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    Drunken Stepfather

  • stepLINKS of the Day
    I know a lot of white people who are not privileged…I’m talking inbred meth addict trailer part dealing toothless prostitutes…they’ll do anything for 20 dollars and it is pretty amazing….because of how privileged they are….and when you’re done with them…you can say “take your colonialist ass out of here….feel your... Read more »
  • Ireland Baldwin’s Mukbang in Seattle of the Day
    I figure since Ireland Baldwin didn’t kill herself over the years of putting herself out there on social media, despite a few stints in rehab, some prison tattoos, at least one black lesbian rapper girlfriend who was a victim of rape….on her quest of being beachy, entitled celebrity rich kid,... Read more »
  • Madison Beer Cleavage of the Day
    I don’t know when this Madison Beer Titty pic is from, but she wrote LIL SMOOSH, which I assume is referencing her titty being smooshed into her small bikini top…but what do I know….nothing…I know nothing… I barely even know what Madison Beer is…some “youtube creation” that was likely planted... Read more »
  • Asshole Behind Thong Thursday of the Day
    Thongs…the panty that no one really needed but that every women decided they needed because everyone is a mindless drone that do what marketers tell them to do…I mean it’s the whole “if your friend jumps off a bridge, do you?”….but despite everyone saying “no that’s absurd”…when push comes to... Read more »
  • Jessie J Hard Nipples of the Day
    I guess this is what happens when you take a woman out of the UK, where’s it’s cloudy and grey, and get her all fucking high on the sun….where despite being a little too tough looking, you know gender fluid, on the wrong side of the gender spectrum, since she’s... Read more »
  • Maddie Ziegler Legs of the Day
    The other day I wrote about how 18 year old Maddie Ziegler who was sold to the industry at a young age as a child dancer, which is something I thought was illegal, but NOT in Hollywood, just at strip clubs, you need government issued ID to get your POLE... Read more »
  • Elizabeth Banks Sports Bra of the Day
    Elizabeth Banks is one of those celebrities, who is ridiculously rich because she had a major hit with Pitch Perfect…the franchise that made her hundreds of millions of dollars which is crazy…but I like to think of her as a reminder that even if you lack the looks, aren’t very... Read more »


  • Birthday Sluts
    Aidy Bryant (34) Rico Nasty (24) Alexander Ludwig (29) Brandon Jones (33) Natalie Mejia (33) Chiara Ferragni (34) J Balvin (36) Scheana Shay (36) Aliyah O’Brien (40) Frenchie Davis (42) Breckin Meyer (47) Eagle-Eye Cherry (52) Pic: Instagram Traci Lords (53) Michael E. Knight (62) Ned Bellamy (64) Peter Reckell... Read more »
  • Night Crumbs
    Jaleel White says that when he first played the iconic Steve Urkel on Family Matters, the main cast wasn’t that welcoming since he was supposed to be on for just one episode. Well, I hope that when he was made a regular and more people started watching, he walked on... Read more »
  • Ellen DeGeneres Is Living At Courteney Cox’s House (But It’s Not What It Looks Like)
    Ellen DeGeneres is a multi-millionaire who could probably just walk up to any old house on the street, pop open a silver briefcase stuffed with cash, and tell her assistant to inform the homeowners that she’s buying the joint. But that’s not what Ellen does when Ellen wants a new... Read more »
  • Open Post: Hosted By Expedia’s Replica Of Joe Jonas’ Hand For Nervous Flyers To Hold
    Joe Jonas has joined forces with Expedia for one of their travel campaigns. With COVID-19 travel restrictions easing up and more and more people flying, Expedia decided travelers may need a helping hand to ease the stress of traveling. So A.V. Club says that Expedia has produced replicas of Joe Jonas’... Read more »
  • Mark Wahlberg Is Eating 7,000 Calories A Day To Gain Weight For A Movie
    We already know from the detailed daily schedule he shared with us a couple of years ago that despite being incredibly rich and famous, Mark Wahlberg lives a miserable existence. Maybe that’s karma. Mark may have had his “Hate Crimes” stripped from his Wikipedia page, but the universe never forgets.... Read more »
  • TikTokers Are Promoting “Cheat Codes” For The Universe Now
    TikTokers really are out here just giving out wild information, and the latest trend on the social media app is to “manifest.” Manifesting is of course not new to the world of spirituality and affirmations, but many TikTokers are focusing on manifesting through Grabovoi codes, which are numbers that allegedly... Read more »
  • Bill Gates Was Left At Home While His Whole Family Flew To A Private Island To Escape The Divorce News
    As each new day dawns, we’re learning more and more about Bill and Melinda Gates‘ divorce after 27 years of marriage. At first, it sounded like it was an amicable split, and that Bill and Melinda just wanted to go on separate paths as they navigate the next chapter of... Read more »


