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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse Blogs waaronder Gunaxin, Heavy Breaking News, Heavy.com, All That’s Interesting, Grunge, Mental Floss, Overheard in New York, Laughing Squid, Joanne Casey, The Oatmeal, Other Crap, Buzzfeed Latest, Mandatory, Neotorama, Bored Panda en TYWKIWDBI. Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.


    HowStuffWorks - Learn How Everything Works!

  • Potato Battery Experiment: Powering a Light Bulb With a Potato
    You want to make a potato powered light bulb, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make a potato powered light bulb in this article.... Read more »
  • How Are Rainbows Formed? The Science Behind the Colors
    We can usually see rainbows right after a rainstorm on a warm Spring day. These giant colorful arcs stand out against the dark rain clouds. Have you ever wondered what causes this phenomena? Find out how rainbows are created in this article from HowStuffWorks.... Read more »
  • Can You Power Your Computer or TV With a Bicycle Generator?
    I live in California, where we are having a power crunch. I have a hypothetical question: Could I power my computer or my TV with a bicycle generator?... Read more »
  • Disadvantages of Wind Energy: Do Wind Turbines Affect Health?
    Green, clean energy sounds good at first: Harness the power of the wind to run our creature comforts. But could the sounds people hear (and don't hear) from wind turbines endanger their health?... Read more »
  • The Science of Shade: Unlocking Photochromic Lenses
    How can my glasses change from transparent, when I'm inside, to dark when I go outdoors?... Read more »
  • What Is a Sonic Boom? Unraveling the Thunderous Phenomenon
    When an airplane flies faster than the speed of sound, you hear a large booming sound. But how can something that seems so simple cause such a boom?... Read more »
  • The Great Flood: More Than a Myth?
    Many cultures have a flood myth -- an ancient story of a deluge that swallowed the Earth. So could a great flood really have happened, and how would we be able to tell?... Read more »

    Overheard In New York

  • Wednesday One-liners
    Girl: We’re outside now. Now I can entertain you. –57th & Park Overheard by: heather Hobo: Hey Mr. Rockafella, can you help a blackafella? — 7th Av & W. 11th Overheard by: Gillian Glasser... Read more »
  • “The problem is, I loved the dog.”
    Wife: I don’t know what you’ve got to be so sad about. Your boss loves you, the kids love you, I love you, the dog loves you! –JFK airport bar... Read more »
  • Someone Get This Woman into a Soup Can
    Dowager: My god darling! The emotion! I feel naked! –Jackson Pollock painting, MoMA Overheard by: Anthony Garmont... Read more »
  • When Seduction Meets the Special Olympics
    Guy: Where do you live again? Girl: Right over there. Guy: Can I walk you home? Girl: But it’s right over there… –Orchard Street... Read more »
  • …to Love, Honor and Obey…
    Wife: Do whatever you want…it’s not my mother who died! –JFK... Read more »
  • It Stands for Bitch, Dumb
    Girl on phone: I forget what the BD stands for, but I’m pretty sure the SM stand for sado-masochism. My ad was in the platonic section, anyway. –60th & Columbus Overheard by: Alaska... Read more »
  • FYI: They’re Half-price If You Mutilate the Energizer Bunny
    Old Man: He tried to sell me 3 batteries for $47. Old Lady: Who? Old Man: Satan. Old Lady: …what size? –1/9 train Overheard by: Jeremey Foster... Read more »

    Other Crap

  • Classic supermodels in The Super Models (new documentary series)
    I’m pretty sure you guys have already seen these, but here goes: Cindy Crawford in episode 2 Christy Turlington in episode 2 Amber Valletta in episode 3 Linda Evangelista in episode 4 Kate Moss appears topless in episode 3, but the images are blurry AF. The post Classic supermodels in... Read more »
  • Shapely Diana Dulinkova topless in a new episode of Das Boot (s4e5)
    We saw season four for the first time today. The post Shapely Diana Dulinkova topless in a new episode of Das Boot (s4e5) appeared first on Other Crap.... Read more »
  • Padma Lakshmi: deep cleavage at a Swanky Bullshit Event
    “Padma Lakshmi showing off her big boobs in a sexy deep cut dress to the Christian Siriano fashion show in New York!” The post Padma Lakshmi: deep cleavage at a Swanky Bullshit Event appeared first on Other Crap.... Read more »
  • CJ Perry naked in the shower
    The photos are fine, but her breasts and crotch are not seen clearly. Nice ass, though. The post CJ Perry naked in the shower appeared first on Other Crap.... Read more »
  • Mersiha Husagic and Xenia Assenza in the newest episode of Inga Lindstrom (s20e3)
    Yeah, that’s right, season 20. Or as they call that in Germany, a Johnny-come-lately. (Heini Nachzügler? Heini Neuankömmling?) I just made up those German expressions, but the point is that Tatort has been running since 1970, so anything from this millennium is still in its infancy. OK, back to the... Read more »
  • Mishel Prada naked in the series premiere of The Continental
    New series on Peacock; premiered today. Full title: “The Continental: From the World of John Wick” The post Mishel Prada naked in the series premiere of The Continental appeared first on Other Crap.... Read more »
  • Christina Ricci and Demi Moore really understand fashion.
    Well, at least they understand the reaction they can provoke with the right outfits. This is a great example of how to generate the heat without nudity. By the way, Demi is 60 years old! Full gallery here The post Christina Ricci and Demi Moore really understand fashion. appeared first... Read more »


