• Special Needs Dogs Rescued from Arizona Home After Animal Abuse Claims
    A woman said to be running a special needs dog rescue out of her Arizona home landed in jail after mounting allegations of animal abuse ... resulting in a major confiscation of pups. April Mclaughlin was arrested Friday evening in Chandler, AZ…... Read more »
  • Hulk Hogan Marries Sky Daily in Intimate Florida Wedding Ceremony
    Hulk Hogan is a married man yet again -- having walked down the aisle with his new bride, Sky Daily ... and the wedding photos are really something to behold. The WWE icon tied the knot Friday in a relatively small ceremony down in Clearwater, FL…... Read more »
  • Michael Caine Scoffs at Intimacy Coordinators for Movie Sex Scenes
    Michael Caine doesn't get why actors need extra help navigating sex scenes in the 21st century -- reminiscing on the old days when ... thespians just faked orgasms like that. 🫰 The knighted actor spilled his unconventional thoughts to the Daily…... Read more »
  • George Clooney Reportedly Selling Lakeside Italian Villa
    George Clooney is apparently packing up his bags and leaving Lake Como in the dust -- the dude is said to be unloading his waterfront villa ... this after more than 2 decades there. The actor is reportedly putting his massive Italian home on the…... Read more »
  • Welsh Woman Knocked Unconscious by Thrown Tire in Wild Police Video
    A woman appeared to be knocked unconscious after somebody threw a loose tire at her during an absolutely crazy fight between cops and citizens in Wales ... and it's on video. This clip is pretty tough to watch considering the brutality shown. It…... Read more »
  • Vince Vaughn Drops Movie References During 'College Game Day' Picks
    Vince Vaughn was definitely in movie mode this weekend ahead of some big college football games -- and you can tell by the iconic references he made during his televised picks. The legendary actor was the featured celebrity guest Saturday on ESPN's…... Read more »
  • Savannah Chrisley Addresses Death of Ex-Fiancé Nic Kerdiles
    Savannah just further discussed Nic's passing, posting a photo of them holding hands. She writes, "Heaven gained the most beautiful angel today ... I miss you and I love you." She adds, "I'll forever save our last messages of 'I love you.' please…... Read more »
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    Drunken Stepfather

  • Stella Hudgens Ass in a Thong Shot of the Day
    Stella Hudgens who is arguably the hotter of the Hudgens sister and not because she sells low level barely nudes to retard Vanessa Hudgens fans, that’s actually the least hot thing about her, but at least we’ve seen her titties because of it… We haven’t seen her pussy or her... Read more »
  • Bella Thorne’s Selfie Tits of the Day
    If you’re wondering where Bella Thorne’s been the last few weeks, she’s still around, and she’s still got the tits that she’s rocking out in some tank top while seducing the camera like some sort of actress who does porn on the side because it pays her fat money that... Read more »
  • Dove Cameron’s Leg Up, Tits Out of the Day
    Here’s a little Dove Cameron, broken Disney kid who seems depressing or broken on some levels of trauma based mind control, but who has fake tits and we may hate fake tits in a world where everything is fake and we’re dealing with the tit through the screen, who really... Read more »
  • Madison Beer in Black Face of the Day
    Madison Beer is the Youtube Pop Star with the tits that she probably had bought for her when she was still a teen to get her channel more views, because more views in that era meant something, they weren’t just bullshit they bought along the way from India for 10... Read more »
  • Willow Shields Topless of the Day
    I feel like I’ve posted these Willow Shields topless in nature pics already, but I don’t really know who Willow Shields is, so I could be totally wrong…. I’m just glad it’s not actually Willow topless in nature, or a current Brooke Shields topless in nature, but those options would... Read more »
  • Fishnet Friday of the Day
    If you’re a fat goth gamer who smells like they just took a shit and who likes comic books and anime far too much, living in the mom’s basement amongst all the various semen filled tissues, t-shirts and take-out boxes…..then you’re probably very familiar with how sexy a pair of... Read more »
  • Claudia Redheaded babe Gives Instagram a Dance Video in a Thong of the Day
    I came across this video of a Polish Twerk Champion who goes by the name Claudia Redheaded Babe and I thought it was amazing….check her INSTAGRAM In part, because she’s got her ass in poses on instagram for the kids of instagram to appreciate but also because I’ve never been... Read more »


