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  • Rare Antarctic total solar eclipse to shed light on space weather
    A rarely seen total eclipse of the Sun in Antarctica on December 4 is drawing the attention of an international partnership of scientists who hope to learn more about the effects of such eclipses on space weather. The eclipse begins at 0700 GMT and can only be seen in Antarctica,... Read more »
  • Rotomolded plastic teardrop camper bashes through the African bush
    Rotomolded construction has become a staple in outdoor recreation and exploration via hardwearing, bear-resistant coolers and cargo boxes from the likes of Yeti and Pelican. If there's one thing campers and overlanders want to protect even more than their food and gear supplies, it's their soft, supple, irreplaceable skin. So... Read more »
  • "Sight"-restoring bionic eye proceeds along the path to human trials
    There may be new hope for people with certain types of blindness, as an experimental sight-restoring device has been deemed safe for implantation. It still has to be tested on humans, though, and it will likely provide a fairly rudimentary form of vision.Continue ReadingCategory: Medical, ScienceTags: University of New South... Read more »
  • Wheeled, legged quadruped robot is now set to stand and deliver
    ETH Zurich's ANYmal robot was already impressive back when it simply walked on four legs. It got more interesting when wheels were added to those legs, letting it both walk and roll. That wheeled version is now also able to stand up, and could soon be used for urban deliveries.Continue... Read more »
  • Sennheiser gets in on the mix with first open-back Pro headphones
    Whether you're an engineer at a recording studio or a musician producing your own tracks on a laptop, you need to be able to hear all the uncolored details. The latest open-back reference headphones from German audio specialist Sennheiser are designed for just that.Continue ReadingCategory: Wearables, TechnologyTags: Headphones, Sennheiser, Studio,... Read more »
  • World's second-tallest skyscraper pierces the sky above Kuala Lumpur
    Move over Shanghai Tower, a new megatall is under construction that will take your spot as world's second-tallest skyscraper. Rising to an impressive height of 678.9 m (2,227 ft), the Merdeka 118 in Kuala Lumpur has now officially topped out – that is, reached its maximum height – and is... Read more »
  • Bizarre new dinosaur species brandished a battle axe for a tail
    T-rex had huge teeth. Raptors sported sharp, scythe-like claws. Triceratops fought with head-mounted horns. The ancient arsenal of dinosaur warfare was varied, and now a brand new weapon has been added to the collection. Paleontologists have discovered a new type of ankylosaur with a tail like a battle axe.Continue ReadingCategory:... Read more »
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