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Blogoverzicht van de beste Buitenlandse Blogs

Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende beste Buitenlandse Blogs en Engelse Blogs waaronder Cynical C, Barely Adventist, Life is Like This, Cake Wrecks, World of Buzz, Dump a Day, Very Funny Pics, Dave Barry’s Blog, Hilarious Tweets, Aeon, Joyreactor, What’s Trending, Bloggingtips, Blogging Wizzard, I can Has Cheezeburger en Awful Library Books. Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.

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    Life is Like This

  • No desire for success?
    To not desire success is not merely rare, it is close to impossible. More often than not, when you see someone who seems immune to the lure of success, what you see is only someone whose idea of success is different from the conventional idea of success (Like, you know,... Read more »
  • Action and words
    I was traveling by a SETC bus in Tamil Nadu and the bus passed by a political meeting where the speaker was promising Heaven on Earth once he came to power. Which was an ironical time for my eyes to land on this Thirukkural written in the bus. (Those who... Read more »
  • Medicare unnecessary?
    You near the time when you are respected (OR, to be realistic, discarded) as a senior citizen, you tend to worry more about health than anything else. When you were a kid, people would tell you 'Health is Wealth' and you would scoff at it saying, "How do I buy... Read more »
  • Avoid the unknown?
    The general trend in advice is that it tends to be conservative. As, indeed, it ought to be especially when it is general advice meant for public consumption, like in a book, where there could be a wide variety of recipients. I mean, like, you are going to play it... Read more »
  • Useless effort?
    There is this thing which has always struck me as quaint. I have heard it quite often, especially when it comes to movies that failed. People who are involved in the movie industry tend to say, "You don't know how much effort goes into it. You cannot be so dismissive... Read more »
  • Risky Investment?
    One of the most popular things you can do on social media or, indeed, media of any kind is to offer investment advice. Though, to be sure, it is more the kind of advice that says 'Buy this to double your money in days' sort of advice that really attracts eyeballs... Read more »
  • Everybody knows?
    I made the mistake of saying "One of my friends..." in a conversation and the group 'Grammar Nazi' (G.N. for short) was all over me about how the right usage was 'One of my friend...' I mean, yeah, I know that this is how it is being used these days,... Read more »

    Cake Wrecks

  • Expectation VS Wreck-ality
    What They Wanted: What They Got: Oh dear. As we say in the South, "GOBRESS their heart."Christina ordered a really gorgeous Frozen design: ...but unfortunately her own cake fell flat: Maybe it's just cold?(Bah dum CHA.)And finally, you've really got to respect a baker who looks at this cake: ...and... Read more »
  • And Now, A Demon Dog For A Five-Year-Old
    Iiiiit's almost Friday, minions!Isn't that great news, "Demon Dog For A Five-Year-Old?" ::gutteral snarling:: Aw, I guess he can't hear me over all the screaming.Actually, looks like it's been a pretty rough week all 'round for 5-year-old girls: Can YOU say, "creepy anatomical inaccuracies?"No?'Cuz I'd like demon dog back, please.... Read more »
  • VideoWreckage Most Foul
    Hey bakers, I'm thinking birds today.Whaddaya got? I see....what else ya got? ::squints:: ::head tilt:: AAAAAAAAAAA!AND WHAT IS A "PENQUIN?" Never mind.I think the important take-away here, minions, is that even when you don't give a hoot, you can still give... a poop: WELL OWL BE.Small naked cartoon child: "Mr.... Read more »
  • I COULD Be Wrong... But I Think That's Photoshop
    It's time again for "John Photoshops Cakes Poorly!"::jazz hands:: "As my decorator always says, 'If ya gotta go, go with a smile.'" - or - "Do I look like I'm joking?" - or - "Never rub another man's rhubarb!" - or - "This cake needs an enema!"****** ::dramatic music swelling::::dramatic... Read more »
  • Now THIS Is Ironic
    It's like "celabrate" On your literacy day: It's a "great job" On a depressing cake. It's the good advice That you just didn't take couldn't spell! And who would have thought? It figures! Thanks to Melissa S., Wilma S., M.K., Teresa, & Jennifer B. for our daily recommended dose of... Read more »
  • 10 Enchanted Garden Cakes That Are Pure Magic
    My friends, rather than dwell on how TERRIBLE I am at keeping plants alive, I've decided to look at this in a positive light: I'm really good at killing plants.Another positive?I can't kill these! (Mina Bakalova, Bulgaria) AND LOOK HOW PRETTY. These colors make me so happy. Ahhh.Today I decided... Read more »
  • About That STD Video...
    There's this new Winnie-the-Pooh deco kit going around, and, uh... That's right. Take it alllll in:The ship's anchor, slithering through the grass. Next to the balloon, also slithering through the grass. Next to the... smashed... spider?And through it all, Pooh and Tigger... staring at an ass*.[*Sorry. "Donkey's ass."] Here, have... Read more »

