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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse de beste Engelse Blogs waaronder What Culture, Variety, Crazy Funny Pictures, Towleroad Gay New, My Odd Sock, Time Killer, Humor Outcasts, The Laugh Button, The Free Thought Project, Keep Laughing Forever, Anorak Odd Stuff Magazine, Lowering the Bar, The Edge Search, Elite Daily en Yes Bitch. Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.


    Crazy Funny Pictures

  • Do You Need Help?
    The post Do You Need Help? first appeared on Crazy Funny Pictures.... Read more »
  • Do You Run Often?
    The post Do You Run Often? first appeared on Crazy Funny Pictures.... Read more »
  • Scroll Down
    The post Scroll Down first appeared on Crazy Funny Pictures.... Read more »
  • Me Buying House Plants
    The post Me Buying House Plants first appeared on Crazy Funny Pictures.... Read more »
  • Little Occult Book For Kids by Steven Rhodes
    Steven Rhodes is an Australian illustrator, artist, and graphic designer. His original illustrative 1970s retro style is spiced up by a dark sense of humor. Featured below are some of the illustrations from My Little Occult Book. Scroll down and enjoy (or leave immediately if you’re easily offended). To get... Read more »

    My Odd Sock

  • MS Then/Now
      When you have multiple sclerosis, or any chronic disease for that matter, things change over time. Lifestyles, habits & routines evolve into a completely different scene.  I know as I’ve changed since my MS diagnosis back in 1996. Here’s a Then/Now look at a few of those changes. Maybe... Read more »
  • For Sale By Owner
        Ever been given a gift you didn’t want? A gift you didn’t ask for? A gift you have never used since? Of course you have.  We all have.     With most gifts you can return them.  But this particular gift, I would be too embarrassed to take... Read more »
  • As the Myelin Fades #4
        Sappy music and endless commercials for household cleaners & walk-in tubs can only mean it’s time for another gut-punching episode of the only daytime drama devoted to multiple sclerosis. Welcome to…..”As the Myelin Fades.”       It was a beautifully-bright day outside Dubuque metro’s premier MS treatment... Read more »
  • Becoming Meta
      It was late October when Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO & poster child of bad barbering, announced his company was changing its name to Meta. Meta, short for “metaverse,” was chosen to best represent a futuristic version of what we now call the internet. Coming to agreement on a new... Read more »
  • I’m Sorry
      I apologize.  A lot. Sometimes I blame my quick expression of regret on my lack of self-confidence.   I probably screwed something up, so it is just easier to apologize, accept the blame & move on…..till the next goof-up (‘cuz there will be more!).   But other times I blame... Read more »
  • No-No-November
      We’re into November and it is already downright boring. I think the month of November is the lull between October’s beauty & fun of halloween…to Decenber’s bustling Christmas season. November is the straight rail of a roller coaster between two hills.   Oh sure, the month has it’s holidays;... Read more »
  • Pop Quiz
        It’s time for a Pop Quiz! So grab a #2 and a scrap of paper to test your knowledge of nonsense & tomfoolery. Let’s begin…..   Question #1   This picture is an example of:     A.  Proper length of a suit jacket. B.  The excitement of live... Read more »


  • William Nicholson’s London Types
    William Nicholson designed his ‘London Types‘ in 1898. Printmaker William Nicholson worked in partnership with his brother-in-law James Pryde, under the pseudonym the Beggarstaff Brothers. Spitalfields Life Although not strictly “Cries of London,” some of these characters are familiar from earlier series of prints stretching back over the previous century... Read more »
  • Dutch designer Ootje Oxenaar’s handmade replacement book cover spines
    Dutch designer Ootje Oxenaar created replacement book cover spines. You can see them in a new book, Ootje Oxenaar Spines. Although renowned for his designs for Dutch banknotes and postage stamps, Oxenaar was a prolific designer of book spines. This wasn’t done for commercial publishers, but for books in his own... Read more »
  • Winnie the Pooh is now in the public domain
    This Public Domain Day on January 1, 2022 meant works from 1926 lost their copyright and became yours to play around with and enjoy. Around 400,000 recordings published before 1923 entered the public domain thanks to the 2018 Music Modernization Act (MMA).  You can explore them at the National Jukebox,... Read more »
  • Lost pinhole camera takes world’s longest exposure photograph
    The beer can pinhole camera spent eight years capturing a solargraph at the University of Hertfordshire’s Bayfordbury Observatory. The final image records the sun’s movement in 2,953 light trails. Regina Valkenborgh set up the camera in 2012. And then forgot about it. It was found in September principal technical officer David... Read more »
  • The best vegan-friendly, fair wear organic cotton T-Shirts
    These organic cotton -T-shirts from Flashbak are environmentally safe, fair wear and vegan friendly. The organic T-Shirt carries the The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) label, the leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. They’re approved by the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent, non-profit organisation that works to improve conditions... Read more »
  • VideoWilliam S. Burroughs reads a Thanksgiving Prayer
    William S. Burroughs, author of Junky, Naked Lunch, the Revised Boy-Scout Manual, the writer who terrorised Soho, is seen in this 1990s video by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting) reading his poem Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1986, aka Thanksgiving Prayer. The post William S. Burroughs reads a Thanksgiving... Read more »
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home Unmasks its Green Goblin
    Sony has released its new poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home which focuses on Tom Holland as Spider-Man, but also, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stranger and Zendaya as MJ. The poster comes after last week’s trailer release which confirmed the appearances of Sandman from Spider-Man 3 and Lizard from The... Read more »

