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  • Email Prospecting Glimpse Factor Is Hot
    Email Prospecting Doesn’t Work If Your If It Is Deleted Crazy busy prospects make decisions to read or delete your prospecting email in 3 seconds or less. This is the Glimpse Factor. Three Seconds to Impact Email prospecting is hot. It feels much less threatening than cold calling. No one... Read more »
  • Sell the Pain
    Pain Motivates Buyers to Act A universal and timeless truth is that pain is a greater motivator than pleasure. Therefore, to compel prospects to buy from you, sell the pain. “So, what exactly is it that you sell?” This is one of the first questions I ask new clients when... Read more »
  • mp3Vera Stewart Doesn’t Take No For An Answer | A Story of Persistence
    On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount sits down with celebrity chef and entrepreneur Vera Stewart, to learn how persistence and a “never take no for an answer” mindset helped her build a business empire. Southern Home Cook Turned Nationally Recognized Celebrity Chef Vera’s entrepreneurial journey started... Read more »
  • What the Top 20% Really Make and How You Can Get There
    The Six Figure Secret While being a top 20% producer and income earner is obviously a nice place to be, the next question I get is, “How do I get there?”  The answer to that question might surprise you. The Top 20% Income Earners You know how big I am... Read more »
  • 3 Lies About Rejection That Are Limiting Your Selling Potential
    3 Lies About Rejection Salespeople Need to Stop Telling Themselves Lying to customers is a big no-no in sales. What about the lies salespeople tell themselves? Yet salespeople continuously sabotage themselves with lies about rejection. The Customer Doesn’t Understand Instinctively, salespeople want to talk. A lot. Describing the features and... Read more »
  • mp3Alexander Zakharin is a Fanatical Prospector
    On this fun episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount is joined by the incredible social media influencer and successful real estate agent, Alexander Zakharin. Jeb and Alexander discuss that when the going gets tough in the real estate market, the toughest real estate agents get fanatical about prospecting.... Read more »
  • The Art of Sales: Helping Buyers to Close Themselves
    Closing the Sale Meets the Modern Buying Journey When your sole focus is on closing the sale rather than helping your buyer, they sniff this out, it turns them off, and you are more likely to lose than win. The Five Stages of the Modern Buying Journey The steps of... Read more »



    Daily B2B Sales and Marketing Insights

  • B2B Reads: How to use sales incentives, maintain pitch process momentum, start a conversation & make a great impression and more
    In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the... Read more »
  • Why B2B companies are bringing their creative efforts in-house?
    By Mina Guirguis, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing Why does it seem that more and more B2B companies are moving from using an external agency for creative work and instead creating a creative agency in-house? While you could argue that there are several factors for this trend, the three I’d like... Read more »
  • 7 Tips for Effective B2B SaaS Messaging That Drives Results
    By Michelle Voznyuk, Marketing Specialist at Heinz Marketing As a B2B SaaS marketer, creating effective messaging is key to driving success for your business. It can be challenging to craft messaging that resonates with your target audience, but with the right approach, you can create messaging that converts leads into... Read more »
  • Digital Privacy and Compliance: How B2B Marketers Can Navigate New Regulations
    By Maria Geokezas, Chief Operating Officer at Heinz Marketing When pay-per-click advertising entered the scene 20 years ago, it was akin to the wild west. No one knew exactly what they were doing and marketers took a trial-and-error approach to learning. Digital privacy and compliance was not a concern for B2B... Read more »
  • Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 335: Q & A with Mason Cosby
    By Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing If you’re not already subscribed to Sales Pipeline Radio or listening live every Thursday at 11:30 a.m Pacific on LinkedIn (also on demand) you can find the transcription and recording here on the blog every Monday morning.  The show is less than 30... Read more »
  • B2B Reads: 20 Effective Sales Tactics, What Sales Leaders Need to Know, Pinterest Ad Dollars on the Rise and more
    In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the... Read more »
  • How a Millennial Marketer’s Journey to Adopting Podcasts Can Help B2B Marketers Reach Their ICP
    By Sarah Threet, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing Why I’m Trying to Become a Podcast Listener  While I have worked in marketing for the better part of a decade, I don’t have much experience with podcasts, professionally or personally. Listening to something in audio format (that isn’t music) can be... Read more »



