• The 10 best crime shows on Hulu to watch right now
    Ever since Jack the Ripper terrified London and became the first serial killer to spark a global frenzy, people have loved consuming content about crime. From the penny dreadfuls of old to the true crime podcasts of now, there's a whole cottage industry in wading through the gory details to... Read more »
  • A new spin on Blade Runner's grim cyberpunk in Adult Swim's 'Black Lotus' trailer
    Blade Runner: Black Lotus is coming to Adult Swim in the fall. But what is it?A new trailer for the team-up between the Cartoon Network offshoot and anime streamer Crunchyroll serves us a first look at this CG take on the sci-fi dystopia dreamed up by filmmaker Ridley Scott. The... Read more »
  • I cut the cord, but it's so difficult to watch the Tokyo Olympics without cable
    On Friday I watched my first Olympic opening ceremony while streaming from an app on my smartphone.Just before the pandemic, I cut the cord after 10 years as a loyal cable subscriber. Now I watch TV through an intricate balance between the streaming apps on my Apple TV (including Netflix,... Read more »
  • Lil Nas X is serving 'Industry Baby' on Twitter with a heaping side of truth
    Lil Nas X could've just released his new video and peaced out. Instead, the "Montero" and "Old Town Road" superstar is staring down his haters on Twitter. He hasn't exactly shied away from engaging on social media since he first blew up in 2019, of course. But as the 22-year-old... Read more »
  • First look at Mars's interior reveals a different picture than Earth
    The mystery of Mars's interior has been revealed thanks to marsquakes. Using data compiled by NASA's InSight mission that has detected hundreds of marsquakes since landing on the red planet in 2018, scientists around the globe worked together to map out what's going on beneath Mars's surface for the first... Read more »
  • VideoCheers, Ted Lasso, for getting the UK basically right
    There's a scene at the start of Season 1 of Ted Lasso (which just returned for an equally triumphant Season 2) where my wife and I, Brits who watch more than our share of American sitcoms, started to get a sinking feeling of déjà vu. It's the scene where Ted... Read more »
  • BTS and Jimmy Fallon dare to ask: Will 10 scoops of ice cream fit in a taco shell?
    Jimmy Fallon debuted a new game on Friday's episode of The Tonight Show and he had a little help from BTS.In "Will It Fit?" Fallon challenges the K-pop stars to consider an assortment of hypotheticals that ask if some seemingly over the top number of one object could be made... Read more »


  • Amazon Wants Apartment Buildings to Install a 'Key' System that Lets Them Enter the Lobby
    "Amazon is tired of ringing doorbells," reports the Associated Press. "The online shopping giant is pushing landlords around the country — sometimes with financial incentives — to give its drivers the ability to unlock apartment-building doors themselves with a mobile device." The service, dubbed Key for Business, is pitched as... Read more »
  • Church Official Exposed Through America's 'Vast and Largely Unregulated Data-Harvesting'
    The New York Times' On Tech newsletter shares a thought-provoking story: This week, a top official in the Roman Catholic Church's American hierarchy resigned after a news site said that it had data from his cellphone that appeared to show the administrator using the L.G.B.T.Q. dating app Grindr and regularly... Read more »
  • Three Die After Untreatable 'Superbug' Fungus Infections in Two Different Cities
    "U.S. health officials said Thursday they now have evidence of an untreatable fungus spreading in two hospitals and a nursing home," reports the Associated Press: The "superbug" outbreaks were reported in a Washington, D.C, nursing home and at two Dallas-area hospitals, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported. A... Read more »
  • Kaspersky Warns Fake Windows 11 Installers Are Spreading Malware
    Long-time Slashdot reader Ammalgam writes: If you're planning to install Windows 11, you should make sure you download it from official sources. This is because, people who are using pirated or fake methods to get Windows 11 are also downloading malware along with it, according to Kaspersky. The particular file... Read more »
  • China Compromised More than a Dozen US Pipelines Between 2011 and 2013
