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  • Artist Richard Wilkinson Illustrates Imaginary Insects Inspired by ‘Spirited Away'”
    “Sinefaciem Idolum” Welcome to the world of hand-drawn imaginary insects inspired by the enchanting universe of “Spirited Away.” Richard Wilkinson, an artist and illustrator known as “Arthropoda Iconicus,” creates and animates insects inspired by various elements of pop culture. Arthropoda Iconicus is a vast collection of artworks where Wilkinson illustrates... Read more »
  • Artist Creates Unique Art Pieces Inspired by Vintage Action Figures, Capturing the Essence of Iconic Film and Tv Characters
    Unlike mass-produced toys, artist Adam Perocchi meticulously handcrafts each figure, transforming beloved pop culture icons into bespoke collectibles. Each piece is presented in a blister pack, mimicking the nostalgic packaging of vintage action figures, complete with custom artwork and design elements specific to the character, enhancing their uniqueness and collectibility.... Read more »
  • 3D Artist Creates Realistic Dreamscapes With a Mesmerizing Atmosphere
    Justin Bodnar is a young digital artist renowned for his captivating visuals that transport viewers into ethereal dreamscapes. At just 20 years old, Justin has already established himself in the realm of digital art and 3D illustration. His portfolio features a stunning array of meticulously crafted imaginary landscapes, each imbued... Read more »
  • The Superb Minimalistic Lineart Illustrations by Andrea Minini
    Italian artist Andrea Minini crafts intricate and detailed visuals that masterfully convey depth through simple lines. His technique centers on moiré patterns, which arise when overlapping lines create the illusion of movement or depth. This minimalist approach emphasizes the essentials, stripping away unnecessary elements to reveal the core form and... Read more »
  • Bizarre Smallpox Illustration from The Japanese Manuscript, ca. 1720
    This captivating watercolor illustration is a page from “Toshin seiyo” (The Essentials of Smallpox), a two-volume Japanese manuscript on smallpox. Created by renowned physician Kanda Gensen (c.1670-1746), the manuscript is filled with vividly colored illustrations depicting various symptoms of the disease. Interestingly, each illustration was painted on separate sheets of... Read more »
  • Macabre Hat Belonged to a Traveling “Dentist” in London in the Early 19th Century
    Southwark Heritage This cap belonged to a street “dentist” or tooth puller. It is made of brown velvet and felt, and decorated with approximately 88 decayed human teeth, once belonging to his patients. The teeth have been drilled and attached with twine. Wearing a cap like this was supposed to... Read more »
  • The Perfect Conversation Starter: Pine Wood Bungee Jumping Jesus Cross with Customizable Bungee Cord
    Want a unique and funny way to display your faith? Check out the Bungee Jumping Jesus Wall-Mounted Cross! Made from sturdy pine wood, this 5.5-inch wide and 15-inch tall cross features a Jesus figure that looks like it’s jumping off, adding a humorous twist. Customize it with a bungee cord... Read more »
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