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  • Daedalus Wallet Review 2022: Top Cardano Wallet for Safe Storage
    Cardano is one of the most innovative and exciting blockchain projects in the space. Many users and investors are bullish and confident in the long-term success and adoption of the network. This is borne out by the over 2,000 Cardano projects and dapps thriving on the Cardano blockchain. Many ADA... Read more »
  • FTX Failure: A New Chance for Decentralization
    It’s been several weeks since crypto markets and its participants were shocked by the news that leading exchange FTX was billions of dollars in debt. Its insolvency and mismanagement of investor funds has created a massive backlash in the industry, and it will likely be months until the full ramifications... Read more »
  • VideoOKX Trading Bots: Put Your Crypto Trading on Autopilot with OKX Crypto Bots
    Auto trading and crypto trading bots have become very popular in the crypto space with major exchanges like KuCoin,, OKX and others offering a platform where users can take advantage of bot and auto trading. OKX has become a go-to platform for traders interested in bot trading, providing a... Read more »
  • VideoTrezor One Review 2022: The Most Trusted Wallet for SAFE Crypto Storage!
    I don’t know of many crypto users who have escaped 2022 unscathed. Whether it was the insolvency of Celsius, BlockFi, VAULD, or Voyager that burned us, the collapse of Terra Luna, or the historic and seemingly impossible implosion of FTX, yes, it has been a tough year and crypto investors... Read more »
  • VideoTrezor Model T Review 2022: The Safest Way to Store Your Crypto!
    2022 has been an abominably dismal year for crypto traders. We’ve seen four or five “once in a lifetime” events, with the market turmoil following the pandemic lockdowns, the historic Terra Luna collapse, insolvency from Celsius, 3AC, BlockFi, Voyager, and VAULD, then the horrendous FTX collapse, all which resulted in... Read more »
  • VideoThe Ultimate Guide to Stablecoins
    It’s true that Bitcoin revolutionized the financial industry and provided society with a new perspective on decentralized payments and peer-to-peer transactions. Bitcoin also gave rise to a digital store of value that was never before possible, but the need for a bridge between fiat and crypto and digital assets with... Read more »
  • VideoELLIPAL Titan Mini Review 2022: The Same Highly Secure Crypto Wallet We Love, But Mini!  
    ELLIPAL has made quite the splash in the crypto hardware wallet industry, competing with the likes of Trezor and Ledger to become one of the leaders in air-gapped crypto storage solutions. This isn’t our first experience with ELLIPAL products as we covered the original ELLIPAL Titan in another article. After a positive experience... Read more »



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