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  • VideoFollowing FTX and BlockFi Bankruptcies, Is Crypto.com Next?
    Saying that it has been a difficult year for crypto would be quite an understatement. The Terra/Luna crash, Axie Infinity hack, Celsius collapse, Three Arrows Capital fiasco, and now the FTX controversy are enough to have anyone wondering about the future of crypto. With fears of contagion starting to mount... Read more »
  • VideoIs Prison Likely for Sam Bankman-Fried?
    Who would have thought that of all people, Larry David would be right about the future of FTX? Sure, Larry might have been wrong about doubting the wheel, forks, toilets, coffee, democracy, the lightbulb, dishwashers, and iPods but we all should have been listening to his doubts on FTX. Not... Read more »
  • Don’t Overlook the Future in SMB Underwriting
    SMB underwriting isn’t the most exciting subject in the world, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll quickly realize how important it is. Simply put, lending capital is the bedrock of modern economies, but it’s becoming harder for businesses to attain. In my opinion, it’s an area that’s been overlooked... Read more »
  • Ethereum Merge Brings 3 Major Improvements Benefiting Individual Investors and the Environment
    All eyes are on cryptocurrency lately, with many concerned about the future. But one significant recent change means some positive advancements. In September, Ethereum completed a major software update called The Merge. The Ethereum merge set Ethereum on track to become the fabric of the full global economy with substantial growth opportunities in investments... Read more »
  • Jared Broad, CEO and Founder of QuantConnect, Explains Automated Investing Based on Data
    Jared Broad founded QuantConnect in 2011 and serves as the CEO of the algorithmic trading platform. QuantConnect empowers engineers, data-scientists and quants with an ecosystem of tools to design and trade quantitative trading strategies. The platform serves financial data, and clients write python or C# strategies to find alpha and... Read more »
  • 8 Ways to Manage Your Cash That Most People Don’t Know About
    If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think about cash management very often. After all, what is there to manage? You just have your income coming in and your expenses going out, right? Wrong. There’s a lot more to cash management than that. In fact, proper cash management can... Read more »
  • Following PR Crisis, PayPal Again Updates TOS Hoping You Won’t Notice
    As far as PR crises go, PayPal has gotten itself into quite the predicament. On October 8th, the company updated its terms of service agreement to include a clause enabling it to withdraw $2,500 from users’ bank accounts simply for posting anything the company deems as misinformation or offensive. Unsurprisingly,... Read more »

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  • OGRA jacks up CNG prices in Punjab, Sindh
    LAHORE: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has jacked up prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in Punjab and Sindh, ARY News reported, citing well-informed sources. The prices have been increased as the value of rupee has devalued against the US dollar. After the recent hike, the rate of... Read more »
  • Govt committed to build strategic reserves of essential commodities: Tarin
    ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Shaukat Tarin has presided over the meeting of the National Price Monitoring Committee (NPMC) held at the Finance Division, ARY News reported on Monday. Secretary Finance briefed the meeting about the slight uptick in weekly SPI, which increased by 0.03 per cent during... Read more »
  • VideoPromotion of construction sector to boost economic activities: PM
    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday the PTI government was bringing a revolution in the construction sector. Addressing the closing ceremony of three-day Interior, Construction, Electrical and Electronics Expo in Islamabad, the premier said the promotion of the construction sector would boost economic activities and wealth creation in... Read more »
  • Smart buildings: Cohesion CEO on the office of the future
    NEW YORK: Before COVID-19, Thru Shivakumar, co-founder and CEO of Cohesion, was already working on apps to convert office buildings into smart spaces, powered by technology that enables interaction with tenants through phones and computers. Since the pandemic began, however, she is learning that the smart buildings of the future... Read more »
  • Exports grow 17.3% to $2.35bn in July
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s exports grew by 17.3 per cent to $2.35 billion in the first month of the fiscal year 2021-22 i.e. July as compared to last year’s same period. This was stated by Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood. He tweeted: “During the first... Read more »
  • US dollar crosses Rs163 mark in interbank
    KARACHI: The rise of the United States (US) dollar in the interbank against the Pakistani rupee continued on Monday as it crossed the Rs163 mark, ARY NEWS reported. According to details, the US dollar was traded at Rs163.05 in the interbank after witnessing an increase of Rs0.62 on the first... Read more »
  • Pfizer and Moderna raise prices for COVID-19 vaccines in EU
    Pfizer Inc and Moderna Inc have raised the prices of their COVID-19 vaccines in their latest European Union supply contracts, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. The new price for the Pfizer shot was 19.50 euros ($23.15)against 15.50 euros previously, the newspaper said, citing portions of the contracts seen. The... Read more »

