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  • Hoe Vergroot Je Je Borsten Op Een Natuurlijke Manier?
    Kun je je borsten vergroten? Wel, het antwoord is ja. De meeste vrouwen willen het… The post Hoe Vergroot Je Je Borsten Op Een Natuurlijke Manier? appeared first on Healthcare Chain.... Read more »
  • 10-20-30 Hoge Intensiteit Interval Training
    Intervaltraining is niet meer weg te denken uit ons training lexicon en is een van… The post 10-20-30 Hoge Intensiteit Interval Training appeared first on Healthcare Chain.... Read more »
  • Hoe Kan Ik Meer Vet Verbranden Met Oefeningen?
    Als je het gevoel hebt dat alle extra calorieën die je eet rechtstreeks naar je… The post Hoe Kan Ik Meer Vet Verbranden Met Oefeningen? appeared first on Healthcare Chain.... Read more »
  • Hoe De Meest Voorkomende Oorzaken van Haaruitval bij Mannen te Behandelen
    Als men kaal begint te worden, kan het voelen alsof je een stuk van je… The post Hoe De Meest Voorkomende Oorzaken van Haaruitval bij Mannen te Behandelen appeared first on Healthcare Chain.... Read more »
  • Clearpores Review – Onze Volledige Acne Test
    Als je een gezonde huid hebt, toon je niet alleen de reinheid en verzorging van… The post Clearpores Review – Onze Volledige Acne Test appeared first on Healthcare Chain.... Read more »
  • Wat Te Weten Over een Terugtrekkende Haarlijn bij Mannen en Vrouwen
    Een terugtrekkende haarlijn houdt niet alleen in dat je minder haar hebt. Het is een… The post Wat Te Weten Over een Terugtrekkende Haarlijn bij Mannen en Vrouwen appeared first on Healthcare Chain.... Read more »
  • Waarom Mannelijke Kaalheid Optreedt
    Kaal worden is een feit voor miljoenen mannen. Volwassenen verliezen elke dag zo’n 10.000 haren… The post Waarom Mannelijke Kaalheid Optreedt appeared first on Healthcare Chain.... Read more »

    Harvard Health Blog

  • 5 inflammation-fighting food swaps
    Inflammation can be a beneficial sign that the body’s immune system is fighting an infection, but it can also linger over time, damaging the body. There is evidence that eating a diet heavy in foods that promote inflammation can increase the risk for certain health problems, and also that a... Read more »
  • Is IBD an underrecognized health problem in minority groups?
    Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a treatable condition once considered a disease that largely affects people who are white, although in recent years it has been diagnosed more often in other racial and ethnic groups, in the US and around the world. Recognizing this condition early can make a difference... Read more »
  • Sickle cell disease in newborns and children: What families should know and do
    Millions of people around the world have sickle cell disease, a genetic condition that can cause pain and damage to organs or tissues, and can make children more susceptible to other health problems. In the US, most cases are diagnosed through screening in newborns. Getting connected to the proper care... Read more »
  • COVID-19 vaccines for children and teens: What we do — and don’t — know
    Every day, more and more adults are getting vaccinated against COVID-19, helping us build toward herd immunity. But what about children and teens? What is the status of research on the vaccines in these groups, and when might vaccines be available for them? The post COVID-19 vaccines for children and... Read more »
  • Happy trails: Take a hike, now
    After too much time spent indoors (and probably less active than is healthy), getting outside and taking a hike is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying nature. But before you hit the trail, make sure you’re well prepared. The post Happy trails: Take a hike, now appeared... Read more »
  • Sleep well — and reduce your risk of dementia and death
    Although it has been known for some time that individuals with dementia frequently have poor, fragmented sleep, two new studies suggest that if you don’t get enough sleep in midlife, you are at increased risk for dementia later in life. The post Sleep well — and reduce your risk of... Read more »
  • VideoCOVID-19 vaccines and the LGBTQ+ community
    A history of discrimination in multiple settings, including health care, may make some people who identify as LGBTQ+ hesitant to get a COVID-19 vaccine, even though the virus has disproportionately harmed this community. If you're struggling to make a decision, this may help you consider benefits and risks. The post... Read more »

    Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic

  • Are You Taking Too Many Calcium Supplements?
    Calcium is crucial to building and maintaining healthy bones, but taking too much could endanger your heart, kidneys and brain. Learn how to take calcium supplements safely and symptoms of hypercalcemia to look out for.... Read more »
  • How Serious Are Heart Murmurs in Children?
    A heart murmur diagnosis in children can cause parents anxiety, but the diagnosis is actually pretty common and doesn’t necessarily indicate an issue. Pediatric cardiologists offer reassuring facts.... Read more »
  • Recipe: Light and Creamy Mashed Potatoes
    Looking for a healthy mashed potato recipe? Our version gets loads of flavor from garlic, white pepper, chives and paprika.... Read more »
  • Can You Still Use an Expired COVID-19 Test?
    You think you have COVID-19, but your at-home test is expired. Here’s how to verify if it’s actually expired and why using an expired one may lead to inaccurate results.... Read more »
  • Can Microneedling Treat Hair Loss?
    Looking to stimulate hair growth? A dermatology specialist explains what types of hair loss microneedling might help, and why at-home devices aren’t your best bet.... Read more »
  • These 11 Foods Are High in Vitamin K2 — But That Doesn’t Mean They’re All Healthy
    Vitamin-rich foods probably have you thinking of fruits and veggies. But vitamin K2 is an exception. It’s found in fermented foods and animal products. A registered dietitian shares which sources of vitamin K2 are best for your overall health.... Read more »
  • How To Prevent Cancer: 6 Ways To Lower Your Risk
    Worldwide, nearly 45% of all cancer-related deaths are attributed to behavioral risk factors like smoking, drinking and living a sedentary lifestyle. Here’s what you can do to lower your risk and live your best life.... Read more »

