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  • Building Your Dream Home: The Key Steps In The Process
    Do none of the homes for sale appeal to you when you look at them? Have you ever wished for a home that was entirely your own design? Building your own home can facilitate you in acquiring the home of your dreams. But where do you even begin when constructing... Read more »
  • How Watches Have Been Evolving Through The Ages
    A big part of the appeal of accessories like a watch is their sense of timelessness. A good classic design can be hard to beat, most will agree. However, that doesn’t mean that watches haven’t changed at all over the years. In fact, as the infographic focusing on one brand... Read more »
  • Gifting: One Of The Most Powerful Ways To Show Kids Love
    Pexels – CC0 License Humans have been giving each other gifts for thousands of years. But it is only recently that researchers have begun exploring their true interpersonal value. It turns out that the giving of gifts is an important “love language” – a way for some people to connect... Read more »
  • An Internet Pact With The Kids
    In many ways, the internet is like a never-ending Pandora and treasure box that can bring both joy and horror at the same time. So, it’s fair to say that, as a parent, you have to make managing internet usage a priority at home. We all appreciate that we can’t... Read more »
  • Practising Mindful Parenting as a New Parent
    Over recent years, there has been a boom in the mindfulness market. With around 200-500 million people on the planet thought to practise mindfulness or meditation regularly, mindfulness is becoming much more than buzz word associated with an unachievable way of life. In fact, the mindfulness market in the US... Read more »
  • You’re Not Just A Parent And You Deserve To Be Happy Too
    Having kids is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world. It’s something that we wouldn’t change for anything, and we’re sure other parents would agree. However, when you become a parent, a lot of people leave their personality, wants, and needs at the door. It becomes all about... Read more »
  • 3 Options For People In Need of A Post-Lockdown Job
    Pixabay (CC0 Licence) The topic of lockdown has, if anything, dominated conversation more in the last year than the virus that has made the restrictions necessary. Among other reasons for being edgy about longer lockdowns, perhaps the most prominent was the concern over how people will stay on top of... Read more »

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  • Gentleman's attempt to pull off a slip-and-fall scam foiled by security camera
    This fellow intentionally spilled water on a restaurant floor as part of a clever plan to con a restaurant into giving him a slip and fall settlement. But his scam was caught on camera, and instead of ending up on Easy Street as he hoped, he's just wet and sad.... Read more »
  • A therapy dog cuddles an emotional California firefighter in heartwarming video
    Kerith is the golden retriever therapy dog seen in the video below comforting an exhausted firefighter on break from battling Northern California's Dixie fire – the largest in the state. The fire has scorched at least 395 square miles so far, burning for three weeks and threatening 3,000 homes. —... Read more »
  • A man spent almost three years in a mental hospital in Hawaii before officials discovered they were holding the wrong man
    In 2017 Joshua Spriestersbach fell asleep on a sidewalk while waiting for a meal outside a Honolulu homeless shelter. A cop found him and thought he was Thomas Castleberry, wanted on a 2006 drug. Spriestersbacher was arrested and sent to mental health hospital, where he was locked up for over... Read more »
  • After stupid Cuomo question, Jen Psaki zings Doocy and Trump in one fell swoop
    Press Secretary Jen Psaki managed to both laugh at Fox "News" reporter Peter Doocy and crush Donald Trump and his unethical pressuring of the Justice Department with just one line and a straight face. While on the subject of New York Gov. — Read the rest... Read more »
  • Fantastic footage of Russian space station module falling to Earth
    After 20 years of use, the Russian space station docking module Pirs fell to Earth on July 26 in a fantastic fiery show captured on video by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet who had a terrific view from the International Space Station. — Read the rest... Read more »
  • Utah sheriff: Please stop hanging hammocks from high-voltage towers
    In Weber County, Utah, sheriffs are warning people to stop climbing high-voltage power towers and chilling out in hammocks hung from the structure. The view may be shockingly good but it's apparently not worth the risk. From 2KUTV: "There are 75,000 kilovolts that run through those power lines. — Read... Read more »
  • Watch: TV reporter doesn't realize a truck is sinking into the lake behind him
    Jakob Emerson, a TV reporter for Springfield, Illinois' WICS ABC 20, was doing a live standup at a Lake Springfield dock but didn't immediately realize that a pick-up truck was sinking just behind him. "No one in vehicle at time of sinking by the way!" — Read the rest... Read more »