  • Ted Cruz for Emperor
    So Senator Ted Cruz thinks the CIA is run by a bunch of pussies (according to The Hill and others), and Jason Bourne must be spinning in his (unmarked) grave, bc they aren’t recruiting hard-nose spies anymore (link below). Keith Olbermann – also no stranger to unnecessary hyperbole – corrected... Read more »
  • Burning Man is Canceled
    So can we all just burn someone in the park Wickerman-style instead? (Doing it online would be like playing a Borderlands ripoff.) It a dazer that the key business of Burning Man 1) chugging, getting dirty, blazing, and listening to bad pacer music – or 2) the Hollywood version, with... Read more »
  • In Defense of Douchebags
    Remember that philosophical discussion you had between tokes, about if you had a time machine would you go back and eliminate Evil (Hitler, Pol-Pot, Madonna), or do you let it run its course bc fate, life giving you lemons, etc. Same sorta thing for HBO’s Entourage – should we let... Read more »
  • Govenatress
    With the pandemic floundering and wildfires raging and entrepreneurs racing to Texas, what California needs now is a Governor who’s bat-shit crazy, and Caitlyn Jenner fits the bill. This person announced they’re interested in Arnold’s old job, assuming the current goverrnator Gavin Newson gets recalled. I don’t think you can... Read more »
  • Feministas Assemble
    Here’s the difference between Feminists and Men – and we have to use the word Men bc there are no positive words for the male equivalent of a feminist: when it came out that Ron Jeremy was a rapist, everyone including Men shunned him, saying he’s not credible, we should... Read more »
  • Today’s word is Solipsism
    There are few in this world more deserving of a painful death than Bernie Madoff, the banker and pathological liar that said for 40 years he had billions ($65) when he “only” had a few. Along the way, he ROBBED rich and poor of millions of dollars, promising big-bucks the... Read more »
  • Voyeurs Rejoice
    A banger for that relic of viral porn video – Pam & Tommy’s honeymoon tape – is coming to a theater (or a least a streaming platform) near you! Sweetie-pie Lily James and Sebastian Stan are queued up to lionize trollop Pamela Anderson and rockstar Tommy Lee in a new... Read more »


  • We Need to Talk About Ben Affleck
    As a regular Twitter user, I've been forced to look at Ben Affleck's face a lot lately.We gotta hand it to him: the actor, known for films like Gone Girl and Good Will Hunting, has a very memeable presence. He's a master of rather despondent cigarette smoking, which has led... Read more »
  • People Who Want Joe Jonas's Disembodied Hand Should Be Put on a List
    Have you ever loved a celebrity so much that you wanted their autograph?Okay, that's pretty normal stuff. What about a lock of hair? An item of clothing? A severed hand?We are now officially in serial killer territory, and for some reason Expedia and Joe Jonas are condoning it with their... Read more »
  • The 6 Worst "Star Wars" Villains
    Does the Light Side and the Jedi Order not appeal to you? Luckily May 5th isn't just Cinco de Mayo, but it's also #RevengeoftheFifth, when Sith lovers and Dark Side affiliates alike get to share their love of all things evil.While the Star Wars franchise has had a handful of... Read more »
  • J Cole Announces New Album "The Off-Season"
    J Cole has officially announced his next studio album: The Off-Season. The upcoming album will arrive on May 14th, the anniversary of his debut mixtape, The Come Up. In commemoration of his debut, the album cover of The Off-Season seems similar to the album art from The Come Up, since... Read more »
  • The 5 Cringiest "Star Wars" Moments
    It's May 4th, which means Star Wars fans get to go all out today.While the intergalactic space opera has spawned some of the greatest films, video games, toys, and lore in the sci-fi universe, fans of Star Wars have been forced over the years to balance their love of the... Read more »
  • Post-Pandemic Fashion: Best Sweatpants to Wear Outside
    The past year put us all in a sartorial slump.Who knew that when the apocalypse came, the most-prepared wouldn't be the people with bunkers outfitted with canned beans, but rather the people who had the largest collection of sweatpants.While some industries suffered in 2020, athleisure and streetwear sales went up... Read more »
  • VideoDisney's New "Real-Life" Lightsaber Is Upsettingly Cool
    As a child in the '90s, Star Wars was a big deal.The 20th anniversary of A New Hope saw the original trilogy remastered and re-released in theaters in 1997, showing off new special effects technology, and building up excitement for what would turn out to be the wholly satisfying, universally... Read more »

    Lainey Gossip

  • Intro for April 26, 2021
    Dear Gossips, These were the COVID Oscars – and we have a LOT to talk about, including the ending, which we’ll get to for sure. But let’s start with the look of it all, because as I wrote last week, fashion was expected to make a comeback at the Oscars after... Read more »
  • Taika Waititi and Rita Ora might be dealing with each other and What Else for April 23, 2021
    Wait…what? Huh? People online are rumouring that Taika Waititi and Rita Ora might be dealing with each other. And that it’s possible she has a role in Thor: Love and Thunder. Which, as Sarah has taught us, might be an issue for Marvel because they’re all about keeping things secret... Read more »
  • Celebrity Social Media, April 23, 2021
    Olivia Wilde posted a throwback photo of herself and mentioned this was taken at a wedding. Judging by the outfit, it doesn’t look like the wedding she attended with Harry Styles because at that one, she was wearing a pink Gucci headband wrap. Is this her go-to wedding hairstyle? This... Read more »
  • Outfit of the Week: Leslie Jones in muted mint green at the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Awards
    Leslie Jones presented at the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood event last night and the outfit she wore may be my favourite of all the outfits she’s ever worn. This is a GREAT suit. The colour is great on her, this muted mint green, so fresh, so pretty. Also the... Read more »
  • Ranking the various friendships of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ahead of today's finale
    The finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier drops today, which means we’re finally going to find out whether or not Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will become super best friends or if they’ll keep their friend-dating casual. (FYI people have been spoiling the finale all over Twitter but... Read more »
  • Louis Vuitton confirms BTS are their new House Ambassadors
    Earlier this week, McDonald’s announced a global partnership with BTS. To end the week, Louis Vuitton has just confirmed their new House Ambassadors:  This is BTS + LV. But also BTS + Virgil Abloh, LV’s Men’s Artistic Director. I’m excited to see what the Bangtan and Virgil collaboration will look l...... Read more »
  • Page Six releases new exclusive photos of Meghan Markle and Archie in jeans as the Cambridges celebrate Louis' Third birthday
    Meghan Markle was papped yesterday with Archie. Page Six has the exclusives, which you can check out on their website and their Twitter. As we’ve seen, Meghan, Harry, and especially Archie are not papped very often. This is the first time Archie’s been photographed by the paparazzi in LA, actually.... Read more »
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