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  • How the 10 Worst Ecommerce CRM Fails of All Time Could Have Been Prevented
    CRM (customer relationship management) refers to systems used by companies to manage current and potential customers and use the data obtained to build customer relationships, which will in turn increase sales. But not all businesses get to reap the benefits of this remarkable tool. CIO magazine reported that approximately a third... Read more »
  • 7 Best Tools to Manage CRM Workflows
    A good CRM solution focuses on the one thing that keeps your business alive – the customer. The best CRM systems offer the most efficient means to reach out and get to your customers as well! This means your solution should offer a host of tools including workflow automation, contact... Read more »
  • Everything You Need to Know About Lead Management Software
    What is a Lead Management Software? Lead management simply refers to all systems and activities revolving around acquiring and capturing leads, monitoring their activities and behavior, educating and engaging them, for the sole purpose of getting them sales-ready and converting them from leads to clients. It involves all activities, systems,... Read more »
  • The Utmost Importance of CRM Analytics
    Customer relationships are at the heart of every business. It doesn’t matter what size or type of company you own, there is no substitute to creating lasting and strong customer relationships. It is no longer about making a sale because long gone are the days when customers obliged to simple... Read more »
  • 12 CRM Best Practices to Follow in 2021
    CRM software has grown to be one of the biggest software markets in the world now. Statistics suggest that CRM is expected to reach up to $80 Billion in terms of revenue by the year 2025, and it is estimated to be growing at a very rapid rate too. These numbers point... Read more »
  • Customer Service CRM: What to Look For in 2021
    Gone are the days when customer relationships and personalization tactics ended at first name salutations and merely addressing queries on time. People have evolved and so have their needs. The need of the hour is to be proactive with customer services. With the advent of interactive social media tools and... Read more »
  • Trends in 2021: How Email Automation Tools Are Changing
    According to statistics by McKinsey, marketing strategies and budgets within organizations of all sizes across the world have been hugely impacted by the huge pandemic of 2020. Apparently, some of the hardest-hit sectors and companies, aside from the ones that were forced to shut down operations because of COVID – 19,... Read more »

    Nutshell CRM Blog

  • Announcing Nutshell drip sequences: Deliver a perfectly timed email series without a single click
    Nurturing your email subscribers takes a lot of work. So…what if we did it for you? Several months ago, we introduced our customers to our email marketing platform Nutshell Marketing. Since then, we’ve been working closely with our customers to better understand their email marketing needs and help unite their... Read more »
  • What is marketing? 25 experts define it in one sentence
    Marketing is the one thing every company does but nobody can agree on. A marketer could spend their time writing blog articles, designing marketing emails, recording podcasts, sharing content on social media, managing PPC channels, producing virtual events, gathering product feedback from customers…we could list a dozen more things and... Read more »
  • The best marketing emails sent by Nutshell customers, vol. 1
    We wanted to showcase some of the ways our customers are expertly (and beautifully) using Nutshell Marketing to reach audiences and drive business! Since being launched earlier this year, we are seeing more and more Nutshell CRM customers using our email marketing platform Nutshell Marketing to reach their audiences, measure... Read more »
  • How to engage millennials with email
    Proper email marketing allows companies to learn about and build relationships with their target audience, increase brand authority and customer loyalty, and boost revenue. In short, email marketing is an incredible channel that’s been proven, time and time again, to produce amazing ROI. But how does email perform with younger... Read more »
  • 5 ways to make your emails more persuasive
    Email marketing can be captivating, persuasive, powerful, and a phenomenal tool for lead generation—if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to just slap words together and hit “send” without really thinking about what you’re saying. This approach may yield the occasional win. But for the most part,... Read more »
  • 5 ways to boost your email response rate
    If you want to succeed with email—and let’s be real, who doesn’t want that?—you need to track important metrics like your open, click-through, and conversion rate. But there’s one metric that doesn’t get the love it deserves: the email response rate. In this article, we’ll discuss what email response rate... Read more »
  • VideoA farewell to the open rate
    This fall, when we all unwrap our batch of new emojis with iOS 15, we’ll also say goodbye to something that’s been in the marketer’s toolbox for 20 years: the open rate. Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection feature eliminates the ability for email marketers to measure opens. iOS Mail currently... Read more »