    Dave Barry's Blog

    Coke’s latest mystery flavor is here. It’s created by AI (Thanks to Steve K., who says "'It’s supposed to taste like the future.' Just a beer in the present for me, thanks.")... Read more »
    Scientists believe black holes are lurking much closer to Earth than we previously thought (Thanks to Rod Nunley)... Read more »
    Chinese woman arrested for having 16 jobs at the same time without ever working (Thanks to MOTW)... Read more »
    Mysterious yellow line appears on 23 miles of Florida highway (Thanks to John Lobert)... Read more »
    Man is Horrified to Find a Ladder Snake Inside a Bag of Broccoli He Purchased from an Aldi (Thanks to Rick Day)... Read more »
    Livid couple made to sit next to farting dog who drooled on their legs on 13-hour flight (Thanks to Al Barkafski) Useful New Vocabulary Word Alert: ...the dog wouldn't stop “farting” throughout the flight, making their journey a pongy ordeal.... Read more »
    A randy couple aboard an easyJet flight was caught in the middle of midair romp inside the plane’s bathroom by a shocked flight attendant and stunned passengers, according to footage posted on social media. (Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w...... Read more »

    Flight Journal

  • South Pacific Warrior: A rare combat Mustang
    “We’d fly over the target, level, and the target would go under the wing. We’d be slowing down, and slowing down, pull up, and just do a wing over. Slightly beyond the target, pull over, and then come straight down. We had a gun sight, but [we’d] just line the... Read more »
  • Night Hunter — the first Corsair equipped with radar
    Hunched in the cockpit of an F4U-2 Corsair in the darkest, blackest night he could remember, Second Lieutenant Frank Lang peered at the 6-inch scope in the center of his instrument panel and saw nothing significant to break up the green-yellow line inscribing a circle around the dial. The post... Read more »
  • Kittyhawk Jungle Rescue
    Confined in a microworld of levers, switches, and instruments, Royal Australian Air Force Flight Sergeant James Denman Harvey slid his Curtiss P-40’s eight-piece canopy backwards and looked down. Hammered by tropical heat and skin slippery in perspiration, he studied the surface of a newly captured airstrip called “Tadji.” Harvey and... Read more »
  • The Rarest of Tigers
    By the end of WW II, more than 8,000 D.H.82s had been built. Large numbers were disposed of as war surplus and were available on the civil market for as little as £50. A number were the subject of conversion schemes. The most ambitious was that carried out by Jackaroo... Read more »
  • SAAB 37 Viggen – The Bird of Many Feathers
    Sweden is an aeronautically unique country. After WW II, the military realized that it needed better equipment to protect the nation, so beginning in 1946, the Air Force became one of the world’s largest operators of the most state-of-the-art fighter available, the P-51 Mustang. However, while doting over what were... Read more »
  • DeHavilland DH84 Dragon
    Many British and Commonwealth air routes were established by airlines using de Havilland’s 6-passenger seat, twin-engine biplane, the DH84 Dragon. The Dragon’s first flight (November 1932) pre-dated the better-known DH89 Dragon Rapide (or Dominie in military service) by two years, although both aircraft made their maiden flights at the DH... Read more »
  • Me 163 Komet: A Brilliant Failure
    The Komet was not a war’s-end-crazy-idea born of desperation, as is often believed. In fact, the design began in the late 1930s, and the prototype flew in 1941. It was the hands-down winner for the crown of fastest operational aircraft of World War II, both in speed and climb. From... Read more »


  • Rotifers: charmingly bizarre and often ignored
    An ode to the rotifer – how these microscopic creatures live, die and dry out, entering a peculiar state somewhere in betweenBy Aeon VideoWatch at Aeon... Read more »
  • World wide open
    Deep brain stimulation not only treats psychiatric disease – it changes the whole person, boosting confidence and opennessBy Julian Kiverstein, Erik Rietveld & Damiaan DenysRead at Aeon... Read more »
  • Everything you wanted to know about sudden birth (but were afraid to ask)
    Shoddy filmmaking, stiff acting, clinical dialogue – yes! The cult thrill of a 1960s police training film for a sudden birthBy Aeon VideoWatch at Aeon... Read more »
  • Lies and honest mistakes
    Our crisis of public knowledge is an ethical crisis. Rewarding ‘truthfulness’ above ‘truth’ is a step towards a solutionBy Richard V ReevesRead at Aeon... Read more »
  • Riches in space
    Asteroids could pay for so much space exploration. We just need to mine those valuable resources – and duck a direct hitBy Martin ElvisRead at Aeon... Read more »
  • How an infinite hotel ran out of room
    Some infinities are bigger than others – to understand why, you’ll need to check in to the odd world of the Hilbert HotelBy Aeon VideoWatch at Aeon... Read more »
  • The Margaret Mead problem
    Mead, so radical about gender and sex in her early work, doubled down on the differences between men and women later. Why?By Elesha J CoffmanRead at Aeon... Read more »
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    Awful Library Books

  • Not Goodbye, but See Ya Later
    Hi everyone! You may have noticed that we've slowed down a bit on posting, approving comments, and, well, pretty much our whole end of the deal. We'd like to say we're just too busy and important, but…we're not. Behind the scenes, we've been actively downsizing and "sunsetting" this little dog... Read more »
  • Green Cars
    Green Cars: Earth-friendly Electric Vehicles Coughlan 1994 This was a cool book back in 1994! There's a lot of old information in it, though, like how long it takes to charge the battery in an electric vehicle, the mileage range the battery has, and emissions laws. One thing still possible... Read more »