    IOL - Business Report

  • Make up for lack of work experience by volunteering today
    Looking for a job is hard, there are so many requirements, including having work experience. But what if you have never worked?One solution to this is doing some volunteering. This type of work is a great way to gain essential workplace skills.The concept of unity through volunteering is being celebrated... Read more »
  • Tips on how to start a conversation about life covers with loved ones
    Starting a conversation about loved ones can be daunting and difficult to bring up with your family and loved ones. Abulela Gazi, Executive Head of Client and Business Solutions from Metropolitan shares some tips on starting the conversation about life cover with your loved ones.Break the iceLike any other conversation,... Read more »
  • How Chinese universities contribute to rural vitalization strategy
    Chinese colleges and universities, including those under the administration of the Ministry of Education (MOE), have made great efforts in assisting poverty alleviation and achieved fruitful results in advancing rural vitalization, a major task in realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.In 2012, 44 universities under the administration of... Read more »
  • IOL MONEY: The holiday edition
    It’s the end of the year and time to chill and enjoy festive times with family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy while relaxing after a hard year’s labour to let your guard down regarding your personal safety, finances and property. You may splurge more than you budgeted for... Read more »
  • How you can become an English teacher in Asia
    Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) in Asia has become popular in the country over the last few years. This adventurous and unique career path can allow you to steep yourself in a completely different culture while honing your skills as an English teacher.Former presenter and TV producer Merica... Read more »
  • Twitter files: Elon Musk reveals the bad part of Twitter
    The richest man in the world has delivered on his promise to enable free speech on Twitter.Elon Musk unleashed a bombshell over the weekend with the release of the Twitter files.Essentially, the files are communications within Twitter (before Elon’s time) that show how the social media platform influenced the US... Read more »
  • Elon Musk says Apple is 'fully' advertising on Twitter again
    Elon Musk said Apple has "fully resumed" advertising on Twitter Inc., further de-escalating a brewing war between two of the world's most influential tech companies.Musk made the comments during a Twitter Spaces conversation on Saturday, adding that Apple is the largest advertiser on the social media network. The billionaire, who... Read more »

    Money Under 30

  • 9 Legit Apps to Make Easy Money
    The post 9 Legit Apps to Make Easy Money appeared first on Money Under 30.... Read more »
  • 7 Must-Try Side Hustles in 2023
    The post 7 Must-Try Side Hustles in 2023 appeared first on Money Under 30.... Read more »
  • 7 Must-Try Side Hustles in 2023
    The post 7 Must-Try Side Hustles in 2023 appeared first on Money Under 30.... Read more »
  • Where should I store my short-term savings?
    The best place for short-term savings---money you may need in the next two years or less---is an account that's safe, liquid and (hopefully) interest-bearing. Here are some options.The best place for short-term savings is an account that's safe, liquid, and interest-bearing. Here's a rundown of the top-rated accounts. The post... Read more »
  • How much should I tip?
    A miserly reader asks: "Do I even need to tip 10 percent to someone who isn't actually taking my order, saying hello, and all of the other stuff waiters do?" How much you should tip depends on the service you’re receiving. In general, 10% to 20% will have you covered... Read more »
  • Best portfolio tracker apps
    If you want to track your investments’ value, you have several apps to choose from. Find out which option best fits your needs.If you want to track your investments’ value, you have several apps to choose from. Find out which option best fits your needs. The post Best portfolio tracker... Read more »
  • 40+ Christmas gifts under $50 and ideas for every budget
    The holiday season has finally arrived! Are you looking for some gift ideas? We've got you covered, whether your budget is $5 or $500. More than 40 holiday gift ideas for every budget, ranging in price from less than $10 up to $50. Finish your shopping list today. The post... Read more »

