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  • What is CRM and what types of CRM are there?
    What is CRM? And what types of CRM are there? An overview of what Customer Relationship Management actually is about and what it offers you. The post What is CRM and what types of CRM are there? appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • Account Based Marketing: a new interpretation of the AIDA
    Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a relatively new B2B marketing and sales technique that supports the buyer journey in a targeted way. The post Account Based Marketing: a new interpretation of the AIDA appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • Collecting customer data in 4 steps
    Collecting customer data and Account Based Marketing go hand in hand. In 4 steps it becomes clear how the process works. The post Collecting customer data in 4 steps appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • CRM for SME
    CRM is not only suitable for large companies but also for small businesses, CRM for SME, as it is about relationship management and customer focus. The post CRM for SME appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • ERP is not CRM
    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a useful system, but it's not CRM. Companies do need a CRM system along side. The post ERP is not CRM appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • Shape customer intimacy
    Internal communication is part of customer intimacy. With the use of CRM, you create structure and give employees autonomy. The post Shape customer intimacy appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • Collaborate online in sales
    Online sales and account management need not be an obstacle for organizations. In fact, with a good CRM system, it's powerful. The post Collaborate online in sales appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »

    The CRM Consultant

  • VideoThe Benefits of CRM – Contact Management (The Video)
    First in a number of videos I will be doing around the benefits of CRM technology. Thought I would go back to CRM’s routes and talk about the benefits of contact management. ShareThis... Read more »
  • VideoThe real reasons CRM projects fail
    Much has been written and said over the years about CRM project failures and their causes, but a lot of it has been by marketing folks and journalists rather than those on the front line. So in this video I wanted to set out what failure really looks like and... Read more »
  • VideoHow long does a CRM project take?
    I was conscious that in last week’s ‘layperson’s guide to a CRM project’ video, where I broke a project down into the different stages, that I didn’t really cover off associated timelines. Something I’ve addressed in the following video, in the context of a mid-sized CRM implementation: ShareThis... Read more »
  • VideoA Layperson’s guide to a CRM project
    In this video I wanted to set out the principle stages of a CRM project. It’s aimed at people new to managing a CRM project, and tries to identify some of the things to look out for as you progress. ShareThis... Read more »
  • VideoHow to speed up a CRM project
    People are often surprised how long a CRM project can take. In this video I go through ten ways to speed up the delivery of a system. ShareThis... Read more »
  • VideoNine Ways To Reduce The Cost Of A CRM System
    As promised in last week’s post, which outlined the costs involved in running a CRM project, this video sets out ways to reduce them. ShareThis... Read more »
  • VideoHow much is a CRM system?
    In this video I walk through the different types of costs that are involved in a CRM project. These include software and implementation costs, project team time, the impact of go-live on users, system support, and the ongoing development and management of the system. ShareThis... Read more »

    Bob Thompson – CustomerThink

  • Secrets of Customer-Centric Success — Interview with Jeff Puritt, CEO of TELUS International
    Everyone says they want to be customer-centric and deliver a great customer experience. But most companies struggle, despite collecting customer feedback and investing in the latest technologies. The key to turning CX dreams into a real competitive advantage is leadership! Sign up for my new livestream interview show — Hooked... Read more »
  • “State of Service” Report: Pandemic Driving Customers to Digital Channels and Automation
    Salesforce.com just released its latest “State of Service” report with insights into how 7,000+ service professionals are adapting during the pandemic. I’d like to highlight a few key findings with the help of customer service thought leaders. Let’s start with the critical role of customer service in customer loyalty. A... Read more »
  • CX ROI: Making the Case to Improve the Buying Experience
    Sure, marketing and sales leaders want satisfied customers. But they won’t fund a CX initiative if that’s the main benefit. CX pros must show they are a valued contributor to the “revenue team.”... Read more »
  • Is Customer Experience the Key to B2B Differentiation? Yes, the SERVICE Experience
    For years we’ve seen many surveys finding that Customer Experience (CX) is a top priority and the key to differentiation. To the point that it’s become a mantra, accepted without question. Unfortunately, “CX” is used so broadly that it’s not clear whether it means customer service, the end-to-end customer journey,... Read more »
  • CX ROI: How to Justify Improving the Customer Service Experience
    To gain funding to improve the service experience, CX pros must support the KPIs of the customer service department. Improving customer satisfaction is not enough. At first blush, it should be a no-brainer to justify a Customer Experience (CX) program to improve the service experience. Customer Service (CS) is often... Read more »
  • How to Sustain Relationships with Customers and Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis
    On April 23, 2020, CustomerThink’s Advisors came together to support a webinar with tips on how to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. In this post I share my opening comments and highlight some of the content shared by the speakers. I encourage everyone to view the full recording here. Be... Read more »
  • 7 Global CX Experts Reveal How to Prove the Business Value of Customer Experience
    For the past three years (starting with this article) I’ve been banging the drum about a worrisome problem. Namely, less than one in four CX initiatives can demonstrate business impact in the form of tangible benefits. My argument in a nutshell: During a downturn, CX programs that can’t justify their... Read more »