  • Dlisted (2005-2023)
    Today is the last day of Dlisted. And if anything’s feeling it hard, it’s my delete button since I’ve hit it (and not in a sexy way) at least 800 times while trying to write the first few sentences of this final post. I couldn’t hate goodbyes more if they... Read more »
  • Goodbye Dlisted
    “Do you ever read Dlisted.com?”. I can still remember my friend Addie asking me during a break in one of my college classes. Although since this story takes place in 2005, I’m pretty sure she said the full website address, like Dlisted-dot-blogspot-dot-com. It doesn’t matter, really. The relevant information here... Read more »
  • VideoHard To Say Goodbye
    I promise I won’t make this too long. Thousands of years ago (aka 2008), my friend Akona introduced me to the magic that is Dlisted.com. As someone who loves pop culture and entertainment news, I did a deep dive. And once I finally regained consciousness from the beatdown of sarcasm... Read more »
  • What Dlisted Means To Me
    I’m not a particularly smart woman. I mean, my brain’s a’right, I guess. But it’s not like when I die; anybody’s going to be chasing my corpse around with a mason jar, trying to capture my lobes for science. My shit is 100% USDA-certified Abby Normal. Which is probably why... Read more »
  • It’s The Series Finale
    I cannot believe that after all these years, my time with Dlisted has come to an end. I don’t know how I’ll cope without talking so much shit every morning. I will have to find a similar release, so please follow me on all my socials to see how that... Read more »
  • Goodbye My Lovers, Goodbye My Friends
    I’m an anxious person. I hem, I haw, I catastrophize, and I loooathe change. I’d rather have my eyes Clockwork Oranged and be made to watch an entire sports match than face the great unknown. So, like many of you, the news that DListed was shutting down totally bummed me... Read more »
  • Ciao Bellas!
    Where to begin? Before I started writing for Dlisted, I was flying solo in my love for celebrity and entertainment. Sure, I have some friends who’ll entertain my gossip, but there are only so many times you can bring up Bethenny Frankel in conversation before you actually become more repetitive... Read more »


  • “Emma Watson went to Milan Fashion Week & sat front row at Prada” links
    Emma Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch & Scarlett Johansson all went to Milan Fashion Week to sit front row for Prada. [Just Jared] Lainey’s take on Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas. [LaineyGossip] That Nicole Beharie clip from The Morning Show kind of made me want to watch the whole show, then I... Read more »
  • Sophie Turner accused Joe Jonas of ‘wrongfully retaining’ their two daughters
    During the Labor Day-week where Joe Jonas was trying to smear Sophie Turner as a partier and an unfit mother, there was an undercurrent to the reporting that everything fell apart between them this year, especially when Sophie went back to work in the UK. Sophie had been primarily living... Read more »
  • Kay: Prince William is awkward & stilted, ‘he’s not a natural on his feet’
    Prince William’s New York trip was stilted, awkward and embarrassing. Instead of admitting that, the British media is furiously trying to claim that William is better than Harry because William didn’t get a lot of attention or buzz. This was one of the subjects of the Mail’s Palace Confidential round-table... Read more »
  • Moir: The Windsors looked irrelevant, blithering & banal during their trips this week
    This week has felt like the British media is working through an incandescent hangover because they were so “shook” by the Invictus Games. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex looked amazing and loved-up, the Invictus cause is worthy and important, high-ranking officials from around the world traveled to Dusseldorf and... Read more »
  • Jobson: Prince William ‘can be a bit of a shouter,’ Kate gives as good as she gets
    Robert Jobson is King Charles’s most recent biographer of record, and much of what Jobson puts out there is coming from Charles and Camilla’s camp. So it’s always fascinating to hear Jobson’s comments on Prince William and Kate – it’s like viewing the lazy duo through Charles and Camilla’s eyes.... Read more »
  • Sophie Turner & Taylor Swift went out partying again, hours after Sophie sued Joe
    Sophie Turner went out with Taylor Swift again last night in NYC. They went out to the Hotel Barriére Fouquet with other friends, then they went to Gant, then Mulberry Bar. They were trailed by paparazzi the entire time. Taylor seemed unbothered by the paps, and as you can see... Read more »
  • Prince Harry radically changed Germany’s perception of their own veterans
    There’s a wonderful piece in The New European about Prince Harry and the Invictus Games. Basically, the Dusseldorf games have radically changed Germany’s relationship with their own military and veteran community over the course of a week. It was even happening during the games, with the German Defense Minister openly... Read more »