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  • Make Walmart your Home
      When feeling at home at Walmart is put to the next level. The post Make Walmart your Home appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • You can never be too careful
    Hazmat suits all the way to Walmart The post You can never be too careful appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • Fix your knife choices
    A lot of choices to stab you with Freedom. The post Fix your knife choices appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • Free Taste Section?
    23 bucks for a banana peel, hmmm??? The post Free Taste Section? appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • Only at Walmart
    Clipping nails? What’s new here in Walmart? The post Only at Walmart appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • Condom Lockdown at Walmart
    People of Walmart have stolen so many condoms that henceforth, condoms will stay locked. People of Walmart […] The post Condom Lockdown at Walmart appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • LGA Patrol on the Move!
    Does anyone know what LGA Patrol means? The post LGA Patrol on the Move! appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »


  • Elon Musk's satellite internet got faster over the summer
    Folks who are tired of relying on underground cables for fast internet might finally have a good alternative.In general, the kind of fixed broadband internet that powers much of the United States — you know, internet that uses cables and whatnot — is still the best way to go online.... Read more »
  • Video25 best movies on Netflix to stream right now
    Alright, you want the best of the best? Then we're gonna give it to you.After months of scouring Netflix for the best thrillers, best action flicks, best romantic comedies, best horror movies, best family films, and more, it's finally come time for us to narrow down our streaming suggestions to... Read more »
  • How to pre-order the shimmery new Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox controller
    TL;DR: As of Aug. 4, the new Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox Series X|S controller is available for preorder from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, GameStop, and the Microsoft Store — reserve one for $69.99 ahead of its Aug. 31 release date.We're barely a week into it, but it's safe to say... Read more »
  • Video'The Office' stars share 5 scenes from 'The Surplus' episode they could barely get through
    It's time for another look at the funniest moments on The Office set.If you think watching nine seasons of episodes through your TV screen is hilarious, just imagine how hard it was to keep a straight face on set while filming some of those super awkward, uncomfortable, outrageously funny scenes.... Read more »
  • Score Amazon Music Unlimited and Paramount+ for less than a dollar per month
    SAVE $17 PER MONTH: As of Aug. 4, get a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited and Paramount+ for only $0.99 per month for the first three months.Let's be real: Spotify and Apple Music aren't the only music streaming services out there. If you're itching to try out a new music... Read more »
  • GameStop is offering 5 pre-owned games for $50 for a limited time
    TL;DR: As of Aug. 4, GameStop is offering shoppers a choice of five pre-owned games for just $50 (as long as each game is $20 or under) for a limited time. Just add the qualifying items to your cart, and the discount will be applied automatically at checkout.Gaming is a... Read more »
  • The best home security cameras for privacy and peace of mind
    Not sure if you've noticed, but real estate listings for fortresses with alligator-filled moats are in short supply nowadays. (Wild housing market, man.) Fortunately, recent advancements in home automation have prompted the development of a DIY alternative when it comes to anti-intruder and theft protection: the home security camera.Most major... Read more »

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  • Fans Are Sharing Heartbreaking Things About Steve Rogers And Tony Stark
    Steve Rogers and Tony Stark have been through a lot during the course of the MCU, both together and individually. They've clashed and made up countless times, which is why fans are still sharing the most heartbreaking things they've noticed about these tragic characters. Between losing Tony in the snap... Read more »
  • 15 Ways To Make Your Next Flight As Comfortable As Possible
    Given our new normal, it's better if you adopt new flight habits that will make you have a way more comfortable experience. That's what we all are looking for, right? Take notes and vote for the best tips to keep comfy and relaxed on your next airplane.... Read more »
  • Small CGI Details From Sci-Fi Movies That Deserve A Second Look
    Since 1973 – when the film Westworld first featured two-dimensional computer-generated special effects – the genre has been dominated by CGI-based SFX. Granted, it took some time before CGI got to where it is today. These days, it can be difficult to tell the difference between what's real and what's... Read more »
  • Small Details From Modern Fantasy Movies That Demand A Rewatch
    Fantasy is one of those genres that used to have a nice audience, but thanks to the release of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit series, the Harry Potter franchise, and many more since the turn of the century, that's no longer true. More fans than ever are... Read more »
  • 15 Ways To Avoid Telemarketers (And Make Them Stop Calling)
    Indignation, desperation and anger are some suitable feelings you may have towards telemarketers. Sure, they're just doing their jobs, and even they sometimes hate doing it. But there are ways to avoid them or even stop calling ompletely! We've compiled some helpful tips and tricks right here.... Read more »
  • 15 Anime Heroes Who Have Insanely Evil Parents
    Some anime heroes get to learn heroism from their parents. Others have to actively fight against their parents' influence to do any good whatsoever in the world. Anime heroes with evil parents often face abuse at the hands of their parents, and in some cases, they even end up having... Read more »
  • 20 Things You Didn't Know About The Alabasta Arc In 'One Piece'
    For many One Piece fans, the Alabasta arc is where the series really starts picking up. At 63 chapters and 38 episodes, it's the first long arc in the series. It introduces a ton of new characters and concepts that will be important later on and tells a moving, dramatic... Read more »

