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  • stepLINKS of the Day
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….It’s a crazy world. Knowing you have no control is probably the best place to be. We aren’t free and it’s obvious so do what you are told it’s probably for the best…you’re not a hero, you’re a peasant fuck and that’s... Read more »
  • Rihanna’s Got her Nipples Out of the Day
    I saw Rihanna was out there trending on twitter for not having her ID at a night club and the bouncer needed everyone to show their ID…in a Reese Witherspoon entitled celebrity moment of “Don’t you know who I am”….because when you’re rich and famous, the rules don’t apply to... Read more »
  • Kylie Jenner Tits of the Day
    I like to think Kyle Jenner and her horrible family are the fucking problem. I think I’ve called them Terr-or-ists, but I don’t like using that word on the site anymore because the powers that be will flag this shit and put me on lists I’d rather not be on.... Read more »
  • Bar Refaeli Bikini of the Day
    SEXY FELON… She’s the kind of cellmate you’d probably want to get stuck in a cell with, even if she was the one doing the fucking, and you were the cell bitch riding bitch seat that you were destined to be…because she’s still hot all these years after retiring from... Read more »
  • Asshole Behind Thong Thursday of the Day
    The asshole behind thong is actually an inspiring story…a story of conquest, of survival, of redemption, of making the best out of potentially shit covered situation…it shows the resilience of women everywhere, capable of finding the best in an otherwise unfortunate situation, because as Celine Dion said so well in... Read more »
  • Jessie J Hand Bra of the Day
    I guess Jessie J’s claim to fame was proving that Channing Tatum doesn’t like chicks…and is actually the kind of male stripper who sucks dudes dicks in the backroom, you know the real money in male stripping is in the gay scene…which conveniently is also a great way to make... Read more »
  • Emma Rose Kennedy Underboob of the Day
    Here’s the girl from Shameless who was not the hot one, but probably played the part of white trash best based on her look, who I was encouraging like the cheerleader that I am over the last year when Emmy Rossum was off the show, and I could actually watch... Read more »


  • “Rihanna had a date night with A$AP Rocky in New York last night” links
    Rihanna was out with A$AP Rocky last night in NYC. [JustJared] Candyman has a new trailer & it’s still freaking me out. [Seriously OMG] Margot Robbie tries to work a weird suit trend. [Tom & Lorenzo] Drake Bell pleaded guilty to child endangerment. [Dlisted] I like this outfit on Irina... Read more »
  • Britney Spears’ court statement: They won’t allow me to have my IUD removed
    Britney Spears’ court hearing on her conservatorship happened yesterday. This was the first time in thirteen years Britney was allowed to speak at length to the court about her conservatorship and what it has done to her. Britney was put under the conservatorship in 2008, with her father Jamie Spears... Read more »
  • It sure sounds like Duchess Kate is demanding to go to the statue-unveiling
    Last week, Camilla Tominey suggested that the Duchess of Cambridge might not actually attend the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue on July 1st, what would have been Diana’s 60th birthday. The unveiling is happening in Kate’s literal backyard at Kensington Palace, and it’s happening on a weekday. William, Kate... Read more »
  • Prince Charles spent money on the Sussexes & the Cambridges last summer
    Buckingham Palace and Clarence House released a lot of data yesterday, trying to account for where Sovereign Grant money goes, and where Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall money goes. Charles largely finances the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s office and lifestyle, although it seems like the Queen (and the taxpayers) are... Read more »
  • The Sussexes’ ‘rental’ of Frogmore Cottage will be over in March 2022
    For some reason – probably because I am an Old – it honestly did not occur to me that there was a definitive end-date for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s “rental” of Frogmore Cottage, which is part of the Windsor Castle complex. Windsor Castle is a Crown estate, meaning... Read more »
  • Did Prince Harry & Meghan really reject the ‘Dumbarton’ title for Archie?
    In the lead-up to Prince Harry’s wedding to then-Meghan Markle, there was a ton of speculation about their titles and whether the Queen would give Harry a ducal title or something “lesser,” like an earldom. I remember before the wedding, the “Sussex” ducal title was suggested and there were a... Read more »
  • There’s no tuna DNA in Subway’s tuna, lab hired by NYT finds
    We have been hornswoggled, folks. Subway hasn’t been selling us lunch, it’s been selling us lies! As you may remember, two California residents were looking for a class action lawsuit against Subway back in January, claiming that Subway did not use tuna or any form of fish in their tuna... Read more »


  • The End of Sexy
    Those of you who fantasize about sex with a Victoria’s Secret model – in other words, Men – get ready for some shrinkage. In a desperate attempt to fend off bankruptcy (gdi), the venerable Prostitution …, er, Lingerie company is punting sexy, curvy, slim, bronzed angels for … sorry, lost... Read more »
  • Virtual Signalling Gold
    You know how Vegas gives odds on everything to do with the Superbowl, like the final score, first turnover, length of the national anthem, etc.? They oughta set odds for which social issue each athlete will spout off during the Summer Olympics, and the over/under on their virtue-signaling rant. Aussie... Read more »
  • Judge Kim Kardashian
    Instead of taking the low road – which would be chalking news that Kim K failed her “baby bar” exam again, bc she’s an idiot – let’s recognize her lofty goals and unselfish ambition. Like many people, we knew when we first saw Kim laid out in grainy videos, and... Read more »
  • Salary Equity is Not Enough Anymore
    Belarusian tennis star Victoria Azarenka – yeah, I guess that’s a thing – told the French Open that it’s fine that women tennis players are paid the same as men, but that’s not good enough – wtf? Seems it’s more shibby to play night games or something, and women are... Read more »
  • Angel Atiana
    What do you call a retired Mexican boxer who’s worth over $200 million? We don’t give a ff – not when you can eyeball Oscar’s 22 yo daughter Atiana De La Hoya We should have seen this coming – latino tough-guy twinkie pins down (former) model Shanna Moakler, and 2... Read more »
  • Female Sex is Good Press
    Love the story of the Danish “reporter” who banged her way to her publication deadline (link below) about “swingers clubs” in Copenhagen… are they really still called “swingers club”, in a Sixties, Austin Powers kinda way? Shouldn’t the Danes have adopted a germanic version like Porkenhausen or Ballzendamen? Soze this... Read more »
  • The Joy of Bachelorhood
    Everyone knows the way to win on The Bachelor (or the Bachelorette, you slut) is not at the final episode, but how much you tap behind the scenes. Ex The Bachelor Nick Viall (isn’t he still technically a “bachelor”?) gets this, and has rolled up with new beard Natalie Joy,... Read more »