    Microsoft Dynamic Whitepapers

  • Forging a Path to Revenue in the Digital Selling Landscape
    Four milestones every business must attain in their journey to post-pandemic revenue generation in a digital- first landscape ClickDimensions Dynamics 365Customer EngagementDynamics CRMCustomer Relationship MgmtEmail ManagementMarketing AutomationMarketing Resource Mgmt (MRM)Sales & Marketing... Read more »
  • 3 Proven Ways to Fix the Disconnects in Today's Multi-Channel Shopping Journey
    Simple ways that midsize retailers can bring all their commerce points together under a single operating platform to streamline key processes Vertex, Inc. Dynamics 365Business CentralFinance and OperationsDynamics GPRetailAccountingShippingTax Management... Read more »
  • Taking Advantage of the Tech Revolution: Strategies for AP Success
    The COVID-19 pandemic proved a lot of things. The resiliency of people, the benefits of technology, and the lack of technology adoption that inhibited organizations, specifically AP.  Metafile Dynamics 365Business CentralAIFinance and OperationsDynamics AXDynamics GPDynamics NAVDynamics SLAccountingAP AutomationBusiness Process MgmtData ManagementDocument AutomationExpense ManagementInvoice ProcessingRobotic Process Automation (RPA)... Read more »
  • Low Code No Code and Business Process Management
    One thing is for certain, low code platforms are here to stay Mavim AzureDynamics 365Customer EngagementBusiness CentralFinance and OperationsDynamics AXDynamics CRMDynamics MarketingPower platformAutomotiveConstructionConsumer GoodsDistributionEnergyEngineeringFinancial ServicesGovernmentHealthcareIndustrial EquipmentInsuranceManufacturingOilPharmaceuticalsProfessional ServicesRetailSoftwareTelecommunicationsTransportationUtilitiesWaste ManagementBusiness Performance MgmtBusiness Process MgmtCustomer Experience (CX)Customer Relationship MgmtData IntegrationData ManagementData WarehousingEnterprise ArchitectureGovernance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)IT Asset Management (ITAM)KPIsLogisticsPartner StrategyProcurementProject ManagementRisk ManagementRobotic... Read more »
  • Exploring Payment Processing: 5 Burning Questions Answered
    Exploring what payment processing services are out there, and why merchants are becoming more customer-focused Versapay Dynamics 365Business CentralDynamics NAVAccountingAP AutomationDocument AutomationFinancial ManagementInvoice Processing... Read more »
  • Behind the Balance Sheet: The Top Challenges Facing Finance Teams
    Teampay partnered with Kelton Global, A Material Company to survey 500 finance professionals about the challenges they face at work and the ways they hope to overcome them Teampay Dynamics 365Business CentralFinance and OperationsFinancial ServicesSoftwareAccountingAP AutomationBudgetingExpense ManagementFinancial ManagementInvoice ProcessingMulti-Entity ManagementMulticurrencyPayment ProcessingProcurementPurchasingSaaSSubscription Management... Read more »
  • 4 Changes Microsoft Partners Need to Make Today
    Take control of your growing cloud services business! Work 365 AzureDynamics 365SoftwareBillingCustomer ServiceInvoice ProcessingSubscription billingMicrosoft AzureMicrosoft Office 365... Read more »


