• Celebs Matching Their Way Into The Holidays
    The weather outside isn't exactly frightful in Hollywood ... nevertheless, a bunch of celebs and their families have bundled up and then snuggled up in matching PJs!!! Not all are from H-Wood, but you get the point. Steph Curry's fam, LeBron James'…... Read more »
  • Fraudster Nicholas Bryant Posed As Oil Baron in Anna Delvey-Like Scheme
    A 26-year-old man is the new Anna Delvey Sorokin ... because he assumed the role of an oil baron heir and chartered a slew of private jets, rented homes that went for $30k a night and a lot more ... until he was nailed by authorities. Nicholas…... Read more »
  • Jay Leno Cruising in Vintage Bentley and Back Onstage at Comedy Club
    Jay Leno clearly lives by the credo ... if you get injured doing what you love, you gotta get back in the buggy!!! Jay, who was seriously burned when a fuel leak on a 1907 steamer triggered a fire that burned his face and hands, was back at it…... Read more »
  • Donald Trump Blasts Kanye West Over Meeting With Nick Fuentes
    Donald Trump is slamming Kanye West -- calling him "seriously troubled" ... for showing up with "white nationalist" Nick Fuentes to their supposed one-on-one meeting. The 45th President posted a fiery message to his Truth Social platform Saturday…... Read more »
  • 'A Christmas Story' House Owner Curses Out Actor Yano Anaya at Iconic Home
    "A Christmas Story" actor Yano Anaya is no longer welcome at the iconic home from the movie ... the homeowner made that more than clear in this video of an expletive-laden tirade. Yano, who played Grover Dill in the 1983 film, was taking photos…... Read more »
  • John Legend's Porsche Intruder Arrested for Attempted Grand Theft Auto
    John Legend almost had his Porsche stolen, according to cops, who say a man hopped in the luxury sportscar while the singer was inside a recording studio ... and then got arrested. The LAPD tells TMZ ... John's Porsche was parked outside a Los…... Read more »
  • Tina Knowles Says Jay-Z Would Be Great NFL Owner
    Tina Knowles tells TMZ Sports Jay-Z would crush it as an NFL owner ... adding to the ever-growing list of celebs who think the rapper has a real shot at success if Daniel Snyder would sell his Commanders. We got Beyoncé's mom out at LAX earlier…... Read more »
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  • 7 Native American Chefs to Watch
    With more people paying attention to the quality of the meals they consume, and the impact of the food industry on the environment, Native American fare has enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years. The tribes that populated the Americas before the influx of European settlers not only devised... Read more »
  • The Highs and Lows of Brendan Fraser's Career
    Once upon a time, Brendan Fraser was a breath of fresh air for movie audiences. Blessed with a matinee idol's good looks and physique, he instead behaved onscreen like a cartoon character come to life and carved out a path to stardom largely on the strength of making people laugh.... Read more »
  • How Steven Spielberg's Love of Film is Rooted in Early Childhood Experiences
    For director Steven Spielberg, the movie bug bit early—and bit hard. By 12, he was wowing Boy Scout buddies with his first Western short. A year later, the scrawny, geeky middle schooler was directing high schoolers in an ambitious war-themed film. It wasn't his first. And it definitely wouldn't be... Read more »
  • How Jamie Lee Curtis Followed Her Mother's Fright-Filled Footsteps to Stardom
    By age 19, Jamie Lee Curtis was already questioning whether she'd made the right move by pursuing an acting career. The younger daughter of Tony Curtis, star of classic films like Some Like It Hot (1959), and Janet Leigh, a leading lady best known for the shower scene of Psycho... Read more »
  • 20 Pictures of King Charles III Before He Took the Throne
    Despite taking the throne much later than expected, King Charles III spent his entire life preparing for the day he would become king. That moment came on September 8, 2022, when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning monarch, died. At age 73, Charles is the oldest ...Continue... Read more »
  • The Surreal Romance of Salvador and Gala Dalí
    In summer 1929, several members of Europe's surrealist art society descended on the coastal town of Cadaqués, in the Catalonia region of northeast Spain, to meet with a promising young painter named Salvador Dalí. Dalí had signed on for what was to be his first solo exhibition in Paris in... Read more »
  • 17 Pictures of Queen Elizabeth II's Life Post-Coronation
    Queen Elizabeth II's record-breaking reign as queen spanned more than seven decades and included innumerable royal duties, public appearances, meetings and all the responsibilities that come with the crown. However, whenever possible she made time for family and hobbies, including horseback riding ...Continue reading... Read more »

