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Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van de bekende en minder bekende Buitenlandse Blogs waaronder Hotair, Daddy Poppins, Boing Boing, People of Walmart, Love this Pic, Mashable, New on Ranker, The Rackup, 22 Words, Listverse, Bunny Food, The Nip Slip, Whiskey RIff, Points in Case, The Bloggess en F my Life. Het merendeel van de Blogs is in het Engels, maar je komt op de blogpagina overzichten ook Duitse, Zweedse of anderstalige blogs tegen.


    Daddy Poppins

  • How To Optimize Your Children’s Health And Wellness
    With there being many common health issues in children, from asthma to chickenpox, it is important to know how to enhance your child’s health and wellbeing. Helping them achieve optimal health is essential for optimal growth and happiness, as they cannot take the utmost care of themselves – at least... Read more »
  • Taking A More Mature Approach Towards Working Out
    Pexels – CC0 License No matter where you are on the fitness spectrum, it’s important to note, you can always improve. In fact, improving is often a great way to not only totally assist and care for your mental health, but to make you a more caring, capable, energetic, and... Read more »
  • Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry – What Should You Look For?
    When we talk about ethics and sustainability, we are specifically saying that the companies are transparent and have sourced their materials sustainably. Their sourcing practises are also part of the process.  Something that is vital when you discuss sustainable and ethical jewelry is that it has minimal impact on the... Read more »
  • Common Health Issues In Children & What To Do About Them
    As a mindful parent, you are always going to want to be aware of the health of your children, and aim to do whatever you can to keep it as strong as possible at all times. Of course, this is relatively easy to do as long as you are paying... Read more »
  • How to Save Money on Tech For Your Family
    Image credit  Technology can be expensive, especially when you have growing children who want the latest technology, or need devices such as smartphones and laptops for schoolwork, socialising with their friends, and fulfilling their hobbies and interests. This often means the costs can quickly start to add up. While you... Read more »
  • Building Your Dream Home: The Key Steps In The Process
    Do none of the homes for sale appeal to you when you look at them? Have you ever wished for a home that was entirely your own design? Building your own home can facilitate you in acquiring the home of your dreams. But where do you even begin when constructing... Read more »
  • How Watches Have Been Evolving Through The Ages
    A big part of the appeal of accessories like a watch is their sense of timelessness. A good classic design can be hard to beat, most will agree. However, that doesn’t mean that watches haven’t changed at all over the years. In fact, as the infographic focusing on one brand... Read more »

    Boing Boing

  • This obscure website is dedicated to ape-themed playground slides
    The website does absolutely nothing besides present a new ape-themed slide every time you reload the page, so of course I immediately bookmarked it. There is even a photo in the collection of a real-life ape on a slide. This is the most useful website I've ever come across in... Read more »
  • VideoSky Hawk is a long-lost arcade Nintendo arcade game that includes 16mm film footage of remote-controlled fighter planes
    Sky Hawk (1976) is an arcade game by Nintendo that uses 16mm film footage of remote-controlled fighter planes. To play, you must shoot down enemy planes that are projected onto the screen. You shoot as many planes as you can in 60 seconds. — Read the rest... Read more »
  • VideoListen: Xiu Xiu reinterprets the music from Twin Peaks
    Xiu Xiu Plays The Music of Twin Peaks is a tribute album by Xiu Xiu. The album features cover versions of the music from the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Tracks are largely based on their original songs by Angelo Badalamenti, but are laced with experimental ambient noises and distortions. — Read... Read more »
  • Video"Box" is a hypnotic 1982 short film by Takashi Ito
    [Strobe warning] "Box" is a 1982 short film by Takashi Ito. The sound design is by Yosuke Inagaki. The film shows a rotating box with frame-by-frame landscape photographs on each face of the cube. The box looks as if it's revolving 360 degrees, but it only revolves 90 degrees. —... Read more »
  • VideoStephen Colbert invites you to GoTUCKyourself
    Somehow this Colbert segment wasn't a joke about the world's worst frozen food heir, but rather a segment about a seemingly useless clothing innovation. Feels like the DotCom era to me. TuckOff! Image: Screengrab... Read more »
  • VideoMcDonald's conjoined noses commercial
    There is nothing quite like a pair of fellows with conjoined noses that makes me thirsty for a cup of joe. That's exactly what you'll find in this McDonald's coffee commercial. The conjoined nose pals seem pretty jovial about their condition, too. — Read the rest... Read more »
  • VideoWhy did Duke Nukem die?
    It's hard to imagine, but at one point, Duke Nukem was one of the biggest video game properties on the planet. Looking at the series with modern eyes, Duke Nukem is a crass example of masculinity, replete with dated views of women and violence. — Read the rest... Read more »