  • Bullhorn’s Brand Refresh: Inspired by Staffing, Driven by Values and Vision
    Learn more about Bullhorn's brand refresh, including how and why we're updating and reinvigorating our styles, assets, and approaches.... Read more »
  • Investing in Salesforce? Why Buying, Then Building Can Be a Great Decision
    If you're currently evaluating whether to buy or build your ATS, here's why buying and then building with Salesforce may be right for you.... Read more »
  • Turn Your Website Into a 24/7/365 Recruiter
    Bullhorn Marketplace partner Haley Marketing explains how your staffing website can help you attract both clients and candidates.... Read more »
  • How to Start a Staffing Agency: 10+ Considerations for Success
    There are 20,000 staffing agencies in the US, with new firms popping up every day—often by industry professionals looking to strike out on their own. But figuring out how to start a staffing agency can be daunting. And, if you’ve already started your agency, growing it can be overwhelming, too.... Read more »
  • ATS & CRM Implementation Tips and Guidelines
    So you’re considering implementing a new applicant tracking system (ATS) or customer relationship management (CRM) system in your business. You understand the many benefits of CRM implementation: it helps to improve customer communication and enhance your business relationships, it streamlines daily operations, and it allows you to focus on your... Read more »
  • How CLM Software Simplifies Data Privacy Compliance
    GDPR, CCPA, CAATSA — if the alphabet soup of various data privacy regulations isn’t challenging enough, there’s also the difficulty of keeping up with swift regulatory changes, and by extension, their impact on contract management. While most teams have their own method for tracking emerging laws, keeping an eye on... Read more »
  • Video5 Tips for Writing Perfect Recruiting Email Subject Lines
    First impressions count. A firm handshake, a friendly smile, a well-pressed shirt, the freshest of underwear; all of these shallow and inconsequential things contribute positively to how you are perceived by others. Despite what your grandma said, books are inevitably judged by their covers. But in the crazy, mixed-up digital... Read more »

    Salesflare Blog

  • Susanne Klepsch of MeetFox
    Jeroen talked with Susanne Klepsch, co-founder of MeetFox. They talk about how we got to love processes, why as a small business you should do things that don’t scale to compete, how difficult it is to convert freemium users, and why Susanne wishes she stuck with a niche much earlier.... Read more »
  • How To Send Mass Emails In Gmail & Outlook That Seem Personal
    Want to send mass emails from your Gmail or Outlook inbox… and look awesome in front of the audience receiving the emails? Then this is the guide for you. The post How To Send Mass Emails In Gmail & Outlook That Seem Personal appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • 7 Best Lead Management & Tracking Software + Feature Comparison
    Discover the 10 core features the top 7 lead management and tracking software platforms have, how satisfied real users are with each, and their pricing. The post 7 Best Lead Management & Tracking Software + Feature Comparison appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • 10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps for Every Use Case
    Whether you're using a CRM, Google Contacts, Outlook, Android, iPhone, Excel, ... there's a business card scanner in this list for everyone. The post 10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps for Every Use Case appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • The Ultimate Guide to Mailchimp
    No matter how you say their name, the Atlanta-based marketing automation and email marketing platform Mailchimp was founded in 2001, and has seen incredible growth over the years. Learn how to use this amazing product in our tutorial. The post The Ultimate Guide to Mailchimp appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • How To Build A Sales Funnel That Sells
    Building a sales funnel? We'll guide you through the four different stages of creating a successful sales funnel, complete with examples and templates. The post How To Build A Sales Funnel That Sells appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • Salesforce vs Zoho vs HubSpot vs Pipedrive vs Salesflare: what’s the best sales CRM for small businesses in 2021?
    Looking for the right CRM among 640+ alternatives? Quickly read up on the leading CRMs in this structured comparison of the best sales CRMs for small businesses. The post Salesforce vs Zoho vs HubSpot vs Pipedrive vs Salesflare: what’s the best sales CRM for small businesses in 2021? appeared first... Read more »

    Iris CRM

  • Deposits API Date Filter
    We are excited to announce that the IRIS CRM Open Deposits API now includes the ability to report on custom date ranges. Previously, month and year were the only options to select. In your query, you can now set the day for the start of your search as well as... Read more »
  • You Can Now Search Lead Notes in IRIS CRM!
    Lead notes are an important part of tracking information about your leads in IRIS CRM – now you can easily find the note you’re looking for using Lead Note Search! Lead notes track everything from user comments to appointment updates to email activity and much more. Between user and system... Read more »
  • Residual Buyouts 101 – Selling a Portfolio and Maximizing Overall Value
    Residual buyouts are programs in which ISOs or payment processors offer to purchase the residuals portfolios of the companies or agents that work under them. Buyout programs provide processors or ISOs with a fast, efficient way to bolster their own residual portfolios, enabling rapid growth without the need to go... Read more »
  • What Are ISO Payments? A Quick Guide
    Independent sales organizations (ISOs), also known as MSPs in the Mastercard world, are third parties that act as a bridge between merchants and payment processors (who are themselves often another bridge to the banks that offer merchant accounts.) ISOs partner with multiple payment processors and resell their payment processing services... Read more »
  • New Security Feature: E-Signature IP Address Reporting
    IRIS CRM is proud to announce a new security feature that will help your organization ensure the integrity of e-signed documents – E-Signature IP Address Reporting! With this new functionality, all e-signed documents that are sent and signed through IRIS CRM will log the sender and signer location along with... Read more »
  • TSYS Partner Program — How TSYS and Global Payments Put ISOs First
    Payment processors provide the services that independent sales organizations (ISOs) resell to merchants, making them a core partner in the ISO business model. Likewise, without ISOs, processors would have to spend more time, money, and effort recruiting merchants than it’s worth for them, making the ISO-processor partnership a truly symbiotic... Read more »
  • Digital Merchant Onboarding — Boarding New Business with IRIS CRM and TurboApp
    Onboarding new merchants to your processing partners is one of the most important tasks your ISO handles day-in and day-out. But boarding the old way — manually transferring merchant data from an MPA into a processor’s online portal line-by-line — is slow and extremely prone to human error.  IRIS CRM... Read more »