    Odd Stuff Magazine

  • Funny Pictures – January 25, 2022
    My neighbor “allegedly” refused to pay the guy who cleared his back yard. He’ll be coming home to this gift left in his driveway. via The cat figured out what the hole in the pizza box is for. via Google respecting front-wheel-privacy. via Tastes like it, too. via My school... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – January 24, 2022
    Leave the plant alone. via The accounting department said we had to cut back so.. via My mom didn’t raise no 2 trip baby. via Biker patch. via May the warmth be with you. via This job ad. via Two suspicious characters were parked at Gelson’s yesterday. Possibly a getaway... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – January 23, 2022
    Spotted in the wild. via I mean, aren’t we all? via Hot new polish. via And on the 7th day, he protected me from the rain. via This sign on the door to the kitchen I was delivering to the other day. via More like a colony. via A patient... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – January 22, 2022
    Polish Road via In the school bathroom. via Seagull convention at CVS this morning. via I’m such an idiot. I haven’t noticed I’ve been wearing different shoes for 6hrs today. Someone finally pointed them out to me. via Grill 2.0 via Embroidery, meet anger management. via I just got this... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – January 21, 2022
    My sister took this pic today. via Girlfriend went away for the weekend. Found this when I got home from work. via Things my wife does. via Seen in South Dallas, don’t think I would qualify. via Got my leg tattooed. via A LOT! via I do like bacon. via... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – January 20, 2022
    Hospital notice for “Wall Lickers” in Townsville, Australia. via He ain’t heavy.. via Someone dropped off a covid test with a note for her friend. via Don’t worry, I know what accident to do in a car. via I may have underestimated how tall an 18” bed frame + box... Read more »
  • Funny Pictures – January 19, 2022
    Australian Lamb ad. via Step-aside, Boaty McBoatface – There’s a new guy in town! via This penguin has seen some terrible things. via My girlfriend made muffins, except she misread an ingredient and added brown rice instead of brown rice *flour* via Tried to count the rings on my in-laws... Read more »

    Lowering the Bar

  • Italian High Court Holds Loud Toilet Violated Plaintiffs’ Human Rights
    A 19-year legal battle finally comes to an end.       Related StoriesTrain Driver Sues to Recover 49-Cent PenaltyPlaintiff Alleges “Heart of the Himalayas” Is in India, Not Pakistan (It's in Nepal) ... Read more »
  • Official State Crap: Indiana
    Indiana: 14th alphabetically, 19th in order of admission, 1st in number of Hoosiers per capita.       Related StoriesOfficial State Crap: IdahoMassachusetts Considering Official Dinosaur ... Read more »
  • Plaintiff Alleges He Didn’t Know Jets and Giants Play in New Jersey
    He also claims there are millions of "similarly situated individuals," which also isn't true.       Related StoriesPlaintiff Complains Pop-Tarts Less Healthy Than She ExpectedConsumer Alleged She Wanted Only Water From One Particular Mountain (Which May Not Exist)Plaintiff Alleges “Heart of the Himalayas” Is in India, Not Pakistan (It's in Nepal) ... Read more »
  • Scotland Reportedly Planning to Pardon All Witches
    All former alleged witches, that is.       Related StoriesHopefully There Will Be No Winners in Lawsuit Against PsychicI Claim This Castle Under Article 61 of the Magna Carta, Says IdiotDead People Still Having Trouble Proving They're Alive ... Read more »
  • “I’m From Alabama,” Says Judge Explaining Why He Buried $100,000 in His Backyard
    The money itself may not be dirty.       Related StoriesMy Client “Had No Non-Lethal Options,” Says Lawyer for Cop Who Shot Wheelchair-Bound Man in the BackCanadian Lawyers Want Person Not in Canada to Go There So They Can Kick Her OutI Claim This Castle Under Article 61 of the Magna Carta, Says... Read more »