    crm chart guy

  • “Support” for the Unified Interface in the Advanced Chart Editor for the XrmToolBox
      As a lot of people have noticed, chart customizations in the Unified Interface in Model-Driven Power Apps, or Dynamics 365 does not behave the way they used to in the classic interface. This is because the Unified Interface only supports a subset of the chart customization options that were... Read more »
  • Create Record Links From Power BI to Unified Interface and Dynamics 365
    A great dashboard in Dynamics 365, or Model-Driven App will not only show you the relevant data and insights, it will also make it easy to get to the relevant records so you can take action. Drill-downs and clicking on records to navigate to them has been the standard user... Read more »
  • Use Icons from Power Apps Unified Interface in Power BI
    As Power BI is used increasingly within Dynamics 365 or Model-Driven apps, attention to detail in the user experience is increasingly important. Users should be able to seamlessly navigate between the two technologies, and the visual cues should match between them for a coherent user experience. Visual cues for example,... Read more »
  • DirectQuery CDS from Power BI
    Last year I wrote a lengthy blog post comparing the three main methods of getting Dynamics 365, or Common Data Service data into Power BI for analysis. Now, at the most recent Microsoft Business Applications Summit, a new method was announced that I was finally able to try out. The... Read more »
  • VideoCompare This Year to Last Year – Unified Interface edition
    Some years ago, I wrote a blog post about how to create a chart that compared monthly sales, to the same month in the previous year. The approach required quite a bit of XML editing and the chart was limited to only comparing this and last year. No data from... Read more »
  • Comparing the three main ways to get Dynamics 365 data into Power BI
    There are a few different ways to get your Dynamics 365 data into Power BI. Now that the Common Data Service connector has come out of preview and is generally available, I figured it would be a good time to have a look at the different methods and how they... Read more »
  • Power Query (M) Builder for the XrmToolBox (April 2019 update and fixes)
    It has been a little while since the last update, but Mohamed Rasheed and I just added some bug fixes and improvements to the Power Query (M) Builder for the XrmToolBox. If you are new to the Power Query (M) Builder and how it can accelerate Power BI report development... Read more »

