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  • Death Toll Climbs in Train Crash
    Rescuers found no more survivors in the overturned and mangled wreckage of two passenger trains that derailed in eastern India, killing more than 280 people and injuring hundreds in one of the country's deadliest rail crashes in decades, officials said Saturday. Chaotic scenes erupted on Friday night as rescuers climbed...... Read more »
  • Since 'Central Park Karen,' Birder's Life Has Changed a Bit
    Three years after he found himself involved in a confrontation that quickly went viral, Christian Cooper—the Black birder who filmed a white woman who became known as the "Central Park Karen" as they argued about her off-leash dog in a protected section of the Manhattan park—is "living an...... Read more »
  • More Safety Execs Flee Twitter
    First Ella Irwin, Twitter's second head of trust and safety under Elon Musk, resigned earlier this week. Now, two more safety executives at the company are stepping away as well, leaving many wondering what this means for the platform's future with advertisers. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that AJ...... Read more »
  • Trump-Appointed Judge Balks at Tennessee Law on Drag
    A federal judge says Tennessee's first-in-the-nation law designed to place strict limits on drag shows is unconstitutional. In a 70-page ruling handed down late Friday night, US District Judge Thomas Parker wrote that the law was both "unconstitutionally vague and substantially overbroad." He also added that the statute encouraged "discriminatory...... Read more »
  • It's the Ultimate Sailing Adventure. It Killed Him
    "Simon Speirs is exactly the sort of person Robin Knox-Johnston, the veteran sailor, had in mind when he founded the Clipper Round the World yacht race more than 25 years ago," writes Sally Williams for the Guardian . Speirs is also dead, killed in 2017 while partaking in that very... Read more »
  • Cops: Alleged Robber Used 'Gun' Many Will Recognize
    An armed robbery this week at a South Carolina convenience store apparently wasn't as "armed" as the clerk thought. CNN reports on the Tuesday incident at a Kwik Stop in the small town of Sharon, where a man donning a hoodie, wig, and mask entered the store around 5:45pm,...... Read more »
  • Break Out the Lawn Chairs— It's Strawberry Moon Time
    The last full moon of spring has arrived. CBS News reports that the so-called strawberry moon will grace the skies this weekend, with peak illumination on Saturday at 11:42pm ET, per NASA . notes that this particular incarnation of the moon often gives off a "warmer" light than...... Read more »






    The Romania Journal

  • King Charles III on a private visit to Romania: “I have always felt at home in Romania”
    King Charles III has arrived to Romania on Friday, less than a month after his coronation, being the first visit that a British monarch pays to our country. The private visit of King Charles III to Romania would last five days. King Charles was welcomed by President Klaus Iohannis at... Read more »
  • What do Romanians think about the return to the monarchy?
    Almost two-thirds of Romanians (66%) believe that Romania should remain a republic and not return to the monarchy, according to a poll conducted by Avangarde and released on Friday. To the question “Do you think that, in the future, Romania should change its form of political-state organization and return to... Read more »
  • Have You Ever Supported a European Citizens’ Initiative?
    Young people from across Europe will be able to learn how to shape the EU thanks to the toolkit for schools ‘EU Democracy in Action – Have Your Say with the European Citizens’ Initiative’, launched on 8 June 2023.   The toolkit has been designed to help high school students... Read more »
  • Which were the cheapest European destinations for the Pentecost mini-vacation?
    According to a report issued by an online travel agency, Romanian tourists chose some of the most popular European cities for the Pentecost mini-vacation, ideal destinations for a 3-5 day city break trip. So, the most popular destinations for the Pentecost mini-vacation are: London, Brussels, Rome, Paris, Milan, Vienna, Dublin,... Read more »
  • Trade union: Teachers’ main demand not in the Gov’t GEO
    ​In the emergency ordinance regarding the salary of education employees adopted by the government on Thursday, the main claim of the unions does not appear, namely the guarantee that in the new salary scale the debutant teacher will start from the average gross salary in the economy, accuses the FSLI... Read more »
  • Who is the Transylvanian great-great-great-grandmother of King Charles III?
    It is not be chance that King Charles III is so fond of Romania and Transylvania, as some of his roots are from here. Asked a few years ago why he chose our country, the former Prince of Wales said he had a great-great-great-grandmother from Transylvania. Claudia Rhedey is the... Read more »
  • Romania’s foreign exchange reserves mount to over EUR 53 billion
    National Bank of Romania’s foreign exchange reserves stood at EUR 53,082 million on May 31, 2023, compared to EUR 53,341 million on 30 April 2023, so slightly down. During the month, the following flows were recorded: EUR 1,801 million worth of inflows representing: changes in credit institutions’ foreign currency-denominated required... Read more »







