• Psychologist Says He Gave 'Suicide Powder' to 100+ People
    A Dutch psychologist says he helped more than 100 people who wished to die by equipping them with "suicide powder," in an effort to bring attention to the Netherlands' laws on assisted dying. Only a doctor is legally allowed to assist, and only if the person choosing to die is...... Read more »
  • Now, Scrutiny of Another Crew Member on Fatal Baldwin Film
    The assistant director who handed Alec Baldwin the gun that killed a cinematographer last week had been fired from a previous job after a gun went off on a set and wounded a member of the film crew, a producer said Monday. The disclosure emerged as producers of Baldwin's movie...... Read more »
  • Spanx CEO Gives Employees a Huge Surprise
    Spanx is now worth $1.2 billion, and to celebrate the occasion last week, CEO Sara Blakely gave each employee $10,000 and two first-class airplane tickets anywhere in the world. That's twice the amount of savings, $5,000, she started the shapewear company with in 2000, the Guardian reports....... Read more »
  • Dave Chappelle Finally Comments on Netflix Controversy
    Dave Chappelle has offered his first public response to the controversy swirling around his Netflix stand-up special, and to say the comedian is unapologetic would be an understatement. "I said what I said," he says in a new video posted to Instagram that, per the BBC , was recorded at... Read more »
  • Princess Mako Marries Commoner, Is No Longer a Princess
    Japanese Princess Mako married a commoner and lost her royal status Tuesday in a union that has split public opinion after a three-year delay caused by a financial dispute involving her new mother-in-law. The marriage document for Mako and Kei Komuro was submitted by a palace official Tuesday morning and...... Read more »
  • Elon Musk Got $36B Richer in One Day
    Elon Musk's net worth increased by $36.2 billion Monday, thanks to Tesla's stock surge . That's the largest single-day jump in the history of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Musk is now worth $288.6 billion after Tesla saw a 12.7% stock increase due to its deal with the Hertz...... Read more »
  • 2 Dead in Idaho Mall Shooting
    Update: Two people are dead and four others, one of them a police officer, injured after a shooting Monday at a Boise mall. The suspect is in custody, but police say they cannot yet speak about a motive, the AP reports. Our original story from Monday follows:... Read more »

    Ripley's Weird News

  • Can You Solve Cain’s Jawbone: The (Nearly) Impossible Literary Puzzle?
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! The reader is challenged to correctly rearrange the pages, which were printed “in an entirely haphazard and incorrect order.” There are 32 million possible combinations! Source: Can You Solve Cain’s Jawbone: The (Nearly) Impossible Literary Puzzle?... Read more »
  • The Quietest Place in America
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! There are no cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, microwaves, or even wireless speakers allowed in West Virginia's National Radio Quiet Zone, home to the largest fully steerable radio telescope on Earth. Source: The Quietest Place in America... Read more »
  • CARTOON 09-18-2021
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! The Cuvier's beaked whale can hold its breath for more than 3 hours at a time! Source: CARTOON 09-18-2021... Read more »
  • Bearded Protection And Cat Communication Win Ig Nobel Prizes
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! This year's Ig Nobel Prize Awards winners include upside-down rhinos, beards taking a hit, and just how germy sidewalk gum really is. Source: Bearded Protection And Cat Communication Win Ig Nobel Prizes... Read more »
  • The Sorcery Behind Sea-Monkeys
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Let's dive a little deeper into the magic of suspended animation and the species of brine shrimp known as Artemia salina. Source: The Sorcery Behind Sea-Monkeys... Read more »
  • Creating Ambidextrous Artwork With Colin Darke
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! He creates artwork using both hands at the same time, his right and left hands working independently throughout the remarkable process. Source: Creating Ambidextrous Artwork With Colin Darke... Read more »
  • Superstars in Space: Celebrities Destined For The Cosmos
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! For some celebs, a star on the Walk of Fame isn't close enough to the cosmos; they'd rather experience the real thing — space! Source: Superstars in Space: Celebrities Destined For The Cosmos... Read more »


  • South Carolina Aquarium surprises guests with underwater pumpkin carving
    CHARLESTON, S. C. (WCIV) — The South Carolina Aquarium surprised guests earlier this month with an impromptu underwater pumpkin carving. Volunteer divers "provided extra enrichment for the animals, and aquarium visitors, by carving pumpkins underwater during an educational presentation in the Great Ocean Tank," the aquarium said. After the presentation,... Read more »
  • Prosecutors: Man used COVID loan to buy $57,000 Pokemon card
    DUBLIN, Ga. (AP) — Federal prosecutors say a Georgia man used a pandemic relief loan to buy a $57,000 Pokemon card. Court records show a Dublin man is charged with lying on an application for a pandemic economic relief loan about the number of people his business employed and the... Read more »
  • Buzzards settle in North Carolina town despite scare tactics
    BUNN, N. C. (AP) — A North Carolina town finds itself under siege by buzzards, and nothing the locals do to scare them off seems to work. The buzzards have chosen the town of Bunn as a meeting place for the past year, and they're congregating at every available location,... Read more »
  • 'This is insane': Visitors flocking to fun-filled front yard Halloween display
    (WJLA) — With only about a week to go before Halloween, one Northern Virginia man is taking late October's ghoul and goblin-themed holiday to a whole new level. Matthew Hammond's Halloween House. Photo by Jay Korff/7News. “It’s a lot of work but it’s enjoyment to me,” says Matthew Hammond. Hammond... Read more »
  • Skele-fun: DC house creeps it real with unique take on Halloween decorations
    WASHINGTON (WJLA) — Some District residents are pulling out all of the stops on their Halloween decorations for the eighth year in a row. Curtis Gilbert and Chris Rowland take pride in being a neighborhood highlight year after year. “My favorite decoration is 'Sleepy Bones' because he’s the oldest," Gilbert... Read more »
  • Police officers remove 9-foot alligator from North Carolina neighborhood
    SUNSET BEACH, Brunswick County (WCTI) — It’s not often you see uniformed officers appearing to be taking a stroll with a gator on a leash. Last Friday, officers from the Sunset Beach Police Department were notified that a 9-foot alligator was walking through the Oyster Bay Drive neighborhood. Officers said... Read more »
  • VIDEO: Unique prowl of social jaguars shuns meat for fish
    Researchers have found a unique group (known as a prowl, or leap) of jaguars deep in the Brazilian wetlands that primarily survive by fishing and lead very social lives, unlike other members of the species. Jaguars are typically solitary, except for mothers with cubs, and they eat mainly deer and... Read more »

