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  • 6 sales- en marketingprojecten voor meer omzet
    Tips en ideeën om tijdens de zomer interessante projecten op te starten die bijdragen aan meer omzet The post 6 sales- en marketingprojecten voor meer omzet appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • Hernieuwde samenwerking Keyser & Mackay en Archie Europe
    Dankzij een hernieuwde samenwerking tussen Keyser & Mackay en Archie Europe, gebruikt eerstgenoemde weer de Archie CRM software. The post Hernieuwde samenwerking Keyser & Mackay en Archie Europe appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • Archie introduceert nieuw ‘crm training’ programma volledig online.
    The post Archie introduceert nieuw ‘crm training’ programma volledig online. appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • Offerte maken? Voorkom deze 3 onhandigheden
    Een offerte maken voor potentiële klanten gaat niet altijd foutloos. Voorkom deze drie veelgemaakte onhandigheden en maak sterkere offertes The post Offerte maken? Voorkom deze 3 onhandigheden appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • CRM voor het MKB
    CRM zal wel alleen voor grote bedrijven geschikt zijn met evenzo grote budgetten. Nee hoor. CRM is ook weggelegd voor kleine bedrijven, het MKB. The post CRM voor het MKB appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • ERP is geen CRM
    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is een handig systeem, maar het is geen CRM. Moeten deze twee systemen gescheiden blijven? The post ERP is geen CRM appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »
  • 8 Tips om promotors te maken van jouw klanten
    Leads die voortkomen uit verwijzingen van bestaande klanten, promotors, zijn goedkoper én kansrijker dan leads uit marketing campagnes. The post 8 Tips om promotors te maken van jouw klanten appeared first on Archie CRM.... Read more »

    Bob Thompson – CustomerThink

  • Secrets of Customer-Centric Success — Interview with Jeff Puritt, CEO of TELUS International
    Everyone says they want to be customer-centric and deliver a great customer experience. But most companies struggle, despite collecting customer feedback and investing in the latest technologies. The key to turning CX dreams into a real competitive advantage is leadership! Sign up for my new livestream interview show — Hooked... Read more »
  • “State of Service” Report: Pandemic Driving Customers to Digital Channels and Automation
    Salesforce.com just released its latest “State of Service” report with insights into how 7,000+ service professionals are adapting during the pandemic. I’d like to highlight a few key findings with the help of customer service thought leaders. Let’s start with the critical role of customer service in customer loyalty. A... Read more »
  • CX ROI: Making the Case to Improve the Buying Experience
    Sure, marketing and sales leaders want satisfied customers. But they won’t fund a CX initiative if that’s the main benefit. CX pros must show they are a valued contributor to the “revenue team.”... Read more »
  • Is Customer Experience the Key to B2B Differentiation? Yes, the SERVICE Experience
    For years we’ve seen many surveys finding that Customer Experience (CX) is a top priority and the key to differentiation. To the point that it’s become a mantra, accepted without question. Unfortunately, “CX” is used so broadly that it’s not clear whether it means customer service, the end-to-end customer journey,... Read more »
  • CX ROI: How to Justify Improving the Customer Service Experience
    To gain funding to improve the service experience, CX pros must support the KPIs of the customer service department. Improving customer satisfaction is not enough. At first blush, it should be a no-brainer to justify a Customer Experience (CX) program to improve the service experience. Customer Service (CS) is often... Read more »
  • How to Sustain Relationships with Customers and Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis
    On April 23, 2020, CustomerThink’s Advisors came together to support a webinar with tips on how to deal with the COVID-19 crisis. In this post I share my opening comments and highlight some of the content shared by the speakers. I encourage everyone to view the full recording here. Be... Read more »
  • 7 Global CX Experts Reveal How to Prove the Business Value of Customer Experience
    For the past three years (starting with this article) I’ve been banging the drum about a worrisome problem. Namely, less than one in four CX initiatives can demonstrate business impact in the form of tangible benefits. My argument in a nutshell: During a downturn, CX programs that can’t justify their... Read more »

