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  • One flag–and the two soldiers who carried it
    Unassuming at first glance, a U.S. flag that recently joined our museum's collection brings together the remarkable stories of two U.S. soldiers. Private Joseph O. “Jose” Quintero struggled to create the flag in secret while held as a prisoner of war (POW) during World War II. Later, Lt. Gen. Edward... Read more »
  • A brush with history
    Consider the toothbrush—so small and yet so important for health and happiness—and how it came into our lives. The earliest examples were likely made in China during the Tang dynasty (618-907 C.E.), and they can still be seen at institutions like the Shanghai Museum. In time, thanks in large part... Read more »
  • Talking back with girl power
    Since “Girlhood: It's complicated” opened in 2020, hundreds of visitors have made “Girl Power” a part of their messages to the museum.What does “girl power” mean to you? Since its debut in American pop culture 30 years ago, girl power has remained an iconic political slogan. When you hear it,... Read more »
  • Beads of faith: Exploring the diversity of American rosaries in the museum’s collection
    Rosaries or prayer beads are an essential part of American material religion, the study of the objects, icons, images, and spaces of religious practice in the United States. Although rosaries and prayer beads are not limited to Catholicism—many religions use them in everyday practice, including the Episcopal and Orthodox churches,... Read more »
  • The Magnavox Odyssey predicted the future of video games
    In September 1972, the Magnavox Odyssey appeared in American Magnavox stores, making it the first video game console that could be played at home with your television. Sold over a period of three years in the United States, the Odyssey has been described as a success or a failure depending... Read more »
  • VideoMaking Match the Money
    Earlier this year, the museum opened its very first money gallery for children, Really BIG Money. In addition to amazing objects (many displayed in inventive ways), one of the exhibition's main attractions is an interactive game, Match the Money. Today, the game is available to play both on the museum... Read more »
  • How did a French pocket sundial end up buried in a field in Indiana?
    Sometimes, the records of unassuming objects preserve curious stories. Over the past year, while trying to find out more about a small portable sundial in the museum's collection, curator Peggy Kidwell learned from the object's paperwork that the sundial had reportedly been found in 1860, by a doctor plowing a... Read more »

History News Network


    History News Network - Front Page

  • The Roundup Top Ten for November 18, 2022
    Crypto Collapse Shows No Lessons Learned From Enron Episode by Gavin Benke The mythos embraced by both Jeff Skilling and Sam Bankman-Fried – that opaque and incomprehensible business practices signalled entrepreneurial genius – has only become more entrenched in the social media era.    Monuments to the Unthinkable by Clint... Read more »
  • VideoProfessor Adam Winkler on Limitless Political Spending
    To understand how political spending spiraled out of control—projections estimate $9.7 billion spent on ads alone during the 2022 election cycle—I spoke to Professor Adam Winkler, a professor at the UCLA School of Law. His book We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights was a finalist for the National Book Award.... Read more »
  • Projecting the Next Presidential Winner from the Midterm Results is a Fool's Bet
    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the latest politician to be anointed president-in-waiting after the midterms. A lot can change in two years.      Ronald L. Feinman is the author of Assassinations, Threats, and the American Presidency: From Andrew Jackson to Barack Obama (Rowman Littlefield Publishers, 2015). A paperback edition is... Read more »
  • "Divisive Concepts" Bans Will Undermine Teaching Some of the Values Conservatives Claim to Uphold
    From Jacob Lawrence, "Douglass Argued Against John Brown's Plan to Attack the Arsenal at Harper's Ferry" Image National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)     How to teach Black history in K-12 schools has been a contentious issue in recent years, especially because of the cultural impact of the George... Read more »
  • How Ambassador Joseph Grew Tried to Prevent the Pacific War
    Film from a Japanese aircraft just after the beginning of the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941     “Japan may go all out in a do-or-die effort, actually risking national hara-kiri,” cabled Ambassador Joseph C. Grew to the State Department on November 10, 1941, five weeks before Pearl... Read more »
  • The Wartime Service and Postwar Activism of One Latino Veteran
    Henry Romo, in Leyte Island. Photo found in the 1990s by Henry Romo, Jr. All photos accompanying this essay from Ricardo Romo collection.     On Veterans Day every November 11, we recognize the men and women who have served our country in war and in peacetime. World War II... Read more »
  • VideoDoug Mastriano's Political Mad Libs
    Doug Mastriano wears a Confederate uniform in a 2013 U.S. Army War College faculty photo     On Sept. 16, Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for governor in Pennsylvania, held a rally in Chambersburg, Penn. featuring Donald Trump, Jr. But the rally’s viral moment occurred when Lance Wallnau, a self-proclaimed evangelical... Read more »

The National Archive (UK)