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  • Piyachart Wattanapun – Chiang Mai Escort (Photos, Prices, Contact)
    Piyachart Wattanapun Escort Info: Age: 31 Sex: Female Body Type: Sporty Interests: Sports, Gym at Virgin Active in Chiang Mai, Biking, Running, Fancy dinners and sexy time with nice gentlemen… Instagram: @kambum_gf Facebook: facebook.com/kambum.gf Come meet me at my gym Virgin Active in Chiang Mai: Click here for directions Come... Read more »
  • Self-Made Millionaires: Unusual Ways They Became Rich
    Have you ever thought about what it takes to become a millionaire? Many people have always viewed becoming rich as an easier thing that requires simple strategies. However, that’s a lie considering that some millionaires do work their way up from humble backgrounds if not hereditary wealth. Self-made millionaires are... Read more »
  • What are fineline tattoos?
    You probably have seen a new type of tattoo that is tiny, whether it is small and delicate script or small symbols. If so, these are called micro tattoos, or Fineline tattoos. The style of fine line tattoos is growing in popularity. It seems just about everywhere you turn, you will... Read more »
  • Picking a Pocket Pussy: A Beginner’s Guide
    Image Source You may have heard of a pocket pussy, and that piqued your interest, or you got sucked in by the hype and are now considering buying a pocket pussy to add to your arsenal. Whatever brought you here, I’m sure you’re looking for ways to spice up your... Read more »
  • Controversial Opinions about Paying for Pornographic Content
      In recent years, there have been more viewers paying for pornographic content than ever. Pornographic contents can be explicit videos or magazines. Some people are of the opinion that no one should pay for sexual content since there are much free pornographic content on the internet. This notion is... Read more »

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  • Veteran Olympian Becomes Australia's Oldest Ever Medalist Aged 62
    Andrew Hoy won silver and bronze for Australia in the equestrian competition, making him Australia's oldest Olympic medalist aged sixty-two.Hoy finished second in the team competition alongside teammates Kevin McNab and Shane Rose. Hoy then claimed bronze in the individual jumping competition with horse Vassily de Lassos, while Germany's Julia... Read more »
  • Soccer Player Guaranteed To Become First Ever Trans and Non-Binary Person To Win Olympic Medal
    A Canadian footballer is set to break records by becoming the first openly transgender athlete to win a medal at the Olympics. Twenty-five-year-old Quinn will take part in the final against Sweden on Friday, August 6 at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. They will become the first-ever trans and non-binary person... Read more »
  • Makeup Artist Goes Viral for Freakishly Accurate Transformations
    We all love a good Instagram makeup artist. Sometimes the transformations people can undertake using just carefully applied products truly boggle the mind. But one makeup artist has gone viral for her absolutely incredible celebrity impersonations. You won't believe these pictures are all of the same person... View this post... Read more »
  • Fans Are Furious With Simone Biles’ Comments After Winning Bronze
    Fan are furious with Simone Biles' comments after she won bronze in the balance beam final, today.This comes after the Team USA gymnast withdrew herself from the competition, in order to focus on her mental health. Biles, who is a 4-time Olympic gold medalist, pulled out of the USA gymnastics... Read more »
  • NYC Becomes First US City To Require Proof of COVID Vaccination for Dining, Fitness, and Entertainment
    The big city of dreams will soon require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations for indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Tuesday. New York City will become the first US city to require proof of the vaccination for dining, fitness, and entertainment, applying to workers and customers... Read more »
  • Chris Evans Responds to Lizzo After She Says She's Pregnant With Their Baby
    Chris Evans and Lizzo have absolutely wrecked the internet again - in a totally good way of course. The actor recently responded to the singer's claims that she was "pregnant" with his child in the most hilarious way.Now, this whole Chris-Lizzo fiasco started way back when Lizzo had just a... Read more »
  • Woman Left in Tears After Being 'Shamed' for Her Outfit by Flight Attendant
    It seems that wherever women go, there's always someone who feels the need to make an uninvited comment about them. And when it comes to the clothes they wear, things can be particularly problematic. One woman has shared a particularly shocking story this week - and the internet is up... Read more »