    Five Thirty Eight - Science & Health

  • Some GOP Legislators Are Trying To Show They’re Pro-Life, Not Just Anti-Abortion
    In their first full legislative sessions after the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, Republican state legislators are being pressed on what “pro-life” really means. There are plenty of bills focusing on abortion restrictions — particularly in the Republican-controlled states where abortion is still largely legal — but GOP lawmakers... Read more »
  • Does It Matter Where COVID-19 Came From?
    The Department of Energy says COVID-19 was caused by a lab leak. But that doesn’t mean COVID-19 was definitely caused by a lab leak. In fact, the agency’s report, which made headlines last week, states it has “low confidence” in its own conclusion. Scientific evidence, on the other hand, has... Read more »
  • Why An Abortion Drug Approved 20 Years Ago Might Get Yanked From The Market
    Approving an abortion drug is always going to come with a high level of scrutiny and pushback. Dr. Michael Greene knew this well back in 2000 when he was leading the Food and Drug Administration committee that first approved the abortion drug mifepristone for sale in the U.S.  To Greene,... Read more »
  • Why Most Gun Laws Aren’t Backed Up By Evidence
    In the first month of 2023, 25 people lost their lives in four mass shootings in California over just eight days. It’s a grim statistic, made all the more distressing when you consider the fact that California has one of the lowest gun death rates in the entire country. This... Read more »
  • Teaching In The Age Of AI Means Getting Creative
    Alarm bells seemed to sound in teachers’ lounges across America late last year with the debut of ChatGPT — an AI chatbot that was both easy to use and capable of producing dialogue-like responses, including longer-form writing and essays. Some writers and educators went so far as to even forecast... Read more »
  • The Numbers That Defined 2022
    What a year 2022 has been. There was so … much … news. We saw record-high inflation, war in Ukraine, a landmark Supreme Court session, continuing effects of the pandemic, the Winter Olympics, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the World Cup and, of course, the midterms. In typical FiveThirtyEight... Read more »
  • Can You Make Winter Less Dark?
    If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s a decent chance that it’s dark outside as you’re reading this. Bleak midwinter, indeed. The darkest part of the year is preceded by the switch to standard time, which sacrifices the evening sun in favor of earlier dawns. The results can feel... Read more »

    Perfect Health Fit

  • Best Brain Supplements for Mental Clarity and Focus
    Brain supplements or nootropics are drugs that have a beneficial effect on brain function in healthy people. Many of these supplements aim to boost memory, motivation, creativity, cognitive function, and alertness. With consistent use, they can also help reduce age-related decline in brain function. With so many brain boosters available...... Read more »
  • How Your Diet Affects Your Immunity: Tips for Eating for Immune Health
    The immune system plays a crucial role in protecting our bodies from harmful pathogens and diseases. While there are many important factors that contribute to a robust immune system, including regular exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management, one of the most important is a healthy diet. What we eat has...... Read more »
  • Choosing the Best Hair Salon for Hair Treatment
    Are you looking for a hair salon to get the perfect hair treatment? Then look no further! With so many salons out there, it can be hard to choose the right one. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our guide on how to pick the best salon...... Read more »
  • What are The Health Benefits of CBD – Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and More
    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for various ailments and health issues. Recently, CBD has become increasingly popular due to its many potential therapeutic benefits such as relief from anxiety and pain management. Let’s...... Read more »
  • 4 Family-Friendly Activities to Take Your Foster Child to In Leeds
    Are you welcoming a foster child into your care sometime this year? Do you live in Leeds or the surrounding area and want to be sure that you’re prepared with a list of family-friendly activities to take them to? Giving your foster child a way to explore their new neighbourhood...... Read more »
  • How Substance Addiction Affects Your Overall Wellness
    Substance addiction results from recurrent and uncontrollable habits of smoking and excessive drinking. The continuous use of drugs leads to addiction, which affects your overall wellness. The effects can be physical, mental, or emotional. Additionally, the consequences can be short-term or long-term. They vary depending on the substances you’ve abused....... Read more »
  • Stress Relief Supplements: Beverages vs Pills
    Stress is a common issue that affects many people in today’s fast-paced society. One way to combat stress is through the use of supplements, which can come in both pill and beverage form. A stress relief supplement is a type of dietary supplement that is designed to help individuals manage...... Read more »