    so much to say…

  • [reader] The future of personalization–and how to get ready for it | McKinsey
    The future of personalization–and how to get ready for it | McKinsey The future of personalization–and how to get ready for it | McKinsey two very interesting concepts in this short read from McK. analytics translators – talks to the issue of data literacy, or rather the lack of it.... Read more »
  • [reader] Executive views on business in 2022: PwC
    Executive views on business in 2022: PwC Executive views on business in 2022: PwC the most interesting part of this is that talent acquisition and retention is in, supply chain, inflation taming, and agility are in. is this the year employee experience is really going to be in the driver... Read more »
  • why bother with modern-day CX?
    continuing with the modern-day CX project, it is time for the question that’s in everybody’s (who cares about doing CX right) mind: why do i care? why should i change what i am doing with CX? why modern-day versus — say, golden days CX? i would like to say good... Read more »
  • [reader] New Study Shows Major Disconnect Between Companies And Customers – Bodine & Co.
    New Study Shows Major Disconnect Between Companies And Customers – Bodine & Co. New Study Shows Major Disconnect Between Companies And Customers – Bodine & Co. if you are old and “weathered” in this industry you probably came across the (very) old study from Bain & Co that said that... Read more »
  • [reader] Changing Consumer Motivations & Expectations | Accenture
    Changing Consumer Motivations & Expectations | Accenture Changing Consumer Motivations & Expectations | Accenture let’s say that you can ignore the biased approach to surveying customers here and ignore the results that are not as dramatic as they imply in their early assertions (i know, market research and survey is... Read more »
  • what is modern day cx?
    that’s a great question, no? it requires some context before it can be answered… and that context involves Michel Foucalt, Tom Siebel, and Ed Thompson. intrigued? stay with me on this one… in the early 1990s Tom Siebel started a company that gave birth to what later became CRM. this... Read more »
  • Video[reader] The Cost of Missing Something | Tricia Wang
    this is an “oldie” but still a fantastic watch. Tricia has an incredible background, and this talk on “thick data” is truly still ahead of its time – don’t miss it. yes, will post more of these short posts going forward so you can keep track of what i read... Read more »

    CRM Software Blog | Dynamics 365

  • How to Set Up an Integration with Dynamics 365 Using OAuth
    For years, Online Federation (WS-Trust) was the standard authentication method to gain access to Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM, CDS, CE, and Dataverse. With rising security concerns, and with a more modern and safer alternative found in OAuth, Microsoft deprecated Online Federation, setting a timeline for phasing it out. As of... Read more »
  • Democratization of Data vs. Democratization of Technology - Why Does It Matter To You?
    The perspective from which businesses implement technology is an ever-changing process. In a blog just earlier this year, The Role of IT in 2022: Embrace Democratization of Technology, we went over this evolution, and what it actually means for the “boots on the ground” in your IT department. Today, we... Read more »
  • What You Need to Know About the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Module
    How the Sales Module Can Improve Your Sales Numbers Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest version of its business applications. The customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities in Dynamics 365 consist of Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service, and Project Operations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales was created when Microsoft moved its apps... Read more »
  • All you need is 1 Click to – Clone records, Undo changes & Export data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM
    Let’s face it – Repetitive data entry, exporting data, retrieving data, rectifying mistakes, etc. are some of the mundane and tedious tasks one has to do regularly while handling customer relationships in Dynamics 365 CRM. A better part of the productive work time is spent on these time-consuming tasks by... Read more »
  • Top 7 Reasons to choose CPQ for Dynamics 365 for Sales
      Dynamics 365 Sales is a world-renowned CRM platform from Microsoft, giving sales teams in the same office – or distributed across the globe – the tools they need to connect with customers and to be more effective at driving revenue. On the other hand, when it’s time to draft... Read more »
  • Want A Quality CRM For Your Small Business? Start with a Process Flow Diagram First.
    When it comes to choosing an affordable CRM for small businesses, we suggest the first thing you do is go with the flow (a process flow diagram, to be exact)! Regardless of the size of your organization, be it a “mom and pop” store whose employee database consists entirely of... Read more »
  • How to ensure 3rd-party integrations run well
      With the increasing demand for new technology and the growing needs of businesses, most organizations cannot avoid some kind of integration with a 3rd party application.  For our Dynamics 365 clients, we've built numerous integrations for organizations. These integrations have ranged from data based to functional based.  However, integrating... Read more »

