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    Resources for English Language Learners and Teachers | Pearson English

  • Connectivity: A new English course for confident communicators
    This school year we are bringing teachers an exciting new way to help students develop their communication skills. We’re launching Connectivity – a six-level (A1-C1) General English course book series for young adult and adult learners. It’s co-written by Joan Saslow and  Allen Ascher, the award-winning authors of Top Notch and Summit.   Connectivity is based on the same  successful... Read more »
  • VideoMotivate children to read with these five fun activities
    Why is reading important?  Apart from being a great hobby and fun activity, reading can help children improve in many areas of their lives through developing key transferrable skills. Reading in their native language as well as English can bring a whole range of benefits. In order to engage the whole class, the students must understand the... Read more »
  • 4 steps to make sure the transition back to school goes well
    As we start thinking about heading back to school, the big question for teachers and parents is: How can we help our children get off to a smooth start?    After the long break, students might be keen to see their friends again. But it’s not always easy to get back... Read more »
  • 4 Coding Mindset activities you can do with Young Learners
    Young learners are preparing for a future of work that we can’t even imagine today. Technology, climate change and an unpredictable work environment means they will have to be adaptable, creative, critical thinkers. Most importantly, they will need to have the ability to solve problems and work well with others.... Read more »
  • VideoBack to School: Pearson English Podcast
    This month the podcast panel poses questions from parents to English language school director Vanessa Hartson Walker. They discuss the issues around going back to school after months of disrupted learning caused by the pandemic, and how teachers can advise parents on how to support their children.   Vanessa is... Read more »
  • VideoBack to school tools: Tricks and tips for hybrid teaching
    At this year’s Pearson English Spring Days, a number of panelists came to offer their insights and expertise on hybrid learning and how to get the best out of hybrid classrooms.   One of those was guest speaker, Kasia Janitz-de-la-Rue. She offered her insights into how teachers and students worldwide are coping with extended... Read more »
  • 5 ways to reinspire your students after the summer holidays
    The new academic year is fast approaching and we’re getting ready to head back to the English classroom! Yet, after a long and relaxing summer holiday, some students may be feeling unmotivated to go back to the same class routine, especially if they have been learning English for several years.... Read more »



    Grammarly Blog

  • 4 Ways to Practice Positive Self-Talk
    Confidence is typically regarded as an admirable quality, but it’s not always easy to achieve. Some people struggle with self-confidence because of limiting thoughts. These constraining beliefs—and the consequent false narrative they allow—can pervade anyone’s self-perception. According to Psychology Today, these self-limiting thoughts are a product of our belief system,... Read more »
  • The Growing Impact of Business Communication | Across the Org
    Does your team have different communication styles? According to our figures, there is a good chance they do. Now consider the impact of different communication styles across departments.  Your organization is made up of individuals who bring their own sets of skills and talents. Some team members may be rockstar... Read more »
  • Use These Sentence Starter Tips to Strengthen Your Writing
    In general, a sentence starter is a quick word or phrase at the beginning of a sentence to help the reader transition, such as the phrase “in general.” Without them, writing can be disorganized, disconnected, and therefore hard to read. But knowing which ones to add—and when—is not always obvious. ... Read more »
  • Expository Writing: Everything You Need to Know
    Expository writing, as its name implies, is writing that exposes facts. In other words, it’s writing that explains and educates its readers, rather than entertaining or attempting to persuade them. When you read a scholarly article, a textbook page, a news report, or an instructional guide, you’re reading expository writing. ... Read more »
  • How to Maintain Brand Consistency Across Multiple Channels
    To ensure a positive customer experience, brands need to develop and maintain a consistent identity now more than ever before. Doing so grows more complicated with every emerging platform that connects brands to customers. Email, chat, social media, online ads, and more are all now widely available tools in every... Read more »
  • The Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Product Manager
    We’re in the middle of a huge shift in how we work and communicate, and the truth is, no one fully knows how to build products for this new reality. But as we navigate these changes, we can rely on one North Star: putting the user at the center of... Read more »
  • Communicating With Difficult Customers: How to Stay Professional and Defuse Tension
    Even if your business has a spotless reputation for excellent service, you’re bound to have an occasional run-in with a dissatisfied customer. Their frustrations may not be directed at you, but it is up to you to defuse the situation and avoid losing their business or prevent the loss of... Read more »



    ABA Journal

  • A Selection of Phrases and Vocabulary in English for Clothing and Accessories
    Regardless of where in the world you find yourself, something you’ll always need to use is clothing. Unless you live in a tribe in the middle of the jungle, where the dress code might be more relaxed or require few garments, dress will always be part of our day-to-day lives.... Read more »
  • The Parts of the Body in English and Their Pronunciation
    Maybe you know a few words relating to the human body in English, like nose, legs, or eyes. However, you’ll need to learn a little more to express yourself fluidly, especially if you’re on vacation in an English speaking country and have an emergency. For example, do you know how... Read more »
  • Colours in English
    What would the world be like without colours? We’d have a pretty grey landscape, in every sense of the word. In this beginner-level lesson, we’ll show you how to say the colours in English, from basic colours to the more interesting combinations. But first, we’ll remind you that in American... Read more »
  • Animals in English: List of Animals in English
    Studies show that watching videos of animals helps us lower stress levels and experience feelings of well-being. So, learning the names of animals in English will undoubtedly become a fun activity that will also help you improve your vocabulary in English. Are you ready for this new challenge? Let’s get... Read more »
  • Want to know how to learn English at home? It’s easy with these tips!
    You’ve dreamed of improving your pronunciation for so many years, but can’t because you can’t find anyone to practice with… Do you want to speak your favorite language, but feel like your job and commitments are getting in the way and making it impossible? Stop worrying! Learning English on your... Read more »
  • Prepositions of place in English: Let’s explain how to learn them
    At first glance, this might seem very simple. Then, in just a moment, you realize that you don’t know which to choose. Is it at or in? Don’t worry! With a little study and some practice, you’ll finally be able to use them without problems. Come and discover all the... Read more »
  • Improve your English vocabulary: avoid using VERY
    While you increase your knowledge of English, it’s very important that you improve your English vocabulary as well. Perhaps you should try to stop using some words over and over again. This is the case with very. It can help us highlight or emphasise a particular quality, but we tend... Read more »
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