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  • Oil Billionaire: There’s Only One Fix For Inflation
    New York billionaire and refiner John Catsimatidis, who owns hundreds of gas stations, blasted President Joe Biden’s pinning the blame on high prices at the pump on gas station owners, arguing there’s only one solution for inflation - boosting production of crude. Catsimatidis made the remarks in an interview on... Read more »
  • UK Motorways Crippled By Fuel Price Protests
    British authorities warned drivers of "serious disruption" on Monday as protestors seeking relief from high fuel costs used "go-slow" convoys to cause traffic jams on major UK motorways over a wide swath of territory.  Organized via social media under the banner of "Fuel Price Stand Against Tax," rolling, slow-moving roadblocks... Read more »
  • WTI Drops Below $100 As Recession Fears Grow
    Despite serious supply problems in the market, oil prices crashed on Tuesday morning due to renewed recession fears and the prospect of demand destruction. Whilst most of 2022 could only be characterized as a period of hardship for Europe’s embattled industries, things are about to get even worse as Russian... Read more »
  • Australia Extends Domestic Gas Security Deal Until 2030
    Australia's new government will extend the so-called domestic gas security mechanism until 2030 in a bid to ensure adequate gas supplies for the domestic market. Argus reports that the mechanism, which was first introduced in 2017, was about to expire next year, but the Labor government that won the last... Read more »
  • How Oil Prices Could Hit $65
    Oil prices may tumble to $65 per barrel by the end of this year and to as low as $45 a barrel by the end of 2023 if the world enters a recession that would crash fuel demand, according to Citigroup. The bank said in a report on Tuesday, cited... Read more »
  • Tanker Operators Are Raking It In Sending Russian Oil To China
    Tanker operators willing to ship Russian crude are making a substantial amount of money sending Russian crude to China from Russia’s Far East. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, by shipping Russian ESPO crude from Kozmino to the Chinese coast, a ship owner can make $1.6 million—three times what they... Read more »
  • Saudi Arabia Hikes Oil Prices To Asia Once Again
    Saudi Arabia on Tuesday raised again the price of its oil going to Asia in August to close to record differentials, in a widely expected move that tracks strong refining margins and expectations of robust demand. Saudi Aramco announced on Tuesday that it was lifting its official selling prices (OSP)... Read more »



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  • Chinese developer Shimao misses $1 bn bond payment; Asia stocks mixed
    Beijing (AFP) July 4, 2022 Chinese developer Shimao Group said it has failed to make payment on a $1 billion bond that matured Sunday, one of the biggest such defaults so far this year in the country's troubled property sector. China's real estate sector has been struggling since authorities began... Read more »
  • Markets mostly up on talk Biden to roll back some China tariffs
    Hong Kong (AFP) July 5, 2022 Most markets rose Tuesday on growing speculation US President Joe Biden is about to roll back some of the Trump-era tariffs on Chinese goods as he looks for ways to rein in inflation, though sentiment remains at a premium owing to fears of a... Read more »
  • Thermal drones seek survivors after deadly Italy glacier collapse
    Canazei, Italy (AFP) July 4, 2022 Rescuers used thermal drones Monday to search for possible survivors trapped under ice after an avalanche set off by the collapse of the largest glacier in the Italian Alps killed at least six people and injured eight others. Authorities said they did not know... Read more »
  • US, China discuss 'severe' economic challenges, supply chains
    Beijing (AFP) July 5, 2022 Top officials from the United States and China held a "candid" video call on Tuesday to discuss global economic challenges, especially regarding supply chains. The exchange between Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen came as President Joe Biden considers lifting... Read more »
  • Italy declares drought emergency in 5 northern regions
    Rome (AFP) July 4, 2022 Italy declared a state of emergency in five northern regions and announced emergency funds on Monday over a worsening drought that has plagued the Po Valley in recent weeks. The cabinet approved a state of emergency in five regions - Friuli-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Piedmont... Read more »
  • 'Colossal' work ahead, as Ukraine recovery meet to open in Switzerland
    Lugano, Switzerland (AFP) July 4, 2022 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned of the "colossal" work ahead as leaders from dozens of countries and organisations gathered in Switzerland Monday to hash out a "Marshall Plan" to rebuild his war-torn country. Zelensky, who is due to deliver a video address to the... Read more »
  • Americans more than Brits feel threatened by China's rise as a world power
    Exeter UK (SPX) Jul 01, 2022 Americans were more likely than people living in the UK to feel threatened by China's growth as a world power, a new survey shows. The research suggests support in both countries for NATO and the UN to act diplomatically and militarily is high, with... Read more »






  • New California Law Could Eliminate 23 Million Tons of Plastic in 10 Years
    A newly signed law in California, SB54, is set to reduce amounts of plastic waste, improve recycling rates, and place more responsibility on producers rather than consumers to curb plastic pollution. The new law requires a 25% decrease in single-use plastics entering the market over the next 10 years, and... Read more »
  • The Future of Leather: How Pineapple Leaves, Cacti, and Mycelium Are Revolutionizing the Industry
    Leather is everywhere – in our shoes, our purses and luggage, our winter jackets and stylish furniture – but its effect is seen globally.  The post The Future of Leather: How Pineapple Leaves, Cacti, and Mycelium Are Revolutionizing the Industry appeared first on EcoWatch.... Read more »
  • Scientists Can Now Track Agricultural Sulfur Runoff for More Sustainable Wine
    As we strive for a more environmentally conscientious world, everything we eat, drink and buy can be looked at from the vantage point of sustainability. And that includes simple pleasures like wine. In California, wine means big business, and it’s standard practice for winemakers to coat their grapes with a... Read more »
  • VideoSatellite Selfie Showcases Vulnerability of Great Barrier Reef
    In 1968, a photograph taken from space helped galvanize the environmental movement. The famous “Earthrise” image of our planet rising from the moon helped raise awareness about the importance of protecting humanity’s only home. “The vast loneliness is awe-inspiring and it makes you realize just what you have back there... Read more »
  • VideoLake Tahoe Town to Replace July 4th Fireworks With More Eco-Friendly Alternative
    Fourth of July firework shows are getting harder and harder to stage as high summer temperatures fueled by the climate crisis increase the risk that they will spark wildfires. But one town in the drought-stricken West has come up with a more environmentally-friendly alternative: a drone show.  The town of... Read more »
  • Woman Gored by Bison at Yellowstone National Park in Third Incident This Year
    One of the biggest attractions of Yellowstone National Park, which receives more than three million visitors a year, is the wildlife. More than 360 species — including black bears, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, bison, Canada lynx and gray wolves — roam the 3,472 square miles of alpine meadows, sagebrush steppe,... Read more »
  • Romantic Partners Can Influence Each Other’s Assumptions and Behaviors on Climate Change, Study Finds
    Romantic partners can be the sounding boards for each other’s thoughts on all sorts of issues, including the climate crisis. But, until recently, there hadn’t been much examination of whether one partner’s views on climate change could influence the other’s. A research team led by the Yale School of the... Read more »

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