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  • The Tezos (XTZ) Presale Raised A Record $232 Million – Will Seesaw Protocol (SSW) Be Next?
    There is a well-worn cliché in investment circles: “time in the market beats timing the market.” It is nigh-on impossible to gauge the best time to buy a cryptocurrency, given the volatility and unpredictability of the market. The more time spent holding an asset, the more likely it is for... Read more »
  • What Cryptocurrencies Are Primed to Explode in Value? Polygon (MATIC), Fantom (FTM), and Seesaw Protocol (SSW)
    It is the question on everyone’s lips in the world of cryptocurrency: which coins are primed to explode? After historic gains across the board in 2021, crypto truly broke into the mainstream. Adoptions rates have never been higher, increasing by around 880% from July 2020 to June 2021, and there... Read more »
  • The Boom of the NFT Art Scene
    Art has long been thought of as a physical object, such as a painting, drawing, or sculpture. However, the rise of technology changed that, transitioning the world of art into one that occurs both offline and online. In fact, numerous works of art exist nowhere else but in the digital... Read more »
  • How Inflation Can Impact Your Startup
    In 2021, the US Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 7%. That means that the basket of goods considered typical of a US consumer, including food, healthcare, and transportation, is more expensive today than it was a year ago. Compared to last year, food prices have risen 8.3%, healthcare costs 6% more, and... Read more »
  • Upcoming IPOs You Need to Know About In 2022
    Although stock in a company is available to people while it is private, the process of going public and offering the same chance to public investors is a large leap for any company. In fact, the initial public offering (IPO) can be vital for private investors to get the most... Read more »
  • This 10-Year-Old Girl With a Business Is Close to Retiring as a Millionaire
    Published by PopCrush It’s hard to fathom that a child in elementary school could be set to retire as a millionaire by the time she turns 15. At just 10 years old, Pixie Curtis is the owner of Pixie’s Pix, as well as two sub-businesses called Pixie’s Bows, which specializes... Read more »
  • How to Get Money Off Cash App Without a Bank Account
    Published by Due Businesses adapt to the fast-paced environment as technology continues to evolve. Keeping an eye on transactions remains an integral aspect of growth and capacity. Today, cashless payments provide more convenience, transparency, and efficiency. Everyone is turning to virtual cards and e-payment apps from debit and credit cards.... Read more »

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  • OGRA jacks up CNG prices in Punjab, Sindh
    LAHORE: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has jacked up prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in Punjab and Sindh, ARY News reported, citing well-informed sources. The prices have been increased as the value of rupee has devalued against the US dollar. After the recent hike, the rate of... Read more »
  • Govt committed to build strategic reserves of essential commodities: Tarin
    ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Shaukat Tarin has presided over the meeting of the National Price Monitoring Committee (NPMC) held at the Finance Division, ARY News reported on Monday. Secretary Finance briefed the meeting about the slight uptick in weekly SPI, which increased by 0.03 per cent during... Read more »
  • VideoPromotion of construction sector to boost economic activities: PM
    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday the PTI government was bringing a revolution in the construction sector. Addressing the closing ceremony of three-day Interior, Construction, Electrical and Electronics Expo in Islamabad, the premier said the promotion of the construction sector would boost economic activities and wealth creation in... Read more »
  • Smart buildings: Cohesion CEO on the office of the future
    NEW YORK: Before COVID-19, Thru Shivakumar, co-founder and CEO of Cohesion, was already working on apps to convert office buildings into smart spaces, powered by technology that enables interaction with tenants through phones and computers. Since the pandemic began, however, she is learning that the smart buildings of the future... Read more »
  • Exports grow 17.3% to $2.35bn in July
    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s exports grew by 17.3 per cent to $2.35 billion in the first month of the fiscal year 2021-22 i.e. July as compared to last year’s same period. This was stated by Adviser to the Prime Minister on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood. He tweeted: “During the first... Read more »
  • US dollar crosses Rs163 mark in interbank
    KARACHI: The rise of the United States (US) dollar in the interbank against the Pakistani rupee continued on Monday as it crossed the Rs163 mark, ARY NEWS reported. According to details, the US dollar was traded at Rs163.05 in the interbank after witnessing an increase of Rs0.62 on the first... Read more »
  • Pfizer and Moderna raise prices for COVID-19 vaccines in EU
    Pfizer Inc and Moderna Inc have raised the prices of their COVID-19 vaccines in their latest European Union supply contracts, the Financial Times reported on Sunday. The new price for the Pfizer shot was 19.50 euros ($23.15)against 15.50 euros previously, the newspaper said, citing portions of the contracts seen. The... Read more »
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  • Composite leading business cycle indicator climbs to three-month high on the easing of lockdown restrictions
    BUSINESS activity in South Africa ticked up in November as the composite leading business cycle indicator climbed to a three-month high on further easing of lockdown restrictions.The SA Reserve Bank (SARB) yesterday said that the composite leading business cycle indicator increased by 0.6 percent in November 2021, accelerating from a... Read more »
  • Share price of cement company PPC falls on large share purchases and sales
    CEMENTITIOUS product group PPC’s share price has plummeted more than 20 percent over a week after the group announced related party and institutional shareholder changes.The share price was down 2.15 percent to R4.56 yesterday afternoon, this after the share price fell steadily from R5.60 at last Wednesday’s close.The group, which... Read more »
  • Sasol's interim revenue is higher on crude oil prices and the increase in demand
    SASOL said yesterday that things were looking up for the petrochemicals giant as it posted a 31 percent rise in revenue in the six months to December 30 on higher crude oil prices and increased demand following the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions globally.The group generated revenue of $4.86 billion... Read more »
  • Mantashe says nuclear power is needed to combat energy poverty
    MINERAL Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe yesterday reiterated his support of nuclear as part of the green transition while urging South Africa to follow in the footsteps of Europe and see the energy as part of the green transition since it doesn’t emit carbon.Speaking at the North West provincial... Read more »
  • Bitcoin's price tumble tests resilience of crypto miners
    Bitcoin miners are facing a crucial test in the wake of the token's 50% plunge from an all-time high.While many mining operations made a handsome profit during Bitcoin's runup last year, the recent decline could punish those with less efficient operations.Mining -- which uses powerful computers, or servers, to solve... Read more »
  • MTN has been recognised as the best network in the country
    Mobile telecommunications company MTN has been recognised as the best network in the country on a basis of the reports Network Performance Score findings by telecommunications specialist Rohde & Schwarz SwissQual AG.The company’s chief executive Hanspeter Bobst congratulated MTN South Africa for ranking first with a score of 763 out... Read more »
  • Google deceived consumers about how it profits from their location data, US attorneys general allege in lawsuits
    Attorneys general from D.C. and three states sued Google on Monday, arguing that the search giant deceived consumers to gain access to their location data.The lawsuits, filed in the District of Columbia, Texas, Washington and Indiana, allege the company made misleading promises about its users' ability to protect their privacy... Read more »