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  • stepLINKS of the Day
    It’s the weekend, I’ve said too much, so here are stepLINKS while the demons inside me come up with new things to say next week….I know, I wish it was something for you to look forward too also….but I can’t help but be mediocre…it’s the best I can do….but hopefully... Read more »
  • Kate Beckinsale Nipple of the Day
    Vampire Kate Beckinsale who has committed herself to not aging by either being an actual vampire from vampire bloodlines, if that’s actually real, or by being a clone that gets replaced every few years when the other one starts to fall apart, or she’s a fem-bot who gets upgraded when... Read more »
  • On/Off Flasher Fridays of the Day
    As a simple minded man, the highlight of the week for me is the On/Off post because clothing fucking lies and the whole stripping down out of clothing to show us what you’re actually hiding like the suspicious clothed bitch you are makes me happy…. As a truth seeker, the... Read more »
  • Kaili Thorne Pot Head with No Panties On Of the Day
    Here’s a uplifting Thanksgiving post that celebrates all the great things you are grateful or thankful for, like family that brings you the last name you can market to your audience for some subscribers that help pay the pills, thankful for the pantyhose that you can potentially see the pussy... Read more »
  • Fishnet Friday of the Day
    Gone Fishin’…. It’s the day after Thanksgiving….Black Friday if you will, but instead of buying bullshit you don’t need for the same price it is the rest of the year…only they put signs out that make it look like prices of slashed so morons can get overly excited about a... Read more »
  • Lottie Moss Slutty of the Day
    I’ve been a Kate Moss fan since the 90s, I just liked her attitude and her consistent use of her tits, plus I liked how the media was always so mad at how skinny she was, being the whole face and body of Heroin Chic that other models like Jamie... Read more »
  • Full Back Panties Friday of the Day
    Granny panties may be marketed as the boring, more uptight, relationship panty of fat girls on their periods…..because that’s how you sell hotter panties to sluttier women when you launch a cultural shift in humanity by making everyone sex obsessed perverts…it didn”t happen overnight, we weren’t all jerking off to... Read more »


  • Elon Musk Will Make A Whole New Phone If Apple And Google Block Twitter
    You’d think that after a month of playing with a new toy that spoiled billionaire Elon Musk would have gotten bored and moved on to something else to waste his time on. Maybe “manage” his two other businesses? Nah! The man who proved that money can’t buy you cool is... Read more »
  • Birthday Sluts
    Robin Givens (58) Aubrey Peeples (29) blackbear (32) Lashana Lynch (35) Alison Pill (37) Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi (41) Jaleel White (46) Shaunie O’Neal (48) Sharlto Copley (49) Samantha Harris (49) Twista (49) Brooke Langton (52) Myles Kennedy (53) Elizabeth Marvel (53) Pic: Harry Langdon/Getty Images Michael Vartan (54) Fisher Stevens... Read more »
  • Open Post: Hosted By The Stowaway Cat Who Was Found By TSA
    With the holidays in full swing, it’s prime traveling season. Whether by plane, train, or automobile, people are packing the essentials for traveling to their families. Some pack gifts, some pack extra valium, and others inadvertently pack cats. This was stupidly the case last week when a cat named Smells... Read more »
  • Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski Spent Friendsgiving Together
    While you were stuffing your face with mashed potato in a valiant effort to prevent yourself from letting loose at your conspiracy theory-spouting uncle, other people were having sexy Thanksgivings. Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski were spotted together at a Friendsgiving, adding fuel to the rumors that they are indeed... Read more »
  • VideoIrene Cara Has Died At 63
    Irene Cara, Oscar-winner who could do it all (sing, dance, act, write, produce, play musical instruments, bring the charisma, and set any stage on fire), died yesterday at her home in Miami, FL.  Irene was only 63. The horrible and unexpected news of Irene Cara’s death was confirmed by her... Read more »
  • Birthday Sluts
    Tina Turner (83) Luka Sabbat (25) Emma Portner (28) Rita Ora (32) Rob Raco (33) Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (34) Kat DeLuna (35) Trevor Morgan (36) Lil’ Fizz (37) Natasha Bedingfield (41) DJ Khaled (47) Tammy Lynn Michaels (48) Peter Facinelli (49) Pic: RGR Collection Kristin Bauer van Straten (56) Garcelle... Read more »
  • VideoOpen Post: Hosted By Flossie, The World’s Oldest Living Cat
    Introducing Flossie, the current Guinness World Record-holder for the oldest living cat at 26 years and 316 days, to be precise. Flossie, who has since turned 27, was recently adopted by Vicki Green, who got her from Cats Protection, a British kitty charity. Cats Protection employee Naomi Rosling says she... Read more »