  • VideoINTERVIEW: Brooke Alexx and the Euphoric Nostalgia of "Summer in the Hamptons"
    Song of the summer? Brooke Alexx understood the assignment.Call it whatever you want to call it: Hot Vaxxed Summer, Shot Girl Summer, anything but White Boy Summer — no matter which name you choose, it's already in full swing. It feels like it came so quickly. It seems like just... Read more »
  • Loki Is Officially Bisexual and Gender Fluid
    The MCU's Loki, nemesis of Thor and "God of Mischief," is now the first openly queer major character in the MCU.The reveal occurred in the third episode of the Disney+ series Loki, in a scene where the title character has lunch with a version of himself from an alternate timeline.... Read more »
  • VideoThe Strange Ballad of John McAfee
    Software programmer. Tech entrepreneur. Yoga guru. IRS dodger. Presidential candidate. Drug dealer. Murder suspect. Whale fucker. The world's most eccentric millionaire is best known for his least interesting accomplishment.When most people hear the name John McAfee, they likely think of McAfee Antivirus, the first consumer antivirus software to grace computer... Read more »
  • VideoLive: It's Real with Jordan and Demi | The Goo Goo Dolls' Robby Takac
    For more than 30 years, bassist Robby Takac has anchored the Goo Goo Dolls alongside John Rzeznik. Before they release their latest LP, the band is treating fans to Rarities, a collection of live versions of hit songs like "Iris" and "Slide" as well as rare studio recordings.Jordan and Demi... Read more »
  • I'm in a Toxic Relationship with the SNKRS App
    Imagine it's 9:59 AM on a Thursday. You've been up since 8:00 AM to purchase the Air Jordan 4 "Sail" on the SNKRS App. You've made sure that your phone is at 100% and that your service is flawless while making sure your screen doesn't time out. It's now 10:00... Read more »
  • "Sexy Beasts" Blends "Bojack Horseman" With Your Nightmares
    You know that stress dream where you're out on a date and you suddenly become aware of something deeply embarrassing?Maybe that fake tooth you got after a bike accident when you were 12 just finally fell out. Or maybe you forgot to wear pants. Or maybe your head has been... Read more »
  • Celebrate 30 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog (with Deeply Disturbing Fan Art)
    On June 23rd, 1991, Sega released Sonic the Hedgehog, a fast-paced side-scrolling platformer for the Sega Genesis console, and the character took the world by storm.Sonic has since spawned dozens of games, five different animated series, with a sixth in the work for Netflix, and, of course, the 2020 live-action... Read more »

    Lainey Gossip

  • Intro for April 26, 2021
    Dear Gossips, These were the COVID Oscars – and we have a LOT to talk about, including the ending, which we’ll get to for sure. But let’s start with the look of it all, because as I wrote last week, fashion was expected to make a comeback at the Oscars after... Read more »
  • Taika Waititi and Rita Ora might be dealing with each other and What Else for April 23, 2021
    Wait…what? Huh? People online are rumouring that Taika Waititi and Rita Ora might be dealing with each other. And that it’s possible she has a role in Thor: Love and Thunder. Which, as Sarah has taught us, might be an issue for Marvel because they’re all about keeping things secret... Read more »
  • Celebrity Social Media, April 23, 2021
    Olivia Wilde posted a throwback photo of herself and mentioned this was taken at a wedding. Judging by the outfit, it doesn’t look like the wedding she attended with Harry Styles because at that one, she was wearing a pink Gucci headband wrap. Is this her go-to wedding hairstyle? This... Read more »
  • Outfit of the Week: Leslie Jones in muted mint green at the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Awards
    Leslie Jones presented at the ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood event last night and the outfit she wore may be my favourite of all the outfits she’s ever worn. This is a GREAT suit. The colour is great on her, this muted mint green, so fresh, so pretty. Also the... Read more »
  • Ranking the various friendships of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ahead of today's finale
    The finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier drops today, which means we’re finally going to find out whether or not Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will become super best friends or if they’ll keep their friend-dating casual. (FYI people have been spoiling the finale all over Twitter but... Read more »
  • Louis Vuitton confirms BTS are their new House Ambassadors
    Earlier this week, McDonald’s announced a global partnership with BTS. To end the week, Louis Vuitton has just confirmed their new House Ambassadors: This is BTS + LV. But also BTS + Virgil Abloh, LV’s Men’s Artistic Director. I’m excited to see what the Bangtan and Virgil collaboration will look l...... Read more »
  • Page Six releases new exclusive photos of Meghan Markle and Archie in jeans as the Cambridges celebrate Louis' Third birthday
    Meghan Markle was papped yesterday with Archie. Page Six has the exclusives, which you can check out on their website and their Twitter. As we’ve seen, Meghan, Harry, and especially Archie are not papped very often. This is the first time Archie’s been photographed by the paparazzi in LA, actually.... Read more »