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    The world is insane on about 40 different levels..and as someone who has been censored or cancelled since the dawn of this site, maybe since the start of the internet, despite never being loud enough to be relevant enough for anyone to care that I’ve been cancelled…but I am seeing... Read more »
  • Izabel Goulart Fitness Erotica of the Day
    Izabel Goulart is the Brazilian dream who was once a Victoria’s Secret angel, who bowed out of that bullshit to move back to Brazil, but still did their VS Fashion Show every year, before the brand was dragged through the mud, cancelled for their ties to some pretty bad people,... Read more »
  • The Ratio Tuesday of the Day
    I know that the definition of woman, at least in the media, not according to my dick, is some kind of woke bullshit that includes transgender people, or men on hormones, or men with mental illness who think they are ladies, or men who were born into the wrong body…I... Read more »
  • Barbara Palvin Hot of the Day
    I don’t know what this outfit that Barbara Palvin is wearing is…I just know that everyone should be forced to wear this same outfit, even the fatties, why not mandate it and make companies fire them for not wearing it, even the fatties, because the world would be a better... Read more »
  • Zoey Deutch Upskirt of the Day
    I don’t know what deal this Zoey Deutch girl is but they made her hot. What I am saying is that she’s been working as an actor for a while now, so we have a reference point to compare her to, and up until about 2 weeks ago, she was... Read more »
  • Tight Pant Tuesday of the Day
    If you remember a time when women didn’t wear leggings….and yes, I am well aware that women wore leggings in the 90s but that was really not in the same way unless it was for Aerobics class, which in and of itself was pretty hot…but the average girl in public... Read more »
  • Kendall Jenner Ass of the Day
    Kendall Jenner’s struggling her way through the pandemic, as so many of the rich and famous are, you know doing their private jet traveling to Jamaica when the middle class can’t, you know whether it’s for travel advisories, following the rules, or lockdowns, or testing and vaccine measures, maybe because... Read more »


  • Night Crumbs
    COLD BEEF ALERT! The spirit of Mariah Carey overtook Gerard Butler during an interview to promote his new movie Copshop. The interview brought up how Gerard’s 2009 movie Gamer has been compared to Ryan Reynolds’ new movie Free Guy. That petty bitch Gerard responded by saying he doesn’t know her... Read more »
  • Eric Clapton, Who Vowed To Never Play A Show With Vaccine Mandates, Played A Show With Vaccine Mandates
    76-year-old Eric Clapton is anti-vax, anti-lockdown, and anti-anti-racist. He got two doses of AstraZeneca in February, and a few months later he wrote that his symptoms were so “disastrous” he feared he’d never play the guitar again. Eric said he “should’ve never gone near the needle.” Then in July, he... Read more »
  • VideoJeff Bezos Has Pledged $1 Billion Toward Environmental Conservation
    Look! Up in the sky! Is that a giant dildo? Yes, it’s Jeff Bezos coming back to earth to save the planet! According to People, Jeff has decided that enough’s enough and is pledging to donate a small fraction of his fortune to tackle climate change in hopes we’ll just... Read more »
  • Kathryn Hahn Will Star As Joan Rivers In A Showtime Biopic
    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime is working on a limited series about 1980s-era Joan Rivers, and the woman who will ask, “Can we tawk?” is none other Kathryn Hahn. The details of this project aren’t plentiful, but THR does say that Kathryn will both serve as star and executive... Read more »
  • Open Post: Hosted By John Waters Saying Bad Taste Is Dead
    Up is down, right is left and John Waters is on the cover of Town & Country wearing a $3,300 smoking jacket. In the accompanying interview, America’s preeminent arbiter of bad taste says he’s not even sure it exists anymore. Not since Donald Trump made a habit of eating dog... Read more »
  • VideoBen Affleck Says He’s In Awe Of Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez has been named Adweek’s 2021 Brand Visionary and she covers their latest issue. The article says that 52-year-old Jen has been building her personal brand/empire for years, long before the rise of the social media influencer Kardashian-types. Ben Affleck was interviewed for the article and he says that... Read more »
  • Liam Gallagher Had To Cancel A Show After Falling Out Of A Helicopter
    Although currently unproven by science, it’s pretty clear that the only thing with a longer, more robust lifespan than a cockroach is Liam Gallagher. A meteor could be headed straight towards Earth, and experts would say stuff like, “All human life is at risk. Well…you know, not Liam Gallagher, because... Read more »


