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  • 10 CRM Integrations You Need to Unlock Sales Growth & Efficiency
    10 CRM Integrations You Need to Unlock Sales Growth & Efficiency CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software provides businesses with customer insights and automation tools. These insights and tools help a business improve team efficiency, sales, customer service, customer retention, and more. While a CRM tool is powerful on its own,... Read more »
  • 6 Best CRMs with Gmail Integration
    6 Best CRMs with Gmail Integration Gmail currently has over 1.8 billion users, and you are probably one of those users. However, like most people, you and your business are most likely not using Gmail to its fullest potential. If you would like to change that, the first thing you... Read more »
  • 5 Best CRMs with Intercom Integration
    5 Best CRMs with Intercom Integration Intercom is a leading customer communication system that sales, marketing, and support teams rely on for communicating with prospects and existing customers. You can use the tool to communicate with customers via your website, mobile or web app, and email. While Intercom works well... Read more »
  • 5 Best CRMs with Email Integrations
    5 Best CRMs with Email Integrations Email marketing is among the most effective outreach tactics for reaching new customers and engaging existing ones. In fact, 79% of B2B marketers believe email is the most successful content distribution channel, and 80% of buyers prefer sellers to contact them via email. However,... Read more »
  • 5 Best CRM with QuickBooks Integration
    5 Best CRM with QuickBooks Integration QuickBooks is among the leading accounting software for keeping track of business financials. Small and large companies use it to manage everything from sending invoices and receiving customer payments to viewing customer transaction histories and recording taxes. However, while QuickBooks is a highly versatile... Read more »
  • Integrate Teamgate CRM With Hundreds of Other Apps Through Make.com (formerly Integromat)
    What is Make? Make is a seamless Teamgate CRM integration which automates and manages repetitive tasks that are killing your precious sales time. To put it simply; Make is the simple online hub that gets your apps talking to each other, and performing a multitude of vital tasks every hour... Read more »
  • Lead Nurturing: How To Effectively Manage Leads
    Did you know that nearly 80% of leads never convert into sales? The good news is with optimal lead management, you can convert more prospective customers into paying customers. Lead management is a critical part of any business. If you fail to properly manage, nurture, follow up with and continuously meet your leads’ needs,... Read more »
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  • Things You Need to Consider While Integrating WordPress and Salesforce
    WordPress and Salesforce are the crème de la crème of their industry, at the top of their game. Salesforce promises to drive your business forward, consistently and insightfuly with a suite of tools; and WordPress helps you take that business to the world in a few clicks. Pick any tool... Read more »
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud and Salesforce PortalXpand: A Dive Into Similarities
    Salesforce Experience Cloud has this one line in their copy, “Build your experience,” and I think that both summarizes the product and invites you to explore it. There is nothing more I love than good copy, and that was an example of it. But coming to the topic at hand,... Read more »
  • PowerApps Portals – Create a Case on Behalf of Partner Account in Customer Self-Service
    We have made it possible to let you create a case on behalf of partner account in customer self-service portal.  To create the case on behalf of the partner follow the below steps: Here we have configured the Customer Self-Service Portal.  In the portal, by default, you will see, in... Read more »
  • How to customize Registration Page in PowerApps Portal
    Registration page needs to be easy and quick to fill. It also needs to cover all the necessary information. Customizing your registration page is the best way you can add all and only necessary features.  In this blog we will see how to customize the registration page in PowerApps Portal.... Read more »
  • The Future of Self-Service Depends on Technology: Use it Well
    Customer service is the key differentiator. Almost any product or service has reached a certain scale of quality. With the overhaul in technology and the speed and consistency at which any customer can be satisfied, there needs to be something that can put your brand front and center. And customer... Read more »
  • All You Need to Know About a Customer Portal
    If you are searching for a solution that can elevate your customer’s experience, then the customer portal is the perfect solution for you. You might have already heard some or other things about customer portals. It is a popular solution used by business owners to digitize their businesses and grow... Read more »
  • Web Portal Development: Benefits and Types
    What do you do to make your business stand apart from the crowd? I am assuming the answer is: evolving the business constantly with the latest technologies and new strategies, right? So, then you might have heard about the portal for sure! It is popular for being a one-stop solution... Read more »

