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  • Intel Co-Founder Gordon Moore And Namesake Of Moore's Law Passes Away At 94
    Gordon Moore, whose infamous observation in the field of semiconductors was known as Moore's Law, has died at the age of 94. According to Intel and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation he passed away "peacefully on Friday, March 24, 2023" at his home in Hawaii, surrounded by family members.... Read more »
  • Intel’s Huge LGA 7529 Next Gen Socket For 500+ Core Xeon CPUs Smiles For The Camera
    Four days ago, we reported on a leak revealing quite a few key details about Intel's upcoming ultra-high-end server platform for Granite Rapids and Sierra Forest-family Xeon processors. Well, today, we've got what purports to be a pile of leaked screenshots of early sample motherboards for those processors, and it's... Read more »
  • AirPods Pro Are Just $200 On This Amazon Deal With Other Apple Gear Too
    Apple is getting more aggressive on pricing these days it seems. And right now you can get your hands on some AirPod Pro buds, iPads, and MacBooks on pretty good discounts via Amazon. At the top of the deals today comes a couple of different AirPods options, including the new... Read more »
  • Five Planets Will Light Up The Night Sky In An Alignment Spectacle Next Week
    Heads up! On March 28th, five planets will be putting on a rare celestial show in a parade of planets, with guest appearances by the moon and start cluster Messier 35. Tuesday March 28th will see Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Venus (plus Earth, if you want to include Terra... Read more »
  • Intel's vPro Platforms Gets A 13th Gen Core Series Refresh For A Big Performance Uplift
    Intel has issued a press release focusing on the latest implementation of its business-focused vPro technology platform, integrated into the company's new 13th Gen Raptor Lake Core CPUs. The announcement discusses several updates added to the platform, as well as significant performance improvements with 13th Gen processors using vPro technology,... Read more »
  • Elden Ring Ray Tracing Patch Rolls Out And Slays Framerates
    Real-time ray-traced graphics were big buzz around the time that Elden Ring was first announced. Close to the release, Bandai-Namco, the game's publisher, also announced that the developer FromSoftware would be releasing a patch for its magnum opus that adds ray-traced effects. Well, that patch is here now. The release... Read more »
  • MSI Titan GT77 HX Laptop Review: Killer Gaming And Creator Performance
    MSI Titan GT77 HX: As Configured - NA, 13980HX+4090 - $5,841 The newest MSI Titan GT77 HX gaming laptop for 2023 is powered by the latest Intel and NVIDIA mobile hardware and puts up exemplary benchmark scores. Extraordinary Performance Fantastic Keyboard Excellent Display Tons Of IO Attractive Chassis Hefty Price... Read more »




  • Daily Deals (3-24-2023)
    Amazon is selling select Kindle eReaders for up to 31% off. You can save on the purchase of a Kindle Scribe or Kindle Paperwhite, but my pick for the best deal is the Kindle Paperwhite Kids for $110. For $10 more than the price of a Paperwhite, you get a... Read more »
  • Cooler Master case turns the Framework Mainboard into a desktop PC for $39
    Framework makes modular, repairable, and upgradable laptop computers. Of course they wouldn’t be much use without modular parts, so the company also has a Famework Marketplace where you can buy spare parts and upgrades. And about a year ago Framework even began selling its mainboards to folks who wanted to... Read more »
  • MINISFORUM NAB6 is a mini PC with Core i7-12650H for $359 and up
    The MINISFORUM NAB6 is a compact desktop computer with a 45-watt Intel Core i7-12650H processor support for up to four 4K displays, two storage devices, and up to 64GB of storage. It’s expected to ship in mid-April, but the MINISFORUM NAB6 is up for pre-order now for $359 and up. The... Read more »
  • Lilbits: aCropalypse now, GNOME 44, and Dynabook’s Raptor Lake laptops
    A few days ago we learned that Google’s app for editing screenshots on Android phones had a vulnerability that makes it possible to recover the full image even after users had cropped a picture… which poses a potential privacy risk if you used the app to edit out personal information.... Read more »
  • Daily Deals (3-23-2023)
    The Epic Games Store is giving away two more games for free this week. Humble Bundle has a deal on Attack on Titan digital comics. And if you’ve had your eye on the LG Gram line of thin and light laptops, but didn’t want to pay full price, Woot has... Read more »
  • Framework introduces a 16 inch modular laptop with upgradeable discrete graphics and customizable keyboard and input options
    Framework has been selling modular, repairable, and upgradeable laptops with 13.5 inch displays since 2021. But while you can replace the mainboard, battery, and most other components, there are a few things that are hard to do without introducing a new chassis: like adding a bigger display or support for... Read more »
  • Framework’s latest 13.5 inch laptop (and upgrade modules) comes with Intel Raptor Lake or AMD Ryzen “Phoenix” mainboards
    Over the past few years a startup called Framework has proven that you can build a modular, repairable upgradable laptop that’s actually a pretty good laptop. And the company has delivered on its promise: the original Framework Laptop shipped with an 11th-gen Intel Core processor, but last year the company released... Read more »