  • “Gillian Anderson was truly asked if she spoke to Margaret Thatcher” links
    Embed from Getty Images An entertainment reporter truly asked Gillian Anderson if she spoke to Margaret Thatcher to prepare for her role. (Maggie died in 2013!) [Dlisted] Will this be the Texas abortion test case for SCOTUS? [Jezebel] Bella Hadid smoked a cigar (in a photoshoot). [Egotastic] Jennifer Connelly’s Louis... Read more »
  • VideoGrimes has distaste for the word ‘mother,’ her son only calls her ‘Claire’
    In May 2020, Grimes and Elon Musk welcomed their son, X Æ A-12 Musk. In the sixteen months that followed X’s birth, Elon ran off to Texas and is apparently living in a tiny home. Grimes has indicated that Elon isn’t around much to help with the baby, nor is... Read more »
  • Alizee Thevenet wore Carole Middleton’s wedding gown for her French wedding
    James Middleton and Alizee Thevenet got married two weekends ago in the South of France. They had an intimate wedding by the sea, and James’ parents, sisters and brothers-in-law were all there. There was some belief that James would end up selling his wedding photos to one of the British... Read more »
  • Gisele Bundchen defended Doutzen Kroes’ deadly ignorance on vaccines
    Over the weekend, I covered Doutzen Kroes’ awful Instagram post, where she not only announced that she was unvaccinated, she also wrote about how vaccinations are apparently a freedom of speech issue (they are not). She claimed her “hands were shaking” from her own overinflated martyr complex and: “I will... Read more »
  • Prince Harry & Meghan will appear in Central Park for Global Citizen Live
    When Prince Harry stepped on stage of the Vax Live event in May, he got a “rock star reception” from the crowd of vaccinated healthcare workers and first responders. The audience was loud and happy to see him. Now imagine Harry and Meghan on stage together in New York. It’s... Read more »
  • Duchess Kate did events with Holocaust survivors & Air Cadets today
    The Duchess of Cambridge has some events today! It seemed like it was a surprise, but perhaps news of the trip was simply embargoed for the media. Kate went to Cumbria, where she’s knocking out a handful of events involving the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (one of her patronages)... Read more »
  • Sarah Palin: ‘I believe in the science and I have not taken the shot’
    Let’s check in on Sarah Palin, shall we? Palin wasn’t super-active during the 2020 election cycle, but I don’t think she’s really been in hiding either. It’s more like… Palin is no longer an energizing political figure for the left or the right. She outgrew her usefulness for both sides,... Read more »


  • Would Would You Do Without WWTDD?
    Since 1938, when Albert Einstein and Chuck Palahnuik founded WWTDD, we have strived to bring our fans the best in soft-porn, feminist idiocy, and snarky spanking of celebrities and nihilists who need it most. Also nipples. Contributors may come and go, and Jennifer and Emily will eventually start to sag,... Read more »
  • Sorry Not Sorry
    We at WWTDD would like to apologize… no, not for obscure references, insults, or shoddy writing, but for something much more important – forgetting Emily Feld’s 18th birthday in April. Bc now we can legally celebrate and even abuse ourselves toward this Australian anusha, whose Wikipedia page should have “goddess”... Read more »
  • Follow Your Dreams
    Despite Big Media’s insistence that they’d be canceled, the summer Olympics are running full-tilt in pandemic Japan, with apps and ads that seem hesitant to Celebrate the games as in days of yore. The message to “follow your dreams” still accompanies high-gloss promotions from whichever advertisers were brave enough to... Read more »
  • Emily Equipping Teenagers
    If you thought teenage boys already spend too much time wanking to Emily Ratajkowski videos (and who can blame them), some Irish lads are going to have blisters. Ratcow recently decided to pay for the “kit” (sports gear) for a jr. basketball team in County Cork (Cork County?) according to... Read more »
  • Norwegian Shorts
    Pink has decided to virtue-signal on the Norwegian women’s handball team, who were told their shorts weren’t short enough by sports officials (links below). The EDGY singer has offered to pay the fine – about $2000, or half her daily blow allowance – bc women should be able to “express... Read more »
  • More Beer Please
    WWTDD is always looking for an excuse to shout-out Madison Beer, so her tie to Victoria’s Secret is welcome news. Apparently VS makes women smell good (called “fragrances”) in addition to making them look slutty (lingerie), and Beer is shilling it – sall good. Especially compared to recent news where... Read more »
  • VideoBeauty Shaming
    It’s easy to swipe comments on your appearance when you look like Camila Cabello. The Cuban escapee tells Fox News – and anyone who will listen to her rich-girl plight – that someone, somewhere, will talk smack on her “wearing a top that shows my belly” during her jog this... Read more »


  • The 5 Best and Worst Moments of the 2021 Emmys
    The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards were LIVE last night, and, as is the case with many awards shows recently, it was filled with moments that were both cringey and rewarding.We admit that it was kind of nice seeing a bunch of people gathered safely in a room again. But from... Read more »
  • 8 Netflix Shows to Watch If You Loved “Virgin River”
    Netflix's Virgin River captivated hearts with its dramatic romance and high drama. If you've finished watching the show but are looking for others to fill the gap that its dreamy escapism fit, here are seven other Netflix dramas that are sure to give you all the beautiful scenery and emotionally... Read more »
  • AOC's "Tax the Rich" Dress Wasn't That Radical
    When Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arrived at the 2021 Met Gala in a white tuxedo dress that said "Tax The Rich," immediately criticisms were raised against her.People called her a hypocrite for attending the Gala, for accepting the gifted ticket and dress, for being rich herself, and a flurry of other... Read more »
  • Get Well Soon, Elton John! And 6 Other Times Artists Canceled Their Tours
    It's true: Elton John is postponing his farewell tour.The legendary pop star said after he sustained a fall that he was in a considerable amount of pain. In a statement, he wrote that he unfortunately will have to undergo major hip surgery and reschedule his Farewell tour. "Despite intensive physio... Read more »
  • 15 Looks That Saved the 2021 Met Gala
    Let's just say it: the Met Gala was … embarrassing.We waited two years, we speculated for months, and then the night finally came and it was disappointing at best, but more aptly described as a horror show of mediocrity and misses. And then we woke up the day after and... Read more »
  • Fashion Roundup: Best Outfits of the Season So Far
    Fall fashion so far? A feast. Due to the pandemic and vaccine rollout, many major fashion events were pushed to later in the year and, now that it's later in the year, we're getting a year and a half worth of looks in one month. September struck like the fairy... Read more »
  • 14 American Designers to Know Before the Met Gala 2021
    The Met Gala is back!Vogue and the Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of New York just announced that the Met Gala will return on September 13, 2021. The affair promises to be smaller and more intimate (read: exclusive) than ever and later than its usual date on the first... Read more »
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