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  • CRM for Small Business 2021
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  • How to Create a Unified Sales Process For Your Sales Team
    Why Unified Sales Process? Every brand values its sales team.  That’s because most revenue generation is attributed to the sales team. But for your sales team to have a higher close rate, you must have a unified sales process. What is a Unified Sales Process (And Why is it Important)?... Read more »
  • SaaS Pricing and the Cloud: Making It an Innovation Enabler for SMBs
    The biggest and best thing about the cloud has always been the incredible amount of freedom it provides to various operations. Cloud service providers give startups across the globe many crucial benefits to help lift their company off the ground. One of them is Amazon Web Services. These services have become... Read more »
  • Smart Ways to Work with Customer Data More Effectively
    With the rise of the Internet of Things, wearable technologies, and omnichannel communication, online users now create more data than ever. Studies found that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily. Only a small portion of this data is useful to your business.  That is why you need to... Read more »
  • How To Develop The Sales Process Using CRM
    Both practice and statistics show that a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system makes a valuable input to your business success. And that includes various processes, from smooth internal communication to personalized marketing campaigns. Each team and its employees can benefit from using a CRM. Especially nowadays, when it can... Read more »
  • When Black Friday Comes
    The one good thing about Cyber Monday is that you don’t have to bash people square in the face to get what you want; or what you think you want. That, unfortunately, is sometimes untrue of its bigger, meaner, older brother, Black Friday. But firstly, what is Black Friday, and... Read more »
  • Black Friday: Choose Value Over Discounts
    Black Friday is a shopper’s dream and worst nightmare. The mass of  post-Thanksgiving ads  has already begun, with retailers large and small offering deals on just about everything. Aside from the fact that it’s now common thing to offer a discount, there are strategic reasons (or companies think they’re strategic)... Read more »

    Paramantra CRM

  • Entrepreneur Spotlight: Akio Morita
    “We plan to lead the public with new products rather than ask them what kind of products they want, the public doesn’t know what is possible, but we do” Akio Morita knew it right. The visionary entrepreneur developed an early interest in technology and ventured into the tech space with... Read more »
  • Revenge Travel: A silver lining for the Indian Hospitality Sector
    Being confined to work and household pressure amidst the pandemic has urged people to explore places and visit family and friends like never before. This new trend surfacing among Indian travellers is being called as ‘Revenge Travel’. People feel they have been deprived of travelling for so long. This has... Read more »
  • Real Estate vs COVID-19: Data Trends
    The out-break of the virus has had a cascading impact on the Indian Economy. Demand is down. Supply chain is broken. And the real estate sector is reeling under the impact of the COVID-19. The sector is facing 2 major challenges namely lead generation and retention. Owners are trying hard... Read more »
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight: Vandana Luthra
    It has been rightly said, “You can juggle motherhood while running a business and be great at both.” Vandana Luthra, the founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd. has proven this with her hard work, resilience and zest to dispense best to the society. Vandana had a substantial vision to bring... Read more »
  • Know More About Paramantra – Part 1
    This article is written to share information that is not available on Paramantra’s website. It has been written for prospective buyers conducting research to understand more about Paramantra. If this article does not answer the questions or you need more clarifications please contact us via our website. Solution Coverage CRM... Read more »
  • CRM Implementation for Fin-Tech Startup
    In September of 2019, the bad loan ratio for MSMEs stood at 12.2%. This is a 50% bps rise from just a year ago. These rates are expected to further rise given the economic crisis due to COVID-19. Fin-tech companies are not too far behind in addressing this growing need in... Read more »
  • Online Leads Are Easy To Generate But Hard To Convert – Here’s Why
    Whatsapp – 17%   Facebook – 18%   Instagram – 20%   Everything is slowing down due to the pandemic. Businesses, investments, and life in general. But something isn’t slowing down. On the contrary, it’s expanding like never before because of you and us and well people across the globe.... Read more »


