• King's Secret Code Is Broken 500 Years Later
    For the first time, researchers are reading about a rumored French plot to assassinate King Charles V of Spain in his own words—or symbols, rather. The information was only revealed after six months of "painstaking" work by codebreakers, per AFP . It's no secret that Charles V and Francis I...... Read more »
  • Juveniles Charged in Boy's Russian Roulette Death
    A 12-year-old boy is dead after playing Russian roulette with peers in Jackson, Mississippi, police say. Deputy Police Chief Deric Hearn identified the boy as Markell Noah, according to reports by Mississippi-based WLBT . He was reported missing before his body was found in an abandoned house. Police arrested two... Read more »
  • Online Shoppers Set Record for Black Friday
    The results are in from Black Friday, and though concern about the economy affected online shoppers, it didn't slow them down. Spending for the day hit a record $9.12 billion, Adobe Analytics found, up 2.3% over a year ago and topping the previous high of $9.03 billion...... Read more »
  • In China, the 'Unthinkable': Protesters Call Out Xi
    Anger over China's draconian COVID lockdown policies has led to what the BBC describes as heretofore "unthinkable" scenes across the country: Protesters openly calling for the resignation of President Xi Jinping. Demonstrators in Shanghai in particular turned out en masse, but protests also were reported at universities in Beijing and...... Read more »
  • US Lets Chevron Start Pumping Oil in Venezuela Again
    The Biden administration on Saturday eased some oil sanctions on Venezuela in an effort to support newly restarted negotiations between President Nicolás Maduro’s government and its opposition. The Treasury Department is allowing Chevron to resume “limited” energy production in Venezuela after years of sanctions that have dramatically curtailed oil and...... Read more »
  • Late Surge May Make This the 'Emoji of the Year'
    The year is almost up, but there's a late entrant for "emoji of the year" honors. It's the saluting face emoji that has lately surged in popularity and use, thanks largely to the mass layoffs and firings at Twitter. However, the New York Times notes that it's spreading beyond Twitter...... Read more »
  • After Fatal Shooting, a Drive-by Attack at Funeral
    A drive-by shooting in Nashville on Saturday injured two people as they and others were walking out of church from the funeral of a woman who was fatally shot earlier this month, according to police. Metro Nashville Police Department spokesperson Don Aaron said the afternoon shooting occurred outside New Season...... Read more »
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    Strange & Offbeat News -- ScienceDaily

  • 525-million-year-old fossil defies textbook explanation for brain evolution
    According to a new study, fossils of a tiny sea creature with a delicately preserved nervous system solve a century-old debate over how the brain evolved in arthropods, the most species-rich group in the animal kingdom. Combining detailed anatomical studies of the fossilized nervous system with analyses of gene expression patterns... Read more »
  • Astronomers observe intra-group light -- the elusive glow between distant galaxies
    Pioneering a new technique, researchers have peered into the extremely faint light that exists between galaxies to describe the history and state of orphan stars.... Read more »
  • Witchcraft beliefs are widespread, highly variable around the world, study finds
    A newly compiled dataset quantitatively captures witchcraft beliefs in countries around the world, enabling investigation of key factors associated with such beliefs.... Read more »
  • Ancient Roman coins reveal long-lost emperor
    A gold coin long dismissed as a forgery appears to be authentic and depicts a long-lost Roman emperor named Sponsian, according to a new study.... Read more »
  • 1,700-year-old spider monkey remains discovered in Teotihuacán, Mexico
    The complete skeletal remains of a spider monkey -- seen as an exotic curiosity in pre-Hispanic Mexico -- grants researchers new evidence regarding social-political ties between two ancient powerhouses: Teotihuacán and Maya Indigenous rulers. The remains of other animals were also discovered, as well as thousands of Maya-style mural fragments... Read more »
  • Short gamma-ray bursts traced farther into distant universe
    Astronomers have developed the most extensive inventory to date of the galaxies where short gamma-ray bursts (SGRBs) originate. Using several highly sensitive instruments and sophisticated galaxy modeling, the researchers pinpointed the galactic homes of 84 SGRBs and probed the characteristics of 69 of the identified host galaxies.... Read more »
  • New quantum tool developed in groundbreaking experimental achievement
    In groundbreaking research, scientists have created a device that generates twisted neutrons with well-defined orbital angular momentum.... Read more »

    SFGate - Weird News

  • Oddball 6-foot 'Lobsta Mickey' statue returns to Boston
    BOSTON (AP) — A long-forgotten, and somewhat unsettling, statue of Mickey Mouse with giant lobster claws for hands has found its way back to Boston. The 700-pound statue was last seen in the city nearly two decades ago at Quincy Market where it entertained tourists and shoppers — before slipping... Read more »
  • Not just fast food; baby comes quickly at Atlanta McDonald's
    ATLANTA (AP) — Yes, they've nicknamed the baby “Nugget," after a woman delivered a girl at an Atlanta McDonald's. Alandria Worthy tells WXIA-TV that her labor was intensifying and her fiancé was driving her to the hospital Wednesday morning when they stopped so she could use the bathroom at the... Read more »
  • Singing street marshals are Qatar World Cup's surprise stars
    DOHA, Qatar (AP) — The World Cup 2010 in South Africa had Shakira. The 1998 tournament in France had Ricky Martin. For many fans, the unofficial soundtrack of the World Cup in Qatar is fast becoming the incessant chanting of street marshals, better knows as Last Mile Marshals. Seated all... Read more »
  • Cat's out of the bag when TSA finds stowaway feline at JFK
    NEW YORK (AP) — Don't accuse the TSA of catnapping on the job. When an alert agent at New York's John F. Kennedy airport noticed tufts of orange fur poking out of a slightly unzipped suitcase, it gave him pause. As the bag went through the X-ray unit Nov. 16,... Read more »
  • Alaska firefighters help rescue a moose trapped in a home
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Firefighters in Alaska got an unusual request for assistance last weekend from the Alaska Wildlife Troopers, but it wasn't your mundane cat-stuck-in-a-tree situation. “They were looking for some help getting a moose out of a basement,” said Capt. Josh Thompson with Central Emergency Services on the... Read more »
  • Famed 'Goonies' house for sale in coastal Astoria, Oregon
    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Good news for fans of “The Goonies:” the old Victorian home featured in the film is on sale in Astoria, Oregon, and potential buyers are considering making it more accessible to the public. “We have a few interested parties right now,” said realtor Jordan Miller, the... Read more »
  • Polish leader briefs Russian pranksters posing as Macron
    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Russian comedians pretending to be the French president tricked the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, into giving them sensitive information after a missile exploded in eastern Poland last week. Duda’s office confirmed on Tuesday that he was put through last week to a person claiming to be... Read more »

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