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Nieuws- en Websites overzicht Buitenlandse Film en TV – Pagina 2

Op deze pagina vind je buitenlandse nieuws- en websites, voornamelijk in het Engels, die zich bezighouden met Films, TV-series en streaming diensten als Netflix, Disney+ en Amazon Prime.

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    The Escapist

  • Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone Movies Announced by Sega
    In a wildly unexpected move, Sega has partnered with Picturestart to announce a Space Channel 5 movie and also a Comix Zone movie. Barry Battles (The Baytown Outlaws) and Nir Paniry (Extracted) will write the Space Channel 5 movie, which will be a “comedy/dance adaptation” of the 1999 Dreamcast game... Read more »
  • VideoCursed to Golf Review in 3 Minutes – Wacky, Enjoyable Roguelite Golf
    Cursed to Golf is a roguelite by Chuhai Labs in which you attempt to escape golf purgatory by golfing your way through 18 supernaturally hazardous holes. You’re given five turns to complete each hole but can get more by using cards or by hitting gold or silver idols around the... Read more »
  • Helldivers 2 Trailer Seems to Leak Ahead of Potential PS5 Sequel Reveal
    A small portion of a Helldivers 2 trailer from PlayStation and developer Arrowhead Game Studios seems to have leaked, signaling that an official PlayStation 5 reveal may be on the horizon. This first-look footage made its way to Twitter thanks to user DoodMarvelous. Although the video was swiftly removed due... Read more »
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets New Area Inspired by Journey Next Week
    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the gift that keeps on giving. Originally released back in 2019, the Castlevania-inspired title has been receiving a fair amount of free updates and paid DLC post-launch. Free updates include adding a randomizer mode and Aurora from Child of Light as a playable character.... Read more »
  • Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars Novel and a Book about Survivor Revealed
    Lucasfilm has announced two new Star Wars Jedi books arriving in 2023. The first is Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars, a Del Rey novel written by Sam Maggs, and it will tell a story set between Fallen Order and Survivor about Cal Kestis and the Mantis crew on a new... Read more »
  • The Sandman Gets Surprise Bonus Episode 11 Adapting Famous Stories with Big Stars
    The Sandman is a hit for Netflix, satisfying the majority of critics and fans and offering a worthwhile TV adaptation of the Neil Gaiman comics masterpiece. However, as our own esteemed critic Darren Mooney has noted, a question has lingered of how or even whether Netflix would handle some of... Read more »
  • Death Stranding Strolls onto PC Game Pass Next Week
    Kojima Productions’ divisive post-apocalyptic fever dream, Death Stranding, is coming to PC Game Pass on August 23, 2022, as announced at Xbox Wire. It’s not quite the Xbox launch many Kojima fans may have hoped for, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. This move comes thanks to... Read more »



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