    Lynn Hunsaker – CustomerThink

  • How to Cross-Pollinate Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and Partner Experience Growth
    Customer experience, employee experience, and partner experience have much more in common than otherwise. This is why cross-pollination opportunities abound. These 3 stakeholder groups are the engine your organization relies upon for growth. Customers provide funds for salaries, budgets, and investors; employees provide what customers need; and partners deliver what... Read more »
  • Customer Experience Leaders Can Learn from Baseball
    Baseball and other team sports are more than relaxing, entertaining social experiences. In fact, they’re great metaphors for business success. Wins mean stronger relationships with fans, whose enthusiasm generates sponsorships and sales of tickets and memorabilia, etc. The same is true in business: “CX wins” mean stronger relationships with customers... Read more »
  • How to Motivate Executive Buy-in for CX, EX, and PX
    The absence of leadership buy-in is a major hurdle to the success of experience management teams. In a small poll last week, more than half of the respondents said the absence of leadership buy-in is the greatest cause of failed customer experience (CX) programs. I believe employee experience (EX) and... Read more »
  • How Trust is the Basis for Value from Customer and Employee Experience
    Trust is the basis of any valuable relationship with friends and family, employees and employers, customers and suppliers, and among partners. You entrust these parties to enrich your life, business, and growth. They entrust you to do the same. Trust is reciprocal. In particular, businesses rely on (a) customers to... Read more »
  • Customer Experience Growth Mindset for B2B Executives
    B2B CEOs, boards, investors and senior leadership teams typically squander tremendous earnings and growth opportunities by putting the cart before the horse in their views of customer experience-driven growth. This may be more prevalent among newer companies, but it’s generally universal. Your mindset about customer management overrides your values and... Read more »
  • How B2B Voice of the Customer Maturity Drives Growth
    B2B voice of customer maturity is not about scores, real-time feedback, response rates, listening posts, benchmarks, or comparisons to B2C trends. So, what does it mean? Let’s look at a sports analogy for enlightenment. When you’re mature in a sport, it means increased motor skills, strength, power, and in many... Read more »
  • Four Steps to Accelerate B2B CXM Maturity and Propel Stronger Growth
    B2B customer experience governance can generate stronger growth when it’s tied-in to the way that B2B ecosystems work. B2B firms often have dedicated sales teams who pursue strong relationships with customers. They may have already discovered customers’ intended outcomes as part of their outcomes-based selling and consultative selling approaches. You... Read more »

    CRM Buyer

  • A Study of Selling
    Some businesses are returning to the office and others continue working from anywhere or adopting hybrid strategies. All can benefit from the advantages of intelligent systems, and all of this is pointing to a paradigm shift once again led by CRM. The post A Study of Selling appeared first on... Read more »
  • An All-Encompassing Approach to Cloud-Based Retail CRM
    Delivering a great user experience is the key to building positive customer relationships. However, to achieve this, retailers must not be restricted to relying exclusively on CRM tools. Instead, they should be able leverage the data gathered by the CRM to seamlessly adjust operations across the wider management ecosystem. The... Read more »
  • CloudShare, HubSpot Integration Offers Clearer Vision of Product Engagement
    B2B software marketers need visibility into how customers and prospects interact with their products so they can improve product experiences. This integration enhances the streamlining of operations, improves marketing opportunities, and reduces the risk of customer churn. The post CloudShare, HubSpot Integration Offers Clearer Vision of Product Engagement appeared first... Read more »
  • The CRM Quiz
    Software systems come and go. When is it time to re-evaluate your commitments in CRM and how do you know for sure? This simple quiz is based on my own market research for clients which I share with you to stimulate your thinking. The post The CRM Quiz appeared first... Read more »
  • Service Is More Than a Selling Opportunity
    Sales and service are tightly related for the simple reason that they center on the newness of a category or product type and thus neophyte customers. When a product or its category are new it takes great effort to explain how something works and demonstrate the benefits. The post Service... Read more »
  • Have We Forgotten How To Sell?
    Some of the technology that drives modern selling is really helpful, but too much seems aimed at scratching the itch of lead generation with no thought to what one does to process a lead. The post Have We Forgotten How To Sell? appeared first on CRM Buyer.... Read more »
  • Knowledge Management: The Silent Star of Modern Service
    Virtual or hybrid work environments are likely to become standard fixtures for organizations. Knowledge management will play and imperative role, as the need for collaboration and the ability to share and find organizational information virtually, and at any time, only increases. The post Knowledge Management: The Silent Star of Modern... Read more »

    Bodine & Co.