  • VideoPiece of Cake: A Drama Behind the Scenes in a Bakery
    Two brides, porcelain wedding cake toppers Val and Mara, are unsatisfied with the grooms they are paired with. Val's designated groom turns abusive, and his bride is injured but not destroyed. The other couple, Mara and Jesse, come to the rescue and the whole cake shop turns into a war... Read more »
  • Lightning Rod Fashion: The Wearable Tech of the 18th Century
    As soon as Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in an electrical storm (and didn't die) and then invented the lightning rod, the idea was appropriated by the fashion world. Electricity was such a modern concept that it became the next big thing for a while. Lightning rod fashion reached its... Read more »
  • VideoDrone Follows Mountain Biker in Vertigo-Inducing Downhill Run
    Warning: this video may induce a little queasiness. We've seen heart-stopping POV videos of mountain bikers wearing helmet cams. The next iteration of this type of videography is from the view of a FPV (first person view) drone. In this sequence, we follow champion racer Kade Edwards down the Red... Read more »
  • Venture Into Exoplanet K2-18b
    The search for life in other planets or an inhabitable place outside Earth has been one of the missions of astronomers studying the vast expanse of our solar system and beyond. Exoplanet K2-18b has been on their radar since 2015, but it wasn't until recently when NASA's James Webb Space... Read more »
  • Take a Look at Nature TTL's Photographer of the Year Winners for This Year
    Nature TTL is a collective of photographers with a passion for nature photography and their annual Photographer of the Year contest has seen thousands of entries that showcase the marvel of nature taken by photographers from all over the world. The contest started in 2020, and this year's crop of... Read more »
  • Beware the Singles: Kraft Recalls Cheese Slices Due to Temporary Issue
    Recently, Kraft Heinz recalled 83,000 of its Kraft Singles as it potentially posed the risk of gagging or choking due to an issue with one of its wrapping machines. Read more about it on The Cut.(Image credit: Martylunsford/CC by SA 4.0/Wikimedia Commons)... Read more »
  • Otherworldly Locations On Earth
    We were also bamboozled. These areas might look directly lifted from a set in Star Wars, Star Trek, or any popular science fiction novel that has been on mainstream media. These stunning locations are very much of Earthly descent. As you can see from the photo above– that’s not edited or... Read more »


  • Minneapolis
    An awesome view of the downtown area, looking toward the northwest, with the Mississippi River on the right and the Guthrie Theater in the center of the image.  Map.  Found in the Stuff about Minneapolis tumblr; photo credit Will Wright.... Read more »
  • People should stop hassling librarians
    Found at the Book Porn tumblr.... Read more »
  • Video"The Song of Lunch"
    I found this old (2010) DVD in our library.  It is one of the best things I've watched all year.  Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman at the top of their game in a brief (45-minute) sketch designed to fill a slot on BBC TV in recognition of National Poetry Month. ... Read more »
  • Freckles
    It has been way too long since I've visited Lushlight, a tumblr with a remarkable array of black and white photographs, including this one by Aleksandra Zaborowska.... Read more »
  • Women want pockets
    A growing movement decrying the lack of proper pockets in women’s clothing has begun to find disciples in the world of high fashion, as well as among mainstream chains...It is even possible, she suggests, that the true “age of the pocket” has now arrived, because everything necessary for daily life... Read more »
  • VideoThe history of Serratia marcescens
    Found at the Bizarro Bazar.... Read more »
  • The "Carta Marina"
    A visually interesting map from the 16th century.  Readers with a Scandinavian heritage may be interested in drilling down to some of the details.Found at a New York Times article about how whale-hunting may have driven some species to extinction as early as the medieval era.... Read more »