  • Prince William revealed his coffee-fueled daily diet during a trip to Cornwall
    When then-Prince Charles was Prince of Wales AND Duke of Cornwall, he visited both Wales and Cornwall frequently. It often felt like Charles was constantly going on mini-tours every other week in Cornwall and Wales, honestly. But it worked for him – his respect for the Welsh people helped ease... Read more »
  • King Charles agreed to accept £4.5 million in ‘charitable donations’ from Qatar
    It’s clear that King Charles authorized some – if not all – of the leaks about his cash-for-honours dramas. Charles was trying to get all of those scandals out there before he became king, and the leaks were released at a steady clip over the course of 2021 and 2022.... Read more »
  • Donald Trump spent hours chatting with two white nationalists & antisemites
    Donald Trump hasn’t done much since he announced his third presidential run. He’s just staying in Mar-a-Lago, waiting to be indicted. He threw his usual Thanksgiving dinner at Mar-a-Lago too, and someone (possibly Bigly) invited Kanye West. Kanye, in turn, invited a man named Nick Fuentes. Since antisemites are repugnant... Read more »
  • Margot Robbie: ‘Anything easy to do is probably not worth doing’
    Margot Robbie covers the December issue of Vanity Fair, mostly to promote Babylon, which comes out just before Christmas. Robbie is likely to be the face of the film and the main actor doing promotion for it, especially given that Brad Pitt is also in the film and he probably... Read more »
  • VideoQueen Camilla awkwardly passed out Paddington Bears to nursery school kids
    On Thursday, Queen Camilla decided to do an event around kids and Paddington Bear. During the Jubbly, Queen Elizabeth II did a video with the animated Paddington Bear, from the movies, voiced by Ben Whishaw. Then, months later, QEII passed away and people left Paddington Bears in tribute to QEII... Read more »
  • King Charles will bring back royal Christmas traditions at Sandringham
    In the past two Christmases, Queen Elizabeth II stayed in Windsor Castle, where her staff and security formed “the HMS Bubble” around her, for her own protection. She still got Covid somehow, so it’s not like the system was particularly effective. But the point is that the last time the... Read more »
  • Amanda Gorman posted a beautiful photo with the Duke & Duchess of Sussex
    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amanda Gorman (@amandascgorman) This week’s Archetypes’ podcast episode was “Beyond the Archetype: Human, Being.” The Duchess of Sussex spoke to high schoolers, Candace Bushnell, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez and more about identity, being and existing beyond the archetypes. While it was a... Read more »


  • Meme of the Day
    The post Meme of the Day appeared first on WWTDD - What Would Tyler Durden Do?.... Read more »
  • How to get into the Missouri online casino scene like a pro
    Approximately 1.6 billion people are anticipated to use online casino facilities as of December 2021. By 2027, the sector will be valued more than $125 billion, thanks to the large number of online gamblers. Players can win significant money at online casinos, which are part of a billion-dollar business. In... Read more »
  • How promotional offers are changing the online industry
    In the United States, sports betting is an important and increasing part of the media. The regulatory tide in the United States has swung in favour of a sector that had long been considered as a vice, and broadcasters and publishers have begun collecting advertising revenue from gambling companies and... Read more »
  • Famous Celebrities who are Obsessed with The Casino
    The casino is a place where anything can happen. The potent whiffs of the all-you-can-eat buffet and the riveting jingles on winning slot machines that grant cash prizes to the already wealthy are only a couple of the obsession-building qualities which you can spot at the neon-tinted playground. The sophisticated... Read more »
  • Finish Your Degree Next Time, Muffin
    So Theranos founder / saleswoman / hack Elizabeth Holmes was finally identified as the crook she is by a jury in California (of all places) – Google “Theranos” for details. She played the “I didn’t know” and battered gf card in defense, but the jury wasn’t buying, seeing how her... Read more »
  • VideoSave Austria!
    If you think this can’t happen where you live, think again. Every time you head out and use your QR code just know that you are part of the problem. You can be for vaccination and against medical apartheid. Remember, those who are vaccine hesitant are usually minorities. Austria is... Read more »
  • Billie Eilish Goes Viral on Porn and Vaccines!
    Billie Eilish who is for whatever reaason one of the biggest stars of our times. I’ve never heard her music but think of her as more of a feat in marketing than anything else. You know, the kind of performer that was made in an office by very connected people... Read more »


