• Kanye West Driving $400k Minivan Loaded with Leather Swivel Seats and TVs
    Kanye West's minivan may not come with little juice box holders -- but it's got swivel seats, custom speakers and TVs big enough for a living room -- all tools to get him in dad mode. Kanye's been spotted whipping around L.A. lately in a 1-of-1…... Read more »
  • 'Teen Mom OG' Star Cheyenne Floyd's Fiancé Arrested on Warrant
    "Teen Mom OG" star Cheyenne Floyd and her fiancé had a rude awakening following a romantic getaway to Mexico ... her man got busted going through customs at LAX. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Zach Davis, who appears on the MTV show with…... Read more »
  • Isaac Bruce Says Rams Will Upset Buccaneers In Playoffs, 28-27!
    Rams legend Isaac Bruce is predicting an early exit from the playoffs for Tom Brady ... saying his old team will beat the Buccaneers today -- by one point! The former wideout -- who's admittedly pretty biased given the fact that he played for the…... Read more »
  • Famous Fans With NFL Mascots -- Get In The Game!
    The NFL playoff season has been whittled down to divisions and these famous fans are having a field day with one of the most important members of the football team ... the mascot! Adriana Lima laughs it up with T.D. representing the Miami Dolphins,…... Read more »
  • Black Voters Matter Co-Founder 'Disturbed' by Sen. McConnell's Black Voters Remark
    Sen. Mitch McConnell's attempts to backtrack his remark about Black voters aren't flying with some people ... especially the leader of Black Voters Matter. LaTosha Brown, who co-founded the group, tells TMZ ... the Senate Minority Leader's comments…... Read more »
  • Celebrity Scramble -- Guess Who!
    Hidden behind this stretched-out snap is a woman known for making headlines with her royal family. After marrying into the British monarch, she became a cultural icon for everyone -- not just for people in her home country, but for the many fans…... Read more »
  • Jon Hamm Stars in Hilarious New Apple TV+ Ad Where He Has FOMO
    Jon Hamm doesn't like to be left out, especially if Hollywood's boarding the Apple train without him ... which he made perfectly clear in an ad that would make Don Draper blush. The smooth-talking actor is featured in a new campaign from Apple TV+…... Read more »

    Drunken Stepfather

  • stepLINKS of the Day
    As it turns out, I will not be having any Meatloaf tonight, but I did listen to “I would do anything for Love, but I won’t do that”….only to see if there are any clues as to what he won’t do…or is that a secret he died with? I hope... Read more »
  • Kendall Jenner Trying Hard (barely) of the Day
    I guess the Kardashians have a strong grip on the pop culture media companies, because their stories get views, so they keep pushing this influencer family of trash, thanks to the spell they’ve got them under….because these Kendall in a bikini in the snow for no reason besides being a... Read more »
  • On/Off Flasher Fridays of the Day
    Costco in Quebec Canada has decided to follow the Government’s orders and force people who are UNVACCINATED to not shop at their stores….for HEALTH AND SAFETY obviously…since 99 percent of the vaccinated people I know haven’t got COVID in the last 2 months, and out of them the majority had... Read more »
  • January Jones Titty Shot of the Day
    January Jones finding social media has probably been fun for her fans, because there are dudes out there who find her the hottest bitch around, despite being an old single mom, they like Mad Men, the only acting job she ever had, possibly from sucking the right dick, luckily it... Read more »
  • Frog Butt Friday of the Day
    Girls on their knees with their back arched is apparently called FROG BUTTS, even though I just call that being on their knees, which is one of my favorite requests when meeing someone for the first time “ON YOUR KNEES BITCH’…and before they get mad I say “aren’t you going... Read more »
  • Sexy Midget of the Day
    Hey shorty, it’s your birthday…. When I started this site 18 years ago, it was a much crazier time. People weren’t on the internet the way they were now, they barely had email accounts and social media was Myspace and Friendster…a game that people would play when bored…not the fucking... Read more »
  • Full Back Panties Friday of the Day
    Full back panties may be worn primarily by married moms, girls in longterm relationships, you know because they are comfy, great for periods, and while you rot away on your couch in your comfort zone you call life, a boring, predictible life, you don’t venture out there to try to... Read more »