    Commence CRM Blog

  • Time Management for Salespeople: It’s a Daily Battle!
    Remember the television commercial of the salesperson driving down the expressway with a cell phone balanced on his shoulder, a cup of coffee in one hand, and a laptop computer teetering on the dashboard? The voice in the background says, “You know he’s out there.” That’s a frightening commercial because... Read more »
  • 6 Steps for Crafting Effective Email Communication – Part Two
      In our previous article, we discussed the initial steps required for building a successful e-mail marketing campaign. In step one you identified your target market. In step two you documented your value proposition and in step three you either built or acquired a database of prospects you want to... Read more »
  • 6 Steps for Crafting Effective Email Communication
    For most people and businesses e-mail has become part of our daily lives, but the overwhelming number of e-mails we get each and every day has become a bit annoying. Why are we getting so many e-mails when there is little to no interest in the majority of them?  Well,... Read more »
  • Commence Helps Small Companies Get Past the Struggle of Generating New Business
    No One Knows Who We Are! “It is the first thing we hear from small business executives” says Larry Caretsky, President of Commence Corporation. “Next, they tell us that they have tried using e-mail marketing tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact but did not realize the results they had expected.”... Read more »
  • Is the solution them, or is it me?
    In this rapidly changing economy, everyone is looking for a simple fix to dealing with the uncertainty of our economic environment. It seems like few are happy with their situations. And all but a few point their fingers at the changing economy and vibrant competitive environment as the source of... Read more »
  • A More Professional Sales Force
    Q: Dave, I’m from outside the industry, and am accustomed to what I see as a much more professional sales force than what I currently have. Am I off-base in expecting a professional group of sales people, as opposed to the ‘nice guys’ who don’t seem to take their professions... Read more »
  • What is Missing with Today’s E-mail Marketing Services?
    Every business today large or small is looking to build brand recognition and generate new business opportunities. This seems like an easy task. Just purchase a list of prospects, upload the file to one of the popular e-mail marketing services, select the template you wish to send and wait for... Read more »

    N. Rana's Dynamics Blog

  • How to – Use Personalized page content in Dynamics 365 Marketing
    Continuing our previous post – https://nishantrana.me/2022/11/17/how-to-use-page-personalization-in-dynamics-365-marketing-2/, in this post we’d see the personalized page content works across the pages in the site. Suppose we have the following embedded marketing form, submitted by the user with Remember Me checked (required for Personalized Page as well as Prefill to work) Next time... Read more »
  • How to – Hide, Submit and validation in Dynamics 365 Marketing Form
    Continuing our previous post on setting hidden field’s value using JavaScript in Embedded Marketing Form, https://nishantrana.me/2022/11/23/how-to-use-dynamics-365-marketing-javascript-api-to-set-hidden-fields-value/ below are a few more points that could help – To hide the Marketing form on the host page – we can use afterFormRender To submit the Marketing form on the host page –... Read more »
  • Dynamics CRM Integration with Azure Service Bus–Part 1
    Originally posted on Technology Notes: Last month, one of my friend called me and asked me if I can help him integrating Dynamics CRM with an on-premises line of business (LOB) application using Azure Service Bus. He was a SharePoint expert, with reasonable experience of Dynamics CRM and Azure Service... Read more »
  • [Exploration] Dynamics CRM Azure-aware plug-in + Azure Queue + Power Automate
    Originally posted on Temmy Wahyu Raharjo: Do you know the Azure-aware plugin? In short, we can create a simple plugin that invokes Azure Service Bus that enables us to do the Publisher-Subscriber model. In this blog post, we will try to make?Azure Service Bus, Dynamics CRM Service Endpoint, and?CRM Plugin?for... Read more »
  • Two way communication between CRM and Azure Service bus
    Originally posted on Srikanth Alluri: This is the next level of my previous post on Azure service bus integration with CRM. If you haven’t gone through it already, I would highly recommend you to go through it first over here as whatever we are going to do here in this... Read more »
  • How to – use Dynamics 365 Marketing JavaScript API to set hidden field’s value
    Dynamics Marketing JavaScript API is only available for the marketing form hosted as Script. It is not available for forms hosted as Iframe. More on embedding form on external page – https://nishantrana.me/2022/11/10/how-to-embed-marketing-form-on-an-external-page/ Add a reference to form-loader.js or load.js to access the API. Below is our form with a hidden... Read more »
  • Fixed – Hide field option missing for dropdown (OptionSet) field in Marketing Form – Dynamics 365 Marketing
    Recently while designing the marketing form, we realized the Hide field option missing for our dropdown fields. There are 2 ways to solve this – In the HTML designer mode for the Marketing form – Add the attribute hidden=”hidden” for the field The field will be hidden but the Hide... Read more »


