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  • CRM Recommendations with Gmail Integration for a Small Business/Solopreneur?
    Hi all! I run an audio/music mastering business by myself and am looking into various CRMs to try and help organize my outreach and sales funnel process into one streamlined process. Because my business is volume-based and fairly simple in nature (I offer very few services and don't have any... Read more »
  • Problems you experience when using a workflow management system that no one talks about.
    Have you encountered certain problems when using software for work? Are specially designed applications to facilitate work such indispensable things that help to avoid micromanagement and automate processes? Or do they still have some gaps? Share your stories about whether you experienced irritation, inconvenience, etc. when using them. I read... Read more »
  • ZOHO CRM : Email & Phone Checker Extension
    The Phone&Email Checker extension automatically verifies the authenticity of phone numbers and email addresses. The extension works with the standard Zoho CRM modules: Contacts and Leads. The Phone&Email Checker extension validates leads that are new, or those that have been created or modified during that day. Key Features: - Phone... Read more »
  • Copy Unsaved WhatsApp numbers for CRM
    Is there a way to copy all the unsaved numbers from your whatsapp? submitted by /u/anakin231 [link] [comments]... Read more »
  • What user-friendly CRM do you recommend for social media & email marketing?
    Hi, I'm a freelance photographer trying to help my swamped girlfriend with her business, please I need help! In a nutshell, she works with artisans in Japan and she promotes and sells their products and workshops online in Europe. She is starting to have some traction by doing openings and... Read more »
  • I want a personal CRM
    Hey guys! So I use to work in the car business and loved the crm that my dealership used to create better business! I left and have been working at Kay Jewelers for roughly 4 years now. I am a top sales consultant in the company. My company CRM really... Read more »
  • How do you organize your workflow?
    Hi everyone, I need your advice! I am pretty happy to say that we`ve gathered a nice team and opened our first startup! But, we also faced a problem with organizing our workflow… So, could you tell me, do you use any task or process management tools to organize your... Read more »

    Agile CRM Blog

  • 12 Best Customer Feedback Softwares in 2023
    The customer feedback software market has grown significantly over the past few years. As businesses become increasingly data-driven, they are increasingly turning to customer feedback software to gain deeper insights into customer behaviour and preferences. Customer feedback software helps businesses collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback in order to... Read more »
  • Best Appointment Scheduling Tools in 2023
    Appointment schedulers are business tools that allow clients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments through a web interface. When clients want to make an appointment, they go to your business’s website, Facebook Page, or anywhere else the booking software is supported, and choose an available date and time. The appointment... Read more »
  • 15 Best Content Planning Tools
    Content Planning Tools have evolved over the years to become an essential part of any content marketing strategy. In the past, content planning was a manual process, with marketers relying on spreadsheets and paper documents to create their content plans. But as digital marketing has become increasingly sophisticated, content planning... Read more »
  • Best HRMS Software in 2023
    HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software is a system that is designed to manage the human resources of an organization. This system typically includes a database of employee information, payroll software, tools for performance management and recruiting, and other features that are designed to help manage the organization’s human resources.... Read more »
  • Best Video Conferencing Software in 2023
    The ability to hold in-person meetings is more crucial than ever in the business world of today. But as the internet and mobile technology have developed, more and more individuals are working remotely. In this situation, video conferencing software is useful because it enables participants to hold meetings remotely. A... Read more »
  • 15 Best Project Management Softwares in 2023
    Project management software has come a long way since its early days as a tool for managing simple tasks in the workplace. Today, it is an essential tool for any organization, offering powerful features to help manage complex projects, improve productivity, and boost team collaboration. In the past, project management... Read more »
  • Best Email Marketing Tools in 2023
    Email marketing has come a long way since its inception. In the early days of email, marketers were limited to a single email blast that was sent out to everyone on their list. This was not very effective and often led to a low response rate. As technology advanced, email... Read more »