  • Breaking News: Drake is a Furry!
    Here is some breaking news for the furry community, they have a new member of the pack with the rapper Drake. The Canadian rapper made his furry pride known this week after leaving a hotel in New York City wearing a Doberman dog mask. Just when you thought this guy... Read more »
  • VideoSave the Plants – Women are Spraying Their Period Blood on House Plants!
    Just when you thought women couldn’t get any more insane, they have gone ahead and outdone themselves yet again. Specifically the hippy dippy women of TikTok who are now saving up their period blood to use for purposes they say it was intended for. We’ve seen these ladies use their... Read more »
  • VideoGreta Gerwig and Margot Robbie Explain Why Barbie Movie is Feminist!
    Here’s a clip from ABC where Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig try to explain why Barbie is a feminist film. Apparently Mattel doesn’t like to call it a feminist film, yet Gretta Gerwig and Margot Robbie definitely seem excited to call it a feminist film. When the interviewer asks them... Read more »
  • Meme of the Day
    The post Meme of the Day appeared first on WWTDD - What Would Tyler Durden Do?.... Read more »
  • How to get into the Missouri online casino scene like a pro
    Approximately 1.6 billion people are anticipated to use online casino facilities as of December 2021. By 2027, the sector will be valued more than $125 billion, thanks to the large number of online gamblers. Players can win significant money at online casinos, which are part of a billion-dollar business. In... Read more »
  • How promotional offers are changing the online industry
    In the United States, sports betting is an important and increasing part of the media. The regulatory tide in the United States has swung in favour of a sector that had long been considered as a vice, and broadcasters and publishers have begun collecting advertising revenue from gambling companies and... Read more »
  • Famous Celebrities who are Obsessed with The Casino
    The casino is a place where anything can happen. The potent whiffs of the all-you-can-eat buffet and the riveting jingles on winning slot machines that grant cash prizes to the already wealthy are only a couple of the obsession-building qualities which you can spot at the neon-tinted playground. The sophisticated... Read more »