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  • “Support” for the Unified Interface in the Advanced Chart Editor for the XrmToolBox
      As a lot of people have noticed, chart customizations in the Unified Interface in Model-Driven Power Apps, or Dynamics 365 does not behave the way they used to in the classic interface. This is because the Unified Interface only supports a subset of the chart customization options that were... Read more »
  • Create Record Links From Power BI to Unified Interface and Dynamics 365
    A great dashboard in Dynamics 365, or Model-Driven App will not only show you the relevant data and insights, it will also make it easy to get to the relevant records so you can take action. Drill-downs and clicking on records to navigate to them has been the standard user... Read more »
  • Use Icons from Power Apps Unified Interface in Power BI
    As Power BI is used increasingly within Dynamics 365 or Model-Driven apps, attention to detail in the user experience is increasingly important. Users should be able to seamlessly navigate between the two technologies, and the visual cues should match between them for a coherent user experience. Visual cues for example,... Read more »
  • DirectQuery CDS from Power BI
    Last year I wrote a lengthy blog post comparing the three main methods of getting Dynamics 365, or Common Data Service data into Power BI for analysis. Now, at the most recent Microsoft Business Applications Summit, a new method was announced that I was finally able to try out. The... Read more »
  • VideoCompare This Year to Last Year – Unified Interface edition
    Some years ago, I wrote a blog post about how to create a chart that compared monthly sales, to the same month in the previous year. The approach required quite a bit of XML editing and the chart was limited to only comparing this and last year. No data from... Read more »
  • Comparing the three main ways to get Dynamics 365 data into Power BI
    There are a few different ways to get your Dynamics 365 data into Power BI. Now that the Common Data Service connector has come out of preview and is generally available, I figured it would be a good time to have a look at the different methods and how they... Read more »
  • Power Query (M) Builder for the XrmToolBox (April 2019 update and fixes)
    It has been a little while since the last update, but Mohamed Rasheed and I just added some bug fixes and improvements to the Power Query (M) Builder for the XrmToolBox. If you are new to the Power Query (M) Builder and how it can accelerate Power BI report development... Read more »

    thinkJar, the blog!

  • Off to Greener Pastures…
    …stay tuned for details!... Read more »
  • Engagement Defined In One Slide
    I have been accused many times of being “semantically driven” to differentiate myself (that means I am too focused on proper definitions and how to use terms well — see my position on hybrid clouds and social CRM from back in the day… oh, and journeys). I don’t do it for... Read more »
  • We Finally Reached Peak of Inflated Expectations for AI
    if you are a fan of Gartner, and who among us is not – right?, you know about the hype cycle. image above, copyright Gartner, Inc. funny, well – i think it is, was that when i used to present as a G analyst i used to call it the... Read more »
  • Here’s A Good Article on Storytelling
    https://www.cooper.com/journal/2017/7/people-dont-buy-your-product-they-buy-your-story? Invest the 5-10 minutes to read it, totally worth it. Quotage… “The secret to persuasion, influence, and motivation is a formula deeply grounded in storytelling.” and also… “People Don’t Buy Your Product, They Buy Your Story”... Read more »
  • Deep Learning – Is It Really Over?
    this is one of those cases where paying attention brought two very different articles to contrast.  and am not sure which way to go with this – stay tuned. first, I read this article from Futurism on the end of the era of Deep Learning.  Quoting from it: Artificial intelligence... Read more »
  • Fun Friday Fact (link)
    well, fifty-two of them actually. check this out, and have a great weekend.  starting now. View at Medium.com View at Medium.com... Read more »
  • KM with AI??? Inconceivable??? Nah, Easy Peasy…
    I feel I am truly gifted…. or blessed…. or something. I have good clients that like what I say and write, and they hire me to explore topics that are emerging in the enterprise.  One of these awesome clients is Transversal, and they wanted to see what I could do... Read more »


  • Life's Philosophy; Science's Purpose
    Much as I like to think and act exuberantly in the celebration of the abundance of life, I have days where I recognize that I’m 64 years old. Some of those days, I embrace the fact. Some of those... The award winning, edgiest CRM blog on the planet. The industry,... Read more »
  • How Marketing-as-a-Service Builds Trust and Engagement
    Note: While I recover from vocal cord surgery, I can't do a whole lot. But that doesn't mean that a. ideas stop generating and b. others aren't doing a lot. They continue and they are. So what I... The award winning, edgiest CRM blog on the planet. The industry, the... Read more »
  • Happy New Year 2014AND Best Commercials 2013
    Actually, I have no criteria except I love these commercials. Some are brilliantly funny and cray cray adorbs. Some are beautiful, and soar. One will rip at your heart. I still think that good... The award winning, edgiest CRM blog on the planet. The industry, the concepts, the news from... Read more »
  • CRM Idol 2013 Voting Starts...NOW!
    Okay, patrons of the arts and sciences. We are down to the final week of CRM Idol 2013 and this is arguably the most exciting of them all. This is where you, the people, get to vote on who you... The award winning, edgiest CRM blog on the planet. The... Read more »
  • Life Isnt Abstract: The Internet of Pings
    About three weeks ago, I wrote a post on my journey to health (losing weight) via a trip to the Duke Diet and Fitness Center (DFC) and also identified some broad lessons that can be generally applied... The award winning, edgiest CRM blog on the planet. The industry, the concepts,... Read more »
  • Life isn't Abstract: The Duke Diet and Fitness Center, Customer Experience and Me
    This one is personal – and will involve some information about me that you might not really care to hear – or maybe you do. If you don’t, either mentally redact it (though to do that you’d have to... The award winning, edgiest CRM blog on the planet. The industry,... Read more »
  • CRM Musings, Miscellany and Doings
    CRM Musings and Miscellany: Short Bits Every now and then I get a hankering to just do these short, pithy (there’s no lisp involved here) things rather than my usual long-winded posts. This is the... The award winning, edgiest CRM blog on the planet. The industry, the concepts, the news... Read more »