    Nutshell CRM Blog

  • Announcing Nutshell drip sequences: Deliver a perfectly timed email series without a single click
    Nurturing your email subscribers takes a lot of work. So…what if we did it for you? Several months ago, we introduced our customers to our email marketing platform Nutshell Marketing. Since then, we’ve been working closely with our customers to better understand their email marketing needs and help unite their... Read more »
  • What is marketing? 25 experts define it in one sentence
    Marketing is the one thing every company does but nobody can agree on. A marketer could spend their time writing blog articles, designing marketing emails, recording podcasts, sharing content on social media, managing PPC channels, producing virtual events, gathering product feedback from customers…we could list a dozen more things and... Read more »
  • The best marketing emails sent by Nutshell customers, vol. 1
    We wanted to showcase some of the ways our customers are expertly (and beautifully) using Nutshell Marketing to reach audiences and drive business! Since being launched earlier this year, we are seeing more and more Nutshell CRM customers using our email marketing platform Nutshell Marketing to reach their audiences, measure... Read more »
  • How to engage millennials with email
    Proper email marketing allows companies to learn about and build relationships with their target audience, increase brand authority and customer loyalty, and boost revenue. In short, email marketing is an incredible channel that’s been proven, time and time again, to produce amazing ROI. But how does email perform with younger... Read more »
  • 5 ways to make your emails more persuasive
    Email marketing can be captivating, persuasive, powerful, and a phenomenal tool for lead generation—if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, it’s so easy to just slap words together and hit “send” without really thinking about what you’re saying. This approach may yield the occasional win. But for the most part,... Read more »
  • 5 ways to boost your email response rate
    If you want to succeed with email—and let’s be real, who doesn’t want that?—you need to track important metrics like your open, click-through, and conversion rate. But there’s one metric that doesn’t get the love it deserves: the email response rate. In this article, we’ll discuss what email response rate... Read more »
  • VideoA farewell to the open rate
    This fall, when we all unwrap our batch of new emojis with iOS 15, we’ll also say goodbye to something that’s been in the marketer’s toolbox for 20 years: the open rate. Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection feature eliminates the ability for email marketers to measure opens. iOS Mail currently... Read more »

    Microsoft Dynamic Whitepapers

  • The 7 Most Common Reasons Not to Invest in Better CPQ Technology — and Why They’re Wrong
    "I know we need a new CPQ system, but..." Experlogix Dynamics 365Business CentralFinance and OperationsDynamics AXDynamics CRMDynamics GPDynamics NAVCPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)Sales/Product Configurator... Read more »
  • Using Your Dynamics and Marketing Automation Integration to Trigger Email Campaigns
    Ensure your CRM system is funneling opportunity to your marketing automation platform with the data it needs to generate the most effective follow-up campaigns emfluence Dynamics 365Customer EngagementDynamics CRMDynamics MarketingPower platformPower AppsMarketing AutomationMarketing Resource Mgmt (MRM)Sales & Marketing... Read more »
  • Why Furniture Manufacturers Need CPQ
    Automating and expediting furniture configuration and manufacturing processes is helping the furniture industry evolve Experlogix Dynamics 365Customer EngagementBusiness CentralFinance and OperationsDynamics AXDynamics CRMDynamics GPDynamics NAVFurnitureCPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)Sales/Product ConfiguratorSupply Chain Management... Read more »
  • Is Enhancing Your D365 Shipping Operation at the Top of Your List This Christmas?
    As we move into 2023, it’s expected that more businesses will be keen to re-evaluate their overall supply chain strategies and potential new business models NMB Solutions Dynamics 365Finance and Operations3PLLogisticsShippingSupply Chain ManagementTransportation Management... Read more »
  • Microsoft Dynamics & SMS/Text Messaging Platforms: 7 Things to Consider
    It’s important to find a truly native integration in order to realize the full benefit of using SMS/texting TrueDialog Dynamics 365Customer EngagementCustomer ServiceField ServiceMarketingProject Service AutomationProject OperationsSalesDynamics CRMDynamics MarketingPower Pages (Power Apps Portals)Customer Relationship MgmtCustomer ServiceSales & Marketing... Read more »
  • (Infographic) 7 Key Clauses Commonly Found in SaaS Contracts
    This infographic breaks down seven key clauses found in most SaaS contracts Binary Stream Dynamics 365Business CentralFinance and OperationsDynamics GPDynamics NAVAssociationsConsumer GoodsFinancial ServicesMarketingSoftwareAdvanced PricingAP AutomationBI and ReportingBill Of Material MgmtBillingBudgetingBusiness Performance MgmtComplex BillingContract ManagementCPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)Customer Relationship MgmtCustomer ServiceFinancial ManagementFreight ManagementInvoice ProcessingIT Service Management (ITSM)KPIsRevenue recognitionSaaSSales & MarketingSales and... Read more »
  • (Infographic) Build a SaaS Migration Roadmap with 7 Best Practices
    This infographic covers the 7 best practices to help companies map a custom roadmap for SaaS migration Binary Stream Dynamics 365Business CentralFinance and OperationsDynamics GPDynamics NAVAutomotiveConsumer GoodsFinancial ServicesMarketingSoftwareAccountingAdvanced PricingAP AutomationBI and ReportingBill Of Material MgmtBillingComplex BillingConfiguration & DevelopmentConsolidation AccountingCPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)Customer Relationship MgmtFinancial ManagementInvoice ProcessingKPIsMarketing AutomationSaaSSales & MarketingSales and... Read more »

