• Josef Newgarden Takes Pole At IndyCar Season Finale
    Team Penske’s Josef Newgarden needed a pole position to keep himself in contention for the IndyCar season finale tomorrow at the Long Beach Grand Prix — and that’s just what he did after an extremely contentious qualifying session.Read more...... Read more »
  • No Car Mod Will Ever Be As Good As This
    While I’m not normally one for car mods, I can respect the cultural incentives that drive people to create masterpieces of technology and aesthetics. But now, I’ve changed my mind. Everyone needs to pack up and go home, because this one person has created the car mod to end all... Read more »
  • The Monaco Grand Prix Weekend Will Be 3 Days Instead Of 4 In 2022
    Formula One’s Monaco Grand Prix is one of the series’ more traditional events, and nothing epitomizes that quite like the four-day Monaco weekend. Rather than the standard Friday-Saturday-Sunday calendar, Monaco has opted for Thursday-Saturday-Sunday. But in 2022, that will be changing, and Monaco’s weekend will look…Read more...... Read more »
  • United Kingdom Uber Drivers To Be Eligible For Pensions
    Uber drivers in the United Kingdom have won a huge victory for their livelihoods. On Friday, Sept. 24, the ride-hailing company announced that drivers will now be auto-enrolled in a pension plan and will even receive back pay through May of 2017, The Guardian reports.Read more...... Read more »
  • World Superbike Race Cancelled After Death Of 15-Year-Old Dean Berta Viñales
    This weekend’s first race of the World Superbike Championship has been cancelled after a feeder series crash took the life of 15-year-old Dean Berta Viñales. Read more...... Read more »
  • F1 Fan Mistaken For Mafia Boss, Arrested During Dutch GP Weekend
    When Mark L., a 54-year-old man from Liverpool, decided to head to the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, it was likely that he didn’t have “getting arrested” on his list of things to do. And yet that’s exactly what happened, because Mark was blindfolded at dinner, arrested, and led to... Read more »
  • Lando Norris Takes First F1 Pole In Russia, George Russell On Second Row
    It’s been a stunning year for McLaren, and it has only gotten better after Lando Norris crossed the line with the fastest time set in qualifying ahead of the Russian Grand Prix. But perhaps as equally stunning is the story of Williams’ George Russell, who took the car to a... Read more »
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