  • Top 10 Best Movies Of The Last 10 Decades
    Typically, movie lists on the Internet are centered around genres or finding the best film of a particular year. While those certainly work well enough, they don’t take as broad an approach as possible. This list takes advantage of the fact that Hollywood has been pumping out movies for over... Read more »
  • Top 10 Dangerous Fashion Choices for Women
    Fashion is an artistic form of self-expression, and like any art form, it is constantly evolving and branching in new directions. Of course, if you take enough directions, some will lead to strange places. This is certainly true in fashion, where there have been many questionable trends over the years.... Read more »
  • Top 10 Times Inventor’s Failed
    Without inventors, we wouldn’t really have anything but ourselves and our basic behaviors. Invention is the backbone of progress; it’s how culture evolves in the place of our now mostly superfluous biological evolution. But for all the inventions that made it into popular use, hundreds of times more failed along... Read more »
  • Top 10 DIY Projects Gone Horribly Wrong
    With money tight all around, more people are *trying* to save by DIY’ing—doing it yourself. From construction to renovation to crafting to even piercings, people are trying everything themselves. But for every dollar it saves, it’s that much more likely to result in total calamity. From collapsed walls to scarred... Read more »
  • Top 10 Borderline Offensive SNL Characters
    “Saturday Night Live” is an institution. Not just in comedy, but in all of entertainment. The show is now nearer to fifty than not, and over those many years has showcased wave after wave of comedy’s best, from Bill Murray through Will Ferrell to Kate McKinnon. Altogether, the prodigious cast... Read more »
  • Top 10 Olympic Scandals
    Since their modern relaunch in the late 1800s, the Olympics have become the single largest and most prestigious sporting event globally. The majority of the world’s nations, over 200 of them, gather over 10,000 of the world’s best athletes to compete in over 300 events. Anything that massive in scope,... Read more »
  • Top 10 Comedians With Depressing Histories
    The old saying goes that comedy is tragedy plus time. Simple math, then, holds that more tragedy equals more comedy. Many of our funniest comedians have lived the types of bleak, sorrowful lives that prove the equation true. So many of the people who make us laugh struggle to find... Read more »

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  • Rita Ora Cleavage and Leggy at The Suicide Squad Premiere!
    Rita Ora looked nice and sexy in a white dress at the red carpet premiere of The Suicide Squad in LA! View the pictures (Via Hot Celebs Home) The post <em>Rita Ora</em> Cleavage and Leggy at <em>The Suicide Squad</em> Premiere! appeared first on The Nip Slip.... Read more »
  • Gabrielle Union’s Booty in the Water!
    Great booty shot of Gabrielle Union wearing a swimsuit in the water! View the pictures (Via Egoallstars) The post <em>Gabrielle Union’s</em> Booty in the Water! appeared first on The Nip Slip.... Read more »
  • Jessica Alexander in a See Through Dress!
    Candids of British actress Jessica Alexander wearing a see through dress to the launch of The Ivy Asia Chelsea in London! View the pictures The post <em>Jessica Alexander</em> in a See Through Dress! appeared first on The Nip Slip.... Read more »
  • Princess Nokia Nip Slip!
    The post <em>Princess Nokia</em> Nip Slip! appeared first on The Nip Slip.... Read more »
  • Lais Ribeiro Sexy on the Red Carpet!
    Red carpet photos of sexy swimsuit model Lais Ribeiro showing cleavage on the red carpet for two separate events - the LuisaViaRoma for Unicef event and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit 2021 issue cover reveal party. View the pictures (Via Boobie Blog) The post <em>Lais Ribeiro</em> Sexy on the Red Carpet!... Read more »
  • Kylie Jenner in Gold Body Paint!
    Sexy photos of Kylie Jenner holding on to her tits and "wearing" golden body paint! View the pictures (Via Egotastic) The post <em>Kylie Jenner</em> in Gold Body Paint! appeared first on The Nip Slip.... Read more »
  • Daniela Braga Posing in a Bikini Bottom!
    Outtakes of sexy model Daniela Braga posing in an arm bra and bikini bottom! View the pictures (Via Okokoras) The post <em>Daniela Braga</em> Posing in a Bikini Bottom! appeared first on The Nip Slip.... Read more »