    Microsoft Dynamics Case Studies

  • Logan University Saves 20% on SMS Texting and Countless Hours using native Microsoft integration
    With a new CRM and a generation of students preferring text messages over emails, the institution recognized an opportunity to modernize its communications strategy TrueDialog Dynamics 365Customer EngagementCustomer ServiceMarketingSalesDynamics CRMDynamics MarketingPower AppsCustomer Relationship MgmtCustomer ServiceSales & Ops Planning... Read more »
  • Long-Term Healthcare Facility Operator Manages 19 Locations with One Accountant
    Discover how this long-term healthcare facility operator manages 19 locations effectively with one accountant Binary Stream Dynamics GPFinancial ServicesHealth & WellnessHealthcareMarketingMedical DevicesPharmaceuticalsSoftwareTax and AccountingAccountingAdvanced PricingAP AutomationBill Of Material MgmtBillingBusiness Process MgmtConsolidation AccountingCPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)Data ManagementFinancial ManagementInventory ManagementInvoice ProcessingMulti-Entity ManagementSoftware LicensingSupply Chain ManagementMicrosoft Office 365... Read more »
  • Signature HealthCARE Saves $120,000 a Year While Scaling from 55 to 239 Entities
    Signature HealthCARE streamlined accounting and enabled their team to shift from over 55 databases to just one Binary Stream AzureDynamics GPPower platformAerospace & DefenseArchitectureAutomotiveConsumer GoodsDistributionFinancial ServicesFood & BeverageHealth & WellnessHealthcareHospitalityInsuranceLegalLumberManufacturingMarketingPharmaceuticalsSoftwareTax and AccountingTransportationUtilitiesAccountingAP AutomationBillingBudgetingBusiness Performance MgmtBusiness Process MgmtComplex BillingContract ManagementCustomer Relationship MgmtData ManagementDistributionE-CommerceFinancial ManagementInventory ManagementMulti-Entity ManagementTax ManagementMicrosoft Office 365... Read more »
  • MB2 Dental Scales Monthly Invoicing for 250 Locations Without Adding Overheads
    MB2 Dental needed a way to process thousands of monthly invoices across 250 locations without adding additional overhead Binary Stream Dynamics 365Dynamics AXDynamics GPDynamics NAVAerospace & DefenseArchitectureAssociationsAutomotiveBoatingConstructionConsumer GoodsDesign & DecoratingDistributionEnergyEngineeringFinancial ServicesFood & BeverageFurnitureHealth & WellnessHealthcareHospitalityIndustrial EquipmentInsuranceLife SciencesLumberManufacturingMarketingMedia & EntertainmentMedical DevicesMetalsPharmaceuticalsProperty ManagementSoftwareTax and AccountingTelecommunicationsTelemarketingTransportationTravel & LeisureUtilitiesAccountingBillingBudgetingBusiness Performance MgmtBusiness Process MgmtComplex BillingContract... Read more »
  • Case study: Sunshine 811 Saves $15,000 Annually by Streaming Recurring Billing with Subscription Billing Suite
    Sunshine 811 struggled to gain complete visibility of its billing processes. Discover their journey to streamlining recurring revenue Binary Stream Dynamics 365Dynamics AXDynamics CRMDynamics GPDynamics NAVDynamics SLPower platformAutomotiveConstructionConsumer GoodsDistributionEducationEnergyFinancial ServicesHealth & WellnessHealthcareHospitalityHosting ServicesIndustrial EquipmentInsuranceManufacturingMedia & EntertainmentPharmaceuticalsProfessional ServicesReal EstateRentalRetailSoftwareStaffing & RecruitingTax and AccountingTelecommunicationsTelemarketingTransportationUtilitiesAccountingAuditingBankingBill Of Material MgmtBillingBudgetingBusiness Performance MgmtBusiness Process MgmtComplex BillingConsolidation... Read more »
  • Dynamics NAV & Salesforce Integration: Signature Systems Group
    After a previously successful Salesforce integration, Signature Systems Group, a manufacturer and distributor of innovative industrial matting and specialty flooring systems for global events, returned to DBSync seeking help to manage the ever-increasing data from their company’s continued growth. It was determined that it was time to move from QuickBooks... Read more »