    The Sales Blog

  • Use this Pre-Call Planning Template to Reliably Increase Win Rate
    Only thirteen percent of customers believe a salesperson can understand their needs.... Read more »
  • Important B2B Sales Enablement Metrics to Measure Performance and ROI
    The investment you make in sales enablement ensures your sales force's effectiveness and will allow sales teams to create new opportunities, develop new clients, increase net new revenue, and create growth. Because B2B sales has become more difficult, more money and resources are deployed to ensure the sales organization reaches... Read more »
  • Lead Generation to Account-Based Selling - How Sales Strategies Have Evolved
    Over time, as the external environment changes, sales organizations adapt their sales approach to match the needs of their prospective clients. They also adopt new sales strategies to improve their results. New technology changes how sales organizations go to market, but sometimes, a traditional approach gives way to a better... Read more »
  • B2B Sales Fundamentals for Beginners - A Comprehensive Guide
    Over time, buyers have changed, and sellers have had to follow. B2B salespeople have had to find new ways to create value for their ideal customers. Most sales organizations haven't paid attention to these changes. Nor have they recognized the new fundamentals now necessary for sales success.... Read more »
  • The Art of Certainty - How Consultative Selling Helps B2B Buyers Make Confident Decisions
    You might have found sales success using a positioning statement about your company and your offerings. You may have found success by overcoming a corporate decision-maker’s objection. Even so, following the well-worn path of the traditional sales approach and its linear B2B sales process was designed ages ago for a... Read more »
  • Make It Rain - How to Become a B2B Sales Rainmaker
    There are rainmakers and rain barrels. The rainmaker makes rain by creating opportunities and generating sales and income. The rainmaker generally pursues and wins the largest and most prestigious clients. They also have strong and durable relationships with their clients and contacts.... Read more »
  • Guide to Sales Manager Training: 8 Tips For Better Managers
    Are you doing everything you can to hit your goals? If you’re not budgeting adequately for sales manager training, you might not be. Companies that allocate more than fifty percent of the overall sales training budget toward management training outperform their goal by fifteen percent.... Read more »



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    The Sales Hunter

  • Video10 Rules of the Prospecting Game
    Too many people struggle with prospecting. I’m here to help. There are some basic rules you need to get right. To win at prospecting, here are my Top 10 insights to the game. 1. Prospects don’t care.  Until you show an interest in them, there’s no reason for them... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Sell to the CEO
    Here are 16 tips for reaching the CEO and speaking their language.  CEO Facts 1. CEO’s don’t have budgets. They set them…and take them. Don’t ever think that there’s no money. There almost always is money, and they will spend it because they don’t have budgets.  2. CEO’s want strategic answers.... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Build a Sales Pipeline
    Keeping your pipeline stuffed is a sure path toward frustration, (and a lousy way to impress your boss). Build your sales pipeline in a way that deals flow through with ease from top to bottom. How? I’ve got 10 tips for how to build a healthy sales pipeline. 1.... Read more »
  • Video10 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail
    I hate talking about negative subjects, but it’s time to call it out.  I’m going to list ten reasons why salespeople fail. Now, it’s not that salespeople fail on all ten of them, but all it takes is one or two. This post is to help you steer clear of... Read more »
  • Video10 Ways to Get a Prospect to Respond
    “Oh, wow, I guess they’re not interested.”  Wait! You have no idea how valuable of a prospect they are until you have the conversation with them.  Sure, you’ve made four or five calls or emails, and they’re not responding. But you have the ability to help them, so it’s your... Read more »
  • Video10 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Sales
    Don’t think for a moment that ChatGPT is going to replace you— it won’t if you are a confident, competent salesperson. But you’ve got to understand how to use it. My co-host Meridith Elliott Powell and I dove into this topic on a recent episode of Sales Logic, which you... Read more »
  • VideoProspecting Is an Outcome Game
    Prospecting is not about selling. It’s an outcome game.  A big reason salespeople struggle with prospecting is because they’re too busy selling the product. People don’t want to buy products. They want to buy solutions —they’re looking for outcomes. 1. Know your outcomes—all of them. Be very active in... Read more »
  • VideoProspecting Is an Activity Game
    Prospecting doesn’t just occur on its own. You have to do the work.  Prospecting is a lot like a gym membership. You can’t get a membership to the gym and expect to be in shape. You’ve got to go and work the machines, put in the reps, spend the time.... Read more »
  • VideoProspecting Is a Mental Game
    Prospecting is a game that too many salespeople have already lost because they’re mentally unprepared. I want you to be successful at prospecting, and I’m going to tell you ten things to get your head in the game.  1. Prep the day before. You can’t go into anything mentally... Read more »
  • The Top 10 Episodes for The Sales Hunter Podcast
    Happy Birthday The Sales Hunter Podcast!  To celebrate one year of incredible growth and learning, our team has nominated ten episodes to highlight the diverse learning opportunities the podcast offers each week.   See one you didn’t catch in 2022? Add these to your ‘listen list’ and don’t forget to... Read more »