  • Top 8 LMS Integrations to Have in 2022
    APIs, CMS, CRM, Ecommerce, LTI, and LRS are a few types of integrations to be considered for education portal development in 2022. Because integrations provide your system with a stable ground to grow and enhance your customer experience with latest technologies. Ecommerce integrations like PayPal and Stripe would allow your... Read more »
  • Custom Trading Portal: Your Future Guide to Maximize Profits
    We would not have known back when Belgium boasted the first stock exchange in Antwerp in 1531 in a room, where all the money lenders and brokers would come to deal with business. However, today, thanks to technology and users’ interest, anyone can invest in the stock market, that too,... Read more »
  • Customer Portal Design: 4 Best Practices to Implement in 2022
    Almost every business now knows and uses customer portals to improve their customer service. But that doesn’t guarantee customer satisfaction. Your portal is the face of your customer service. 50 percent of customers will switch to another brand after one bad experience. So, you must offer a positive experience with... Read more »
  • How SuiteCRM Customer Portal Helps with Customer Management
    While WordPress started as a blogging tool, it has evolved into a website builder and content management system. Many small and mid-size businesses use it to build an online presence and grow with time. However, to manage customers, a website alone is not enough. The integration with SuiteCRM offers limitless... Read more »
  • 8 Factors to Consider in Real Estate Portal Development
    In 2013, CareerBliss announced running a real estate business is the most satisfying job. But if you want to experience that in 2021, you should have an online presence. 93 percent of homebuyers search for homes online. 67 percent of customers prefer self-service rather than speaking to customer representatives. This... Read more »
  • A 2021-2022 Approach to Employee Portal Development
    Last year many companies such as Slack, Twitter, Shopify, UpWork, and Facebook embraced the permanent work-from-home culture. Remote work forced by the pandemic has proven that employees can work productively from home as much as they can from the office. But the real challenge was – implementing remote work. Miscommunications,... Read more »
  • How to Change the Base URL of a Portal
    PowerApps Portal lets you customize your base URL based on the resources and brand requirements. For example, if you set example-cp1.microsoftcrmportals.com as the base URL when configuring the portal, you can change it to example-cp2.microsoftcrmportals.com as per your requirement. If you want to change base URL of Dynamics 365 portal,... Read more »

    Commence CRM Blog

  • Commence CRM Marketing CRM As A Service
    Marketing automation has become a core component of CRM software products and for good reason. Every company needs to build brand recognition and generate new business opportunities. It’s critical to the growth of any business. So how can you find the best Marketing solution for your business? Well, the internet... Read more »
  • Commence Adds Scoring to CRM Lead Tracking Software
    Capturing and tracking leads is a critical function of any business. Leads can be generated from multiple avenues such as e-mail campaigns, trade shows, social media, pay per click, purchase of lead lists or your web site, but one thing is clear, they don’t come cheap. This is why the... Read more »
  • VideoCRM for Mid-Size Companies
    The CRM software sector offers a myriad of solutions for small businesses that have very simple or minimal requirements. This is because the cost of entry into this sector is very low.  Any solution provider that manages contacts, notes, activities and can produce a sales forecast falls into the small business... Read more »
  • Commence CRM Lead Tracking Software Delivers Substantial Value
    Commence Corporation, provider of Commence CRM is making waves in the CRM space with its two-level lead tracking software. Lead tracking is traditionally a component of most CRM software products but Commence has added a uniqueness not found in other CRM solutions. The Commence product offers a two-phase approach to... Read more »
  • Lead Distribution Software with Commence CRM
    Lead Distribution software enables companies to capture and efficiently distribute leads to your sales team by different criteria such as by territory, by representative, by product and more. Getting new business opportunities quickly to the right sales representative has shown to increase conversion rates and revenue by more than 10... Read more »
  • 8 Places Salespeople Can Find More Prospects Online
    Prospecting is the first and foremost essential stage in the sales management process. Anyone working in the sales industry knows how crucial sales prospecting is to maintain a large client base, increase stream of revenue, and keep the business healthy. What’s important in prospecting is to identify and connect with... Read more »
  • How to Build a Sales Process for Your Sales Team
    Behind every successful company and closed business deal is a well-defined sales process. Having an effective sales process not only improves your overall management but also helps drive an increase in revenue. According to a report, there is a significant 18% difference in revenue growth between companies that have adopted... Read more »