  • Jim Pattison Group Saves $70,000 Annually from Consolidating 150 Subsidiaries with Multi-Entity Management
    Discover how The Jim Pattison Group streamlined data management across 150 subsidiaries with Multi-Entity Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central Binary Stream Dynamics 365Business CentralFinance and OperationsDynamics AXDynamics GPDynamics NAVPower platformAerospace & DefenseAgricultureArchitectureAssociationsAutomotiveBoatingConstructionConsumer GoodsDesign & DecoratingDistributionElectronicsEnergyEngineeringFabless SemiconductorFinancial ServicesFood & BeverageFurnitureHealth & WellnessHealthcareHospitalityHosting ServicesIndustrial EquipmentInsuranceJewelryLife SciencesLumberManufacturingMarketingMedia & EntertainmentMedical DevicesMetalsMineralsOilPharmaceuticalsPrintingProfessional ServicesProperty ManagementReal... Read more »

    Act-On Marketing Automation

  • Act-On in Action: How We Built Our Customer Power-Up Series and Gained 700 New Best Friends
    In 2022, we decided to bring back a program built and designed specifically with our customers in mind, Act-On Customer Power-Ups, a dedication customer webinar series.  We’ve seen great engagement and are building out even more programming for 2023.   When you launch or relaunch a customer program, it’s not guaranteed... Read more »
  • Why ISO 27001 is Important for Marketers
    Data security has always been important, but urgency around security only grew during the pandemic when many industries – such as healthcare – experienced all-time highs in the volume of security breaches. Marketing has also transformed over the past several years. Customers don’t just prefer personalized experiences – they demand... Read more »
  • Manufacturing Marketing Trends for 2022
    As far as manufacturing has come with the digital transformation, it’s shocking how far behind fully-digitized shops can be when it comes to sales and marketing. Look, traditional marketing methods like in-person conferences, direct mail and good ol’ fashioned cold calling do have their place. But, if you’re not also... Read more »
  • Planning for a Successful Holiday Email Marketing Campaign
    A guest post from Brandon Blair and Travis Wetherbee on our Deliverability Team The holidays are the busiest time for email marketers and 2022 is going to be no different. This is the time of the year where volume and frequency are adjusted to try and meet those year end goals.... Read more »
  • VideoWebinar Wrap-Up: Content is the Future of Manufacturing Marketing
    Planning, creating and analyzing the performance of B2B marketing content is one of the greatest challenges to manufacturing marketing in Europe. In fact, a poll during our recent webinar, on “The Digital Transformation and the Future of Manufacturing Marketing” showed 45% of attendees feel content is their greatest marketing challenge.... Read more »
  • VideoAct-On Presents: The Rebel Instinct Podcast
    The Rebel Instinct Podcast features conversations with mavericks and outlaws across the marketing and martech space. Join us for conversations with technology executives, marketers and taste makers who trail-blaze boldly in their fields. Watch on YouTube, or listen on your podcast platform for stories about rebellious choices at work, what... Read more »
  • Act-On in Action: How Act-On Helped Me Gain Autonomy as a Marketer
    When I graduated college, I thought I had a pretty good idea about the marketing landscape. But, when the marketing department at my first job implemented Marketo, I realized something was missing from my education: marketing automation. This article shares my career growth story, working in Marketo, then HubSpot, and... Read more »