Adam Riemer – Affiliate Marketing


    Affiliate Marketing Archives - Adam Riemer Marketing

  • Using PPC Data to Build Your Digital Marketing & Business Strategy
    Using PPC marketing data is the perfect way to drive your online marketing strategy.  Your PPC person or team controls information that everyone in the company from marketing to product, and customer support to PR can use.  This is because the PPC team has insight into what customers are looking... Read more »
  • 5 Reasons to Advertise Your Affiliates’ Content
    Should you share, spend money on, or promote all of your affiliates’ content?  No way!  But it does make sense to promote affiliate content if you have a value adding affiliates in your affiliate program. Value adding affiliates are affiliates that do not rely on your own brand or your... Read more »
  • How to Write a Good Affiliate Newsletter + an Example
    A good affiliate newsletter encourages your affiliates to be active in your affiliate program AND builds their loyalty so they open more newsletters.  This is done by helping your affiliates make money, providing actionable items to grow their businesses, and provides strategies for short term bursts of sales and long... Read more »
  • A Guide to Writing Useful Content by Page and Article Type
    Useful content (now known as “helpful”) is content that helps the user by providing a complete solution.  That means the person absorbing your content knows which product to buy, how to perform an action, complete a task, and most important the person does not have to look elsewhere for an... Read more »
  • The Difference Between Influencers, Ambassadors & Affiliates
    There doesn’t have to be confusion when figuring out if a content creator should be an influencer, ambassador or an affiliate. Each content creator represents your brand, each one gets paid whether its a fee, product, or a mix; and each should provide value to your company. The confusion between... Read more »
  • May Holidays & Marketing Messages – What to Do and Avoid
    May holidays include shopping, celebrating, appreciation, and mourning losses. That is why it is important to get your messaging right. Don’t only look at your marketing messaging and imagery, look at what your affiliates, ambassadors and influencers are saying. What these people say is a direct reflection on your brand. ... Read more »
  • When to Use FAQs for SEO and When They’re Excessive
    Not every page, blog post, or piece of content needs to have FAQs.  In many cases, FAQs are excessive and could hurt your SEO.  All of us get excited when we see new traffic coming in, myself included, but FAQs should be used to add value. I’m writing this guide... Read more »
  • Formulas to Forecast Blogger, YouTube & Influencer ROAS
    If you’re reading this post you’ve been asked to forecast revenue (ROAS, return on ad spend) or a return on investment from influencers, YouTubers and bloggers.  It can seem tricky at first, but it is fairly simple. You just need to collect accurate data points to plug into the formulas... Read more »
  • Should Influencers Be Affiliates or in Your Affiliate Program?
    Yes, influencers should absolutely be in your affiliate program and allowed to be affiliates.  But there are exceptions to this rule.  Before we get into when influencers should be affiliates and allowed in your affiliate programs, we should define the difference between the two. Influencers promote a brand or product... Read more »
  • OnlyFans Alternative – How to Not Rely on One Platform
    Countless businesses (and potentially your own if you’re reading this) have gone from successful to the graveyard and at no fault of their own.  Whether it is a Facebook page that was given false metrics or got shut down without warning or what appears to be happening with OnlyFans.  Your... Read more »

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