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  • YouTube to stop deleting false claims about 2020 election
    YouTube will no longer remove false claims about the 2020 presidential election, the video-sharing platform said Friday.  In a blog post on its corporate website, Google-owned Youtube said that after having removed thousands of videos containing false information, "We recognized it was time to reevaluate the effects of this policy in... Read more »
  • Good debt vs. bad debt
    Debt may get a bad rap, but the reality is, it's not all bad. Sure, the ideal financial situation may involve being totally debt free, but in certain instances and under certain circumstances, taking on debt can actually make good financial sense. This is why, in the world of finance,... Read more »
  • Hawaii expands concealed carry permits, but prohibits firearms in most public places
    Hawaii Gov. Josh Green (D) signed legislation on Friday imposing new gun control mandates while also keeping in line with a 2022 Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment. The legislation, Hawaii SB1230, was passed by the state Senate in April. The bill allows more Hawaiians to apply for concealed... Read more »
  • More than 260 killed and 900 injured in Indian train crash
    At least 260 people were killed and around 900 injured during a three-way train crash in India on Friday, in one of the worst rail accidents in the nation's history.  The crash occurred in the city of Balasore in the eastern Indian state of Odisha around 7 p.m. local time. Officials said... Read more »
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    The Union Journal

  • Threatening Behavior From Arizona, Made Bill Gates Rethink His Choice
    Bill Gates was threatened twice running for election in Maricopa County in Arizona. He perhaps mismanaged in the 2022 midterms. And before that in the 2020 presidential election. He serves as the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor chairman. His choices and his work haven’t impressed people at all. He proved... Read more »
  • Melissa McCarthy Couldn’t Stop Living The Little Mermaid
    She has got herself so much deep into the little mermaid, she wants a sequel to them. Melissa McCarthy was interviewed by Javier Bardem. They both want the same thing. Perhaps six or seven would do the work. They only want to do films based on their character. Ursula, the... Read more »
  • Social Security Has Become A Matter Of Concern
    There is a shortage in the cash flow currently. Given the country is facing a debt situation. Which is about to end on 5th June. Social Security is a supporting payment for retired workers. Which began in the 1940s to support them even after retirement. However, the country is facing... Read more »
  • Amber Heard Silenced Rumor With Her Witty Reply
    After losing the defamation case last June against her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Amber Heard moved to Spain. Her haters commented how she went under the veil after her true self surfaced. Johnny Depp fans and the world hated her. She framed him in every way possible. The whole world witnessed... Read more »
  • Tom Hanks Keeping It Raw With Fans
    He, as an Oscar-winning actor, admits there are films that he completely hated. Tom Hanks didn’t step back to keep it real. His honesty got a standing ovation. There are films he didn’t like, there are films of his that his fans didn’t like. That’s not out of the ordinary.... Read more »
  • Social Security Stays Unharmed
    The debt ceiling in the states took away the major possibilities for cash flow in the states in every form. Be it stimulus checks or child credit tax or even social security. The trustees of social security payment have already mentioned how there would be financial strain after 2034. House... Read more »
  • Super Mario Bros Movie Has Crossed Another Milestone
    The Super Mario Bros. Movie from Universal has likely reached its final significant box office milestone as it nears the end of its amazing theatrical run. As its incredible theatrical run comes to a conclusion, The animated video game version has broken numerous box office records in the roughly two... Read more »