  • Is Your Staffing Firm Recession-Ready?
    Are we in a recession? Are we in a boom? It’s hard to know for sure. On one hand, we have two quarters of a declining GDP, soaring inflation, skyrocketing costs, and steadily rising interest rates—the very definition of a recession. On the other hand, unemployment has dropped to a... Read more »
  • Top Healthcare Staffing Talent Expectations for 2023 – And How to Exceed Them
    Healthcare staffing is having a moment. This year, healthcare staffing revenue reached historic highs and is projected by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) to reach $50B in 2023. But that growth doesn’t come without challenges. In their recent Healthcare Staffing Pulse Report, SIA found that healthcare staffing firms put their recruiting... Read more »
  • Connected Recruiting: How To Take Your Onboarding Experience from Mess to Success
    Today’s candidates have high expectations for staffing firms. What used to be the priority for candidates – getting a stable job – has changed in the wake of digital transformation and a younger talent pool. The modern candidate wants speed, flexibility, choice, and happiness. Everything in the younger generation’s life... Read more »
  • Here’s What Happened at Healthcare Staffing Summit
    At the beginning of the month, those across the staffing and healthcare industries came together in Houston, Texas, for Healthcare Staffing Summit, presented by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA). The conference featured dynamic discussions, thought-provoking keynotes, and dozens of breakout sessions on the most pressing issues in healthcare staffing. Bullhorn was... Read more »
  • Take the 2023 Staffing and Recruitment Trends Survey
    The 2023 Global Staffing & Recruitment Trends Survey is underway. Share your insights on the challenges and opportunities shaping staffing industry trends for 2023.... Read more »
  • Uncovering the Latest Industrial Staffing Trends (And What Commercial Workers Want)
    500+ commercial/LI workers shared how they want to be contacted and why they work with recruiters. Read on for industrial staffing trends!... Read more »
  • 3 Actionable Ways To Create a Great Candidate Experience
    According to statistics, more than half (60%) of all candidates say that they’ve had a negative experience with a company during the hiring process. Can you afford to be part of those stats and damage your reputation? And we don’t just mean the off-putting online reviews. Virgin Media analyzed the... Read more »