    Lynn Hunsaker – CustomerThink

  • Four Steps to Accelerate B2B CXM Maturity and Propel Stronger Growth
    B2B customer experience governance can generate stronger growth when it’s tied-in to the way that B2B ecosystems work. B2B firms often have dedicated sales teams who pursue strong relationships with customers. They may have already discovered customers’ intended outcomes as part of their outcomes-based selling and consultative selling approaches. You... Read more »
  • Customer Experience Metrics Tutorial
    Customer experience metrics are the most important choices in your CX strategy! What you monitor shapes your mindsets, conversations and actions. Yet recent studies show that only 21% of businesses are “very or extremely satisfied” with their ability to quantify the impact of customer experience on business results.1 There’s no... Read more »
  • B2B CX Metrics & ROI Maturity: Linking Customer Expectations to Business Performance
    B2B customer experience metrics maturity is about embedding automatic CX excellence as a way of life in your company. In human maturity, the ability to rise to any occasion and to toggle seamlessly to what’s most appropriate in any situation is deemed ideal. What customer experience metrics can empower your... Read more »
  • 10 B2B Customer Experience Myths & How to Improve Your CX Maturity
    B2B customer experience misunderstandings run rampant across studies, articles, CX tech providers, and mainstream commentary. Many proclamations about B2B customer experience have a myopic perspective, focused on sales, service, marketing, digitalization or promoting an offering — without B2B roots or a clear view of B2B general management. Fake-news about B2B... Read more »
  • 21 Tips for 2021 Customer Experience Excellence
    https://clearaction.com/21-tips-for-2021-customer-experience-excellence/Customer experience excellence is certainly defined a bit differently now, compared to years past. Some aspects of the new definition are obvious: heightened empathy and benevolence, smoother digitalization, stronger security and safety, greater inclusion and diversity. The 2020s decade is clobbering us over the head with the urgent realization of... Read more »
  • Thriving in Customer Experience on a Tight Budget
    https://clearaction.com/thriving-in-customer-experience-on-a-tight-budget/Customer experience management on a tight budget can still achieve great progress. You can make a vital impact even when customers are experiencing difficulties and use of technologies must be scaled back. Proven winners both during and after a down cycle are those that embrace a slowdown as an opportunity... Read more »
  • Customer Experience Indexes: Modern Thinking
    https://clearaction.com/customer-experience-indexes-modern-thinking/Why are customer experience indexes powerful?  To paint a concise picture of growth strength. An index is like an executive summary of your voice of the customer research. It says: overall, our propensity to grow is increasing or decreasing. One size does not fit all. There are many types of customer experience indexes,... Read more »

    CRM Buyer

  • Better CX Through Customer Journey Management
    The need for better customer journeys is a challenging goal. Overcoming operational challenges to become more agile in meeting customer needs -- and raising the maturity of the customer experience team -- will be critical to staying competitive in this ever-changing business environment, advised Bloomfire CEO Mark Hammer.... Read more »
  • How Consumers Now Define a Good Customer Experience
    The magnitude to which retail stores recover when consumers fully adjust to post-pandemic routines may well hinge on the shopping experiences they offer. A new study of consumers in the U.S. and UK shows that the majority of shoppers today view customer experience as one of the most important factors... Read more »
  • Customer Data Platform: Build It or Buy It?
    The build-versus-buy decision is an important one. Companies have been making similar choices about their technology stacks for decades. When it comes to customer data platforms, however, some organizations are rushing to make a determination. There are some important questions to ask before making a build-or-buy choice. Let's take a... Read more »
  • Creating Paths of Engagement for Effective E-Commerce Journeys
    From an initial expression of interest, to a purchase, to receiving ongoing support and ultimately buying again, customers take a variety of journeys as they interact with brands. The more a company considers and plans for the paths its customers will follow, the more likely it is that the business... Read more »
  • CRM's Virtuous Circle
    First, cloud-based CRM democratized business information, then it erased the distance between customers and vendors. Now it is poised to expand into other areas with similar democratizing opportunities. I am speaking about how we work -- at least those of us in the knowledge economy -- but there's a good... Read more »
  • Salesforce Season
    There may be two Salesforce seasons in a year -- the one we're finishing and one that happens just before Dreamforce. Roughly speaking, these seasons happen when the company disgorges a raft of new technologies both to update existing products and to bring forth new ones. This season covers a... Read more »
  • B2C Marketers Plan To Double the Volume of Digital Messages
    The post-pandemic era is bringing many changes to how the marketing industry interacts with messaging strategies and how marketers work. Chief among these changes is the technology they use and the frequency with which they visit company offices. But one essential industry staple is not changing. This element is the... Read more »