    Strange & Offbeat News -- ScienceDaily

  • Vitamin D deficiency for the first time visible after cremation
    The cremation process destroys a lot of information that can usually be obtained from the human skeleton. Especially diseases are difficult to observe. Researchers have now found a way to reveal some of the information. For the first time, they have succeeded in detecting vitamin D deficiency in cremated human... Read more »
  • Stretchy, bendy, flexible LEDs
    Engineers have developed a way to print stretchy LEDs on unconventional surfaces using an inkjet printer.... Read more »
  • Infant planet discovered
    One of the youngest planets ever found around a distant infant star has been discovered by an international team of scientists.... Read more »
  • VR experiment with rats offers new insights about how neurons enable learning
    A new study provides deep insights into how the brain's hippocampus works, involving networks of millions of neurons. That knowledge could be an important step toward the development of treatments for neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia and epilepsy, all of which are related to dysfunction in the hippocampus.... Read more »
  • Shape-shifting materials with infinite possibilities
    Researchers have developed a shape-shifting material that can take and hold any possible shape, paving the way for a new type of multifunctional material that could be used in a range of applications, from robotics and biotechnology to architecture.... Read more »
  • Astronomers provide 'field guide' to exoplanets known as hot Jupiters
    By combining Hubble Space Telescope observations with theoretical models, a team of astronomers has gained insights into the chemical and physical makeup of a variety of exoplanets known as hot Jupiters. The findings provide a new and improved 'field guide' for this group of planets and inform ideas about planet... Read more »
  • Early dinosaurs may have lived in social herds as early as 193 million years ago
    Scientists believe they have found the earliest evidence for complex herd behavior in dinosaurs. Researchers say Mussaurus patagonicus may have lived in herds some 193 million years ago -- 40 million years earlier than other records of dinosaur herding.... Read more »

    SFGate - Weird News

  • Ohio printed 35,000 wrong Wright Brothers license plates
    COLUMBUS, OHIO (AP) — Ohio printed out 35,000 new license plates before realizing a banner depicted on the plate was attached to the wrong end of the Wright Brothers’ historic first plane, the Wright Flyer. State officials acknowledged the error immediately after the new plates were unveiled on Thursday, releasing... Read more »
  • Winther escapes bathroom, holds on to win Mallorca Open
    SANTA PONSA, Spain (AP) — Getting trapped in the bathroom didn't stop Jeff Winther from winning his first European Tour title at the Mallorca Open on Sunday. The 33-year-old Dane shot even-par 70 in the final round to finish 15 under for the tournament on the Mediterranean island’s Santa Ponsa... Read more »
  • Police: Burglar gets new keys before she's locked up
    CORONADO, Calif. (AP) — A woman pretended she owned a Southern California home so a locksmith would make her new keys. Then police locked her up. Officers arrested a 43-year-old woman on suspicion of burglary Thursday night in Coronado, a resort city across the bay from San Diego. The brazen... Read more »
  • Serendipity? 3 sisters have same birthday in different years
    OVIEDO, Fla. (AP) — Three sisters in Florida share the same birthday, but they're not twins or triplets. Instead, the Lammert sisters — Sophia, Giuliana and Mia — were each born on Aug. 25, respectively, in 2015, 2018 and 2021. All three were delivered naturally. Explaining the coincidence of their... Read more »
  • Wright Brothers, wrong design: Ohio mangles license plate
    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio's debut of its new license plate failed to take off — because a banner depicted on the plate was attached to the wrong end of the Wright Brothers' historic first plane, the Wright Flyer. The new license plate illustrates rays of sunlight beaming into the... Read more »
  • Buzzards settle in North Carolina town despite scare tactics
    BUNN, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina town finds itself under siege by buzzards, and nothing the locals do to scare them off seems to work. The buzzards have chosen the town of Bunn as a meeting place for the past year, and they’re congregating at every available location, The... Read more »
  • Body scan reveals shotgun shell inside Alabama prisoner
    DECATUR, Ala. (AP) — A man being booked into an Alabama jail wound up at a hospital rather than behind bars after a scan revealed a shotgun shell in his abdomen. Prisoners entering the Morgan County Jail routinely undergo a body scan when being admitted, and a recent image showed... Read more »
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