    "Hackers working for the Chinese government compromised more than a dozen U.S. pipeline operators nearly a decade ago, the Biden administration revealed Tuesday while also issuing first-of-its-kind cybersecurity requirements on the pipeline industry," reports the Wall Street Journal. The disclosure of previously classified information about the aggressive Chinese hacking campaign,... Read more »
  • Mozilla Stops FTP Support in Firefox 90
    A post on Mozilla's security blog calls FTP "by now one of the oldest protocols still in use" — and it's suffering from "a number of serious security issues." The biggest security risk is that FTP transfers data in cleartext, allowing attackers to steal, spoof and even modify the data... Read more »
  • With Profits Soaring, Tech Companies 'Won the Pandemic'
    In April of 2020, Jeff Bezos announced Amazon would spend their next quarter focusing on people instead of profits, remembers the New York Times: At the end of July 2020, Amazon announced quarterly results. Rather than earning zero, as Mr. Bezos had predicted, it notched an operating profit of $5.8... Read more »

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  • This Artist Uses Her Face As A Canvas
    According to Lana van den Heuvel, a makeup artist and photographer: “Ever since I was a kid, I have loved makeup and face painting. It took a pandemic actually to start doing it myself. On average, I spend between 60 and 90 minutes per look, and I find it very... Read more »
  • Evocative Sculptures And Wearable Pieces Were Created With Ordinary Fabric
    According to Mariko Kusumoto: “I am fascinated by the potential of common materials like polyester, nylon, and cotton, and my goal is to bring out each fabric’s inherent characteristics and beauty. Using a proprietary heat-setting technique, I give the fabric a new identity through reshaping it into three-dimensional forms. In... Read more »
  • Funny Dark Humor Comics By Artist Jenna Noble
    It is said that art mimics the events that happen in the real world and artists very often get inspired by the things that occur around them. And sometimes you don’t need something big to create art that people can relate to. One of these young rising artists is comics... Read more »
  • Artist Cosplays As Well-Known Characters, Celebrities And Paintings
    Olga Tolstunova is passionate about her work as an art critic. So much so that she goes an extra mile to grab the attention of her readers. What she does is very smart: she recreates the paintings and popular characters by dressing up and recreating a photo of the painting... Read more »
  • A 58-Year-Old Lady Creates Magical Costumes That Can Transport You to Another World
    Meet Marina Badianova, a 58-year-old from St. Petersburg, Russia, who’s turned her life into a fantasy in the most literal sense. She sews life into numerous characters, both from existing works of fiction and from creations of her own imagination. So if you’re looking for a role model who refuses... Read more »
  • Gorgeous Illustrations From Prentzinger’s Celestial Atlas,1851
    Astronomischen Bilderatlas von Ludwig Prentzinger (English: Prentzinger’s Atlas of Astronomy) was printed and published by William Nitzschke around 1851. The celestial atlas features 12 plates, five of which are perforated and backed with translucent coloured paper to allow planets, moon and more to be illuminated from behind. h/t: flashbak... Read more »
  • Artist Creates Fantastic Surreal Edits Using Animals, Plants, People, And Objects
    According to Ingo Lindmeier: “Almost all of my works begin with a passion for the surreal. Often accompanied by playing with words, the sense of playing finds its way out of my head through Adobe Photoshop into the colorful world of images. Sometimes brightly playful, sometimes critically disturbing, different voices... Read more »


  • Liberia’s Olympic Team Is Wearing Telfar
    The Opening Ceremony for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games took place yesterday, welcoming athletes to Japan after a rocky year of COVID-19 restrictions and cancellations. A handful of sports have already kicked off, including football, rowing, archery and more, and athletes are settling into the Olympic Village to get ready to... Read more »
  • Kick Your Clunky Camping Gear to the Curb With Helinox x RAMIDUS
    Brand: RAMIDUS x Helinox Buy: RAMIDUS’s website and Japanese Helinox stores Editor’s Notes: Helinox is especially gifted at making camping gear look cool and fashion brands know this. Everyone from Maison Kitsune to NEIGHBORHOOD to boy band BTS has enlisted the Korean label to craft stylish chairs, seats, and tables... Read more »
  • Teva’s New Amphibious Hiking Shoe Is a Blast From the Past
