• He Remembers Woodstock 99 as a Nightmare
    You might expect a story that begins "I was at Woodstock" to take you back half a century. But in a piece for Esquire , Dave Holmes transports readers to the Woodstock of 1999, "the only live music event from which I have been evacuated." His piece coincides with the... Read more »
  • GM Hits Ford With Trademark Infringement Suit
    General Motors has said "not so fast" to Ford's plans to soon add a new hands-free highway driving system to vehicles. The issue is the name, BlueCruise, USA Today reports. GM finds that too close to Super Cruise, its own hands-free technology, and Cruise, the automaker's subsidiary that develops self-driving...... Read more »
  • A Bizarre Truth About the Vehicle You're Driving
    "It just seems like we're in fantasy land." So declares New England auto dealer Abel Toll to the Wall Street Journal . He's referring to his own industry at the moment, which is seeing strange things happen on the sales floor for a variety of reasons. (A worldwide shortage of... Read more »
  • Serial Killer Dies in California Prison
    Rodney Alcala, a convicted serial killer who appeared as a contestant on the Dating Game in the middle of his string of slayings, died Saturday in a California prison. Officials attributed the death of Alcala, 77, to natural causes, the Los Angeles Times reports. He had been on the state's...... Read more »
  • In Age of Extreme Weather, Subways Bear the Brunt
    The scenes are remarkable. People had to wade through waist-deep water in the New York City subway earlier this month. This week in China, floodwater in Zhenghou trapped passengers in subway cars, per CNN . (Read their first-person accounts via the BBC .) The examples aren't as unique as you... Read more »
  • Berlin March Answers Anti-LGBTQ Steps Elsewhere
    Around 65,000 revelers marched for LGBTQ rights at Berlin's annual Christopher Street Day celebration on Saturday, more than three times as many as expected. It was the biggest demonstration in Berlin since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the AP reports. The parade started with a call from Klaus...... Read more »
  • Electric Vehicle Sales Rise Faster Than Overall Market
    With Tesla out front, electric car sales have jumped in 2021, to more than twice that of the first half of last year. At the same time, Wards Intelligence data show total vehicle sales in the US up 29%, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Model Y crossover SUV, which...... Read more »

    Ripley's Weird News

  • Remains of Christianized Viking Twins Discovered in Sweden
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! The remains of eight Christianized Vikings have been discovered in Sweden—including those of twin infants! Source: Remains of Christianized Viking Twins Discovered in Sweden... Read more »
  • Ripley’s Road Trip: Orlando’s Ancient Gators
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Scientists believe the not-so-little critter slid into a limestone crevice on the bottom of a prehistoric lake and was quickly covered by fine silt and clay, which ensured its preservation. Source: Ripley’s Road Trip: Orlando’s Ancient Gators... Read more »
  • The Idea That Bullfrogs Never Sleep Is Bull
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Animals have devised fascinating ways to rest while on the go, maintaining enough alertness to evade predators trying to surprise them during a snooze fest. Source: The Idea That Bullfrogs Never Sleep Is Bull... Read more »
  • Lady Liberty’s Roundabout Journey To New York
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! While nearly 3.5 million admirers visit the Statue of Liberty each year, her journey to Liberty Island almost didn't happen! Source: Lady Liberty’s Roundabout Journey To New York... Read more »
  • Mystical Shaman Snake Staff Charms Archaeologists
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! According to a study released on Monday, a perfectly preserved 4,400-year-old snake-shaped stick discovered in a lake in Finland may have been a shaman's staff used to perform mystical rituals. Source: Mystical Shaman Snake Staff Charms Archaeologists... Read more »
  • Stepping Into The Life Of Sitcom Star Lucille Ball
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! We've "got some 'splaining to do" when it comes to the unbelievable life and legacy of Lucille Ball. Source: Stepping Into The Life Of Sitcom Star Lucille Ball... Read more »
  • Unraveling The History Of The Ancient Ibis
    Featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Now at Ripley's Believe It or Not! Orlando, visitors can virtually unravel and explore beneath the wrappings of a mummified priest, as well as an Ibis bird mummy thanks to advanced technology from Interspectral. Source: Unraveling The History Of The Ancient Ibis... Read more »

