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    Drunken Stepfather

  • stepLINKS of the Day
    When they tell you about Internet extremism, or internet indoctrination, they try to push the whole incels, school shooters, trump supporters, truckers, pure bloods, racists, man-o-sphere misogynists on you, as if they are the demons that spawn due to internet misinformation….and not truths… They never push the women who have... Read more »
  • Stella Hudgens Topless Bed Selfie of the Day
    Stella hudgens – sister fetish for all the people out there who want to fuck your wife or girlfriend’s sisters because you landed the less impressive one, because they are genetically similar, GENITALLY similar maybe their pussies would match up in police line up for pussies, if pussies were criminals….maybe... Read more »
  • Joy Corrigan Nip Slip of the Day
    Joy to the world, or at least to the three people who read this site and appreciate a full Florida Tit slip out of a dress from a bikini model and early Instagram babe who produced that Florida bikini content before everyone realized it was a critical thing for success... Read more »
  • Ashley Benson Bikini Tits of the Day
    Ashely benson went back to cock, seemingly took as many loads as she could to make up for that whole lesbian stint of either virtue signalling or being so liberal that you love everyone so long as you can make it marketable, or maybe the boredom of being rich and... Read more »
  • Medical Worker Monday of the Day
    I may not have faith in the medical community after realizing they are all bought assholes who don’t actually care about their patients, who they view as numbers or paychecks…but I don’t mind if the people working in the medical industry, strip out of the ill fitting scrubs to prove... Read more »
  • Milf Monday of the Day
    I don’t really spend all that time trying to figure out the appeal of MILFs, I realize that having the tits and evidence of a biological vagina is typically enough for a dude to be drawn to a person… Whether it’s the experience, having done Sex to completion, or the... Read more »
  • AnnaSophia Robb Bikini of the Day
    The number 1 search result for AnnaSophia Robb is hilarious to me, it’s “How did she lose her arm” before growing it back to play “Young Carrie Bradshaw” in the prequel to Sex and the City when she was a high school slut, not a NYC metropolitan slut… The reason... Read more »


  • Meme of the Day
    The post Meme of the Day appeared first on WWTDD - What Would Tyler Durden Do?.... Read more »
  • How to get into the Missouri online casino scene like a pro
    Approximately 1.6 billion people are anticipated to use online casino facilities as of December 2021. By 2027, the sector will be valued more than $125 billion, thanks to the large number of online gamblers. Players can win significant money at online casinos, which are part of a billion-dollar business. In... Read more »
  • How promotional offers are changing the online industry
    In the United States, sports betting is an important and increasing part of the media. The regulatory tide in the United States has swung in favour of a sector that had long been considered as a vice, and broadcasters and publishers have begun collecting advertising revenue from gambling companies and... Read more »
  • Famous Celebrities who are Obsessed with The Casino
    The casino is a place where anything can happen. The potent whiffs of the all-you-can-eat buffet and the riveting jingles on winning slot machines that grant cash prizes to the already wealthy are only a couple of the obsession-building qualities which you can spot at the neon-tinted playground. The sophisticated... Read more »
  • Finish Your Degree Next Time, Muffin
    So Theranos founder / saleswoman / hack Elizabeth Holmes was finally identified as the crook she is by a jury in California (of all places) – Google “Theranos” for details. She played the “I didn’t know” and battered gf card in defense, but the jury wasn’t buying, seeing how her... Read more »
  • VideoSave Austria!
    If you think this can’t happen where you live, think again. Every time you head out and use your QR code just know that you are part of the problem. You can be for vaccination and against medical apartheid. Remember, those who are vaccine hesitant are usually minorities. Austria is... Read more »
  • Billie Eilish Goes Viral on Porn and Vaccines!
    Billie Eilish who is for whatever reaason one of the biggest stars of our times. I’ve never heard her music but think of her as more of a feat in marketing than anything else. You know, the kind of performer that was made in an office by very connected people... Read more »


  • Megan Thee Stallion's NYT Op Ed And What "Protect Black Women” Means In Pop Culture
    Saturday Night Live's season premiere this past weekend saw Megan Thee Stallion use the platform as a call to action. During the performance of her hit single "Savage,'' the Houston rapper briefly veered from the song's braggadocious energy to bring attention to a real issue. Sound bites of Malcolm X's... Read more »
  • VideoBrynn Cartelli Grows Up
    Interview and Photos by Jordan EdwardsSince winning The Voice in 2018, Brynn Cartelli has matured as both a vocalist and songwriter. You can hear this on her latest single, "Secondhand Smoke." The lyrics have more weight, and her voice sounds more confident. Shortly before its release last month, Cartelli performed... Read more »
  • A Look Into Paris Fashion Week 2023: Trends, Takes, And Tailored Suits
    There’s no Fashion Week like Paris Fashion Week. Maybe it’s thanks to French fashion houses like Dior, Hermès, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton that go above and beyond for each runway show, outdoing themselves and each other, year after year.And if you’ve been paying attention, maybe you, too have been wondering... Read more »
  • VideoTed Lasso Season 3 Is Here With A Nike Collab To Prove It
    Pack your bags, we’re going to an AFC Richmond game. Ted Lasso Season 3 is officially back on Apple TV+, which is great news for just about everyone on the whole entire planet. The 40-time Emmy nominated show follows American coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) as he tries to wrangle... Read more »
  • VideoAustin Millz and Sabrina Claudio Release “Inhale / Exhale”
    Austin Millz, the Harlem-born DJ extraordinaire, is back with a new single featuring one of the biggest names currently in R&B: Sabrina Claudio. With Sabrina’s smooth-flowing vocals and Austin’s catchy, dance-worthy beats, “Inhale / Exhale” is the perfect track to pair with your parties this summer. It’s our first glimpse... Read more »
  • Get Your Irish On With This St Patrick’s Day Playlist
    Green beer is passé, trite, and, frankly, shameful. So is any kind of headgear featuring glittery shamrocks. This Saint Patrick’s Day it’s time to shake things up musically. We put on our thinking caps – sans shamrocks – and compiled a Paddy’s Day Playlist with 10 tunes that are sure... Read more »
  • St Patrick’s Day Knick-Knacks, Tropes & Memes We Love To Hate
    True or False: The Irish – at home, here, or abroad – love St. Patrick’s Day.Answer: It’s complicated...Most Irish folks and those of Irish descent are bonkers about Ireland. And why not? It’s a gorgeous country that has given the world an abundance of writers, poets, politicians, musicians, actors, and... Read more »