  • Synology Surveillance Station Setup & Review
    In this article, we will look at a setup and review for Synology Surveillance Station. If you own a Synology NAS, exploring Synology Surveillance Station as a potential NVR solution is a great option as you own the hardware that is used for it. Synology Surveillance Station is a package... Read more »
  • Tailscale vs. WireGuard
    In this article, we will look at Tailscale vs. WireGuard to determine which is the best VPN option to use. Before we look at Tailscale vs. WireGuard, it’s important to understand that these are both applications that will allow you to configure a VPN. A VPN will allow you to... Read more »
  • VideoSynology Reverse Proxy Setup & Config
    This tutorial will look at the Synology Reverse Proxy setup and config. If you’re exposing any services on your network, using a reverse proxy is a great way to increase security and performance. A reverse proxy allows you to forward client requests to different web servers. In layman’s terms, you... Read more »
  • Best Cameras for Synology Surveillance Station
    In this article, we will look at the best cameras for Synology Surveillance Station. Before we look at the best cameras for Synology Surveillance Station, I want to be completely clear that there is not a single camera that is best for all situations. We will quickly look at some... Read more »
  • How to Set Up Tailscale on Docker
    In this tutorial, we will look at how to set up Tailscale on Docker. Tailscale is a zero-configuration VPN, which means that without any port forwarding, you’ll be able to access all the devices on your local network. Running Tailscale in a Docker container is a great option as you... Read more »
  • Best OpenWrt Routers
    In this article, we will look at the best OpenWrt routers. If you intend on purchasing a new router, I’d really consider looking at the differences between OpenWrt and pfSense as you might find that pfSense is a better fit. With that said, if you want to purchase a device... Read more »
  • How to Set Up Tailscale on OPNsense
    In this article, we will look at how to set up Tailscale on OPNsense. Tailscale is a zero-configuration VPN, which means that without any port forwarding, you’ll be able to access all the devices on your local network. If you’re using OPNsense, it’s a great location to run Tailscale. Please... Read more »

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  • Synology: Discord Channel At Over 4K Members
    Good news are meant to be shared with those that matter. With this in mind, it brings me a lot of joy to share with you that we’ve surpassed yet another milestone on our Discord channel: our Synology community on Discord is now at over 4K members! This makes our... Read more »
  • How to Install IT-Tools on Your Synology NAS
    IT-Tools groups together over 40 useful tools for developer and people working in IT. The cool thing about this amazing tool is that it requires no setup, no persistent volumes, you can start to use it immediately at the speed of thought. In this step by step guide I will... Read more »
  • Synology: SRM Version 1.3.1-9346 Update 4
    SRM 1.3.1 is the current operating system of the Synology RT6600ax, WRX560, RT2600ac and MR2200ac routers. Version 1.3.1-9346 Update 4 is the fourth official update release after the first Official Release 1.3.1-9346, and was released yesterday, March 23, 2023. Unfortunately the new SRM 1.3.1-9346 Update 4 version maintains the outdated... Read more »
  • Synology: Pi-hole Docker Version 2023.03.0
    On March 23, 2023, the Pi-hole team released version 5.16.1 of their core product, Docker version 2023.03.0 being the latest version for Docker. You can install it for free on your Synology NAS using my handy guide. Pi-hole is a Linux network-level advertisement and Internet tracker blocking application which acts... Read more »
  • Synology: BC500​ Release Date and Specs
    Recently, a new product has joined the ranks of Synology and, of course, mariushosting couldn’t pass on the opportunity to tell you about it. The Synology BC500 bullet camera has 5.0 megapixels with a maximum resolution of (2880 x 1620) at 30 FPS. The video format has compression support with... Read more »