    Strange & Offbeat News -- ScienceDaily

  • Why four-legged animals are better sprinters
    Scientists have studied the characteristics determining the maximum running speed in animals. The model they developed explains why humans cannot keep up with the fastest sprinters in the animal kingdom. Based on these calculations, the giant spider Shelob from 'The Lord of the Rings' would have reached a maximum speed... Read more »
  • Martian global dust storm ended winter early in the south
    A dust storm that engulfed Mars in 2018 destroyed a vortex of cold air around the planet's south pole and brought an early spring to the hemisphere. By contrast, the storm caused only minor distortions to the polar vortex in the northern hemisphere and no dramatic seasonal changes.... Read more »
  • Anatomy of the red planet: Mars-quakes reveal interior
    Researchers have been able to use seismic data to look inside Mars for the first time. They measured the crust, mantle and core and narrowed down their composition.... Read more »
  • Unravelling the knotty problem of the Sun's activity
    A new approach to analysing the development of magnetic tangles on the Sun has led to a breakthrough in a longstanding debate about how solar energy is injected into the solar atmosphere before being released into space, causing space weather events. The first direct evidence that field lines become knotted... Read more »
  • Eyes wide shut: How newborn mammals dream the world they're entering
    As a newborn mammal opens its eyes for the first time, it can already make visual sense of the world around it. But how does this happen before they have experienced sight?... Read more »
  • Clever cockatoos learn through social interaction, study finds
    Scientists have shown that cockatoos can learn from each other a unique skill -- lifting garbage bin lids to gather food. The research confirms that cockatoos spread this novel behavior through social learning.... Read more »
  • Planetary shields will buckle under stellar winds from their dying stars
    Any life identified on planets orbiting white dwarf stars almost certainly evolved after the star's death, says a new study that reveals the consequences of the intense and furious stellar winds that will batter a planet as its star is dying.... Read more »

    SFGate - Weird News

  • Ranging Bull: 'Barney' eludes capture days after farm escape
    MASTIC, N.Y. (AP) — An escaped bull has eluded capture for several days on Long Island despite searchers employing a helicopter and night-vision equipment along with attempts to lure the roaming animal with grain and a cow. Police in Suffolk County say they began responding to calls about the 1,500-pound... Read more »
  • Crafty cockatoos master dumpster diving and teach each other
    WASHINGTON (AP) — A few years ago, a Sydney scientist noticed a sulfur-crested cockatoo opening his trash bin. Not every resident would be thrilled, but ornithologist Richard Major was impressed by the ingenuity. It’s quite a feat for a bird to grasp a bin lid with its beak, pry it... Read more »
  • Woman arrested after skinny dipping in stranger's pool
    PUNTA GORDA, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man returning home from a doctors appointment found a stranger skinny dipping in his backyard swimming pool, sheriff's officials said. At first, the man only noticed clothes scattered across his lanai earlier this week, Charlotte County Sheriff's officials said in a social media... Read more »
  • Man with coronavirus disguises as wife on Indonesian flight
    TERNATE, Indonesia (AP) — An Indonesian man with the coronavirus has boarded a domestic flight disguised as his wife, wearing a niqab covering his face and carrying fake IDs and a negative PCR test result. But the cover didn't last long. Police say a flight attendant aboard a Citilink plane... Read more »
  • Cocaine disguised as cake seized from vehicle in Maine
    A New York man and a Maine woman are facing charges over cocaine disguised as a cake that was seized from their vehicle, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency said Wednesday. Acting on a tip, police stopped the car on Interstate 295 in Gardiner on Tuesday, and a drug-sniffing dog found... Read more »
  • Rare pink water bird lands in Michigan, delighting public
    SALINE, Mich. (AP) — Bird lovers with cameras and binoculars are traveling to a stream in southeastern Michigan to see a rare creature with pink feathers and a long bill. The roseate spoonbill was found in Saline in the Koch Warner Drain, the first to be seen in Michigan, said... Read more »
  • Hoe no! Facebook snafu spells trouble for gardening group
    Moderating a Facebook gardening group in western New York is not without challenges. There are complaints of wooly bugs, inclement weather and the novice members who insist on using dish detergent on their plants. And then there's the word “hoe.” Facebook's algorithms sometimes flag this particular word as “violating community... Read more »