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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse de beste Engelse Blogs waaronder What Culture, Variety, Crazy Funny Pictures, Towleroad Gay New, My Odd Sock, Time Killer, Humor Outcasts, The Laugh Button, The Free Thought Project, Keep Laughing Forever, Anorak Odd Stuff Magazine, Lowering the Bar, The Edge Search, Elite Daily en Yes Bitch. Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.


    Crazy Funny Pictures

  • The Funniest Posts From Our Friends
    Funny And Confusing Thrift Store T-Shirts – Makes you wonder about the stories behind these unusual t-shirt design choices. Christmas Cards That Doesn’t Suck – Don’t you just hate those tacky, unfunny, boring Christmas cards you can find in stores all over the country? We do. Memes About Psychology And... Read more »
  • I Knew They Will Break Up!
    The post I Knew They Will Break Up! first appeared on Crazy Funny Pictures.... Read more »
  • Weird Instagram Trend: Dogs With Mullets
    The 1980s are coming back! …In the worst way possible. There’s a new trend among dog owners: mullet style grooming. It’s even gaining some traction among viral Instagram trends under #DogMullet tag. Let us know in the comments below whether you think this is a crime against common sense or... Read more »
  • Late To The Job Interview
    The post Late To The Job Interview first appeared on Crazy Funny Pictures.... Read more »
  • Funny And Very Relatable Black Friday Tweets
    Shopping on Black Friday apparently means throwing punches… or taking punches. Maybe we should rename it Black-and-blue Friday? We’d like to think that the great shopping mall body count of 2022 will end up a small percentage of the total number of shoppers who ventured out on the day after... Read more »

    Towleroad Gay News

  • After Club Q attack, LGBT venues grapple with safety concerns
    Published by Reuters By Jonathan Allen NEW YORK (Reuters) – After the 2016 massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, the owners of New York City gay bar C’mon Everybody hired more security staff, and the LGBT landmark Stonewall Inn ran active-shooter safety drills with its bartenders. Those bars and... Read more »
  • Will Young blasts David Beckham for promoting Qatar World Cup
    Published by BANG Showbiz English Will Young has slammed David Beckham for promoting the Qatar World Cup. The 47-year-old former soccer star has signed a lucrative deal to promote the ongoing World Cup – but Will has now described his ambassadorial role as “odious”. He said on Instagram: “Qatar is... Read more »
  • Nearly Every State Has Seen Threats, Attacks On Drag Shows: Report
    Published by Knewz By Alex Lang New York (Knewz) — As members of the LGBTQ community and Colorado mourn the victims of a mass shooting at a club, nearly every state has seen drag events face threats. On Nov. 19, a gunman opened fire inside a Colorado Springs, Colorado, club... Read more »
  • ‘We Don’t Do Gay’: Father Of Colorado Shooting Victim Reveals First Reaction Was To Question Why Son Was At LGBTQ Club Before Mercilessly Killing 5
    Published by Radar Online colorado springs police Aaron Brink, the father of the 22-year-old Colorado shooting suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich, revealed his shocking first reaction to the disturbing killing spree which claimed the lives of five innocent people. mega RadarOnline.com has learned that Brink said he was notified about what... Read more »
  • Conservative think tank pays $1.3 million to air anti-LGBTQ ad during Thanksgiving weekend
    Published by AlterNet The Heritage Foundation, an anti-LGBTQ think tank, is reportedly spending $1.3 to air an anti-LGBTQ ad on TV and online during Thanksgiving weekend. The ad seeks to turn public sentiment against The Respect for Marriage Act, a bill that would require U.S. states to legally recognize same-sex... Read more »
  • Musk announces ‘amnesty’ for banned Twitter accounts after poll
    Published by AFP Space-X and Tesla boss Elon Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion in October 2022 San Francisco (AFP) – Elon Musk said Thursday many previously suspended Twitter accounts would be allowed back on the platform after a landslide of users responding to an informal poll by the  new... Read more »
  • Right-wing pastor celebrates Club Q massacre as ‘good thing’ in hate-filled sermon
    Published by Raw Story A Washington state pastor celebrated the mass shooting last weekend at an LGBTQ nightclub that left five people dead. Aaron Thompson, of Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Vancouver, said the massacre was a “good thing” and falsely claimed the victims had been molesting children, although he... Read more »