  • Top 9 Ways SaaS Companies Can Benefit from AI
    In the past few years, a lot of buzz has been surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can impact businesses. AI is a revolutionary technology that can change how we do things in our daily lives and at work. However, not all companies are familiar with the benefits of... Read more »
  • Meet the new eWay-CRM 7.4
    The last two years have brought many ground-breaking innovations in eWay-CRM. We completely redesigned the look, introduced the new eWay-CRM for Microsoft 365, and significantly extended the possibilities of eWay-CRM Web. eWay-CRM 7.4 follows the steps and simplifies the way you work with our CRM. Just have a look…  ... Read more »
  • Import Your Contacts and Companies
    When you implement new CRM software, the first step is always to build a database of contacts and companies. This is a must-have step that brings the CRM alive and helps your team understand the CRM’s value.   Most companies keep their data in multiple locations – inside everybody’s Outlook,... Read more »
  • 6 Critical Mistakes You Make Every Day That Slow You and Your Team Down
    The technology world is evolving at a rapid pace. We must keep up with the changes we experience when it develops and changes our lives. The difficulties are more challenging because the transition is more intense, faster, and complicated. To deal with this, leaders have to work more diligently and... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Set Format for Whole Name in eWay-CRM (John Smith vs. Smith, John)
    DID YOU KNOW… …That in eWay-CRM you can set format for the whole name (John Smith vs. Smith, John)? Use our parameter in the Administration center: Open the Administration Center. Click on Features in section Customizations and choose General. Find the field Show names as and select the format you... Read more »
  • Microsoft 365 Introduces New Logo
    Microsoft Office has been the world’s most widely used office suite for over 30 years. The upcoming rebranding will affect millions of companies around the world. Get ready, Microsoft is unveiling a new logo that will appear on users’ screens in the following months.   In 2017, Microsoft renamed Office... Read more »
  • VideoHow to Set Your Own Workflow in Any Module
    DID YOU KNOW…   …that in eWay-CRM you can set up your own workflow in any module? Even in the Journal module, you can create a simple two-step workflow if you want to keep order between processed and unprocessed meeting notes. How to do it? Go to the Administration Center.... Read more »

