• These Annoying Songs Are Sure To Get Stuck In Your Head
    We tend to get the most annoying songs stuck in our heads. Why can’t we get some James Taylor stuck up there? But, no, we hear two chords of the opening for “Call Me Maybe,” and we’re stuck with Carly Rae Jepsen for the rest of the day.Keep reading to... Read more »
  • These Musicians Sure Know How To Slap The Bass
    Every member of a band has a role to play that makes the group sound like one fluid system. Whether its the drums keeping the beat, the singer belting out lyrics, or the guitarist playing the melody, every piece is crucial. One of these necessary elements is the bass. Either... Read more »
  • If You Own These Vinyl Records, You Could Make A Fortune
    Vinyl sales have skyrocketed since 2015. Collectors old and young have dug up some hidden gems in all genres. Maybe you own an oddly colorful Nirvana album worth a couple thousand bucks. Or perhaps you pay 75 cents for an album worth $25,000, like one man did.If you know what... Read more »
  • Inside Lauren Bacall’s Amazing $26 Million Central Park Apartment
    The iconic actress lived inside of one of New York City's most coveted real estate properties.... Read more »
  • The Most Memorable American Idol Contestants Of All Time And What They’re Up To Today
    American Idol is one of the most successful TV programs of all time. When the show debuted more than 10 million people were tuning in every week. Viewers were given the ability to vote for their favorite singers, a format that proved addicting to audiences of all ages.Despite the original... Read more »
  • Vintage Photos You’ve Never Seen Of Woodstock
    Little did Woodstock's organizers know that their event in a tiny N.Y. town would become the most iconic music festival of all time.... Read more »
  • The Most Radical Rock Bands Of All Time
    Since the early days of rock and roll music in the 1950s, the genre has been consistently evolving, with each decade bringing something new to the table. Through all of this change, however, there are select rock bands that have established themselves as the greatest to ever step on stage.... Read more »

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  • Photo Blind Item 85
    [Blind Gossip] Take a look at this adorable teenage entertainer! She got all dressed up for a holiday party and appears to be happily smiling for the cameras to show what a good time she is having. Her appearance, however, is… fake. Fake, fake, fake. So fake, in fact, that... Read more »
  • Drunk and Junk Housewife
    [Blind Gossip] You probably know by now that “Real Housewife” does not refer to a woman who is married and stays home to take care of the husband and kids and house. It refers to a woman looking for attention and creating drama for a reality TV show. Sometimes that... Read more »
  • She Has To Pay To Stay
    [Pop Bitch] This socialite’s fashion business is running at an eye-watering loss. Why is this happening? In part because one of the fancy department stores she loves to visit – just to see her products on sale there – is being massively incentivized by her company to keep stock visible... Read more »
  • Photo Blind Item 84
    SOLVED! [Blind Gossip] This adorable little angel grew up to be one of the most famous women in the world. She is not known for the movies she made nor the songs she sang. She did not become famous by marrying someone famous, constantly talking about herself, or by playing... Read more »
  • Photo Blind Item 83
    [Blind Gossip] This famous woman was in a sunny state while strolling towards her car recently. Although she made her bones on TV, she is surrounded by movie actors in her personal life. So many people in her family are famous that we can’t even totally recall how many famous... Read more »
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