  • Busy Philipps Responds to Claim She Was 'Rude and Dismissive' On Talk Show Set
    As always, Busy Philipps keeps it real with her fans, and she did so again when she responded to a blind item posted to the DeuxMoi Instagram page. The former "Busy Tonight" host and "Girls5Eva" star jumped on her Instagram Stories to address the rumor, and even told the outlet... Read more »
  • Joy Behar Got Fired from Good Morning America -- And Then Taken to Chippendales
    Not everyone can describe the day they got fired from their job as "a great day all around," but that's what Joy Behar said about the day she got fired from "Good Morning America." "The View" co-host got onto the topic with guest Kumail Nanjiani, who was on to promote... Read more »
  • VideoWhy Jenna Ortega Didn't Ask Her Wednesday Co-Star Christina Ricci for Any Advice
    It's only been a few days since its release on Netflix and already fans and critics are praising Jenna Ortega's portrayal of the macabre Addams family daughter in "Wednesday." For nearly 60 years, "The Addams Family" has been a staple of television and film, starting with the iconic 1964-1966 sitcom... Read more »
  • Mariah Carey Talks About Being Labeled a 'Diva' and How Much of It Is Real
    Mariah Carey has been labeled a lot of things across her career. Things like the voice of a generation, the Queen of Christmas (though not copyrighted), and even a diva. In a new interview with W Magazine, the elusive chanteuse shared her thoughts on that last label, which some see... Read more »
  • Video13 Celebrities That Are Super Active And Real On TikTok
    TikTok has blown up over the last 2 years, and most celebrities have jumped onto the bandwagon. Most famous people use the app as a promotional platform, making announcements or showing new teasers for their projects. However, there are many celebrities who break that standard and make videos like any... Read more »
  • 10 Celebrities Who Flip Homes In Their Spare Time
    Flipping homes isn't just for the stars of HGTV! As of late, plenty of other celebrities have been getting involved in the world of real estate. With extra money to invest, many of these stars have tried their hand at house flipping -- or purchasing a home to renovate and... Read more »
  • 'Fame' and 'Flashdance' Singer Irene Cara Dead at 63, Hollywood Mourns
    Hollywood is mourning the death of award-winning singer and actress Irene Cara, who has passed away at the age of 63. Cara -- who is best known as the singer behind the title tracks to "Flashdance" and "Fame" -- died in her home in Florida, per her publicist, who announced... Read more »


  • VideoToo Close To Home
    It’s one of the most famous scenes in cinema history. Private Detective, Jake Gittes, is attempting to force the truth out of his lovely but damaged client, Evelyn Mulwray. Just who is the mysterious teenager everyone’s searching for? Evelyn: She’s my daughter. [Gittes slaps Evelyn] Gittes: I said I want... Read more »
  • VideoThe Demi Ramos Show: Zolita
    Zolita does it all. Best known for her music, she grew up in Southern California and attended film school at NYU. In fact, she says some of her songs start as video ideas. As writer, director, and producer, she has developed a distinct visual style filled with colorful sets and... Read more »
  • VideoWhat’s Going on With Selena Gomez?
    Selena Gomez is one of the most famous people on the planet. The former Disney star is a singer, actress, and entrepreneur. She’s also a mental health advocate and star of her own, new documentary My Mind & Me.The new Apple+ Documentary My Mind & Me offers unprecedented insight into... Read more »
  • So You Missed The Rhode Restock. Here Are The Best Rhode Skin Dupes
    Celebrity brands are a dime a dozen. Some flop while others change the industry forever — thank you, Fenty Beauty, for your service. Rhode Skin, Hailey Bieber’s new skincare brand, seems to be the latter. It launched with a $17 dollar smoothie. Bieber pulled out all the marketing stops when... Read more »
  • Love Is Lost In Hollywood
    This has not been a year of love for celebrities. In fact, it’s quite the time to be an eligible bachelor in Hollywood. This past Friday, after everyone scurried home from work and shut their laptops, Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde decided to announce they had officially broken up. The... Read more »
  • VideoPoo Bear on His New Album and Making Hits with Justin Bieber
    Poo Bear was already a hitmaker before he met Justin Bieber. Starting in 2001 with 112's "Peaches N Cream" he worked on a series of songs for artists like Chris Brown, and Usher, and Kelis.Since the 2013 album Journals, Poo Bear and Justin Bieber have collaborated on hits including "Intentions,"... Read more »
  • Video5 Tracks That Inspired Kranium
    Dancehall star Kranium released In Too Deep today on Atlantic Records. The seven-track project is a perfect mix of high-end R&B production and authentic Jamaican sounds.The standout single, "Without You," a duet with Queen Naija, is ideal for a late night drive with the windows down. It also features "Paranoid"... Read more »

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