    The Bloggess

  • You need a break, friend.
    I am feeling almost back to my normal depresso-expresso self (low energy but with bursts of normalness) rather than the super dark unable-to-fuction-as-a-human stuff I was swimming in, so YAY FOR SLIGHT IMPROVEMENTS! Also, spellcheck is telling me that “normalness” is not a real word and I am going to... Read more »
  • The Chosen and the Beautiful
    I woke up today feeling almost sort of normal so I am very quickly going to write this before the world stops working again. Forgive the typos. I am now halfway through the ketamine treatment for depression and it’s just as strange as I expected it would be. I will... Read more »
  • Nowhere is now here!
    I’ve got a lot to write about but I’m still in a depression and it’s made me into a small damp rag. If I had a normal amount of energy I would have written about my first ketamine session for treatment resistant depression on Friday and about how it was... Read more »
  • Still here.
    I have so many things to write about or be excited about but I’m still in that same malaise of depression and it’s one where I have such small amounts of energy that I have to be really careful about how I use the few spoons that I have. BUT!... Read more »
  • I’m not sure where I am right now.
    I can always tell when I’m in a depression because I disappear. I disappear from my blog and my life and I wait until I come back to myself. In the last week I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary, I went with Hailey and Victor to Vegas for the weekend,... Read more »
  • What happens in Vegas…
    This weekend is our 25th wedding anniversary (which is weird because in my head I’m emotionally 24 at best) so we decided to take Hailey and go back to where we celebrated our honeymoon…Vegas. Well, Victor and Hailey decided really because Vegas isn’t really my kinda town (too peoply) but... Read more »
  • He did not guess correctly.
    Me after watching 47 ferret videos in a row and then making Victor look at them too even though he’s trying to concentrate on his video game: me: Omg, that’s it. I can’t take it anymore. Guess what we’re getting? Victor: A divorce? *sigh* I will wear him down. Eventually.... Read more »

    F My Life

  • By Anonymous
    Today, I started a diet to lose the 20lbs I put on during quarantine. It was also the day my body decided the diminished food intake means I'm trying to starve it to death, and must be punished with a horrible migraine. That's what I get for trying to be... Read more »
  • By boymom
    Today, my son broke his arm roughhousing with his brother on a bunk bed. While at the ER, he thought it would be funny to tell a different story to each doctor and nurse, forcing me to speak over him. They found this behavior "suspicious" and reported us to child... Read more »
  • By Anonymous
    Today, my health is such a wreck that I’m not even sure if my main problem is mental or physical. To find out, I’d need health insurance. To get that, I’d need a job. To find a job, I’d need to be way less of a wreck. I’m in that... Read more »
  • By Hashtagfail
    Today, I went outside to feed the hedgehogs who often visit my garden. It was late in the evening and dark outside. I was walking barefoot, when I suddenly stepped on something. It felt soft and splashed apart under my foot. I looked and realized that I had stepped on... Read more »
  • By Anonymous
    Today, I got yelled at for staying in my room too long; got yelled at for going out of my room; got yelled at for staying at a friend's place. FML... Read more »
  • By Anonymous
    Today, working at McDonald’s, I get lunch money on top of my salary. Well, actually I don’t *get* the money, I can eat the money. No freestyling though, only items that are actually on the menu. I guess my health and my figure won’t be lovin' it. FML... Read more »
  • By ricewine23
    Today, I bought a truck. It's a little beat up, but I got a pretty good deal because of it… Or so I thought. Turns out there's a Nickelback CD stuck in the player. And the radio is spotty. I can't help but think that had something to do with... Read more »