    Salesflare Blog

  • Salesforce vs. HubSpot: What Do Real Users Think?
    Summary of what real users think about Salesforce vs. HubSpot. We've read all the reviews and structured people's feedback in one handy comparison. The post Salesforce vs. HubSpot: What Do Real Users Think? appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • 4 B2B Sales Strategies Guaranteed To Bring You More Customers
    B2B sales are hard! Master these four B2B sales strategies that helped our customers overcome challenges, and stay on top of the game! The post 4 B2B Sales Strategies Guaranteed To Bring You More Customers appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • 5 Best Cold Emails We’ve Ever Sent + Downloadable Templates
    Our emails got 32% reply rate on average... for real. We'll show you 5 that worked and 2 that didn't work, and explain why. A bonus: downloadable templates. The post 5 Best Cold Emails We’ve Ever Sent + Downloadable Templates appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • 30+ Best Lead Generation Tools (by Type)
    Too many lead generation software tools? Explore them by category and find out how you can use them to increase sales by building a solid sales lead generator machine. The post 30+ Best Lead Generation Tools (by Type) appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • 7 Best Salesforce Competitors for Small Business
    Discover the top Salesforce alternatives ranked by review scores, with pros and cons, and a step-by-step guide to moving from Salesforce to a competitor. The post 7 Best Salesforce Competitors for Small Business appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • Salesforce Contract: What They Won’t Tell You
    Before you sign a Salesforce contract, read this to understand what the fine print in the Master Subscription Agreement stipulates... and how it works out in practice. The post Salesforce Contract: What They Won’t Tell You appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »
  • Want to close more deals? Try these clever follow-up email templates for different scenarios
    The key to sales is following up. We've written an email template for every scenario, so you will always know what to send. The post Want to close more deals? Try these clever follow-up email templates for different scenarios appeared first on Salesflare Blog.... Read more »

    Iris CRM

  • Customizable Merchant Tab Permissions
    IRIS CRM is excited to announce that you can now fully customize the visibility of merchant tabs based on Group, User Class, and User for each processor your ISO is working with.  Previously, the visibility settings only allowed you to make a tab visible or not for all users, with... Read more »
  • Shopping Around: What a Waning Trend in Customer Loyalty Means for Payment Companies
    Like all industries, technology has unquestionably had an enormous impact on payments and financial services. But, in a sea of new apps, ecommerce systems, and digital options, perhaps the biggest impact new payments tech has had on the space has been less visible – or at least easier to ignore:... Read more »
  • Automated TSYS Daily Fee Indicator Maintenance
    IRIS CRM is happy to share our newest functionality for TSYS FSP ISOs to update your merchants’ Daily Fee Indicator without having to switch platforms. We have added a new ticket type – TSYS – Update Daily Fee Indicator (Auto) – that works like our other automated TSYS maintenance tickets.... Read more »
  • How ISO Agent Programs Help Sales Professionals Succeed in Payments
    ISO agent programs help pair talented salespeople with independent sales organizations (ISOs) looking for help recruiting new merchants. They’re just one method of entry into the merchant services space, but they offer some notable benefits to independent agents, including simplicity, structure, security, and more. The following is a brief rundown... Read more »
  • Understanding Merchant Services
    Merchant services and the payments industry as a whole are complex, with multiple layers of service providers and countless moving parts all working to ensure electronic payments are accessible to merchants and fast, frictionless, and convenient for consumers. But what exactly are merchant services? It’s a broad term that covers... Read more »
  • Instant Payments: Keeping Up with the Industry’s Fastest Trend
    Instant payments, also called real-time payments (RTP), are an emerging payment technology that provides recipients with near-instantaneous access to funds thanks to specialized networks and the elimination of the traditional settlement process. Instant payments have gained significant popularity around the world in recent years and are quickly becoming a mainstream... Read more »
  • What Does ISO Mean in Banking and Payment Processing?
    To the average person, ISO is the acronym used by the International Organization for Standards. To photographers, it describes the light sensitivity of a digital camera or a piece of film. But to banks and merchants it means something very different. In banking and payments, ISO stands for independent sales... Read more »