  • Birthday Sluts
    Richard Dean Anderson (72) Dlisted (17) Rachel Crow (24) Jack Reynor (30) Doutzen Kroes (37) Draya Michele (37) Julia Jones (41) Tito Ortiz (47) Norah O’Donnell (48) Tiffani Thiessen (48) Lisa Wu (49) Ewen Bremner (50) Pic: ABC/Getty Lisa Snowdon (50) Ariadna Gil (53) Mariska Hargitay (58) Gail O’Grady (59)... Read more »
  • VideoOpen Post: Hosted By Martha Stewart’s Reason For Breaking Up With Anthony Hopkins
    In a very “hold on, they dated?!” moment, Martha Stewart recently revealed that she and esteemed actor and fava bean fan Sir Anthony Hopkins were once romantically involved and that she was the one who ended it. Why? Because he was Hannibal Lecter, of course! She couldn’t have the culinary... Read more »
  • VideoFYI: Julia Fox Doesn’t Care About Getting Attention, Okay?!
    Because your eye-rolling muscles haven’t been through enough already, welcome to another episode of What Does The (Julia) Fox Say? And yes like past episodes, Kanye West’s latest living Fashion Plates release, actress Julia Fox, dribbles out another stream of foolery that will make you think that these two really... Read more »
  • Arnold Schwarznegger Was Involved A Bad Car Crash But Is Doing Fine
    Apart from standing in a filled bathtub in the middle of an empty field during a raging thunderstorm, driving a car is likely the most dangerous thing you can do. And in America, we all gotta do it to get around, from the humblest West Elm employee to the aging... Read more »
  • VideoRegina King Is Mourning The Loss Of Her Only Child, Ian Alexander Jr.
    Regina King is experiencing an unfathomable loss and a living nightmare after her only child, Ian Alexander Jr., has died. People reports that Ian died by suicide. Ian had just turned 26 on Wednesday. After there were reports on the internet of Ian’s death, Regina confirmed the horrible news in... Read more »
  • Birthday Sluts
    Piper Laurie (90) Sami Gayle (26) Logic (32) Nick Simmons (33) Willa Ford (41) Beverley Mitchell (41) Christopher Masterson (42) Ben Taylor (45) Balthazar Getty (47) Larry Birkhead (49) Gabriel Macht (50) Matt Iseman (51) Olivia d’Abo (53) Pic: Getty Guy Fieri (54) Steven Adler (57) DJ Jazzy Jeff (57)... Read more »
  • Night Crumbs
    After hearing talk that a second season of the global megahit Squid Game was already in the works, Netflix has officially confirmed that it’s happening and that the “Squid Game universe has just begun.” So expect a million more seasons, spin-offs, specials, and crossover events. I can’t wait for the... Read more »


  • Finish Your Degree Next Time, Muffin
    So Theranos founder / saleswoman / hack Elizabeth Holmes was finally identified as the crook she is by a jury in California (of all places) – Google “Theranos” for details. She played the “I didn’t know” and battered gf card in defense, but the jury wasn’t buying, seeing how her... Read more »
  • VideoSave Austria!
    If you think this can’t happen where you live, think again. Every time you head out and use your QR code just know that you are part of the problem. You can be for vaccination and against medical apartheid. Remember, those who are vaccine hesitant are usually minorities. Austria is... Read more »
  • Billie Eilish Goes Viral on Porn and Vaccines!
    Billie Eilish who is for whatever reaason one of the biggest stars of our times. I’ve never heard her music but think of her as more of a feat in marketing than anything else. You know, the kind of performer that was made in an office by very connected people... Read more »
  • VideoRemember You’ve Been Duped in the Jussie Case!
    The Jussie Smollett case is a friendly reminder that the people put confidence in people that they shouldn’t. This was an orchestrated event (obviously, the guy was found guilty), but I mean on a higher level because he is an actor, a gay black actor, a perfect person to cast... Read more »
  • The Ladies Of The World Economic Forum
    What was once a conspiracy is now a truth. Sure there are many more ladies besides Angela Merkel, Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin, but these are leaders of “democratic” countries who now control our every movement. We all know, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is a member and so is Pfizer’s... Read more »
    The Media is hyping the story how Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin went clubbing when she MAY have gotten infected by someone at the office. She missed the text saying “time to isolate bae” bc she left her work phone at home – like us peasants do. But they have... Read more »
  • Please Send her to Men’s Lockdown
    So I’m reading on the trial of limp-dick Ghislaine Maxwell and thinking, this mofo Epstein tagged alotta puss – but then you hear the testimony of MAXWELL’s victims, and realize what a disgusting dumpster-firer the whole sitch is. This was not a Man getting laid – this was a gutless... Read more »


  • Kanye West’s Obnoxious Divorced Man Energy
    The Divorced Man is one of today’s most fascinating archetypes. He is defined by his need to soothe his wounded ego in a way that’s both pathetic and patriarchal. Let me break it down. The Divorced Man has been conditioned by heteropatriarchal society to believe that he is the shining... Read more »
  • What Do We Wear Now?
    I don’t have the stamina for shopping that I once did. As a teen, I could spend hours each weekend in actual stores browsing for clothes I wanted and then buying as many as I could afford. After decluttering piles of polyester garments from the back of my post-college closet,... Read more »
  • VideoBoth sides of Royal & the Serpent
    Following the success of her pandemic anthem "Overwhelmed," Royal & the Serpent (Ryan Santiago) has pushed herself as an artist. Her macabre style and cinematic aesthetics are a perfect match for her mix of early 2000s rock and caffeinated pop. This recent success has landed the New Jersey native collaborations... Read more »
  • Is the Allure Beauty Box Worth It? What’s In The January Box?
    If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: New Year, New Me. This mantra is soooo overdone that for most of us, it no longer inspires us to make any new changes. This saying can also catapult us into overspending. Who amongst us hasn’t splurged on a... Read more »
  • What’s Next For Kanye West?
    Kanye West is always in the middle of a redemption arc, it seems. The rapper is known for being bold and brazen in all aspects of his life, and this has garnered him both recognition and respect in — seemingly — any endeavor, spanning industries like music, fashion, business, and... Read more »
  • VideoCatie Turner: Life after American Idol
    With her talent, high energy, and vintage style, Catie Turner quickly became an American Idol favorite. She didn’t win, but her seventh place finish was enough to earn a loyal fanbase.But what happens after the show is over?Watch Jordan Edwards and Demi Ramos talk to Turner about forging her own... Read more »
  • How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2022
    How did the year go by so quickly? 2021 was definitely one for the history books. A year that began mid-pandemic and the culmination of the Trump Presidency, a 4-year period of strife bookended by the January 6th insurrection. Once Biden was inaugurated and vaccines rolled out, we allowed for... Read more »
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