    People Of Walmart

  • Big Face Mask
    This takes soakin’ in the summer to a whole different level. Looks like that thing is gonna […] The post Big Face Mask appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • Wait, who’s taking a vote on this?
    Pretty sure for most of us that decision was already made for us and I for one […] The post Wait, who’s taking a vote on this? appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • Lightweight Gun
    Anybody else disappointed that she didn’t just tuck that gun up underneath her FUPA? The post Lightweight Gun appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • Isle Two
    The post Isle Two appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • True Story Bro
    She ran out of masks but decided that instead of boiling noodles that day she’d wear the […] The post True Story Bro appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • Nice Doll
    Recently a real doll has rolled into Walmart. We’ll call her Barbie, pun intended since she’s plastic. The post Nice Doll appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »
  • Yellow Long Things
    I want one! The post Yellow Long Things appeared first on People Of Walmart.... Read more »


  • A lifetime subscription to iBrave Cloud Web Hosting is on sale for 97% off
    TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to iBrave Cloud Web Hosting is on sale for £121.19, saving you 97% on list price.Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to cost hundreds of pounds per year to keep your websites up and running. With iBrave’s Cloud Web Hosting Service, you can launch your... Read more »
  • How HBO's 'The Time Traveler's Wife' is different from the book
    Audrey Niffenegger's 2003 novel The Time Traveler's Wife has been adapted to the screen twice: as a film in 2009, and now as a TV series on HBO. The story of The Time Traveler's Wife — a science-fiction romance spanning decades — is extremely tricky to adapt. Clare Abshire (Rose... Read more »
  • 'Wordle' today: Answer, hints for May 23
    Let's face it: Monday isn't everyone's favorite day of the week. But at least there's a new Wordle to make it a little brighter — so here's everything you need to keep that streak alive with today's Wordle, puzzle #338.If you haven't found today's answer yet, we're not spoiling it...... Read more »
  • Russia keeps getting hacked
    Russia — a nation that has famously been on the offensive when it comes to cyber attacks — is now facing its own barrage of hacks as multiple sanctions hit the country from the West.In a meeting with the Russian Security Council on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the... Read more »
  • Kenan Thompson explains Samuel L. Jackson isn't banned from 'SNL' in Jimmy Fallon appearance
    During a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kenan Thompson, longtime Saturday Night Live cast member, cleared the air about a somewhat strange and public beef with Samuel L. Jackson. The actor had claimed he was banned from SNL and seemingly blamed Thompson for it. But the... Read more »
  • Laura Dern is 20 years younger than Sam Neill in Jurassic Park
    Sam Neill was 20 years older than Laura Dern in "Jurassic Park," an age gap that somehow didn't make the stars uncomfortable until nearly three decades after the 1993 blockbuster hit theaters.“Laura was a tender age," Neill told The Sunday Times of London via BuzzFeed News of the casting. “I... Read more »
  • 3 surprising ways to cope with climate change
    A few years ago, Britt Wray felt overwhelmed by eco-anxiety. Fielding questions from family about whether she and her husband would have children, Wray contemplated the bleak future they might inherit. At the time, Wray was a science communicator and couldn't ignore the projections of species extinction, crop failure, and... Read more »