    Kapture CRM - Blog

  • A Complete Guide to Train Customer Service Agents Using LMS & KMS
    Is this annoying or is this annoying?  The agent tells you they will get back to you about your shipping status and ends up not getting back to you. Poor help desk service can be very frustrating and dealing with poorly informed customer service agents can be even more exhausting. ... Read more »
  • What Is Self Service Portal? And Why You Need Them
    Businesses today are seen as powerhouses when it comes to empowering the customer to utilize self-service portal for seeking resolution. Where God helps those who help themselves, you can also be considered the friendliest if you can help your customers help themselves! Furthermore, around 76% of customers prefer solving their... Read more »
  • 5 Innovative Ideas to Improve Customer Experience
    Customers today, are gauging their interaction with the brand of choice. They are delving deeper to fetch the required solution. Also since any two brands can be quite identical in selling the same product, what is differentiating them is their customer support regime.  The lens of ‘experience’ that the brands... Read more »
  • 9 Tips that will help you improve your First-Call Resolution rates
    According to a report by Forbes, about 74% of consumers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on customer experiences alone. The key to any happy and profitable business is having an efficient customer support team. Customer care support plays a crucial role in not only customer satisfaction and... Read more »
  • Digital Customer Onboarding in Banking and Financial Sector – A Complete Guide
    What is Digital (Customer) Onboarding? Picture this. How convenient does it feel when you become a customer of a financial institution just by tapping on the laptop/phone and most importantly, from within the confines of your habitat?! No hassles, no conversation with the bank employees (wink wink), no paperwork and... Read more »
  • Introducing Instagram Messenger API Integration with Kapture
    Instagram is one of the most used platforms in the entire world. According to Hootsuite Instagram is estimated to have 1+ billion active users on a monthly basis. That’s a lot.  With 500 million daily active users, Instagram is expanding and businesses need to keep up with consumer interests and... Read more »
  • 5 Effective Strategies for your Customer Support Management
    Having appropriate state-of-the-art tools in place to channel customer expectations has become an absolute today. In fact, the upheavals roped in by the pandemic have encouraged the abundant use of Digital for every action possible. Considering Customer Support Management, it was observed that the use of customer strategies (facilitated through technology) was of utmost... Read more »