    Unusual Investments

  • How Much Money do Drive-Through Coffee Franchises Make?
    America’s appetite for coffee is huge. And while it seems like Starbucks is everywhere, there are still an enormous number of competitors out there. The fact that Starbucks sometimes builds locations practically on top of each other is testament that they can’t count on people to go out of their... Read more »
  • An Unbiased Review of Nomad’s Guaranteed Rent Offer
      If you own a residential rental property, you have surely contemplated what will happen if your tenant does not pay rent. You will have to remind the tenant that the rent is due, they will come up with excuses, and at some point if the rent is still unpaid,... Read more »
  • If You Received PPP, You Should Check to See if You are Eligible for ERC
      Even though the PPP program ended in 2021, there is still a way for business owners to receive money if there business was negatively affected by the pandemic. It’s called called ERC, and even if you received PPP money in 2020 or 2021, you should check to see if... Read more »
  • VideoHow Much Money do Trash Bin Cleaning Companies Make?
      Most people don’t even know that trash bin cleaning companies exist.  However, this won’t be the case for long as these companies are growing quickly and becoming much more popular with consumers. People aren’t necessarily looking to add a new monthly bill to their list of things to pay... Read more »
  • Should I Invest in an Allstate Insurance Agency? [2022]
      We’ve previously covered the small business opportunity to purchase or start an Allstate insurance agency.  Unlike other national brands such as McDonald’s, UPS Store, Ace Hardware, 7-Eleven, etc., you don’t actually have to pay a franchise fee.  You just need to be approved, show adequate amounts of liquid reserves... Read more »
  • Insiders Guide to Earning a Golf Scholarship
      Many parents put off saving money for their child’s college education, and instead “invest” their money in their child’s development as an athlete in an Olympic sport like golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, or volleyball in the hopes of earning a scholarship. While this article is catered toward the wannabe... Read more »
  • Do Luxury Watches Make Good Investments?
    Luxury watches are designed to be worn, collected, and enjoyed. However, while they were originally created as functional items, high-end timepieces also have the ability to appreciate over time and thus serve as investments. We live in a world where the term “investment” can describe anything from traditional assets like... Read more »


  • Ageing population and weaker post-Brexit migration has damaged UK economy, economists claim
    An ageing population, weaker migration inflows since Brexit and a rise in long term sickness since Covid-19 has damaged the UK economy’s long-term health, top City economists have warned. A steadily rising elderly population has resulted in a jump in Brits leaving the jobs market to take retirement or due... Read more »
  • You Should Lay The Groundwork For Your 2023 Pay Rise Now
    There is no doubt it has been a tough year for many people. Inflation has skyrocketed, prices have risen across the board, with energy costs coming under particular scrutiny. Confirming the pressure many feel is the Bank of England’s just-released biannual household survey. The bank indicates that prices for consumers... Read more »
  • England win in Pakistan one of their greatest ever Test victories
    Pakistan legend Waqar Younis said he’d never seen a crowd like it on the fifth day of a match in Rawalpindi, and they flocked to the cricket stadium not too far from Islamabad yesterday for the crescendo of one of the great Tests in recent times – and arguably England’s... Read more »
  • Inside Yellowstone National Park as it celebrates 150th birthday
    As Yellowstone turns 150, Lynn Houghton finds a National Park that’s future proofing with the much-needed help of its tribal people I ’m sitting on a vast rock and casting my gaze over 15 kilometres of smoking volcanic landscape at the entrance to the Norris Geyser Basin at the Yellowstone... Read more »
  • Seven Extinction Rebellion campaigners convicted of criminal damage at Barclays HQ
    Seven female Extinction Rebellion activists have been found guilty of causing criminal damage against Barclays Bank. The defendants aged between 28 and 64 were charged with £100,000 worth of criminal damage at Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf last year. They will be sentenced in late January next year and could... Read more »
  • Glencore to pay £147m over Democratic Republic of Congo corruption claims
    Glencore has agreed to pay $180m (£147m) to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to settle “all present and future” lawsuits arising from the large-scale international bribery scandal currently facing the firm.   In a statement, Glencore said the $180m deal acts to settle any existing or future claims relating... Read more »
  • Foxconn faces revenue slump after iPhone factory fallout
    Revenues slumped for Foxconn as the iPhone manufacturing partner feels the sting on ongoing unrest over Covid restrictions and pay. The company reported NT$551bn (£14.7bn) in revenue last month, tumbling 29 per cent from October, and 11 per cent on the year before. November is usually a prosperous period for... Read more »

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