    Lainey Gossip

  • What Else for September 22, 2023
    There is something so dystopian about turning Squid Game into an actual challenge reality show. (Popsugar) Emilia Wickstead’s new fashion campaign is big on stripes, so expect to see stripes on Princess Kate soon. (Go Fug Yourself)Howard Stern thinks being woke is a compliment. I have been alive lon...... Read more »
  • Andrew Haigh’s new film, All of Us Strangers, looks moody and romantic and mysterious
    Fall festival season is not quite over, with two more marquee fests coming in October, the New York Film Festival and the BFI London Film Festival. Both take place over the first couple weeks of October, and both will feature Andrew Haigh’s new film, All of Us Strangers. The film... Read more »
  • Celebrity Social Media, September 22, 2023
    Busy Philipps knows she is baiting us with Michelle Williams, but Busy is also generous with gossip, so I feel this is a fair trade.  Miranda Kerr is doing double promo for a new Kora Organics product and an Erewhon smoothie. (Hailey Bieber has also had her own smoothie.) Lots of... Read more »
  • Will Disney's Bob Iger ever recover after Hollywood strike negotiations come to an end?
    As Lainey mentioned, the latest word on the strikes is “encouraging yet suspicious”. Suspicious because the only reports are from unnamed sources undoubtedly coming from the AMPTP side—because it’s the same three trades owned by Penske Media, which also owns Dick Clark Productions, an AMPTP member c...... Read more »
  • The World's Most Fascinating Dinner is not the most fascinating dinner since Matt Damon is there
    There’s been this commercial playing in front of my maritime disaster videos on Youtube for Stella Artois featuring Matt Damon, Ludacris, Jeremy Allen White, and Zoe Saldaña. They sit around a table and pretend they’ve met before and talk about who they would have dinner with if they could share a... Read more »
  • Travis Kelce says the ball is in Taylor Swift's court when it comes to their possible situationship
    As mentioned earlier, Taylor Swift went out for dinner with Sophie Turner last night in New York after Sophie filed a lawsuit against Joe Jonas. Taylor is a supporting character in that story. She does, however, have her own story in development which is whatever is or isn’t happening between... Read more »
  • Sophie Turner isn't hiding as Joe Jonas's engagement with the media continues to backfire on him
    On the same day she made headlines for filing a lawsuit against Joe Jonas alleging that he is “wrongfully detaining” their children in the United States, Sophie Turner stepped out to run errands in the afternoon and then later met up for dinner with Taylor Swift and some friends. So... Read more »


  • Ed Sheeran Dazzles in ​'Amazon Music Live'​ Season Premiere
    By Jordan EdwardsLast night in Los Angeles, Ed Sheeran kicked off the new season of Amazon Music Live, and we were there to see it. The superstar played a mix of hits and new tracks from his upcoming album Autumn Variations. While a full band accompanied him throughout the night,... Read more »
  • The Unstoppable Chris Lake
    In terms of electronic dance music, Chris Lake is a bit of a juggernaut. He has no problem finding ways to innovate house music, constantly churning out hit track after hit track, collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry, and giving us the soundtracks to many nights... Read more »
  • WATCH: Echosmith Break Down Their New Album
    Echosmith has evolved since their breakout hit “Cool Kids” a decade ago. While they still produce atmospheric, catchy pop songs, they take more risks.Their self titled new album is their most experimental release yet. It may also be their best. One standout track, "Sucks 2 Be Us," is built on... Read more »
  • Royal Blood Takes Sea.Hear.Now By Storm
    Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher are childhood friends who shared a love for rock-and-roll music growing up. With Kerr's vocals and bass and Thatcher's drums, together the pair created Royal Blood- manifesting their love of rock into a full-fledged rock duo sensation. The British duo have been making hits for... Read more »
  • Sea.Hear.Now 2023 Proves Rock Is Here To Stay
    Asbury Park, New Jersey is not just a popular shore destination, but a Mecca of music history. Home of iconic venues like The Stone Pony- where Bruce Springsteen got his start in performing- thousands of people flock just for The Pony alone...but every September, the seaside city gathers to celebrate... Read more »
  • How to Dress Like Sofia Richie
    Sofia Richie-Grainge is the biggest style star of the year. After her internet-breaking wedding, she single-handedly put #OldMoney, #QuietLuxury style on the map — never mind that, as our favorite nepo baby, her wealth only goes back one generation to her father, Lionel Richie. What makes Sofia Richie’s style so... Read more »
  • Your Weekend Playlist: New Music To Listen To
    I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling a bit lackluster this week. It may be because of the raging illness I've been fighting- and I know I'm not alone here...but there is truly nothing I need more than the weekend and new music. I'm gearing up to cover... Read more »