    N. Rana's Dynamics Blog

  • Exchange Online – Sending Email from Secondary Address
    Originally posted on Tech Wizard: I am writing this small post to share the cool feature that has been introduced last year in Exchange online. This is sometimes required and some platforms on the internet was having this facility from some time now. Now this is available in office 365... Read more »
  • How to – Use Do until and Delay in Power Automate
    Let us take a simple example to understand the usage of the Do unit with Delay control in Power Automate. “When a Case Record’s Priority is updated to High until the case is resolved we want to perform certain action e.g. send a notification email or call an action etc.... Read more »
  • Solved – Flow run timed out. Please try again in Power Automate (Microsoft Flow)
    While testing one of the flows which was having “Do until” action in it, we ran across the below error. Error – Flow run timed out. Please try again. However, while navigating to the run history we can still see the flow running, and has run for over 30 minutes.... Read more »
  • Null Checks in Power Automate-Empty() vs Equals()
    Originally posted on Power Melange: Hello everyone! I am back with another tiny Power Mantra which we should follow while making Power Automate Flows.Say, we have a scenario where we are updating a row in Dataverse with certain dynamic values but what if those Dynamic Values are not present during... Read more »
  • How to – Quickly generate sample data
    At times we need to quickly generate sample data for some of our development, testing, reports needs. Through https://generatedata.com/ we can do it in matter of seconds. Just select the data / types and the format and click on Generate For e.g. we have selected Name, Phone, Email, Country type... Read more »
  • Getting Started with Dynamics 365 Web Portals
    You might know about self-service, considering you are here to read this article. Thanks to that revolutionary feature, we don’t have to take on the traditional approach – calling the customer support agent to cancel or track an order. Not only this, it has become a crucial part considering 88... Read more »
  • Business Process Flow Key Notes
    Originally posted on Vrushali's Techno Blog: When we talk about Business Process flow (BPF) , there are lot of questions : How does it operate, how is it stored in D365? Does it create a a background entity which can be modified? A BPF creates a background entity when the... Read more »


  • Newsletter design is now easier and more complex
    The environment for mass email distribution, which is a part of the eWay-CRM marketing module, comes with a novelty that will significantly facilitate the work of designing newsletters. Allowing you to create more beautiful newsletters than ever before.   The marketing module in eWay-CRM is suitable for all who want... Read more »
  • 40 Best Stock Photo Sites in 2022
    It is easier and cheaper to go to a stock photo site than to hire a professional photographer. That’s why these sites are so popular. So where to look for perfect photos online?   Visual identity plays a key role in building a corporate brand. But creating a logo and... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Send a Link to a Specific Item in eWay-CRM
    DID YOU KNOW…   …that there is a keyboard shortcut in eWay-CRM to create a link to a project or other items? This way you can easily and quickly send a link to a project to a colleague by email. Select a project or other item from the list. Press... Read more »
  • 4 Great SaaS Companies of 2021 & Secrets of Their Success
    Over the past few decades, Software as a Service (SaaS) has redefined the way businesses are operated. This continuous growth is expected to continue on an upward trend for the foreseeable future. To be a part of this future, established companies and upcoming brands are imbibing healthy SaaS practices to... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Set Your Own Workflow in Any Module
    DID YOU KNOW…   …that in eWay-CRM 7.0 you can set up your own workflow in any module? Even in the Journal module, you can create a simple two-step workflow if you want to keep order between processed and unprocessed meeting notes. How to do it? Go to the Administration... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Hide or Display Auto Filter Row in eWay-CRM List
    DID YOU KNOW…   …that you can hide or display the auto filter row for searching items in the list of any module? In the new version of eWay-CRM 7.0, it is largely replaced by intelligent full-text search. However, if you still need to use the auto filter row, you... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Check Current User’s Permissions
    DID YOU KNOW…   …how to check current user’s permissions in eWay-CRM? You can find out easily and quickly in the Administration Center. This can come in handy when you can’t take an action, such as deleting a contact, and you don’t know why. Go to the Administration Center. Go... Read more »