    The Edge Search

  • Technology Finally Breaks the Language Barrier
    We have been in the middle of a digital explosion for quite a while now and in just a few years we’ve gone from landlines to mobile phones that can do just about anything and everything. While we have the technology to talk to other business owners, there’s always the... Read more »
  • What Types of Advertising Are Right for Your Business
    Authentic and effective advertising relies on several factors that make each account unique. Not every business has the same products, stories, goals, and business plans. However, when a company needs better advertising, it sometimes seems like a one-size-fits-all approach. Matching the proper advertising techniques with your business and brand is... Read more »
  • Why Are Some Logistics Companies Doing So Well in Terms of Business?
    If true to their name, then, logistics are, well, logical and although the past few years have been anything but logical for those companies that remained grounded and took each and every opportunity that came their way, most of them are still in business to this day. Moreover, if their... Read more »
  • There Is More To Logistics Than Meets The Eye
    There is a lot more to logistics than many people would have you to believe and it can be actually quite complex in the general scheme of things. There is a lot more to it than just getting an item to its final destination and certain businesses require a higher... Read more »
  • How to Detect Fraud and Identity Theft?
    A modern fraud detection system is in high demand for both business owners and customers because different kinds of frauds and identity thefts occur very often. They usually result both in the financial and reputational loss. Therefore, you can’t operate an online business properly without reliable risk management software. We... Read more »
  • What Are The Perks Of Switching Towards A Vegan Lifestyle?
    People these days are dealing with en number of health issues, and the most common one is obesity. There are plenty of different people who are willing to lose weight, but they are unable to do so without any guidance, and they aren’t able to set up the perfect and... Read more »
  • Why is it important to get tailored advice from an Investment Consultant?
    Even if you already have some experience in property investing, it can be wise to seek some professional advice from an investment consultant. Those who are new to property investing really shouldn’t move forward with any investment opportunities without first seeking wise counsel.It is essential to get tailored, and customised... Read more »

    Yes Bitch!

  • Rihanna in naughty lingerie? Yes please!
    Rihanna in naughty lingerie? Yes please! – Okokoras Nurse Penny Barber Cures Erection Trouble! – Boobie blog Kendall Jenner Trying Hard (barely) of the Day – Linkiest Margot Robbie Braless in a Black Dress! – The Nip Slip The post Rihanna in naughty lingerie? Yes please! first appeared on Yes... Read more »
  • VideoWatch the first trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio
    Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro reimagines the classic Italian tale of PINOCCHIO in a stop-motion musical adventure. Follow the mischievous adventures of Pinocchio in his pursuit of a place in the world. The film arrives on Netflix in December of 2022. The post Watch the first trailer for Guillermo... Read more »
  • Kim Kardashian Stunning Boobs For Your Viewing Pleasure
    Kim Kardashian is back on Instagram giving us a great look at her assets. I can look at pictures of this chick from this angle all day. Anyway, enjoy seeing Kim the way nature intended. The post Kim Kardashian Stunning Boobs For Your Viewing Pleasure first appeared on Yes Bitch!.... Read more »
  • Olivia Culpo White Bikini of the Day
    Olivia Culpo White Bikini of the Day – Linkiest Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon Models Rihanna’s Lingerie Line – Maxim Margot Robbie Braless in a Black Dress! – The Nip Slip The post Olivia Culpo White Bikini of the Day first appeared on Yes Bitch!.... Read more »
  • VideoWeCrashed Official Teaser
    Check out the official trailer for WeCrashed starring Jared Leto as Adam Neumann, Anne Hathaway as Rebekah Neumann, and Kyle Marvin as Miguel McKelvey. “WeCrashed” will debut its first three episodes on AppleTV+ on March 18, 2022 The post WeCrashed Official Teaser first appeared on Yes Bitch!.... Read more »
  • The Sizzling Stormi Maya Is Perfect For This Friday
    Well hello Maya.. long time no see! Stormi Maya is back looking better than I’ve seen her in years in the latest batch of photos that she posted on her Instagram showing off her insanely sexy body. I’m pretty sure these pictures are hot enough to melt the polar ice... Read more »
  • Jordyn Jones Fantastic Ass in Lingerie
    Jordyn Jones … again and again ! – Okokoras Ella Mira dropping lingerie in her debut for Met Art! – Boobie blog Neymar Goes Public With Stunning New Girlfriend Bruna Biancardi – Egotastic! Sports! Jennifer Aniston Upskirt at Murder Mystery 2Film Set! – The Nip Slip Katy Perry Shares Topless... Read more »
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