    News Archives - The National Archives

  • MOD service personnel records now available (update)
    Earlier this year, we announced that the first Ministry of Defence (MOD) service personnel records were on our catalogue and available to order. We have continued to upload various series and you can now search our catalogue, Discovery, to find out which records are available. Currently, documents can be viewed... Read more »
  • Newly accredited archive services announced
    Following a recent Archive Service Accreditation Panel, the UK Archive Service Accreditation Committee is pleased to announce that the following archive services have been awarded accredited status for the first time: Nationwide Building Society Historic Archives University of Southampton Library All accredited archive services must apply again for accreditation six... Read more »
  • Treason: People, Power & Plot opens this weekend
    Our major new exhibition, Treason: People, Power & Plot, opens this weekend featuring some of the most iconic documents from key moments of intrigue, deception, treachery and defiance during the past 700 years. Opening with the original Treason Act of 1352, elements of which are still on the statute books... Read more »
  • 20sStreets local history competition now open
    Have you used the 1921 Census for England and Wales to unearth some fascinating stories from life in your area 100 years ago? Then we want to hear from you.   Following on from our 20sPeople programme marking the release of the census, The National Archives has joined forces with the... Read more »
  • Digital Project Wins International Award
    A digital preservation project run by The National Archives and the University of Warwick has won the prestigious 2022 Decision Analysis Practice Award run jointly by the Decision Analysis Society and the Society for Decision Professionals. DiAGRAM (the Digital Archiving Graphical Risk Assessment Model) is an online tool which allows... Read more »
  • British Library to work with The National Archives and Jisc to deliver Discovering Collections: Discovering Communities (DCDC) conference
    The National Archives and Jisc are delighted to welcome the British Library as a new partner in the delivery and organisation of the interdisciplinary Discovering Collections: Discovering Communities (DCDC) conference series. The series is one of the largest cross cultural sector conferences in the UK and sees archivists, librarians, heritage... Read more »
  • Prize Papers exhibition at the German Historical Institute London
    A photography exhibition exploring the materiality of the Prize Papers has recently opened at the German Historical Institute London. The exhibition presents a curated selection of images, which feature objects, papers, and document bundles that can be found within the collection. Photographs of artefacts such as playing cards, keys and... Read more »

History Extra (BBC)



    New England Historical Society

  • 24 Historic Italian Christmas Cookie Recipes on Sale Now!
    The latest New England Historical Society book about history, food and recipes is now available on Amazon. 24 Historic Italian Christmas Cookie Recipes: From Ancient Rome to the Great Migration.   But why is the New England Historical Society publishing a cookbook about Italian cookie history? Because when 4 million... Read more »
  • James Cagney: Hollywood Icon, Martha’s Vineyard Farmer, Daddy Dearest
    Hollywood icon James Cagney took a break from the demands of movie-making in 1936 and bought an antique house and 200 acres on Martha’s Vineyard. Fed up with the movies and movie stardom, he decided he wanted to try his hand at farming. The Vineyard had yet to attract celebrities... Read more »
  • Who Killed William Dean and Threw Him Into Deep Water?
    For over 100 years, people have tried to figure out who killed Dr. William Dean at his farm in Jaffrey, N.H., and dumped his body in a cistern full of deep water. There’s no shortage of possible answers to the question – and to another: Why was he killed? The... Read more »
  • New Discoveries at the Wheeler-Thoreau Shanty Site
    The continuing scientific evaluation of the Wheeler-Thoreau Shanty site has revealed some exciting new discoveries. Charles Stearns Wheeler built the shanty in 1836 near Flint’s Pond in Lincoln, Mass.  His close friend and Harvard roommate, Henry David Thoreau, spent six weeks at the shanty during the summer of 1837. His... Read more »
  • Mashie Miaskiewicz, a Salem War Hero, Comes Home
    In 1942, like thousands of men from throughout New England, a young man from a Polish neighborhood in Salem, Mass., enlisted to fight for his country during World  War II.  Mieczyslaus Miaskiewicz (pronounced Mis-kev-itch), known as Mashie, was one of those young men. Derby Street Mashie grew up on Derby... Read more »
  • The Noble Spud: 7 Fun Facts About the Potato
    The potato wasn’t always a beloved staple throughout the world, a cherished tradition mashed with gravy at Thanksgiving and fried to a crisp at McDonald’s. Potatoes weren’t served at the White House until Thomas Jefferson got elected president. The French actually made growing them illegal. And for decades, New Englanders... Read more »
  • 21 Historic Thanksgiving Foods on Sale Now!
    Helping cooks make authentic foods Wondering what to cook for Thanksgiving? Want to make something a little different, yet traditional? 21 Historic Thanksgiving Foods has dozens of ideas, from a 1615 recipe for venison to a 1955 recipe for Green Bean Casserole. This ebook includes the original recipes for the... Read more »


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