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  • The Ultimate Guide to Sales Qualification
    Think about qualifying as dating. Before you put a ring on it, you want to make sure you’re hanging out with the right person. There is probably a dozen of things that you want to ask and understand about the potential mate, and there’s that inexplicable yearning for trust and... Read more »
  • The Ultimate Guide to Inbound vs Outbound Marketing
    Over the last ten years or so, the marketing world has been flipped on its head. The tactics that most businesses considered solid lead magnets, like taking out ads in popular newspapers or running TV commercials, have lost their appeal and been replaced with more acceptable forms of promotion, such... Read more »
  • 100 Powerful Inbound Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business
    Nothing makes a marketer happier than seeing their efforts and hard work pay off. And there’s little we wouldn’t be prepared to do to see those leads trickling in. We’ll write eBooks, spend weeks chasing influencers for three-line quotes and comb through pages and pages of data to string together... Read more »
  • The Complete Guide to Successful CRM Implementation
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  • Sales Process: How to Build an Effective Sales Machine
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  • [LT] Devyni būdai išlaikyti produktyvumą sunkiu laikotarpiu:
    Rusijos sukeltam karui Ukrainoje tęsiantis jau daugiau nei dvi savaites, daugelis susiduria su nerimu, sumažėjusiu produktyvumu ir galimybėmis susikaupti įprastai kasdienei veiklai. Nieko nuostabaus - žmonės yra bendruomeniškos būtybės. The post [LT] Devyni būdai išlaikyti produktyvumą sunkiu laikotarpiu: first appeared on Teamgate. Source... Read more »
  • Keep Your Productivity during hard times
    I started looking for a way, to control my emotions, to try and stop my brain from burnout with all that information overload. Constant thoughts, looking for a logical answer that does not exist. I came to these things that may help you during these hard times The post Keep... Read more »

    Paramantra CRM

  • Elementor #3203
    Add Your Heading Text Here... Read more »
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight: Akio Morita
    “We plan to lead the public with new products rather than ask them what kind of products they want, the public doesn’t know what is possible, but we do” Akio Morita knew it right. The visionary entrepreneur developed an early interest in technology and ventured into the tech space with... Read more »
  • Revenge Travel: A silver lining for the Indian Hospitality Sector
    Being confined to work and household pressure amidst the pandemic has urged people to explore places and visit family and friends like never before. This new trend surfacing among Indian travellers is being called as ‘Revenge Travel’. People feel they have been deprived of travelling for so long. This has... Read more »
  • Real Estate vs COVID-19: Data Trends
    The out-break of the virus has had a cascading impact on the Indian Economy. Demand is down. Supply chain is broken. And the real estate sector is reeling under the impact of the COVID-19. The sector is facing 2 major challenges namely lead generation and retention. Owners are trying hard... Read more »
  • Entrepreneur Spotlight: Vandana Luthra
    It has been rightly said, “You can juggle motherhood while running a business and be great at both.” Vandana Luthra, the founder of VLCC Health Care Ltd. has proven this with her hard work, resilience and zest to dispense best to the society. Vandana had a substantial vision to bring... Read more »
  • Know More About Paramantra – Part 1
    This article is written to share information that is not available on Paramantra’s website. It has been written for prospective buyers conducting research to understand more about Paramantra. If this article does not answer the questions or you need more clarifications please contact us via our website. Solution Coverage CRM... Read more »
  • CRM Implementation for Fin-Tech Startup
    In September of 2019, the bad loan ratio for MSMEs stood at 12.2%. This is a 50% bps rise from just a year ago. These rates are expected to further rise given the economic crisis due to COVID-19. Fin-tech companies are not too far behind in addressing this growing need in... Read more »