    Money Under 30

  • 14 TikTok Finance Influencers You NEED To Follow Right Now
    TikTok is filled with helpful financial advice, from budgeting to investing to getting the best deals, these financial experts can help make managing your money fun. Finally!TikTok is filled with helpful financial advice, from budgeting to investing to getting the best deals, these financial experts can help make managing your... Read more »
  • 6 Tips For A Successful No-Spend Challenge
    Up for a little no-spend challenge? Make sure you have a plan, set some rules for yourself, and get your friends and family involved. This can help ensure your success!Up for a little no-spend challenge? Make sure you have a plan, set some rules for yourself, and get your friends... Read more »
  • How To Use A Credit Card To Make Money And Earn Extra Cash
    According to some financial professionals, those who use credit cards will never get rich. We want to prove them wrong. We'll let you be the judge.Modern credit cards are so rewarding that it’s often hard to keep track of all the ways to earn cash back. But if you can... Read more »
  • Piggyback Loans: How They Work And When To Get One
    Can’t afford to plunk down 20% on an investment property? A piggyback loan bridges the gap between what you can afford to pay towards a downpayment and what you need to pay.Can’t afford to plunk down 20% on an investment property? A piggyback loan bridges the gap between what you... Read more »
  • How To Create And Sell NFTs – The New Way To Sell Your Art
       NFTs are a way for artists to sell “original” versions of digital creations without giving up the license. They definitely have their pros and cons, though.NFTs are a way for artists to sell “original” versions of digital creations without giving up the license. They definitely have their pros and... Read more »
  • 8 Strategies To Level-Up Your Etsy Shop, According To Top Sellers
    With millions of customers worldwide, Etsy is one of the best places to sell your products online. Using Etsy analytics to optimize your listings, selecting the right images for your products, and becoming SEO-savvy are some of the things successful sellers recommend to beat the competition.With millions of customers worldwide,... Read more »
  • How Much Can I Save By Going To Community College?
    With tuition rising and the value of “name brand” degrees coming into question, more students are opting for community college. They're cheaper and often offer a better path to employment.With tuition rising and the value of “name brand” degrees coming into question, more students are opting for community college. They're... Read more »

    Unusual Investments

  • How To Make Money Online: A Complete Guide
    Introduction Money makes the world go around, or at least that’s what they say. At the very minimum, money is needed for survival, plus getting to do all of the fun things that make life worth living. Of course, one thing is for sure – it never seems like we... Read more »
  • What is the Best Investment During Hyperinflation?
                After years of very little inflation, high inflation reared its ugly head in the U.S. starting in mid-2021. Instead of around 2% annual inflation, suddenly the U.S. was being hit with 5-6% annualized inflation, with some items going up much more than that. It... Read more »
  • How Many Garage Sales Are You Allowed to Have?
    You may have come across a house in your area that seems to always have a garage sale.  There are homes that have a garage sale seemingly every month or even every weekend. There are also homes that because of a unique location, such as being at the corner of... Read more »
  • Get Paid by Market Force to Eat Fast Food
                  Market Force Information LLC is a company that pays you to eat at a restaurant, shop at a retail store, or visit a recreational business like mini-golf (all of these are called “shops”).  They are what people call a provider of “mystery shoppers”... Read more »
  • Making Money with Slingshot Rentals – Interview with Akeem Reed
                We interviewed Akeem Reed, the owner of USA Slingshot Rental in Atlanta, Georgia.  He’ll tell us how he started with Slingshot rentals, what his business looks like now and where it is headed.  One of the interesting things about Akeem is that he actually... Read more »
  • 23 Types of REITs You Can Invest In
    What are REITs? REITs are Real Estate Investment Trusts.  They are corporations that either own or finance real estate. When a company is formed as a REIT, the entity’s earnings are not taxed, as long as it issues dividends to shareholders equaling at least 90% of its income that would... Read more »
  • The Amount of Money Offshore Accident Lawyers Pay for Clicks is Mind-Boggling
    What are Offshore Accident Lawyers? Offshore accident lawyers are personal injury lawyers that specialize in injuries suffered while someone is at sea.  Many of the people that use offshore accident lawyers are oil and gas workers that work on offshore oil rigs (or their widows or surviving family members in... Read more »
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