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  • What time will Resident Evil 4 release? Preload explained
    At last, the Resident Evil 4 release date is upon us. As the Capcom horror game prepares to make its return, from the suburbs of Raccoon City to the dungeons below Castle Dimitrescu, the question on everyone’s lips is ‘what time will Resident Evil 4 release?’ With details on how... Read more »
  • Counter-Strike 2 announced by Valve with playable test
    It’s here. It’s finally here. The Counter-Strike 2 release date is upon us. FPS game and Steam creator Valve has just released the first Counter-Strike 2 trailer, showcasing maps, features, and our initial glimpses of the rebranded CSGO Source 2. You can check it out below. Continue reading Counter-Strike 2... Read more »
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 release date speculation
    When is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 release date? The budget graphics card won't be the most powerful GPU in team green's current generation arsenal, but it doesn't have to be. Cards of its calibre typically prove to be the most popular among gamers, despite their comparative lack of performance,... Read more »
  • Miasma Chronicles mixes XCOM with a fresh take on tactical RPGs
    Upcoming tactical RPG game Miasma Chronicles has a lot of impressive influences. The dark, bleak aesthetic feels very XCOM. The turn-based combat is like classic Final Fantasy. Created by Bearded Ladies, of the 2018 RPG Mutant Year Zero, there’s even a slight hint of Hitman, many of the developers having... Read more »
  • Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti could share same clock speed as RTX 4070 Ti
    Looks like the RTX 4060 Ti could have something in common with the Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti, as leaked specs suggest the GPU features the same base clock speed. Custom variants will allegedly also wield a boost clock that's only 75MHz lower than its sibling, overclocked variants may actually match... Read more »
  • Counter-Strike 2 changes: map reworks, reactive smokes, and more
    There are so many Counter-Strike 2 changes to think about, we completely understand if you’ve found it difficult to keep up. While Counter-Strike 2 may look a lot like its predecessor on the surface, the Source 2 engine opens up a whole new set of mechanics that weren’t possible in CS:GO.... Read more »
  • The best Minecraft shaders 2023
    With the best Minecraft shaders, you can instantly level up the look of your Minecraft world - even without a fancy schmancy RTX graphics card. But with so many downloadable mods for the sandbox game, if you're unsure, let's start with what Minecraft shaders are. One of the best PC games of... Read more »

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