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    Hungary Today

  • Hungarian Folk Ensemble Performs Traditional Dance on the Great Wall of China
    More than 7,000 people shared a video of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble on Facebook, posted from China, writes Magyar Nemzet. The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble is representing Hungary in China for the first time since 2008. The troupe performed at the Belt & Road Great Wall International Folk Culture... Read more »
  • Intense Debate on Inflation at the Start of Economists’ Meeting
    Governor of the Hungarian National Bank György Matolcsy, the Minister of Finance Mihály Varga, and the former Governor of the Hungarian National Bank, Péter Ákos Bod (R-L) at the round table. The debate between Finance Minister Mihály Varga and Hungarian National Bank Governor György Matolcsy at the round table of... Read more »
  • Shift from Polarization towards a More Unified World Order Is Needed
    The time has come for international diplomacy to work for a more peaceful and unified world order, instead of a dangerous multipolar one, said Zsolt Németh, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly, in his welcome speech at the Third Danube Geopolitical Summit, organized by the... Read more »
  • iPhone 15 Drops in Stores
    Before the official launch, iStyle Hungary held an exclusive press event at Árkád shopping center, where Apple’s latest phones were exhibited for the first time in Hungary, reported Speaking at the opening ceremony, Csaba Gyarmati, Head of iStyle Central Europe, said that the new devices launched by Apple redefine... Read more »
  • Government Injects EUR 400 Million to Kickstart Economic Recovery
    By mid-September, the National Capital Holding (NTH), managed by the Ministry of Economic Development (GFM), injected HUF 164 billion (EUR 424 million) into the Hungarian economy through the real estate and securities sub-programs of the Baross Gábor Capital Program, the NTH announced in a statement. This will enable a total... Read more »
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    Global Issues

  • Russian Foreign Minister hits out at West’s ‘empire of lies’
    Russia’s Foreign Minister told the UN General Assembly on Saturday that a new world order is being born through a struggle between a neocolonial minority and a “global majority” seeking to end decades of Western domination.Read the full story, “Russian Foreign Minister hits out at West’s ‘empire of lies’”, on... Read more »
  • UN Meets on Effective Responses to Loss and Damage Ahead of COP28
    NAIROBI, Sep 22 (IPS) - African countries are increasingly in the eye of deadly climate-induced disasters. Recent devastating extreme events include intense shattering earthquakes in Morocco, followed shortly by catastrophic floods in Libya this September that left 11,300 people dead, according to Libya’s Red Crescent.Read the full story, “UN Meets... Read more »
  • Reality is Governments Not Truly Held Accountable to Implement SDGs
    KATHMANDU, Nepal, Sep 22 (IPS) - What does transformative and sweeping really mean in the overarching efforts to achieve the Agenda 2030? With the conclusion of the second edition of the SDG Summit, it is time for stocktaking on what was agreed at the United Nations HQ in New York... Read more »
  • UN calls for ‘clear-eyed’ vision for peace and security, as peacebuilders meet in New York
    Following the UN chief’s appeal this week for a fresh approach to global peace and security, UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) countries convened on Friday to discuss the best way forward.Read the full story, “UN calls for ‘clear-eyed’ vision for peace and security, as peacebuilders meet in New York”, on Read more »
  • We can’t keep putting the interest of the few before the lives of many, Mia Mottley says at UN
    “Are we going to be too late for the SDGs?” Mia Mottley asked world leaders at the UN General Assembly on Friday, challenging them to “summon the determination to make the fundamental governance changes” that will turn the vision of sustainable development for all into a 21st century reality.Read the... Read more »
  • Haitian Prime Minister calls for urgent deployment of multinational force to quash gang violence
    Addressing the UN General Assembly on Friday, Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry again appealed for international support to combat rampant gang violence – one element of the multi-dimensional crisis affecting his country.Read the full story, “Haitian Prime Minister calls for urgent deployment of multinational force to quash gang violence”, on... Read more »
  • World must pass ‘AI stress test’, UK Deputy PM says, announcing summit
    The United Kingdom will be holding a summit on artificial intelligence (AI) so that nations can come together to “understand it, govern it, harness its potential and contain its risks”, Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden told the UN General Assembly on Friday.Read the full story, “World must pass ‘AI stress... Read more »

    Expatica Austria

  • Expatica Launches Expansion to Italy
    The online resource for international living expands to Italy with informative guides on moving to and working in the Mediterranean nation. EXPATICA, a prominent online resource for internationals living abroad, has launched a new website for Italy. Expatica offers essential... The post Expatica Launches Expansion to Italy appeared first on... Read more »
  • Alleged accomplices on trial over Vienna jihadist shooting
    Six men accused of helping a gunman who carried out Austria’s first deadly jihadist attack on Tuesday all pleaded not guilty to the main charges as their trial opened in a Vienna court. Convicted Islamic State group sympathiser Kujtim Fejzulai... The post Alleged accomplices on trial over Vienna jihadist shooting... Read more »
  • Alleged accomplices on trial over Vienna jihadist shooting
    Six men accused of helping a gunman who carried out Austria’s first deadly jihadist attack went on trial in a Vienna court on Tuesday. Convicted Islamic State sympathiser Kujtim Fejzulai went on a shooting rampage on November 2, 2020 in... The post Alleged accomplices on trial over Vienna jihadist shooting... Read more »
  • Six men go on trial over Vienna jihadist shooting
    Six men accused of helping a gunman who carried out Austria’s first deadly jihadist attack go on trial in a Vienna court on Tuesday. On November 2, 2020, convicted Islamic State sympathiser Kujtim Fejzulai went on a shooting rampage in... The post Six men go on trial over Vienna jihadist... Read more »
  • Austria’s Kurz sets up cyber firm with ex-NSO chief
    Former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Thursday he is launching a cybersecurity company with the ex-head of Israel’s NSO Group, which makes controversial Pegasus spyware. “The need to protect basic infrastructure such as energy, water and health services against cyberattacks... The post Austria’s Kurz sets up cyber firm with ex-NSO... Read more »
  • Outcry over Austrian soldier wearing self-made Nazi uniform
    The case of a junior Austrian army officer who has remained in service despite wearing a self-made Nazi uniform and making Hitler salutes provoked an outcry on Thursday, with the president among those expressing their shock. According to a report... The post Outcry over Austrian soldier wearing self-made Nazi uniform... Read more »
  • Ukraine nuclear site, Europe’s biggest, reconnected to grid
    Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia atomic energy plant is reconnected to the grid, the UN’s nuclear watchdog said on Sunday, describing it as “temporary relief in a still untenable situation”. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Saturday that the plant —... The post Ukraine nuclear site, Europe’s biggest, reconnected to grid... Read more »