    New on Ranker

  • 13 Times Actors Talked About The Darker Side Of Method Acting
    The debate regarding method acting has reached a fever pitch over the past several years. Here are 13 actors who have talked about the darker side of method acting.Method acting is when an actor tries to “become” their character. They talk, eat, walk, behave, and generally exist as their character... Read more »
  • 11 Common Fast-Food Myths That Just Aren't True
    Whether it's a burger from a drive-thru, or a dine-in experience at your local McDonald's or Taco Bell, hitting up a fast-food restaurant can be simple and satisfying. Not everything that goes into fast food is ideal, and many items have come and gone from fast-food menus over the years.... Read more »
  • Twitter Round Up Of Girl Power Movie Moments That Aged Really Well
    Let's be honest, females have not always been represented the best in film. Even if they do, they don't always stay relevant vent with the times. However, there have been some films that showed real girl power! Thanks to Ryan Houlihan's Twitter thread we were able to compile a list... Read more »
  • What Common Grocery Store Items Could You Not Live Without?
    In a world where grocery stores are frequently restocked to the ceilings with hundreds of varieties of goods, it can be easy to take everyday items and small luxuries for granted. Moreover, in the moments when there are shortages - as was the case with toilet paper during the COVID-19... Read more »
  • The Exact Moment We Had To Turn Off These Infamous Horror Movies
    Some horror films do their job a little too well, whether it’s pushing the limits of body horror and gore or mind-bending story twists so shocking and unbearable that a sanity break is desperately needed. While everyone might have that one film they saw in their youth that plagued them... Read more »
  • 20 Interesting Things Fans Noticed In The Final Season Of 'Attack on Titan'
    With Attack on Titan reaching its climax in the final season, there is so much information to digest; from its top-tier foreshadowing to the major plot twists, it's not out of the ordinary for fans to sift through everything with a fine-tooth comb.Now that the Rumbling has started and is... Read more »
  • 'Harry Potter' Fans Share Their Creepiest Fan Theories
    Harry Potter may have started as a Young Adult story but as the series went on it got progressively darker and that in turn led fans to come up with creepier fan theories to compete. These are the cream of the crop.... Read more »

    The Rackup

  • How To Get Your Garage Cleaned Out
    If you’ve not attended to your garage for the last few years, chances are that you have a lot of things in there that you don’t need anymore. Whether that was due to lack of time or because you just didn’t want to get your hands dirty, if you’ve finally... Read more »
  • Make Your Bedroom More Interesting With These 6 Tips
    Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and rejuvenate, but all too often, it’s just the opposite. Maybe your bedroom is cluttered or boring, or it doesn’t reflect your style. If that’s the case, don’t worry – you’re not alone. A lot of people have trouble making... Read more »
  • CBD-infused drinks – how do they work, and what are their benefits?
    Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/cmbM18P8Pno Nowadays, CBD is becoming more and more popular in our society – people see it as a viable tool that can improve their wellbeing and health. What’s more, CBD can also provide relief to specific symptoms. CBD oil is the most popular way of using CBD, but... Read more »
  • Top Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Hip Dips
      Everyone wants to have a perfect body, and for many women, that means having hips that are flawlessly round and sexy. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with such hips – many of us have what is known as “hip dips”. This is when the sides of our... Read more »
  • What is a Title Loan and How Does it Work
    https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1450101499163-c8848c66ca85 A title loan may seem like an attractive solution when you need to borrow money without having to get your credit score considered. For many people, keeping their credit score perfect in this economy has become quite a challenge. However, without a good credit score, many loan options become... Read more »


  • 10 Things You May Not Know About Mythical Creatures
    Mythical creatures are deeply rooted in folklore and mythology, and many serve as inspiration for blockbuster movies and beloved animated films. While many aspects of the history of these creatures are well known, some are less so. On this list are just some of these lesser-known facts about mythological creatures.... Read more »
  • 10 Real Historical Events That Inspired ‘Game of Thrones’
    With The House of the Dragon on the horizon, many are looking fondly back at the immersive experience that was Game of Thrones (ignoring the last season, of course). Apart from amazing effects, epic battles, and incredible dialogue, the show captured the world’s fascination with an epic plotline and twists... Read more »
  • Top 10 Dumbest Products on Shark Tank
    Since 2009, ABC’s Shark Tank has given hopeful entrepreneurs a shot at landing the venture capitalist backing of their dreams. The “sharks,” or investors, have essentially been the same throughout the show’s entire run, and to say they’ve “seen it all” is an understatement. They’ve backed products that have turned... Read more »
  • 10 Cockamamie Causes of Riots
    Riots have occurred in many places for many reasons, but they are often sparked by serious and significant situations, circumstances, or events: in prisons due to overcrowding, insufficient food, inadequate healthcare, or other grievances; at protests, when people who are discriminated against demand equal treatment under the law; during acts... Read more »
  • 10 Little Charities Making Big Impacts on the World
    When making donations, it can be hard to find the right charity. You want a charity that supports a worthwhile cause, but you also want your money to have the most impact. To help you in your search, we have compiled a list of ten little charities making big impacts... Read more »
  • 10 Things You Might Not Know About Julia Child
    Julia Child is known by most for being a pioneering chef, television personality, and cookbook author. She starred in eight television cooking series and published a total of 11 cookbooks. A classically trained chef, Child was passionate about food and brought French cuisine to an American audience and the world... Read more »
  • Top 10 Killer Facts About Orcas
    As the apex predator of the seas and the largest dolphin, the orca is known for its striking color, social intelligence, and brilliant hunting strategies. These magnificent marine mammals own the oceans with their smarts and strength. And some famous orcas have made their name in history. So, let’s dive... Read more »

