• Hertz Agrees to $168 Million Settlement Over Bogus Stolen-Car Arrests
    After years of accusations and hundreds of wrongful arrests, the saga of Hertz having people arrested over bogus claims of car theft may be coming to an end. The rental company has announced that it has reached a $168 million settlement with 365 people who say they were wrongfully arrested... Read more »
  • The U.S. Forest Service Is Trying Out the Electric Ford F-150 Lightning
    Just over a year ago, the Biden White House issued a sweeping order regarding vehicle emissions. In working towards the administration’s emissions-lowering goals, the order mandated that government vehicle fleets begin transitioning to EVs — including the organization with the best paint scheme in the whole government…Read more...... Read more »
  • Europe Will Stop Buying Oil From Russia to Cut Putin's War Money
    Countries around the world are hitting Russia where it hurts: the country’s oil profits. Plus, EU officials really want European car companies to be eligible for U.S. electric-car tax credits, and the number of people using bike-sharing services across America has risen beyond pre-pandemic levels. All this and more in... Read more »
  • You Can Buy Elvis Presley's Private Jet, But You Probably Don't Want To
    If you’ve ever been to Graceland and thought to yourself, “Hey, those private planes they have on display look pretty neat. It sure would be great if I could own one,” we have great news. The Drive reports Mecum will be auctioning off one of Elvis Presley’s old planes in... Read more »
  • What Car Deserved Worse?
    Some cars never get their due. They’ve overlooked, underappreciated, and generally never get the response or acclaim that they so truly deserve. Other cars, however, have the opposite problem — they get far more praise and appreciation than they’ve ever earned. Read more...... Read more »
  • These Are All the Cars That Are Dying in 2022
    While it’s not unusual for models to get canned for a new model year, something about the 2023 model year feels particularly... concerning. There’s a slew of models not returning for the new model year, ranging from more than a few small affordable cars to some models you might not... Read more »
  • The Acura Integra Type S Is Coming, And We Got to Drive a Prototype
    Before I can see the camouflaged car come around the corner at Honda’s Tochigi proving grounds, I can hear it. Reverberating off the walls is the distinct sound of a turbocharged four-cylinder, but one with way more personality than anything else Honda offers. It’s louder and rowdier, with pops and... Read more »

    Fuel Curve

  • Limefire Roadster – Dual Purpose Dynamo
    The list of hot rod luminaries that roamed SoCal’s sunny landscape – many profiled in this column – helped define what we know today as “hot rod culture.” And every once in a while, a handful of such legends join forces to create a special […] The post Limefire Roadster... Read more »
  • Chevy’s Only! Dino’s Git Down Continues to Grow at New Location
    It was only a few short years ago (2017 to be exact) that Dino Battilana was holding his annual Dino’s Git Down at his downtown Phoenix appliance shop. Sure, the trucks were just as cool back then as they are now. But for anyone that […] The post Chevy’s Only!... Read more »
  • ’Tis the Season! A Holiday Gift Guide for Hot Rodders
    The weather is getting cooler, and the car show season is coming to an end. As we cruise toward the finish line of 2022, we all know what’s on the horizon: the holiday season. Yes, the holidays are right around the corner, so we figured […] The post ’Tis the... Read more »
  • Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series Duel in the Desert Champions Crowned at the 25th Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals
    Goodguys CPP AutoCross Series racers faced a new format for competition in Scottsdale this year, with five 8-car Duel in the Desert shootouts – one for each competitive class (PRO-X, PRO, Street Machine, Sports Car, Truck). With some racers already pre-qualified for the shootouts based […] The post Goodguys CPP... Read more »
  • Weekend Rewind! Goodguys 25th Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals
    Goodguys wrapped up the 2022 season in spectacular style this weekend by cruising into the western sunset with countless friends and several thousand cool cars and trucks at the 25th Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona! If this finale was a referendum on the […] The post Weekend Rewind!... Read more »
  • Friday First Look! Goodguys 25th Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals
    The 2022 event season is about to drift into the rearview mirror, but Goodguys is still looking ahead this weekend as we focus on a fun-filled finale here in the Arizona desert. The 25th Speedway Motors Southwest Nationals kicked off today at WestWorld of Scottsdale, […] The post Friday First... Read more »
  • Proform Super-Street LS Roller Rockers
    PROFORM’s Super-Street LS Roller Rockers are gaining a new member to the family; perfect for serious street performers and weekend-warrior racers looking to Unleash the Horsepower of their LS Gen III/IV V8 Engines. Built to accommodate high-performance valve springs, up to 750 lbs., these rockers […] The post Proform Super-Street... Read more »

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