    Raw Story

  • VideoShots fired causes stampede at Oklahoma State Fair
    Shots fired at the Oklahoma State Fair scared attendees into racing from the area causing a stampede, News9 reporter Storme Jones captured in one video. Shortly before 9 p.m. Saturday night, gunshots were fired, News9 reporters revealed while outside of the scene.KFOR's Dylan Brown posted a video confirming shots being... Read more »
  • Trump admin women strike back after being called 'pimp ladies' by ex-president's advisor
    Women who worked in Donald Trump's White House struck back at Peter Navarro after the former president's old trade advisor called them "pimp ladies" and suggested men in power no longer want to employ any women because of them.Former Donald Trump advisor Navarro is currently appealing his conviction after being... Read more »
  • 'They’re being fooled by him': Ex-aide Cassidy Hutchinson describes final Trump rally
    Donald Trump's former aide Cassidy Hutchinson has recently reemerged on the scene after her big moment as a star Jan. 6 witness against the ex-president, and she explained in a new interview what it was like to attend her final rally for her former boss.Hutchinson has previously seen what it... Read more »
  • VideoHow Wisconsin's extreme politics are fueled by crazy maps
    In the northwest corner of Wisconsin, the 73rd Assembly District used to be shaped like a mostly rectangular blob. Then, last year, a new map drawn by Republican lawmakers took effect, and some locals joked that it looked a lot like a Tyrannosaurus rex.The advent of the “T. rex” precipitated... Read more »
  • 'Throw out everybody': Trump says to ditch GOP leaders if they don't 'take action now'
    Donald Trump on Saturday posted an all-caps rant on his social media site suggesting that, if action isn't taken soon, all Republican leaders could be taken out of their positions and replaced.Trump, who spent the earlier part of his day on Truth Social talking about a plane crash, turned his... Read more »
  • Video'Hot seat': Ex-judge says Chutkan might make Trump filter comments through lawyers
    Donald Trump might be forced by Judge Tanya Chutkan to run all of his statements through his attorneys prior to making them, according to a former judge now serving as a media analyst.Carol Lam, a former U.S. attorney who also served as a judge in California, on Saturday appeared on... Read more »
  • 'Walls closing in': Mary Trump predicts what comes next for her uncle
    The walls are closing in on Donald Trump, meaning he will lash out at just about anyone, according to his own niece.Mary Trump, who recently said the former president is getting nervous and there are "clear signs" in his behavior, said on Saturday that his latest attack only reinforces that... Read more »


  • CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread
    Variety reports: The WGA and Hollywood’s major studios are in the final phase of hammering out a three-year contract that will bring an end to one of the longest strikes in Hollywood history. Legal representatives for labor and management were said to be huddling on the fine print of language... Read more »
  • Biden Gets Updated COVID Vaccine And Flu Shot
    The Associated Press reports: President Joe Biden has gotten the updated COVID-19 vaccine and annual flu shot, the White House said Saturday. The White House physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, said in a memo that Biden received both shots on Friday. O’Connor said Biden, 80, also was vaccinated several weeks ago... Read more »
  • Dem Rep. Andy Kim Launches Challenge To Menendez
    ABC News reports: Congressman Andy Kim announced on Saturday he plans to challenge recently indicted Senator Bob Menendez to represent New Jersey in the U.S. Senate. “After calls to resign, Senator Menendez said ‘I am not going anywhere.’ As a result, I feel compelled to run against him,” Kim said.... Read more »
  • RFK Jr. Has Made Overtures To The Libertarian Party
    The New York Times reports: For months, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said he plans to continue his long-shot challenge against President Biden in the Democratic primary rather than dropping out to launch a third-party bid. But lately Mr. Kennedy’s message has seemed to shift, including publicly telling a voter... Read more »
  • CNN Does Deep Dive Into QAnon/JFK Is Alive Cultists
    CNN reports: “Now the family tree goes like this,” the man on the tape extolled confidently. “John John and Trump are cousins. And Trump’s uncle is JFK Sr., and Joe Kennedy, who is also not dead. And Trump’s father is General George Patton, and his brother is Mussolini.” Colleen Protzman... Read more »
  • How The GOP Is Stifling Misinformation Research
    The Washington Post reports: Academics, universities and government agencies are overhauling or ending research programs designed to counter the spread of online misinformation amid a legal campaign from conservative politicians and activists who accuse them of colluding with tech companies to censor right-wing views. The escalating campaign — led by... Read more »
  • 34% Of Cultists: All Vaccines Are Unsafe For Children
    Politico reports: A new POLITICO | Morning Consult poll, conducted as part of POLITICO’s ongoing series about the rising anti-vax movement, shows Republican voters are less likely than Democrats or independents to say vaccines are safe for children. It also shows that as many Republicans now say they care more... Read more »