knock You... Read more »
  • Kaia Gerber Ass of the Day
    Kaia Gerber Ass of the Day – Linkiest Tori Montana Strip in the Kitchen! – Booty Source Olivia Culpo Pokies in a Strapless Top! – The Nip Slip Lana Zakocela: A Classy, Lovely Woman You’d Lust After – Hotness Rater Bad Dog Photo Presents Fitness Model Alex Kay For School... Read more »