    My Odd Sock

  • Guilt Over Good
      One can be guilty of many things. Mostly bad stuff comes to mind. But I ask you, can one be guilty of a GOOD thing? Here’s my dilemma. Speaking to those with multiple sclerosis, you already know that with a MS diagnosis there can be a truckload of symptoms,... Read more »
  • Leaf Blowers Blow
      The fall season brings out its absolute best. Crisp temps.  Clear skies.  And a rainbow of vivid colors as Mother Nature shows her hand. But on the contrary, with fall, also comes its absolute worst–the emergence of the annoying, man-made cicada of the season–the LEAF BLOWER.   You see,... Read more »
  • Rants
      This pitiful blog serves as my outlet. A place to spew my thoughts, my gripes & ideas in a somewhat humorous way. Not everything will be on point as my mind hits & skips like a ’74 Dodge Dart. Today is no exception as I drone on about two... Read more »
  • Dreadfully Awful
        I just finished taking a cycle of the commonly-prescribed oral steroid, Prednisone. Whether you have MS, a myriad of other health conditions or simply trying to boost your home run total, you are well aware of what I am about to say.       How do these... Read more »
  • The Flemmy Awards
    It’s the Flemmy Awards! Welcome ladies & gentlemen to the Flemmy’s, celebrating the best & worst of My Odd Sock. We are live from the American Legion hall in Sheboygan for this star-studded event.     Everyone in attendance hoping, dreaming to take home a coveted, career-killing Flemmy Award! The winners... Read more »
  • Adults Say The Darndest Things
        It’s not just kids. Often, seemingly mature, educated, functioning, responsible adults come up with shit that leaves your head spinning. You & I and everyone with any sort of health malady have heard our share of these numbing witicisms. The examples are endless.   I believe people belch... Read more »
  • MS Fact or Fiction
        There is a lot of bad information online about multiple sclerosis (Much of it found here!). As a service to you, My Odd Sock has poured over this vast amount of data to sort through what is real…and what is not real is this post titled “MS Fact or... Read more »
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  • The Best Christmas Cards Sale – And Discounts on unique Christmas Gifts
    Christmas cards and Christmas gifts are now at a 20% discount in the Flashbak Shop. Just enter the vouched code ‘ALLGOODTHINGS’ to claim your discount. It’s not just a Christmas card sale. Flashbak has saving on their very high-quality prints – which all come with free shipping, so you can... Read more »
  • The coolest Wrapping Paper on the web
    Over at the Flashbak Shop, they’ve got what might be the coolest wrapping paper ever. With designs by the likes of Ernst Haeckel, Louis Wain, Gustav Klimt and Wassily Kandinsky, your gift will never look better. Never buy boring wrapping paper again. Check out their full range of wrapping paper.... Read more »
  • VideoWhich football players are good at golf?
    Football and golf are two sports that seem to go hand in hand. It has been proven for decades that footballers can escape the everyday pressures of football by playing golf. A relaxing sport, many current and ex-professionals have excelled not only on the pitch but also on the greens. ... Read more »
  • Spellbinding prints of New York City In Neon
    The brilliant Flashbak shop for archival prints has a new range of photographs by Gerry Cranham. The British photographer (born 1928), took these pictures and many more in the late 1960s, experimenting with speed and light. The results are spellbinding. New York City, London and Las Vegas throb with energy.... Read more »
  • The mayor of Kyiv shows how to do a TV interview
    Russia claims its only hitting military targets. What does the Kyiv Mayor say to that? "BULLSHIT!" he spits. A former boxing champion, Vitale Klitschko delivers knockout sound bites that get straight to the point. Feel free to share #Ukraine #Kyiv pic.twitter.com/GvFs7ZWIUz— Chris Reason (@ChrisReason7) March 16, 2022https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js In other news,... Read more »
  • Russian cosmonauts arrive at International Space Station dressed in yellow and blue of Ukraine
    The three new arrivals on ISS were dressed in the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag as they emerged from their Soyuz capsule after docking with the space station. Their yellow uniforms carried blue stripes, instead of the standard-issue blue. If it was a bold statement against Russia’s invasion... Read more »
  • William Nicholson’s London Types
    William Nicholson designed his ‘London Types‘ in 1898. Printmaker William Nicholson worked in partnership with his brother-in-law James Pryde, under the pseudonym the Beggarstaff Brothers. Spitalfields Life Although not strictly “Cries of London,” some of these characters are familiar from earlier series of prints stretching back over the previous century... Read more »

    Odd Stuff Magazine

  • Funny Pictures – November 27, 2022
    Gotta love the practicality. (Hilarious, genius solution by busy grocery worker on Thanksgiving a.m.). via Found this in a store. via These signs in my Neighborhood. via The freshest pastries via Ah yes, the casual neighborhood coyote detonating TNT. via Woke up to a snake in my drawer (Australia). via... Read more »
  • Just a pinch…
    Well at least you won’t run out of pepper for a long time. Source: Reddit The post Just a pinch… first appeared on Odd Stuff Magazine.... Read more »
  • I Can’t Take It No More
    I especially love the response: “You take care of The Golden Girls, I’m done with this.” Source: Reddit The post I Can’t Take It No More first appeared on Odd Stuff Magazine.... Read more »
  • The wind blew too hard
    Source: Reddit The post The wind blew too hard first appeared on Odd Stuff Magazine.... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – November 26, 2022
    Who said the qatar police have no sense of humor. via Wrapped most of the presents before I noticed this. via This mannequin in Harrods posed as a cartoonish fall. via Target is selling butt masks (face masks for your butt). via Which tower are we meeting at again? via... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – November 25, 2022
    My brother decided to sneak some cheese cake late last night. I heard a crash and came out to this. via How my wife (A) and I (B) eat our Thanksgiving dinner, whose side are you on? via Did you mean Switzerland? via My mom told me to make something... Read more »
  • Dog is living her best life
    Source: YouTube The post Dog is living her best life first appeared on Odd Stuff Magazine.... Read more »