  • Customer Engagement: From Core Competencies To Business Outcomes
    Pop quiz! What does it take to deliver effective, coordinated cross-channel experiences in today’s business landscape? If you answered “data,” you’re not alone. In a recent survey of 1500+ marketing leaders, customer engagement platform Braze found that three of the top four challenges that marketers face related to customer engagement... Read more »
  • Virtual Journey Mapping Bootcamp: May 2022
    Hard-hitting content. Sessions that fit into your workday. Our two-part virtual bootcamp delivers a practical primer on journey mapping that you can immediately put into action for your organization. Part 1: Introduction to Journey Mapping This introduction will help you build a solid understanding of the journey mapping methodology and how you... Read more »
  • Catch Up On Our Most-Read (And Must-Read!) Posts From The Past Year
    Every year I look back to see what blog content our readers have been most drawn to over the past year. It’s always interesting to see which new posts catch people’s attention (like #9 and #5 on the list) and which older posts (like #8 and #2) remain as enduring... Read more »
  • Reimagining CX To Drive Real Human Connection
    Recently, I was emailing with an online retailer about an item I wanted to return, and the message in their email footer struck me: “Please be kind to our team — it’s important for us to have real humans on our support and not bots. I promise all we want... Read more »
  • Customer Experience: How To Get On The Superhighway To Business Success
    Here’s how I define customer experience: It’s your customers’ thoughts, emotions, and perceptions about their interactions with your organization. These words — thoughts, emotions, perceptions — sound touchy-feely. Fluffy even. And because of that, many execs and organizations still dismiss them. But here’s what innovative organizations understand: Customer experience is the... Read more »
  • The Happiest Employees of 2021 — And Their Connections to Customers
    As I looked at Comparably’s recent ranking of the 100 companies with the happiest employees in 2021, something struck me: In one way or another, many of top-scoring companies have a strong focus on customer experience. Top ten winners in the large company category include: Peloton and Zoom, two companies... Read more »
  • A CX Day Offer To Boost Your Journey Mapping Outcomes
    Happy Customer Experience Day! I hope you and your colleagues are joining one of the many CX Day celebrations around the world. In honor of all current and aspiring CX practitioners, we’re offering a $100 discount on every seat for our upcoming October / November two-part open-enrollment virtual journey mapping bootcamp.... Read more »

    CX Journey™

  • New CX Journey Inc. Website Launching!
    Image courtesy of PixabayCX Journey Inc.'s site is growing up! I'm so excited to have a new site going live this week! I'm sharing this note as a blog post as it will be my last post on what is currently www.cx-journey.com. A couple of things to note:This site will... Read more »
  • Agile Working in Practice: More Tips to Help Analytics Teams Transition
    Image courtesy of PixabayToday I'm pleased to share another guest post by Paul Laughlin. This post originally appeared on Paul's site on March 9, 2019.This is the second in two-part series from Paul about agile working. Find the first post in the series here.In my first post on how to... Read more »
  • Agile Working for Analytics Teams Needs a Cu​lture Change
    Image courtesy of PixabayToday I'm pleased to share a guest post by Paul Laughlin. This post originally appeared on Paul's site on February 21, 2019.The term Agile working is being used within more and more businesses. Although loosely defined, it generally refers to a more flexible and pacey way of... Read more »
  • Is Your Own Management Stalling Your Customer Experience Transformation?
    Image courtesy of PixabayI originally wrote today's post for Forbes. It appeared on the Forbes site on November 14, 2018. I've made some slight modifications since then, as it turned into a two-part series. This is the second in that series; the first part can be found here.In this follow-up... Read more »
  • The Secret Sauce to Achieve Outcomes with Journey Mapping
    In today's post, I reveal the secret sauce for journey mapping success. Are you ready?There's a lot of bad press out there about journey mapping. And there's a lot of bad journey mapping (or what people think is journey mapping). A few months ago, I shared my six-step journey mapping... Read more »
  • Exposure is What You Die from in the Desert
    If you're a speaker, thinking about becoming a speaker,  an event organizer, or considering hosting an event in the near future, you'll definitely want to read this. And even if you're none of the above, please continue reading. And feel free to share this whitepaper with anyone you believe will... Read more »
  • Has Your #CX Transformation Stalled?
    Image courtesy of PixabayI originally wrote today's post for Forbes. It appeared on the Forbes site on October 18, 2018. I've made some slight modifications since then, as it turned into a two-part series.The good news is that you've embarked on a customer experience transformation journey. The bad news is... Read more »