  • An All Covering Guide on Dynamics 365 Portal
    For exceptional customer experience it is imperative to provide prompt response to your customers. To achieve that, organizations are providing the option of self-service to their customers. Statistics reveal that 67% of customers prefer serving themselves than talking with a customer service representative. Considering this very idea of self-service, we... Read more »
  • How Finance Businesses Can Benefit from a Finance Portal
    Note: This post is for any B2B finance brand or a direct customer in the finance industry. This post highlights some of the common challenges that a direct customer might face and how they can be solved using a finance portal. For many years now, the finance industry has been... Read more »
  • Which Dynamics 365 Portal You Should Have
    While deciding the portal solutions, as a business it is obvious to get attracted to tools that are almost free and from a reputable brand like Microsoft. I mean, who would say no to a Microsoft product? That could be one of the reasons businesses like yours prefer a PowerApps... Read more »
  • Salesforce Customer Portal Pricing: An Analysis + Competitive Alternative
    So you have decided to go with Salesforce Customer Portal or maybe it’s on your top 5 list? Cool! At this stage, it is very likely that you might have a zillion doubts about Salesforce Customer Portal pricing and how best it is for your business – and we totally... Read more »
  • An Actionable Roadmap to Stronger Vendor Relationships
    “Companies that fail to invest in vendor relationship management to analyze risks and prevent failures in the first place lose sales, revenue, and market value.” J.M. Smuckers’ Brand failed to invest in vendor management, effective risk assessment, and proper vendor diligence. The result was a failed product and customers’ trust,... Read more »
  • All You Need to Know About High Volume Customer Portal Users
    Access management is a crucial part of any business. It provides improved security but mitigates threats. As your organization grows, you need to provide multiple logins for high-volume users. However, managing high volume users in the Salesforce customer portal is a big challenge. In this post, we will cover all... Read more »
  • 6 Effective Partnership Management Strategies
    Only some businesses have realized that partnership is the key to upscaling their business in this competitive landscape. But when it comes to partnership management, it’s essential to know that not all strategies can spur impact or get the desired result that you may be working to achieve. Effective partnership... Read more »

    Commence CRM Blog

  • Efficient Customer Management Requires Segmentation Software
    If you want to efficiently manage customer relationships you need a software package that allows you to categorize your customers based on a myriad of criteria such as their industry or SIC code, specific products or services they may have purchased, company size, government or non-government accounts, and more. What... Read more »
  • Commence CRM, an All-In-One CRM Solution
    Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM, is addressing a need that has been troublesome for many small to mid-size businesses for years.  It’s data consolidation.  CRM systems designed for the small to mid-size businesses traditionally manage accounts, contacts and sales, leaving businesses with no option but to use multiple third-party... Read more »
  • Are You Kicking the Can Down the Road?
    Generating new leads for your business is a full-time process. Its hard work and takes time which is why many companies today are struggling to execute a comprehensive program for lead generation.  Some send a bulk-email every so often using a third-party service, but there is no consistency, and their... Read more »
  • Commence CRM Sales Tracking Software
    Sales is the lifeline of every business and with the cost of customer acquisition continuing to increase, sales organizations need to be more efficient in how they track and manage sales opportunities. The real objective of sales tracking software is to enable sales management to view a snapshot of where... Read more »
  • It Takes More Than Just Compensation to Unleash a Sales Force!
    I’m often asked to help a company refine their sales force compensation plans. As a consulting company, that’s work that we regularly do. I believe in having a well-designed, effectively managed compensation plan as a fundamental part of any productive sales system. But, it’s a mistake to think that the... Read more »
  • Customer Segmentation Software Will Drive More Sales
    The more you know about your customers the more effectively you will be with upselling and cross selling opportunities, but you cannot do this if you are managing customer relationships with a contact manager or an Excel spreadsheet. You need a flexible CRM software solution that enables you to capture,... Read more »
  • The Problem with Lead Generation Services
    Every business today large or small needs new leads and new customers to stay in business but generating successful marketing campaigns that drive new business opportunities has become a significant challenge for many companies. Here is why. While there are many lead generation services available to assist with lead generation, these... Read more »