    The Edge Search

  • The Various Benefits of Sponsoring an Orphan
    When you sponsor an orphan, you are providing for their basic needs and giving them a chance to have a better future.By sponsoring an orphan, you are giving them access to education, health care, and other opportunities they would otherwise not have.The Emotional Impact of Sponsoring an OrphanWhen you sponsor... Read more »
  • Tips and Tools you can Use How to Find Influencers.
    Across one or more platforms, influencers are pretty active, especially on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Influencers in some markets, especially B2B markets, might have a well-read blog or a well-liked LinkedIn profile. It's crucial to remember that the individual connection influencers have had with their... Read more »
  • Navigating Crises as a Travel Nurse: Pandemic Pressure
    The pandemic has been stressful for just about everyone. Travel nurses have been on the front, and some have even been hospitalized. Those who have stayed healthy have found themselves in a unique position. Travel nursing has always had a certain amount of risk associated with it, but the pandemic... Read more »
  • Best Stops Along New Delhi to Hyderabad Drive
    Planning a road trip from New Delhi to Hyderabad? If so, you'll want to ensure you hit these great stops along the way! From delicious food to gorgeous scenery, there's something for everyone on this route. So pack your bags and get ready for a fantastic adventure!Distance between New Delhi... Read more »
  • KZN Pick n Pay Hypermarket Black Friday 2022 (3 Days Only)
    Browse Pick N Pay Black Friday Specials 2022, Best Offers & Specials – Early Deals from 25 November until 27 November. Don’t miss the Pick N Pay Black Friday Deals on a wide range of products, including electronics, coffee, home, outdoor, baby items, beauty products, fresh food, and more.Shop the... Read more »
  • Western Cape Pick n Pay Hypermarkets Black Friday 2022 (3 Days Only)
    Browse Pick N Pay Black Friday Specials 2022, Best Offers & Specials – Early Deals from 25 November until 27 November. Don’t miss the Pick N Pay Black Friday Deals on a wide range of products, including electronics, coffee, home, outdoor, baby items, beauty products, fresh food, and more.Don’t miss... Read more »
  • Inland provinces Pick n Pay Hypermarket Black Friday 2022 (3 Days Only)
    Browse the current Eastern Cape Pick n Pay Catalogue, Great Prices, valid Pick n Pay Catalogue 25 November – 27 November 2022. Don’t miss the Eastern Cape Pick n Pay Hypermarket specials and quality groceries sales from the current catalogue.Don’t miss the Pick n Pay Black Friday 2022 Specials,Eastern Cape... Read more »

    Yes Bitch!

  • Bregje Heinen Gorgeous Ass in Black Lingerie
    Bregje Heinen Gorgeous Ass in Black Lingerie – Okokoras Lourdes Leon Areola Nip Slip and Down Blouse! – The Nip Slip Danai Gurira in Booty Shorts on the Red Carpet! – Booty Source Heidi Klum in a Bikini of the Day – Linkiest Alejandra Guilmant Nude in Purple Magazine –... Read more »
  • VideoAvatar: The Way of Water trailer
    Directed by James Cameron, “Avatar: The Way of Water” begins to tell the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure. Avatar:... Read more »
  • Tinashe Sizzles at 2022 GQ Men Of The Year Party
    Tinashe sure knows how to make a statement, she attended at 2022 GQ Men Of The Year Party in West Hollywood wearing only jacket showing her big braless tits. Tinashe is so smoking hot, it’s liable to cause serious damage to your pants region if you’re not careful. So enjoy,... Read more »
  • Megan Fox Brings Some Glamour Shots
    Megan Fox Brings Some Glamour Shots – Linkiest Kylie Jenner In A See-Thru – Okokoras Meet Rising Brazilian Model Cindy Mello – Maxim Shannon and Shannade Clermont showing off Big Butts in Sexy Outfits! – Booty Source Kim Matula nude (3 HD videos) – Celeb-Stalker Skylar Grey Tits See Through!... Read more »
  • VideoInside Official Trailer Starring Willem Dafoe
    Here’s the official synopsis: Inside tells the story of Nemo, an art thief trapped in a New York penthouse after his heist doesn’t go as planned. Locked inside with nothing but priceless works of art, he must use all his cunning and invention to survive. In theaters March 10, 2023.... Read more »
  • Elsa Hosk Sizzles In Her Outtakes As Well
    Well hello Elsa.. long time no see! Elsa Hosk is back on Instagram showing off her fantastic boobs and nipples wearing a sheer bra and thong panties for Lounge Underwear lingerie photoshoot outtakes. Alright, enjoy the photos and make sure not to operate any heavy machinery during or after drooling... Read more »
  • Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless
    Jennifer Aniston Goes Topless, Wearing A ‘Hair Bra’ – Okokoras Dua Lipa in her Mesh Outfit of the Day – Linkiest Meet Ballerina-Turned-Model Rachelle di Stasio – Maxim Maxim cover girl Stephanie Marie caught topless at the beach – The Nip Slip Dree Hemingway Nude in Purple Magazine – In... Read more »

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