    Blog – Epikonic

  • How trust is the foundation of the data driven supply chain
    In the course of the last year or three, I have written a few times about the supply chain and how it affects the customer experience, sometimes badly so. In my last article ‘the impact of the supply chain on the customer experience’, I explained some of the issues and... Read more »
  • How to create value with a CDP
    These days, Customer Data Platforms, or in brief CDPs, are one of the most discussed topics in the CX industry. Last time I looked, the CDP Institute counted more than 150 CDPs of different flavors that target different business challenges. This raises a lot of questions, chiefly: What is a... Read more »
  • Zoho Marketing Plus – How to Change the Marketing Game
     The News On May 10, 2022, Zoho released Zoho Marketing Plus, its suite of marketing solutions. You can read the complete press release here. The suite combines multiple Zoho applications including Campaigns, Social, Webinar, Analytics, Marketing Automation, Workdrive, PageSense, Survey, and Backstage. It shall provide digital marketers with a unified... Read more »
  • How to measure the ROI of CX – A CXChangersTalk
    These days, customer experience is one of the biggest topics. Many, if not most, vendors have restructured, reshaped, or just renamed their portfolios to reflect customer experience one way or the other. Customer experience is great, customer experience is valuable. Now, what is customer experience? According to Paul Greenberg’s definition,... Read more »
  • The almighty Metaverse – its Rise and Fate
    This is the third part of my return of the undead series. The first two parts dealt with identifying what components or building blocks a metaverse ecosystem needs to consist of. These components basically define how metaverse can work and serve as a model for the identification of how/where participants... Read more »
  • The impact of the supply chain on the customer experience
    There are a couple of lessons that the pandemic taught us, apart from that there are different opinions about whether Bill Gates makes us all drones via the vaccines … The most important one is that there is a need to not only look at the demand side but to... Read more »
  • Zoho Creator – the next wave of collaborative no-code/low-code development
    The News On March 3, 2022 Zoho released the new version of its Creator no-code/low-code platform. It offers a unified development platform to empower both IT teams and business users.  The new release is targeted at building end-to-end solutions in an easy way. It combines integration, process automation and analytics/business intelligence with the... Read more »

    CRM Switch

  • How to Book & Conduct a Prospect Meeting
    A prospect meeting is a meeting between a potential customer and a salesperson to discuss the potential customer’s needs. The purpose of a prospect meeting is for the sales representative to learn more about the potential customer’s needs and to see if there is a fit between the customer’s needs... Read more »
  • What Does CRM Actually Cost?
    Trying to determine the actual CRM cost for your business can be a daunting task. In a perfect world, every vendor would clearly list their prices with a per-user breakdown. It isn’t a perfect world, and not all vendors are fully transparent about their prices. For someone who is trying... Read more »
  • Video6 Ways to Give Value First in Sales & Marketing and Why
    Some of the things that you can be doing in sales and marketing without expectation of return—or with little expectation of return.... Read more »
  • Zoho vs HubSpot: Which is Right for You?
    A comparison between Zoho CRM and HubSpot CRM. Find out which one is better for your business.... Read more »
  • 8 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From ActiveCampaign Integration With Salesforce
    Combine the power of ActiveCampaign Automations and Salesforce Lightning Process Builder. Help your salespeople close more business.... Read more »
  • Is Audio Marketing a Part of Your Content Strategy?
    Since we first published this post over five years ago, podcasting has gone from “some people know what it is” to “most people know what it is.” While we have had to make a number of updates, much of what we wrote about audio marketing back then is still relevant... Read more »
  • Behavioral Segmentation for SMB Marketers Made Easy
    Behavioral segmentation is the process of grouping an audience based on how they interact with your emails, your website posts & pages and through other actions that you can measure. The idea is that once a group is created, members of that segment can receive more targeted and relevant (to... Read more »

