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  • Get ready to grab some great Nintendo Switch deals this Prime Day
    Prime Day 2022 Nintendo Switch deals are closer than you think as Amazon's annual summer sale event is on July 12 and 13. We usually see a few fleeting deals on the consoles and we're especially hopeful the new Switch OLED will get some chunky discounts. Games and accessories are... Read more »
  • The Keychron Q7 custom mechanical keyboard is available for $149 right now
    What you need to know Keychron is now taking orders for the Q7 keyboard. The new custom mechanical keyboard is offered as complete and barebones versions. Pricing starts at $149. Keychron is now accepting orders for its latest custom mechanical keyboard. Keychron, a company that has made its name for... Read more »
  • Sing in the shower properly with the best shower speakers
    Taking a shower can be relaxing and enjoyable, especially when accompanied by your favorite tunes (or podcasts, you do you). You can place your regular speaker someplace close by, but for a truly immersive experience and ideal acoustics, why not take a speaker right into the shower with you? Here... Read more »
  • How Shortcuts literally changed someone's life for the better
    What you need to know One Reddit user reports that they used Shortcuts to impress their boss and get a new role. They used Shortcuts to drastically reduce the time it took to create reports. Reports that previously took hours to create were cut down to mere minutes. One Reddit... Read more »
  • A great printer is the perfect companion for your Mac
    As much as our lives are immersed in digital documentation, there are still times when we need to print something, whether it's a document, an application, or a photo. Especially in busy office spaces, a quality printer is a must. When you need to revert to paper documentation, these are... Read more »
  • Terrifying AirTag tracking saga detailed by actor who was being followed
    What you need to know Actor Hannah Rose May has taken to Twitter to share a story about being tracked by an AirTag. An unknown AirTag was tracking May during a visit to Disneyland. Apple's privacy features alerted May to the unknown AirTag. Actor and writer Hannah Rose May found... Read more »
  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak builds brilliantly on the base game
    Sunbreak is everything you wanted from the base game and more. Monster Hunter games are known for receiving an abundance of post-launch content and Monster Hunter Rise is no different. First including a variety of entertaining Event Quests at first, the game received its paid DLC expansion, Sunbreak, at the... Read more »

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