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    Resources for English Language Learners and Teachers | Pearson English

  • Do the Reading Together Challenge!
    Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about building a reading habit in our young learners. By this I mean ways to get them reading widely and often so that they develop a life-long love of reading. And as I’ve been delving deeper into the research around reading for pleasure, the evidence is compelling: According to the OECD,... Read more »
  • Testing and Assessment: Pearson English Podcast
    In the last episode of this season, the Pearson English Podcast panel speaks with teacher trainer and IELTS expert Anna Hasper about what testing and assessment really mean and why they are so important.  Listen to the podcast on Testing and Assessment.  Why are testing and assessment so important?  Words like... Read more »
  • Effective classroom management routines for very young learners 
    For very young learners, children aged 3-6, being in a classroom might be a completely new experience. Most of them won’t know any English words at all and might have very little idea of what English is or why they are learning it. Some of them may not yet be... Read more »
  • The Importance of Professional Development: Pearson English Podcast
    In this episode of the Pearson English Podcast, the panel speaks with teacher trainers Mike Hogan and Chia Suan Chong about the importance of professional development in English language teaching.  Listen to the podcast on Professional Development now! There’s the saying “There are two types of teachers with 20 years of... Read more »
  • Video10 free worksheets to teach values inspired by Disney characters
    As well as guiding children through the English language, teachers can also help them to flourish personally. We want our young learners to get to know themselves and others, recognize and acknowledge values, feelings and emotions, and learn about rewarding actions and reactions.  Through stories, activities and games, and our... Read more »
  • IATEFL BESIG 2021 Annual Conference: Business as usual
    On 12th – 14th November, 2021 IATEFL is hosting the annual BESIG conference, bringing the latest industry news and academic conversations from the world of Business English for ‘3 days of learning, sharing and networking’. The conference will be online this year – meaning you can get together with like-minded... Read more »
  • VideoJoin Pearson and BBC Live Classes in 2021/2022
    Pearson and BBC Live Classes are back for another season! Teachers and students all over the world can look forward to a new series of innovative and exciting lessons to enjoy in class or at home.   Last year our expert trainers taught more than 35,000 learners from 81 countries... Read more »



    Grammarly Blog

  • 20 Authentic Compliments to Make Someone’s Day
    Making a passing compliment might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but science proves that genuine praise can indeed have a powerful effect.  According to recent studies published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, participants reported feeling happier and more flattered than expected after receiving a compliment.... Read more »
  • What Is an Adverbial Clause?
    Sometimes, a sentence might make its point perfectly clear, but still need a little extra description. When you come across a sentence like this in your writing, use an adverb. That’s why English has them.  But sometimes, a sentence needs more than just an adverb. It needs more context to... Read more »
  • Your Writing Style, According to Your Astrological Sign
    We all have different ways of expressing ourselves when we compose a piece of writing, whether a flowery short story, a persuasive op-ed piece, or a pithy email. Astrology, with its insights into our personalities, holds some clues about the various ways we write, as each zodiac sign has its... Read more »
  • Top 8 Benefits of Effective Communication in the Workplace
    While marketing and sales demonstrate a direct link to revenue, companies should not downplay the benefits of effective communication and its impact on business success. Communication contributes significantly to internal efforts with team members that directly affect customer relationships—and therefore, the company’s bottom line. 8 benefits of effective communication There... Read more »
  • What Is an Oxymoron?
    An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contradictory words with opposing meanings, like “old news,” “deafening silence,” or “organized chaos.” Oxymorons may seem illogical at first, but in context they usually make sense.  Oxymorons can be clearly confusing (see what we did there?), so this article explains everything... Read more »
  • How to Write a Poem: A Step-by-Step Guide
    Poetry is . . . song lyrics without the music? Writing that rhymes? A bunch of comparisons and abstract imagery that feels like a code for the reader to decipher? The answer to all of the above is yes, but poetry encompasses much more. Poetry is a broad literary category... Read more »
  • Business Writing Essentials: Your Guide to Clear and Effective Workplace Communication
    Business writing is a specific style that promotes clear and effective communication between colleagues and customers, which helps achieve business goals. It’s also an art; good business writing must have the right tone and style but also needs its message to be clear.  Writers often use a business style to... Read more »



    ABA Journal

  • Professions in English: 100+ professions and trades
    Have you ever asked yourself what the difference between a profession and a trade is? Usually, we use “profession” to mean a job that requires some type of academic training to be able to do. On the other hand, trades are those that don’t necessarily require formal or academic study... Read more »
  • Parts of the house: essential vocabulary you should learn
    When children learn to speak, logically they start by learning the names of the things that are close to them, the things that surround them. This way, they expand their familiarity with the places they know, and at the same time increase their vocabulary. The same thing happens with learning... Read more »
  • Sports vocabulary
    If you’re a sports fan, you probably already know the names of the most common sports. However, sports vocabulary is pretty broad. Think about all the types of sports out there: group, individual, extreme, aquatic, among others. Do you dream of running the New York Marathon? What about going to... Read more »
  • Learn fruit names in English : Vocabulary Related to Fruit
    You might already know how to talk about apples, bananas, and oranges. However, there are many fruits left for you to discover, and this article is the best opportunity for you to learn them. Remember that it’s important to eat them every day, since they give you many nutrients and... Read more »
  • A Selection of Phrases and Vocabulary in English for Clothing and Accessories
    Regardless of where in the world you find yourself, something you’ll always need to use is clothing. Unless you live in a tribe in the middle of the jungle, where the dress code might be more relaxed or require few garments, dress will always be part of our day-to-day lives.... Read more »
  • The Parts of the Body in English and Their Pronunciation
    Maybe you know a few words relating to the human body in English, like nose, legs, or eyes. However, you’ll need to learn a little more to express yourself fluidly, especially if you’re on vacation in an English speaking country and have an emergency. For example, do you know how... Read more »
  • Colours in English
    What would the world be like without colours? We’d have a pretty grey landscape, in every sense of the word. In this beginner-level lesson, we’ll show you how to say the colours in English, from basic colours to the more interesting combinations. But first, we’ll remind you that in American... Read more »
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