  • VideoPoynting: eWay-CRM Contains All Tools for Our Fast Growth
    CRM software can help companies organize their contacts, projects, and marketing campaigns efficiently, saving them time and making their lives easier. This scenario accurately describes the Poynting Group. So, we asked their managing director, Tjeerd Huitema, and their marketing manager, Francisca Cateto, why they chose eWay-CRM and how it helped... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Open Documents and E-mails in Different Ways
    DID YOU KNOW… That in eWay-CRM you can open documents and e-mails in different ways? Just do the following. Right click on a document or e-mail and select Open. The item will open for example in Word. If it is a document or Excel sheet you can make changes and... Read more »
  • VideoTop 10 Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Productivity
    Outlook is a popular desktop email program that many corporations and individuals use to manage their email accounts and calendars. While it’s a powerful tool, it can be a bit overwhelming for new users. Or for users who are returning to Outlook after a long time.   With so many... Read more »
  • 9 Tips To Protect Your Online Customers From Frauds
    As the internet becomes more widely available, more people use it, providing the perfect environment for hackers.   According to PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2022, 46% of surveyed organizations reported experiencing fraud, corruption, or other economic crimes in the last 24 months. These statistics might help you... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Quickly Add Holidays to Outlook Calendar
    Customs are different in every country, companies have various policies and Microsoft Outlook might not show holidays in your calendar by default. But it certainly helps keeping them visible, especially if you collaborate with partners or colleagues from different geographic locations.     For those who prefer written guide Instead... Read more »
  • How to Save Time for Your Business with ABC Analysis
    Business is booming but you can’t keep up with everything? That’s natural. But don’t worry about it—you can set priorities. The “ABC analysis” will help you to determine what is most important to your business and who your valuable customers are, so you can focus on taking care of your... Read more »
  • 6 Things Your Business Requires You To Know About Text Analysis
    In any industry possible, businesses & individuals want to make better decisions based on the insights they gather. With the advancements in Text analysis, companies can now mine text to gather more insights and improve their product and services.   After all, the text is used in many forms and... Read more »
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  • Top 10 Lead nurturing best practices, tactics, and tips
    Are you doing everything you can to nurture leads? If not, you’re missing out on big opportunities. Nurturing leads is a process that enables you to build long-lasting relationships with your audience. In fact, lead nurturing has the potential to shorten the sales cycle by 23%. Lead nurturing is one... Read more »
  • 25+ Lead nurturing statistics to drive more revenue
    The key to building a loyal customer base is staying connected with them at every touchpoint. So, along with focusing on sales-ready leads, you also need to nurture your leads that are early in the buyer stage. By creating lead nurturing strategies that engage with prospects, provide personalized solutions, and... Read more »
  • Top 12 Lead nurturing software to close more deals 
    Lead nurturing is basically the process of building and maintaining a strong relationship with your leads at different stages of their customer journey. In simple words, it can also be understood as the process that keeps the leads moving forward in the sales pipeline. However, manually practicing lead nurturing is... Read more »
  • What is Sales SMS? Benefits, best practices, & top 5 SMS sales tools [Templates included]
    Amongst various methods of communication between a company and its customers, one of the most effective methods is SMS, an abbreviation of Short Message Service. Text messaging has been helping us stay connected since 1992. And now, it has proven to be essential for businesses, as it’s one of the... Read more »
  • 50+ CRM statistics – market growth, benefits, adoption, challenges
    CRM (customer relationship management) software has become an inseparable part of today’s business. From managing your deals to nurturing your clients, CRM plays a vital role at each step of your business. The CRM industry has shown tremendous growth at a staggering rate, and each year more interesting CRM statistics... Read more »
  • 9 Lead nurturing benefits for every business
    In a highly competitive market, businesses need to constantly strive for growth to stay afloat. And to achieve that, you need to create a strategy that stands out from the rest. Lead nurturing is a process that enables you to stay connected with your audience at every stage. By creating... Read more »
  • List of 10 best sales cadence tools & software for 2022
    Salespeople know that planning is the core of every sales process. However, we often plan the sales strategy but forget to plan the follow-up process. Sales cadence is a series of touchpoints that help build sales engagement with your prospects and existing customers. You can win back your lost prospects... Read more »

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