    Bodine & Co.

  • Top 10 Reasons To Enroll In “Customer-Powered Profits”
    If you’re looking to level up your customer experience skills, you need to check out my online course, Customer-Powered Profits: 10 Lessons To Unlock The Potential of Customer Experience. Need a reason to click that link? Here are 10! I make customer experience concepts simple. You won’t find any highfalutin... Read more »
  • Join me at Medallia’s Experience 21 Event
    On Wednesday, May 19, I’ll be joining forces with my friend and former Forrester colleague Megan Burns at Medallia’s Experience 21 event. In an engaging panel discussion led by Medallia’s own Brian Andrews, we’ll share our unique perspectives from decades of observing and shaping the customer experience landscape. Join this... Read more »
  • Alida Activate Spring Masterclass
    What do pirates, waffles, and discos have to do with customer experience? Find out by watching the replay of my keynote! *** I’m super excited to be part of Alida’s Activate Spring Masterclass on May 6 from 1 – 5pm ET. This is your chance to understand how you can... Read more »
  • Virtual Journey Mapping Bootcamp: May 2021
    Hard-hitting content. Sessions that fit into your workday. Our two-part virtual bootcamp delivers a practical primer on journey mapping that you can immediately put into action for your organization. Part 1: Introduction to Journey Mapping This introduction will help you build a solid understanding of the journey mapping methodology and... Read more »
  • Congratulations To The 2020 Service Design Award Finalists!
    If you’re looking for customer experience or service design inspiration, look no further. We’ve just announced our ten 2020 Service Design Award finalists. (And no, that’s not a typo… Covid through a wrench into our annual awards schedule.) The Finalists Commercial Work CX Transformation For Hearing Care by Smart Design... Read more »
  • Bias Check: Do Your Personas & Journey Maps Reflect Customer Diversity?
    I’m a strong proponent of including a short description of the customer persona on each journey map. (Otherwise, how do you know whose journey is being represented?) That practice often brings up a question during client conversations: To what degree should our personas represent different races, genders, religions, sexual orientations,... Read more »
  • One Thing All B2B Companies Can Do To Improve The Customer Experience
    This morning I sent an email to my payroll provider. Not to a generic inbox, but to the real live person who’s assigned my account. A moment later, I received the following auto response: “XXXXX XXXXXXX is no longer employed with us. His inbox is being monitored while your account... Read more »

    CX Journey™

  • New CX Journey Inc. Website Launching!
    Image courtesy of PixabayCX Journey Inc.'s site is growing up! I'm so excited to have a new site going live this week! I'm sharing this note as a blog post as it will be my last post on what is currently www.cx-journey.com. A couple of things to note:This site will... Read more »
  • Agile Working in Practice: More Tips to Help Analytics Teams Transition
    Image courtesy of PixabayToday I'm pleased to share another guest post by Paul Laughlin. This post originally appeared on Paul's site on March 9, 2019.This is the second in two-part series from Paul about agile working. Find the first post in the series here.In my first post on how to... Read more »
  • Agile Working for Analytics Teams Needs a Cu​lture Change
    Image courtesy of PixabayToday I'm pleased to share a guest post by Paul Laughlin. This post originally appeared on Paul's site on February 21, 2019.The term Agile working is being used within more and more businesses. Although loosely defined, it generally refers to a more flexible and pacey way of... Read more »
  • Is Your Own Management Stalling Your Customer Experience Transformation?
    Image courtesy of PixabayI originally wrote today's post for Forbes. It appeared on the Forbes site on November 14, 2018. I've made some slight modifications since then, as it turned into a two-part series. This is the second in that series; the first part can be found here.In this follow-up... Read more »
  • The Secret Sauce to Achieve Outcomes with Journey Mapping
    In today's post, I reveal the secret sauce for journey mapping success. Are you ready?There's a lot of bad press out there about journey mapping. And there's a lot of bad journey mapping (or what people think is journey mapping). A few months ago, I shared my six-step journey mapping... Read more »
  • Exposure is What You Die from in the Desert
    If you're a speaker, thinking about becoming a speaker,  an event organizer, or considering hosting an event in the near future, you'll definitely want to read this. And even if you're none of the above, please continue reading. And feel free to share this whitepaper with anyone you believe will... Read more »
  • Has Your #CX Transformation Stalled?
    Image courtesy of PixabayI originally wrote today's post for Forbes. It appeared on the Forbes site on October 18, 2018. I've made some slight modifications since then, as it turned into a two-part series.The good news is that you've embarked on a customer experience transformation journey. The bad news is... Read more »

