• Woman Fatally Mauled by Dogs in Front of Young Son
    A horrific story out of Pennsylvania, where a woman agreed to feed her neighbor's dogs while the neighbor was away—and ended up being mauled to death in front of her young son. Kristin Potter, 38, had fed the Great Danes before and her father says she'd actually been bitten...... Read more »
  • Teens Killed in Spring Break Sledding Accident in Colorado
    Two Illinois teens' spring break trip to Colorado went devastatingly wrong when they were killed in a sledding accident Sunday night at Copper Mountain ski resort. The 17- and 18-year-old boys, seniors at Prairie Central High School, were riding tandem down the resort's halfpipe on a plastic sled. Sleds aren't...... Read more »
  • Amanda Bynes Hospitalized, on Psychiatric Hold: Sources
    Almost exactly a year after her 9-year conservatorship was ended by a judge, Amanda Bynes was reportedly placed on a psychiatric hold early Sunday. A source tells TMZ the actress was walking naked near downtown Los Angeles when she flagged down a car and told the driver she'd just had...... Read more »
  • Elon Musk Busts Out the Poop Emoji Again
    In today's edition of What's Happening at Twitter, Deadline reports that all email inquiries from the media sent to the social network's official press email are receiving an automated reply that includes simply ... a poop emoji. CEO Elon Musk has long had an adversarial relationship with the media, and... Read more »
  • Gwyneth Paltrow's Ski Crash Trial Is Starting
    Gwyneth Paltrow is scheduled to stand trial on Tuesday in a lawsuit filed by a retired optometrist who said that the actress-turned-lifestyle influencer violently crashed into him in 2016 while skiing in Utah at one of the most upscale ski resorts in the United States, the AP reports. After his...... Read more »
  • Trump Indictment Expected Soon: Sources
    The New York grand jury investigating Donald Trump's "hush money" payment to Stormy Daniels did not hand down an indictment Monday, but one is expected soon, three sources tell Politico . The grand jury next convenes Wednesday. In anticipation of the expected indictment, officials from the NYPD, the Secret Service,... Read more »
  • With Xi in Russia, Japan PM Makes Surprise Trip to Ukraine
    Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was heading to Kyiv early Tuesday for talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that coincide with Chinese leader Xi Jinping's visit to Russia , the AP reports. Kishida will “show respect to the courage and patience of the Ukrainian people who are standing up to... Read more »

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  • Ultrafast beam-steering breakthrough
    n a major breakthrough in the fields of nanophotonics and ultrafast optics, a research team has demonstrated the ability to dynamically steer light pulses from conventional, so-called incoherent light sources.... Read more »
  • 3D-printed revolving devices can sense how they are moving
    Researchers created a system that enables makers to incorporate sensors directly into rotational mechanisms with only one pass in a 3D printer. This gives rotational mechanisms like gearboxes the ability to sense their angular position, rotation speed, and direction of rotation.... Read more »
  • 'Talking' concrete could help prevent traffic jams and cut carbon emissions
    An increasing number of U.S. interstates are set to try out an invention that could save millions of taxpayer dollars and significantly reduce traffic delays. The invention, a sensor that allows concrete to 'talk,' decreases construction time and how often concrete pavement needs repairs while also improving the road’s sustainability... Read more »
  • 'Terminator zones' on distant planets could harbor life
    In a new study, astronomers describe how extraterrestrial life has the potential to exist on distant exoplanets inside a special area called the 'terminator zone,' which is a ring on planets that have one side that always faces its star and one side that is always dark.... Read more »
  • Evidence that Venus is volcanically active
    Venus appears to have volcanic activity, according to a new research paper that offers strong evidence to answer the lingering question about whether Earth's sister planet currently has eruptions and lava flows.... Read more »
  • Resilient bug-sized robots keep flying even after wing damage
    Researchers have developed resilient artificial muscles that can enable insect-scale aerial robots to effectively recover flight performance after suffering severe damage.... Read more »
  • Remains of a modern glacier found near Mars' equator implies water ice possibly present at low latitudes on Mars even today
    Scientists revealed the discovery of a relict glacier near Mars' equator. Located in Eastern Noctis Labyrinthus at coordinates 7° 33' S, 93° 14' W, this finding is significant as it implies the presence of surface water ice on Mars in recent times, even near the equator. This discovery raises the... Read more »

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  • Millions of dead fish wash up amid heat wave in Australia
    Millions of fish have washed up dead in southeastern Australia in a die-off that authorities and scientists say is caused by depleted oxygen levels in the river after recent floods and hot weather. Residents of the Outback town of Menindee in New South Wales state complained of a terrible smell... Read more »
  • African land snails found in luggage at Michigan airport
    Six giant African land snails have been found in the luggage of a traveler who flew to Michigan from the west African country of Ghana. U.S. Customs and Border Protection says Friday that the mollusks, which can carry diseases that affect humans, were discovered and seized March 9 during an... Read more »
  • State says Louisiana family must give up beloved pet nutria
    A Louisiana couple has run afoul of state law by keeping a 22-pound nutria as a pet. A nutria is a rat-tailed, orange-toothed rodent found in Louisiana swamps and waterways. Nutria are considered an invasive species in the state. But “Neuty” — the nutria rescued as a baby from a... Read more »
  • Thai officials search for radioactive cylinder from plant
    Authorities in Thailand have expanded their search for a metal cylinder with radioactive contents that has gone missing from a power plant, warning the public that it poses a danger to health. The 12-inch-long, 55-pound cylinder containing the radioactive material Caesium-137 was discovered missing last Friday from a piece of... Read more »
  • Part of mall roof in Duluth collapses under weight of snow
    Part of a roof at a shopping mall in Duluth, Minnesota, collapsed as workers were removing several inches of snow. Duluth city spokeswoman Kelli Latuska says no one was injured when a portion of the roof at Miller Hall Mall fell in early Tuesday. Most stores in the mall weren't... Read more »
  • How this little see-through fish gets its rainbow shimmer
    Scientists have figured out what makes a small see-through fish sometimes shimmer in the light. In a study published Monday, they say the key is in the muscles of the fish from Thailand, called a ghost catfish. Most iridescent animals have shiny scales or feathers to reflect the light. The... Read more »
  • New Hampshire lawmaker arrested for obstructing snowplow
    A Republican lawmaker in New Hampshire was arrested Friday for allegedly screaming and swearing at a snowplow truck operator who recorded the confrontation and later reported him to police. Rep. Jeffrey Greeson of Wentworth was charged with disorderly conduct, criminal threatening and simple assault. He was released on personal recognizance... Read more »