    Kapture CRM - Blog

  • How Different Generations Expectations Compare: Genz vs Baby Boomers vs Millennials
    The definition of excellent customer service has evolved. People hold all businesses to a higher standard and expect them to consistently deliver the finest experience they have ever experienced. With fierce competition, shifting customer preferences, and dwindling brand loyalty, organizations that engage in knowing their customers and adapting to ever-changing... Read more »
  • Quick Commerce: Catering to Changing Needs of The Customers
    The e-commerce landscape has quickly adapted to the changing needs of customers. The modern consumer journey is focused on speed. Potential stakeholders in the eCommerce ecosystem are concerned about how to adapt to swings in demand and supply.  Speedy service needs to deliver swift resolutions to be in sync with... Read more »
  • How to Reduce Customer Churn: The Best Tips for Your Business
    Every business has churn, and more often than not, it is considerably easier (and less expensive) to retain a current customer than it is to acquire a new one. It is also far easier to save a customer before they go than to persuade them to return. Understanding and reducing... Read more »
  • Getting Started With Kapture? Here are 5 Features That Will Save Your More Time
    Keeping up with client expectations is critical to your organization, which means your support operations must be quick. Is it possible for your team to simply add additional channels to your support software? Or give your agents the ability to effortlessly transition between channels while maintaining client context? If not,... Read more »
  • Best Practices for On-Boarding Customer Service Agents
    Your customer service department is an excellent chance to engage with customers, assist them in resolving difficulties, and demonstrate your concern. When you do this right, you may reap the benefits for many years to come. Training your customer service staff is just as vital as training your marketing or... Read more »
  • CX Acceleration: Here is how to do it right
    Ever wondered what is that one thing that can help you be your customer’s first choice? Let us share the ways shared by our customer support head, Soujanya Prabhu about how brands can deliver a superb customer experience and keep customers super happy. A happy and loyal customer promotes your... Read more »
  • Personalized customer interaction and its importance
    Today, personalization is a key differentiating factor in customer service. The more layers of personalization you add in a resolution the better your customer service experience is going to be. We are at a stage where customers have now become comfortable with companies collecting their data as it’s being used... Read more »


  • Pipeliner’s Groundbreaking Revenue Intelligence
    Pipeliner’s Groundbreaking Revenue Intelligence In my last blog, I introduced Piperliner’s new Revenue Intelligence Loop. Let’s now take a deeper look at this loop, and the powerful functionality it can provide for you. Revenue Intelligence First of all, what can revenue intelligence do for your organization? It allows you to... Read more »
  • Effective Tips for a New Cryptocurrency Trader
    Cryptocurrency is one of the newer trading assets. These are digital currencies, and there are many representations in circulation in the current trading market. This currency has certainly gained traction in terms of interest and subscription over the last decade or so, and there has been a lot of value... Read more »
  • Does your small business need cyber insurance?
    Starting a business isn’t usually easy. It requires dedication and investment. Small business owners often wish they could do without insurance because spending for something they might not need feels counterintuitive when money is tight. But the risk is too significant to go without business insurance. Unfortunately, a standard business... Read more »
  • All Sectors Are at Risk as Cyber Threats Expand Targeting
    Digitization in any field also opens doors for cybercriminals. With digitization, many sectors that previously did not suffer from cybercrime have fallen victim to it. Read in our article what kind of companies and institutions are now in the sights of cybercriminals and what can be done to fight criminals.... Read more »
  • How to Prepare For Any Media Or Podcast Interview (video)
    Susan Harrow is a renowned media trainer, marketing strategist, and the author of “Sell yourself without selling your soul.” And for over 33 years, she’s trained thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and assorted leaders by solving the world’s most pressing problems to turn their message into money using media appearances. In... Read more »
  • Can a New Hosting Service Drive Revenue?
    Having a strong online presence is valuable to most businesses nowadays, which is why having the perfect web design and web platform has become integral. Professional web hosting services are a thriving industry in itself. Valued at USD 78.2 billion in 2021, it’s expected to surpass USD 251.44 billion in... Read more »
  • Excellence and Showing Up As The Best Version of Yourself
    Rael Bricker is known as The Excellence Guy, and he works with people (and companies) on their journey to excellence by enabling them to show up as the best versions of themselves daily. After 30+ years as a serial entrepreneur in everything from education to finance to fitness, he made... Read more »