    Blog – Epikonic

  • Together, Zoom and Five9 shape a new market
    The News On July 18, 2021, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. announced the acquisition of Five9, Inc. in an all-shares transaction. The transaction values Five9 at around $14.7 billion. According to the press release “the acquisition is expected to help enhance Zoom’s presence with enterprise customers and allow it to accelerate... Read more »
  • The Platform CAN Do the Work. Let it!
    On June 15, 2021, the CRMKonvos crew had the chance to chat with Andreas Schuster, Customer Success Director for SugarCRM in Europe, about the company’s evolving vision and goals. He did not disappoint. Schuster has filled a variety of roles over the years, both in the software industry and outside... Read more »
  • Why privacy is not an option
    Data breaches, ransomware, stolen identities, collecting of data for no benefit of the customer, are only some of the things that we do see every day. There does not seem to be any privacy anymore. This makes privacy and data protection hot topics not only for customers, but also for... Read more »
  • Nimble strengthens its ability to be where the user is
    I haven’t written much about Nimble recently; actually I haven’t written too much about anything lately. Now it is time to have a look into some interesting news that hit my desktop. The News On June 30, 2021, Nimble announced an integration with Microsoft Teams to streamline workspace collaboration. The... Read more »
  • How to overcome the process knowledge challenge with a little AI
    Many a company has a severe challenge with how their processes actually work. Documentation may or may not be there. Tribal knowledge exists. Lots of repositories, too, including file systems, collaboration tools, chat tools, email, etc. In brief, there is the need for a solution.  Startup Sevantiz has taken on... Read more »
  • Platform Partners: A Question of Trust
    The enterprise software world is one where few, if any, companies can stand alone. Cloud computing has greatly increased the availability and usability of business applications. However, no vendor can claim to supply a complete homegrown solution. The SaaS world is one of partnerships. Partnerships are best when all the... Read more »
  • Ecosystems, how to play for small players
    Lately, we have talked a lot about ecosystems, in particular business ecosystems. Normally, business ecosystems follow a hub and spoke model rather than a network approach; one major player sets it up, and then adds customers and partners like independent software vendors, systems integrators, analysts, consultants, suppliers, or other similar... Read more »

      Conversational Systems

    • Trends in Conversational Commerce, the Experience Connection
      Customer service has embraced changes in technology over the years, some technologies have succeeded, some, well, have struggled (The IVR has never been very popular). From my viewpoint, success is defined from the perspective of the customer. Fast forward to 2018 and now Intelligent Systems are a game-changer. Some systems... Read more »
    • Marketplaces, Aggregation Theory, and a CRM Platform in Disguise
      Online Marketplaces are conversational platforms or CRM systems in disguise, depending on your point of view. Marketplaces are multi-sided, support and require trust building, one-to-one relationships, and the ability to transact – and they need to scale. Within a Marketplace, each conversation is focused specifically towards an outcome. Unique to... Read more »
    • Simply Service
      Within information technology, there is no longer a need to call anything “Self-Service”. It is all simply Service. Circa 1996 — I was part of a team that redesigned and rebuilt a customer care system that sat logically in front of a telecom billing system. Customers could go online, see... Read more »
    • Reading Between the Lines: Accel-KKR Makes a Significant Investment in SugarCRM
      This is an interesting industry play, a long time in the making. I am able to take a unique view on this news, whether I am accurate in my commentary, only time will tell. I worked at SugarCRM, twice, two tours of duty some might say While working at Ciboodle,... Read more »
    • Put One Foot in Front of the Other
      For the past couple of months, we have been working with the fine folks at Helpshift. On August 2nd, we are going to broadcast a roundtable discussion (Webinar, Videocast, or whatever you choose to call it). I am hoping you decide to join the discussion. Within a few weeks after the... Read more »