    The Bloggess

  • Help us, Kenny Chesney
    Did you miss seeing Victor and me answer a million ridiculous questions while I wore frozen ice packs because being anxious makes me overheat? If so you will not understand this piece of fried gold that my friend Michael Nachoff sent: But you are in luck! Because the whole ridiculous... Read more »
    So tonight I’m celebrating the paperback release of Broken (in the best possible way) by having a free virtual tour stop where I will do a bit of reading and then be in conversation with Victor. I think this may be the first time any of you have ever heard... Read more »
  • Come see me on tour without ever leaving the safety of your couch.
    So last week the paperback of Broken was released and I did my first live book tour stop in literally years. We did it at Nowhere Bookshop (naturally) and it was also our first ever live reading at the store so it was terrifying on both accounts, but also amazing.... Read more »
  • Let’s talk about books, baby
    I’ve been a bit behind but I’m about to open up the facebook discussion page for The Fantastic Strangelings Book Club to discuss Kaikeyi by Vaishnavi Patel. (And if you haven’t read it yet I suggest you move it to the top of your TBR list because I found it... Read more »
    Today is the pub date of the paperback of Broken (in the best possible way) and I’m so excited and nervous because today people will be able to read the new bonus chapter and tonight I’m doing my first live tour stop in SO MANY YEARS. It sold out in... Read more »
  • Listen
    So, listen. Tomorrow is the release of the paperback edition of Broken so I should be writing about that but instead I’m writing something imperfectly that I need to get down and that maybe you need to read. If you’ve been here long enough you already know I battle with... Read more »
    So! This Tuesday the paperback edition of Broken (in the best possible way) comes out and there’s something very special about it that I want you to know. First, it has a whole extra chapter in it (called For Real Though, Where Exactly Are the Murder Hornets?) just to make... Read more »

    F My Life

  • [spicy] | By Anonymous
    Today, I’m at a low point. I sank low enough to ask a coworker I don’t even like for a pity shag to boost my self esteem. The sex was great, excellent even, but when he left this morning I now feel even lower because I feel cheap and nasty,... Read more »
  • By Anonymous
    Today, I stayed at my mate's house over the weekend, but his mother threw me out, saying I’m was taking advantage of her hospitality. First, it’s her son's house, so it’s not even her hospitality, but also I was helping redecorate the whole house for free, so how was I... Read more »
  • By Anonymous
    Today, it was my birthday. My family usually gives me a financial gift, but didn't this time and said nothing about it. I cooked my own birthday dinner without help, then washed everyone's dishes. I got my own cake and ate it alone because they were too busy getting drunk.... Read more »
  • By LOSER
    Today, an ex-boyfriend of mine came to the jewelry store I work at to pick out an engagement ring for his girlfriend. The same guy who just a few months earlier ended our 8-year relationship because I wanted marriage and he didn't. FML... Read more »
  • [spicy] | By should I be worried?
    Today, my girlfriend, who got married at 19 and divorced at 30, told me how much she regretted wasting all her “hot years” being a good and faithful wife to her ex. Oh and that she never got a “hoe-phase” in college like her friends. I think she’s fishing for... Read more »
  • [spicy] | By SingleAndHomeless
    Today, I came home early from work. My boyfriend and I live together. I open the door and I found my best friend watching TV on the couch, wearing lingerie. The room smelled like sex. She acted irrational and defensive, and had the audacity to ask what I was doing... Read more »
  • By Norma
    Today, it's the third time my ex has been granted a reduction in his child support payments coinciding with his gold digger getting an expensive gift. The first time it was her 4-carat engagement ring, then it was her breast and butt surgeries, and now a 3-week trip to Hawaii.... Read more »

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