    EngageBay - CRM Marketing

  • Operations Strategy: Definition, Elements, and Advantages
    All elements of your company’s operations–from the project planning and execution stages to sales and marketing–stem from having an operational strategy. These are the critical decisions that key members of your company make about how your products and services will be positioned and ultimately delivered to customers. Without a strategy,... Read more »
  • Creating The Perfect Social Media Handle For Your Business
    According to marketing resource Oberlo, there exist roughly 4.59 billion users on social media around the world. That goes for all social media sites, by the way. This tells us that, theoretically, there could also exist 4.59 billion social media handles. Each is unique because it has to be. If... Read more »
  • Holiday Newsletter Ideas & Examples From Top Brands
    The holiday season is the right time for eCommerce stores to double their sales as customers will be eager to purchase products on exclusive deals. And holiday newsletters will play a vital role as online businesses will send them to announce gifts and last-minute deals and attract organic traffic to... Read more »
  • 7 Powerful eCommerce Marketing Automation Strategies + Tools
    According to LianaTech, 86.1% of marketing professionals are familiar with the concept of marketing automation. However, only a fraction of this number can effectively use the tools to achieve maximum results. Reports from Ascend show that only 20% of companies are utilizing these tools to their full potential. Your eCommerce... Read more »
  • What is an Enterprise Company? [Simple and Quick Definitions]
    If your small business or startup will soon officially go into business, then you need to register with your state or your federal government. One means of registering your company that you might be interested in is as an enterprise company. If you’re not 100% clear on what an enterprise... Read more »
  • 12 Entrepreneur Personality Traits We Should All Aim For
    Have you ever wondered what today’s visionaries and most successful entrepreneurs have in common? No, it’s not lots of money. Instead, it’s certain personality traits. Just what are the personality traits of a successful entrepreneur? Let’s take a look! 12 Entrepreneur Personality Traits We Should All Aim For 1. Resilience... Read more »
  • How to Become a Sales Director: Skills, Qualifications, Salaries, and JD
    For sales professionals, their upward career graph indicates becoming a sales director eventually.  They all start as business development representatives or executives and progress to become sales managers.  Once they have successfully managed a sales team and achieved the required goals, the subsequent designation on the ladder is to be... Read more »


  • 9 Simple and effective ways to automate sales process
    Every salesperson is aware that automation is key to a successful sales process. It helps eliminate tedious sales tasks and keeps track of activities while monitoring your team’s progress. However, the question of “how to automate sales process” often arises. While we know that sales automation is crucial, the execution... Read more »
  • Salesmate Score: Spend your time on the most relevant prospects 
    Salesmate Score is a simple scoring system to identify the best leads, subscribers, prospects, customers, and partners based on your criteria.  Salesmate Score comes with the Automation Journeys (a.k.a. Marketing Automation) add-on of our CRM.  If you’re already familiar with Automation Journeys, you can easily spot the “Change Score” option in journey creation.  If you’re... Read more »
  • 9 Best practices for high-converting lead generation website
    Lead generation is a necessity for smooth business survival. In the current digital world, websites have become the face of the company for their target audience. Businesses utilize websites for various purposes such as lead generation, establishing brand authority, selling, gaining customer trust, and many more. About 53% of marketers... Read more »
  • 9 Best SaaS lead generation strategies to get more B2B leads 
    Software as a Service has risen as a promising business sector as companies are increasingly taking support of SaaS platforms to manage their business functions. Did you know that the SaaS industry has expanded more than 500% in just seven years? As there are so many SaaS lead generation companies,... Read more »
  • 6 Lead generation examples that will help you get more leads
    People show interest in your brand in numerous ways, such as signing up for your web form to access the free content, applying for a free trial, enabling push notifications on your app, etc. A person interested in your company’s offering is a lead for you. Lead generation represents a... Read more »
  • 60 Lead generation statistics and marketing trends for 2022
    Lead generation is a necessity for your business that you can’t ignore. The right channel to chase the target audience is the real hustle of companies. Many companies consider lead generation one of the most significant growth challenges.   Now, the question is, how do you predict what strategy to pick... Read more »
  • 16 Lead generation ideas to boost your ideal customer list
    In the online world, marketers do everything to generate new leads to increase sales. The potential audience may or may not have encountered your brand often.     There are numerous practices through which marketers generate leads by implementing various strategies such as content marketing, social media involvement, email outreach, paid advertising,... Read more »

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