    EngageBay - CRM Marketing

  • VideoRelationship Marketing Definition and 10 Proven Strategies for Customer Happiness
    We all know the importance of improving customer relationships. But did you know that there’s a whole way of structuring your marketing efforts around developing deeper relationships and imparting value to your customers’ lives? Yes, that’s right! It’s called relationship marketing, and it can eat customer churn for breakfast! Here, you... Read more »
  • VideoPush Notifications: 5 Ways to Make People Want to Open Your Message
    Push notifications are a bit of a minefield because while they’re effective in a marketer’s toolkit, they’re often seen as invasive by users. For a marketer, push notifications are another way of attracting user attention. For a customer, it’s just another distraction. They’re often impersonal and interruptive. For a push... Read more »
  • 7 Sales Management Tools to Build the Perfect Sales Team
    Are you looking for a new sales management software? Sales managers are always looking for the best way to track and manage their team’s KPIs. But, with so many sales tools on the market, it can be difficult to find one that fits your needs. Well, not anymore! In this... Read more »
  • VideoAce the Sales Process: 9 Simple Strategies Nobody Ever Follows
    The sales process is a continuous cycle, and at the end of it, you hope to have closed a deal or two. But how do you get there? What does it take? And what are the mistakes that you need to avoid making, if possible? In this blog post, we... Read more »
  • 15 Sales Prospecting Tools For a Tight Budget
    Do you spend a copious amount of time poring through contact lists?  According to studies, more than 40% of sales reps find sales prospecting the most challenging part of their job. After all, it is not an easy task to find people who are interested in your products and would... Read more »
  • VideoThe Key Features of Business Management Software Explained
    If you’re a business owner, you know all too well that starting a business is easy. Keeping it going, well…that’s another story. Managing a small roster of clients with a small team can be smooth and simple, but when you’re scaling up, your work can get super chaotic. How will... Read more »
  • Video11 Tested Tips to Improve Open Rates Through Email A/B Testing
    Sometimes, as marketers, we get so caught up in what we think looks great that we forget to think about what our audience prefers. Thus, we launch what seems like a winning email campaign only to fail. You spent hours designing the perfect template, the perfect CTA button, and the perfect... Read more »


  • What is sales operations and how to build a 4-step strategy around it?
    Sales operations consist of a set of business processes and activities that are handled by sales operations professionals to ensure that all business protocols are followed thoroughly and the process is running smoothly.  Sales operations professionals streamline the sales process, administrate sales team’s activities, analyze trends, and forecast revenue.  In nutshell,... Read more »
  • Inspiring businesses that started during a pandemic
    Pandemic has revolutionized the way we execute business strategies. The companies that were operating 100% offline also changed their path and made an online presence.  We all spent a lot of time at home, and that also brought up business ideas in many aspiring entrepreneurs. The best part is that... Read more »
  • Busting the myth! AI and Automation are no different
    Technology has evolved exponentially over the years; now you can automate almost every task with the help of software and gadgets. However, if we look from a business’s perspective, it requires automation at every step of their business process; marketing campaigns, lead capture, sales pipeline, and much more. Here, companies... Read more »
  • Salesmate in 2021: A year in review
    As 2021 comes to an end, we would like to take a moment to thank you for being a part of Salesmate’s journey till now. Your support was the stepping stone to our success; your feedback led us to improve our product and introduce new and exciting features.  2021 was... Read more »
  • VideoLifecycle marketing: What is it & why do you need it?
    Here’s a marketing conundrum: Allocate resources to acquire more and more market share or press more and more towards retaining customers?  What if you could do both?  Lifecycle marketing aids you to do both at the same time, managing your marketing activities across each stage with defined and targeted initiatives.  ... Read more »
  • Account-based selling: Is it right for your business?
    Has your prospecting strategy reached a dead end? Your reps might be prospecting to thirty people in a day, but how many are they actually converting?  Contact-based outreach strategy is still effective, but it may not work every time. And when you’re in sales, you know that sticking to one... Read more »
  • Avoid these 10 sinful mistakes in sales emails to get more customers
    People receive a lot of emails on a daily basis, but only 23.9% of them get answered.   You might be making some sales email mistakes if you’re not experiencing wanted results from your campaigns.In this article, we’ll explain why you might be lowering your conversion rate by choosing the wrong... Read more »
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