  • 🎧 Skills Needed To Be Successful In Business & Life
    All of the brain wiring involved with getting along with other people happens before the age of five. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Dr. L. Carol Scott, developmental psychologist, and creator of the unique Self-Aware Success Strategies model. Visit us on Apple Podcast You can also find SalesPOP! on all... Read more »
  • Word of Mouth and Referral Marketing
    In this Expert Insight Interview, Raúl Galera discusses word of mouth and referral marketing. Raúl Galera is the Chief Advocate at Referral Candy, an app that helps eCommerce brands launch and run customer referral programs This Expert Insight Interview discusses: The relationship between word of mouth and referral marketing The... Read more »
  • 🎧 The Evolution of Positioning and Messaging
    Don’t talk the talk unless you can walk the walk. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Lisa Morton, founder, and CEO of Roland Dransfield, a fully integrated communications agency from Manchester, England. Visit us on Apple Podcast You can also find SalesPOP! on all major podcast stations. The post 🎧 The... Read more »
  • Can The Sales Profession Teach Us Life Lessons?
     To my surprise, the sales profession can teach us life lessons, as unusual as this may sound. Not until years later did I realize it was fortuitous to be in the environment. The teachings begin in the sales office and then expand out to our clientele, networks, and private matters.... Read more »
  • What is a Sales Portal?
    There are lots of marketing tools that companies use to offer products to their customers. The sales portal remains one of the most popular. Let’s take a closer look at the technology and evaluate which business areas it is more effective. Definition and features A sales portal is an interface... Read more »
  • Personalization Should Be Synonymous With Prospects
    If salespeople want to maximize their profits and make the most out of their time, they need to learn how to personalize their prospects while conserving time. While this might seem contradictory, it can be done with good prospecting software and a detailed prospecting plan.  The Importance of Continually Prospecting... Read more »
  • The Evolution of Positioning and Messaging (video)
    In this Expert Insight Interview, Lisa Morton discusses positioning and messaging. Lisa Morton is the founder and CEO of Roland Dransfield, a fully integrated communications agency. This Expert Insight Interview discusses: The evolution of positioning and messaging What positioning and messaging is all about Examples of companies “talking the talk,”... Read more »

    HelloLeads Blog

  • Zoho People – 15 Amazing Stats and Facts
    What does Zoho People do: Zoho People is a HR software component of the Zoho Corporation which is a straightforward and scalable HR solution for managing workforce and employee-related activities. Zoho People Website: www.zoho.com/people/ Zoho People Launch Year: 2008 Company Name: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd Zoho Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu,... Read more »
  • Top 5 lead generation platforms for Real Estate Industry in USA
    In the real estate industry, the process of finding and connecting with potential customers is a crucial one. As there are thousands of real estate agents out there, you must have a distinct power when you perform the role of a realtor. With the conventional marketing ecosystem, the process of... Read more »
  • Crello – 21 Amazing Stats and Facts
    What does Crello do: Crello is an online graphic design creating tool that allows one to create designs for social media, blogs, marketing materials, and other types of ads quickly and without professional design skills. Crello Website: www.crello.com Crello Launch year: October, 2019 Subsidiaries: Depositphotos Crello headquarters: New York, NY,... Read more »
  • 10 Life-Changing Lessons from Tokyo Olympics
    As human beings, we learn life skills from our parents, friends, teachers and also through self-realization. Other than these conventional channels of learning, one of the best available sources for learning life skills is sports. Sports is a combination of entertainment and providing moral lessons that help in developing leadership... Read more »
  • How do Small Businesses Earn Customer Loyalty?
    Customer loyalty is one of the most important factors for sustaining any business. Especially, for small businesses, customer loyalty helps to make them sustainable in the market and drive their business to the next orbit and grow rapidly. Earning the loyalty of a customer is a challenging task in business.... Read more »
  • CRM for Small and Medium businesses
    Why does your small business need a CRM? Running a small business is never easy. Your small business environment is ever-changing, dynamic and challenging. Customers change and customer needs change. To make life easy and to make work productive in this challenging environment, a small business needs tools for managing... Read more »
  • Voice Recording your calls – Top 10 IVR Providers
    Over the years, technology has revolutionized the world in many ways, starting from the way we live and we communicate. Today, many users book their travel and entertainment tickets online, automating their banking process. Throughout their online journey, most of the customers feel comfortable reaching their customer service team without... Read more »

    Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software – ConvergeHub

  • Fax Integration
    The post Fax Integration appeared first on Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub.... Read more »
  • Skype Call Integration
    The post Skype Call Integration appeared first on Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub.... Read more »
  • Office 365 Calendar
    The post Office 365 Calendar appeared first on Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub.... Read more »
  • Customer Portal
    The post Customer Portal appeared first on Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub.... Read more »
  • Template Modification
    The post Template Modification appeared first on Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub.... Read more »
  • API Field Name
    The post API Field Name appeared first on Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub.... Read more »
  • Lead Management Best Practices That Really Drive Conversions
    The sales cycle has changed in the last decade or so. Today most businesses are online. The Covid-19 pandemic has compelled the rest to bring their businesses online. And a large part of the sales process is also done online. The internet and mobile proliferation have made your customers much... Read more »
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