    Teva is bringing back a model from the archives. It isn’t a sandal in the traditional sense, though, of which the brand is best known for — instead, the Revive 94 Mid is a hiking shoe that’s just as at home in the water as it is on land. The new... Read more »
  • Balenciaga’s Instagram Account Is Back and It Features Justin Bieber
    A few weeks ago, Balenciaga became the latest brand to wipe its entire Instagram account, perhaps alluding to there being an upcoming release on the way. Now, the label is back on social media with a new campaign lookbook that, surprisingly, features Justin Bieber. The posts have all been shared... Read more »
  • The adidas Forum Shreds Now, Too
    Brand: adidas Skateboarding by Diego Nájera Model: Forum 84 ADV Release Date: July 24 Price: $110 Buy: adidas.com/skateboarding and select skate retailers worldwide What We’re Saying: The Forum has been fully resurrected. In recent weeks and months, adidas has unleashed new general release colorways of the classic silhouette, all while... Read more »
  • The Elderly New Balance Pitchmen Are Back (in Wearable Form)
    Brand: BEAUTY & YOUTH UNITED ARROWS x New Balance Buy: UNITED ARROWS‘ site and stores for ¥8,250 (about $74). Editor’s Notes: Countless famous folks have pitched for footwear brands over the decades, from the very influential to the very famous to the very unexpected. You could argue for days about... Read more »
  • Where Nature Meets Culture: Introducing Salomon OFFSITE
    When you think of Marseille, chances are a boat-packed port, winding streets with bistros serving bouillabaisse spilling onto the sidewalk, or even its burgeoning rap scene come to mind. France’s second city is quickly establishing itself as a cultural destination, but travel just a few kilometers south and you’ll discover that it’s also... Read more »

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  • Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Gaming laptops could go the way of the MacBook
    What will gaming laptops look like in the next five years? Usually, you could only really answer such a question with idle speculation, but Nvidia has been dropping hints that future gaming laptops may adopt the MacBook tactic of embracing Arm processors.  Arm is a processor architecture developed by Arm... Read more »
  • Fast Charge: Sony has finally found its Android niche with the Xperia 1 III
    I have been reviewing the latest Xperia Android flagship from Sony over the past couple of weeks and it’s comfortably the best phone from the brand I have ever used. What has become increasingly obvious during my time with the device is that Sony has finally found a reason to... Read more »
  • Apple Music spatial audio drops support for some iPhone and iPad models
    A number of iPhone and iPad models will no longer support Apple Music’s Spatial Audio feature, despite Apple initially promising they would. An update to the compatibility list for the feature, which provided Dolby Atmos-powered multi-directional audio, sees a few devices culled. The iPhone XR, iPad mini 5, iPad Air... Read more »
  • Samsung phone cameras to get better and tougher thanks to new Gorilla Glass
    Samsung Galaxy A52 5G Next-gen Samsung phones will be the first to get a new Gorilla Glass coating for camera lenses, which promises improved durability and better quality images. The new Corning Gorilla Glass with DX and Corning Gorilla Glass with DX Plus promises scratch resistance and toughness while capturing... Read more »
  • Football Manager women's leagues confirmed, but don't expect them any time soon
    Football Manager will feature women’s leagues in a future version of the game, with Sports Interactive seeking to broaden the appeal of its classic management sim. Without putting a date on the update, SI said it was a “multi-year project” to add women’s leagues. The addition will cost millions, the... Read more »
  • Unbelievable HomePod mini deal is a Siri-ously good offer
    The Apple HomePod mini continues to get better over time so there’s never been a better time to snap up your very own Siri-powered smart speaker(s). Over on eBay, you can nab an Apple HomePod mini in Space Grey for just £76, which is almost 25% off the price Apple... Read more »
  • Apple working on external Mac display with a neat party trick – report
    Apple is working on a brand new external display for Mac, which would house its own processors to assist with the heavy lifting, according to a new report. According to 9to5Mac sources, the firm is planning a new monitor loaded with a version of the A13 Bionic processor that began... Read more »