    Conversational Systems

  • Trends in Conversational Commerce, the Experience Connection
    Customer service has embraced changes in technology over the years, some technologies have succeeded, some, well, have struggled (The IVR has never been very popular). From my viewpoint, success is defined from the perspective of the customer. Fast forward to 2018 and now Intelligent Systems are a game-changer. Some systems... Read more »
  • Marketplaces, Aggregation Theory, and a CRM Platform in Disguise
    Online Marketplaces are conversational platforms or CRM systems in disguise, depending on your point of view. Marketplaces are multi-sided, support and require trust building, one-to-one relationships, and the ability to transact – and they need to scale. Within a Marketplace, each conversation is focused specifically towards an outcome. Unique to... Read more »
  • Simply Service
    Within information technology, there is no longer a need to call anything “Self-Service”. It is all simply Service. Circa 1996 — I was part of a team that redesigned and rebuilt a customer care system that sat logically in front of a telecom billing system. Customers could go online, see... Read more »
  • Reading Between the Lines: Accel-KKR Makes a Significant Investment in SugarCRM
    This is an interesting industry play, a long time in the making. I am able to take a unique view on this news, whether I am accurate in my commentary, only time will tell. I worked at SugarCRM, twice, two tours of duty some might say While working at Ciboodle,... Read more »
  • Put One Foot in Front of the Other
    For the past couple of months, we have been working with the fine folks at Helpshift. On August 2nd, we are going to broadcast a roundtable discussion (Webinar, Videocast, or whatever you choose to call it). I am hoping you decide to join the discussion. Within a few weeks after the... Read more »

    Beagle Research Group, LLC

  • Privacy Project
    The New York Times has launched the Privacy Project, a dialog with us readers about technology and privacy that delves into issues like GDPR and the loss of rights to privacy that are direct results of the later parts of the tech boom. Greedy tech companies, hostile state actors, governments... Read more »
  • What I am thinking about today
    We’re roughly 20 years into the CRM trend and it’s worth asking where we go from here. Grandview Research recently estimated that the market would be worth $81.9 billion by 2025 (1) and Gartner and others publish annual reports indicating the market’s vibrancy. But you can hide a lot within... Read more »
  • CDP for all
      Here we go again right down the hypecycle and into new product land. In the last week, two major enterprise software companies, Oracle and Salesforce have announced CDP products. Oracle announced its product last week in Las Vegas at its Modern Customer Experience (MCX) event. This week, Salesforce announced... Read more »
  • Millennial CRM
    Trying to do business without also having a modern CRM system is like walking around naked. You can do it, at least for a little while, but people will begin to think you’re weird and the trouble is that those people are all potential customers. CRM is essential today because,... Read more »
  • Modern selling
    Looking at the current assortment of CRM functionality including AI, machine learning, voice recognition and chatbots, you might conclude that the tools are evolving to remove salespeople and others from direct customer contact and you wouldn’t be wrong. What’s surprising to me though is the amount of sales angst in... Read more »
  • Salesforce birthday notes
    February 26, 2019 Salesforce will be celebrating its 20th birthday on March 8. Where did those decades go? “Time flies like an arrow,” said Groucho, “fruit flies like a banana.” There it is. Last week a respectable chunk of the analyst community that follows the company converged in San ... Read... Read more »
  • Cloud applications – the next phase
    This is a guest post by friend Vinnie Mirchandani. Vinnie has been a fixture in the independent analyst community for many years now after starting his analyst career with Gartner. Vin comes from the ERP side of enterprise software and his many years of experience have enriched how we ...... Read more »

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