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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse Blogs waaronder Gunaxin, Heavy Breaking News, Heavy.com, All That’s Interesting, Grunge, Mental Floss, Overheard in New York, Laughing Squid, Joanne Casey, The Oatmeal, Other Crap, Buzzfeed Latest, Mandatory, Neotorama, Bored Panda en TYWKIWDBI. Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.


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  • You Know White Noise, But What's Pink Noise and Brown Noise?
    If you have trouble sleeping you might have been told to get a white noise machine. But white isn't the only color of noise out there.... Read more »
  • Why Is There a Gap at the Front of Public Toilet Seats?
    Open-front public toilet seats are U-shaped, while those in private residences are O-shaped. What gives?... Read more »
  • 5 Tips for Solving The New York Times Crossword Puzzle
    Crossword puzzles, whether you do them in pencil or wield a pen and live dangerously, are fun and good for your brain. These tips will help.... Read more »
  • How to Safely Transport Your Christmas Tree Home
    Plan on buying a live Christmas tree this year? Don't be that guy who loses it on the road between the lot and your house. We've got tips to help you get it home safely.... Read more »
  • Is Small Business Saturday Good for Small Businesses?
    Launched in 2010 after the Great Recession, Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday) has been growing in consumer awareness in America. But has it been a financial boon to small businesses?... Read more »
  • How Black Friday Became Big Business Around the World
    Although the day of turkey, football and gathering together has remained a distinctly American holiday, the shopping day afterward has gone global in a big way. How did that happen?... Read more »
  • 10 Completely Wrong Sayings About Animals
    Ever been told you're as stubborn as a mule or blind as a bat? It might have been an unintended compliment. Many common sayings about animals are really off the mark.... Read more »

    Overheard In New York

  • But I Still Think Charles Manson Was Framed
    Girl #1: But, like, don’t you think you should find out why the person is in jail before you have sex with them?Girl #2: I guess so. –Columbia... Read more »
  • Seceded from Bubblefuck During the War
    Guy #1: I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to live in fucking West Bubblefuck. Guy #2: Bubblefuck? Yeah? Guy #1: Well, it’s like…3,000 miles away. Damn. Guy #2: Oh yeah, right. –1 train Overheard by: Sarah Cullen... Read more »
  • Wednesday One-liners Stand for Good Hygiene
    Crazy guy: Shaving is so much more important than your cell phone. –6 train... Read more »
  • A Velociraptor? Bad Idea.
    Whining young boy: I can handle it!Stern mother: We have a dying hermit crab at home. You cannot handle it.Whining young boy: But I’ll feed it every day! –3rd Ave & 16th Str... Read more »
  • Ethan Hawke Has This Effect on a Lot Of Women.
    Female conductor: Why you lookin’ at me like that?Male conductor: Like what?Female conductor: Like a dirty man! –N Train Overheard by: Steve... Read more »
  • Well, by “Nice” I Meant “Fat”
    UNICEF lady: Excuse me! You look like a nice lady!Black lady: I’m not. –Union Square Overheard by: Shanaca... Read more »
  • Careful– They Break Their Boy-Toys
    20-something male tourist: What’s the crowd like here?20-something male New Yorker: Random cougars. –Line at Club, Meatpacking District... Read more »
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  • VideoMy Cat Lucy: A Confounding and Adorable Student Animation
    This award-winning animated short walks the line between adorable and terrifying. How do you do that? Simply make it about a cat. Black cats can be sweet as sugar, but they have the reputation of demons from the depths of hell. This is totally undeserved, as Lucy was just acting... Read more »
  • The Bollard That Eats Cars
    This is a dangerous post! Not for any particular reason, but this post has claimed a lot of victims. A four-foot tall bollard in a Walmart parking lot in Auburn, Maine, attracts automobiles into its clutches far more often than probability would predict. They've tried painting it different colors, they've... Read more »
  • VideoWhy the Grinch Wears a US Navy Cap
    I recently watched The Grinch for the first time this holiday season and this caught my attention. As a student of history, it naturally piqued my interest. So I did some research and you won’t believe what I found out. /1 pic.twitter.com/xksowmJBa9— Trevor Williams (@MeLlamoTrevor) November 22, 2022https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsThis is going... Read more »
  • VideoA Mathematician Takes on the Turducken
    The turducken, which is a chicken baked inside a duck, which is baked inside a turkey, is only one of many expressions of humanity’s desire to cook foods within other foods. The Inuit once prepared birds inside a walrus carcass. The Bedouin used to cook chickens and a sheep inside... Read more »
  • The Commode Bowl--A Toilet-Themed Football Tradition
    VCHS TV reports that it all began in 1948 in the town of Dunbar, West Virginia. Two neighborhoods represented by two amateur football teams, the Riverside Rats and the Hillside Rams, wanted to prove which was the tougher of the two. On Thanksgiving Day, they squared off in a pads-free tackle... Read more »
  • VideoElectroBOOM Pranking Device
    Warning: this video contains minor explosions, engineer talk, and a certain amount of pain. Maybe a little NSFW language, mostly covered by bleeps.  Mehdi Sadaghdar of ElectroBOOM (previously at Neatorama) made an electrical device he calls the Photo-BOOM Electro-Pranker 3000. The purpose is to startle passers-by with sound, flashing lights,... Read more »
  • Kushim, the Bad Accountant of 3,000 BC
    //instagram.com/p/ClUI9F7K4Oj A clay tablet from ancient Sumer tells quite a story. It is rare that records that old have any name attached to them, and when they do, it's usually royalty. Common people doing common work came and went, leaving no trace of who they were. But Kushim kept track... Read more »


  • Alternate history
    ... Read more »
  • VideoA mathematician prepares Thanksgiving dinner
    ... Read more »
  • Fiendishly difficult cryptic puzzle
    Every month I enjoy tackling the cryptic puzzle in Harper's magazine.  The December one that came this week is particularly frustrating.  I've figured out the 24 words in the clues, but I'm facing the task of fitting them into the dodecahedron.The instructions note that there are 12 letters left over after... Read more »
  • The Butterfly Nebula
    An Astronomy Photo of the Day, from NASA."This sharp close-up was recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope and is processed here to show off remarkable details of the complex planetary nebula, highlighting in particular light emitted by oxygen (shown as blue), hydrogen (green), and nitrogen (red). NGC 6302 lies about... Read more »
  • Yet more George Booth cartoons
    ... Read more »
  • Late-breaking Tooth Fairy news
     Somehow I missed this announcement three months ago:According to findings of the 2022 Original Tooth Fairy Poll® released by Delta Dental, the Tooth Fairy visited 79% of homes across the country with children ages 6-12 who have lost teeth. Most kids are demonstrating patience for the Tooth Fairy’s visit, with... Read more »
  • Planet Earth has a mass of six ronnagrams
    More or less."In a vote at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in Versailles on Friday, the International System of Units (SI) embraced four new prefixes with immediate effect, marking the first such changes in more than 30 years.At the top end of the scale are the new prefixes... Read more »

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