    HelloLeads Blog

  • How to Build a Strong Customer Referral Program for your business
    Where do you go when you’re looking for a new brunch location, another show to binge-watch on Netflix, or the perfect pair of jeans? Before you start exploring possibilities on your own, you’ll probably ask your friends and family for ideas—and you’ll probably trust those recommendations. That is why consumer... Read more »
  • 20 Amazing Stats and Facts about Sendinblue
    1. About Sendinblue: Sendinblue is a relationship marketing SaaS platform (Also Known As Mailinblue) It provides a cloud-based marketing communication software suite that includes email marketing, transactional email, marketing automation, customer relationship management, landing pages, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, SMS marketing, and more. Sendinblue is the only all-in-one digital marketing... Read more »
  • How To Streamline Your Business using a CRM
    Are you looking to streamline your sales process? Your sales process is an integral part of your business’ success. Entrepreneurs strive to serve their consumers efficiently and cost-effectively. Enhancing your organization’s operations, simplifying processes, and increasing efficiency are vital. The most effective business practices require seamless operations, so you must... Read more »
  • 21 Amazing Stats and Facts about Toodledo
    1. About Toodledo: Toodledo is one of the most popular task management tools which has a set of incredibly powerful tools that provides you with a place to write long notes, make custom lists, create structured outlines and track your habits. Toodledo is a lithe and multi-functional tool that will... Read more »
  • Email Marketing: How to Reduce Soft Bounce Rates
    Email Marketing is a powerful tool to reach out to your target audience and build relationships with them. A well-executed email marketing campaign can boost user engagement, retention, and conversion rates. An unsuccessful email marketing campaign, on the other hand, not only fails to achieve any of the desired results... Read more »
  • How to Build a Remote, International Sales Team
    Today’s Managers are likely to have staff all around the world. For many people, this is a novel occurrence that necessitates training on how to manage a team that is not physically located in the same location. Organizations that have gone remote report productivity boosts of up to 33% and have... Read more »
  • Time for America to eat with hands!
    Single-use plastic is a ticking time bomb for the environment. Avoid it wherever and whenever possible. – Jennifer Nini I am from India and I recently visited the US for attending a few business events/conferences. One of the events organized near San Francisco and I attended, had close to 10K... Read more »
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    Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software – ConvergeHub

  • Differences Between ERP and CRM
    When companies look to automate their core business processes, they typically look for two main software solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). CRM helps a company manage customer interaction, while ERP helps companies run business processes by seamlessly connecting operational, and financial systems. Both of the... Read more »
  • Doing More with Less
    The mood is gloomy … The predictions are dire … Newsrooms as well as water cooler discussions are filled with talk about slowing growth, budget cuts, layoffs, … Trimming the fat … Tightening the belt … Faced with an economic recession just around the corner, businesses are bracing for a... Read more »
  • Top 5 CRM Software For Healthcare And Their Benefits
    Managing customer interactions is the hardest thing ever. For healthcare organizations, this is even more challenging. Keeping track of patients’ data requires a lot of dedication and accuracy, which is almost impossible when you do it manually. Having a healthcare CRM in place makes the job hassle-free while increasing its... Read more »
  • Lead Generator Free Tool
    DOWNLOAD The post Lead Generator Free Tool appeared first on Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub.... Read more »
  • CRM Software For Accountants _7 Key Features
    Accounting is not just about pressing numbers and getting results. From forecasting business trends and providing cost reduction guidance to keeping clients’ financial space out of harm’s way- an accountant’s job extends beyond what meets the eye. Having an accounting CRM streamlines the core accounting process while taking care of... Read more »
  • Unscripted
    Does the customer service in your organization have a heart?For a very long time … for decades really … predictability, consistency and efficiency have been the main mantra of customer service in all businesses, especially large enterprises. And companies have tried to achieve this with rigorous training of their customer... Read more »
  • Webinar Signup For Free
    signup now The post Webinar Signup For Free appeared first on Best Small and Medium Business CRM Software - ConvergeHub.... Read more »

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